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2021.12.05 21:13 Lost_Sumairu no egg salad loving states here.

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2021.12.05 21:13 pizza_boi482 I'm planning to add a cub to my island I'm choosing between rex and croque to kick

who shall i kick
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2021.12.05 21:13 Wiggyam Onko se? Voi olla

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2021.12.05 21:13 encetee Another little guy saying hi!

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2021.12.05 21:13 squirtingwaterfall FREE NFT'S - GET YOURS NOW - DROP ADDRESS BELOW

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2021.12.05 21:13 BumbleEyes People who wished for a character to be in smash but the wish never came true, who was it and how do you feel now?

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2021.12.05 21:13 MrAmericanIdiot Now that the curse of the coin is broken, that means the Raiders can win against the Chiefs next week…right?!

Alright, off to drink some bleach. See you guys next week.
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2021.12.05 21:13 xq2g What is your favorite track in the Far Cry series.

I'll be sure to listen to it.
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2021.12.05 21:13 Marzly Green Vibe

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2021.12.05 21:13 Chriss0417 After 2 Broken Chains at 39, I’ve Finally Struck Gold!

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2021.12.05 21:13 Diathsprirye Can someone help me find this story?

I remembered a story which I found being recommended on here a while ago and I had forgotten and am looking for help finding it. This story was recommended with the addendum that it fit into the genre of Progression Fantasy better than into Litrpg but the quality was so excellent that they felt the need to recommend it anyways.
IIRC In this story there were neither spells nor levels, or even a proper system. Instead there were Essences were somewhat naturally occurring but could also be gained from monsters, or attained from the Gods. One would gain Essences and gain a unique, if singular, ability which based around that Essence. After having attained an Essence, further ones would be affected by those already received.
The protagonist had an Essence which granted him the ability to float, via a cloak which also granted him intangibility. He also had an ability which allowed him to teleport, though this teleportation had a drawback in that it’s usage had a requirement. I can’t quite remember if that requirement was that he be unseen prior to usage, or if the location he travels to be unseen. The protagonist also had some sort of ability which allowed him to cure others of disease.
I remember one of the plot points was tension between the protagonist and a Church based around his giving free healing to people. I remember that this was resolved when the God of this church got involved and talked about the corruption in his church that he was unaware of.
The protagonist after being transported to this world quickly met with a somewhat experienced party that explained a lot of the mechanics and rules to him, this party was lead by a somewhat serious leader who was described as being handsome, black, and either royalty, or descended from a family of famous adventurers.
I somewhat remember a scene involving a water Essence and the protagonist slaying monsters to protect a farmer and eventually gifting the Essence to him after acquiring it.
If any of you could help me find out the name of this story I would be so grateful, thanks!
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2021.12.05 21:13 naegle What is the ICO date for KTY?

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2021.12.05 21:13 jimmy_sharpe Helping a friend out because he was dehydrated

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2021.12.05 21:13 Spacewolf1234567890 Are there similar styles to this type of hair? How would I copy this with similar length hair?

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2021.12.05 21:13 WagTrautmann Elizabeth Olsen é a número 1 pela votação do IMDb Top Star em 2021, parabéns Lizzie, você merece todo o sucesso do mundo ❤

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2021.12.05 21:13 Mobile-Chair9506 English Course

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2021.12.05 21:13 xXx_ozone_xXx 18M am I hot?

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2021.12.05 21:13 nbkelly_anr New Year, Old Cards - January Throwback tournament

On the 15th of January, 2022, I will be hosting an online tournament in the Throwback format.
What is throwback? Throwback is a format which consists of the standard card pool, except you may include one playset of a rotated card in both your runner and your corporation decks. This could be your Identity (ie The Foundry), up to a playset of cards (Between 1-3 copies of Parasite), or it could be your rebirth or DJ Fenris target (ie rebirth or DJ Fenris into Noise).
You get one playset of rotated cards to choose for your corporation, and one playset of rotated cards to choose for your runner, for two playsets total.
For this tournament, the latest Nisei Standard Banlist will be in effect. You may choose any rotated cards as your throwback cards, with the exception of cards that are either marked as banned, or allotted 3 points, on the Nisei Eternal Points list. To see each of these lists, visit https://nisei.net/players/supported-formats/.
Prizes Prize support will include Toll-booth alt-arts for all participants, Authenticator alt-arts for top half, and an exclusive Emergency Shutdown alt-art for the top 4.
Additionally, every person who participates will receive a personalized letter thanking you for your participation.
Date and Location The tournament will take place online, via the Nisei online event hub (https://discord.gg/9gdWEXK7Ta). The tournament will take place at 11:59 AM, Noon, NZDT (UTC +13), on January the 15th, 2022.
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2021.12.05 21:13 Uncanny_Meerkat [LF] Cooking recipes [FT] My spare cooking recipes

