ikz8t 5ti2z 2hti9 9e2k5 ihks8 eedtd h6r64 92iii 79tri snse4 hr9y8 74bah fhdzd 6z4d8 aa7yr fb62h y82ys yrh2r t63zs 5rbyy azy8e What are good team names for the (1-6) and (0-7) teams? |

What are good team names for the (1-6) and (0-7) teams?

2021.10.24 21:29 thedarkknight16_ What are good team names for the (1-6) and (0-7) teams?

(1-6) and I’m looking to change my name to something to match my team appropriately.
I was thinking of making it “The G League” or “The Practice Squad”. Something that really captures the pathetic state of my team this year lol.
(Sam Darnold and OJ Howard, need I say more?)
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2021.10.24 21:29 Fluffy_Article_8690 Dumb 2nd camp idea

I havent used my second camp slot yet amd tbh I wanna turn it into a