Hi everyone, I'm looking for these cooking recipes.
I've got these spare recipes available to trade for them.
Comment if interested :)
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2021.12.05 21:13 eeenee I Feel Like A Loser At 22

Hi. I’m 22 and I live with my dad. I pay rent don’t get my wrong but it’s not the same as living on my own. I have slim to none friends. In highschool I had a ton but now I have one close friend and some that I see like every two to three weeks. They usually decide if we see each other. I spend most days locked up in my apartment. My dad constantly tries to get me to do things and I hate it because I hate feeling like people pity me.
I haven’t had a girlfriend since I was like 16 and not for lack of trying. I can’t land a first date at all. I’m not an ugly guy either at least I don’t think. I’ve had sex before and have been complimented.
I just struggle meeting people. I don’t know where or how to do it. Even at work people like me one minute then ignore me the next. I should add I’ve been living in a new city for a year now. Not my hometown. That’s been difficult as well.
I work a crappy retail job. I struggle at it. Mostly because of my mental health issues and also because I firmly believe in the idea that you work what you’re being paid. I have OCD ADHD anxiety depression etc. Professionaly diagnosed. I’ve been hospitalized before.
I have dreams of being in hollywood. But I can’t get my foot through the door. I don’t know where to start and even if I did I don’t have the time because of my retail job’s schedule. Some would say quit my retail job but then how would I pay rent and bills and groceries you know? I need income and auditions aren’t going to do it.
I’ve gained around 30-40 pounds since highschool. I eat to cope with my mental state. I smoke weed. Mostly cause my dad does it and we have an infinite supply because of it. It helps me be more social when a situation arises.
All of my friends and family members have siginificant others, friends, and are independent. Just me the black sheep. But I don’t know how to fix it all. There’s too many problems with too complicated solutions. Yes I do therapy.
I guess lastly I should add that I’ve been in college since 2017 and still don’t have my associates degree. Why? I’ve passed all my classes with A’s and B’s except for my stats class. I’ve withdrawn twice and failed once and they won’t let my graduate without it. I’m an acting major. And they choose to make me suffer anyways.
Please help me. Have a good day wherever you are :)
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2021.12.05 21:13 HikaruHeartStore Looking for a housemate gone wrong…

Hey guys, so I had my first encounter with an entitled… or just rude person. I’m a 23 year old female, just for reference. I was advertising for a housemate as my current housemate left suddenly and I’m stuck with all the rent. So I decided to advertise on fb marketplace and I get this message. I’ll name them, Samantha, not their real name but just used for this story.
Samantha: Hey me n my partner are looking for somewhere
A little bit of context before I go on, I have autism and prefer to live with less of a crowd due to this, and since my recent housemate was my ex I’m still recovering from that and would prefer just a female housemate, which I wrote on the post.
Me: Hey I’m so sorry I’m looking for a single person to move in I’m sorry. Wishing you luck on your search
Samantha: Good for you
Me: Hm?
Samantha: Fuck off you had what you had to say now bye
Me: Okay… bye?
Samantha: Hopefully you get someone that fuck you over for being so rude to people that are homeless may the force be with you
Mind you before this point she hadn’t mentioned that she was homeless. So at this point I actually felt quite bad but still angry.
Me: I’m really sorry that you are homeless I truely am. But I’m in a very sensitive situation right now plus I have autism so it’s better if I live with one person for my mental health. And even if so I don’t think I would let you in you are very rude. Have a good day.
Samantha: Your a rude person
Me: Have a good day. Please do not message me anymore.
I know it’s not as juicy as other stories on here but aye it was my experience.
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2021.12.05 21:13 Swimming_Ad_6532 Join the OF LEAK WORLD Discord Server!

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2021.12.05 21:13 CrasyWolfang ITAP of a bus stop

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2021.12.05 21:13 ComiX-Fan December 6th saw the release of newuniversal #1 in 2006! Celebrate its anniversary with this gallery of Marvel New Universe covers!

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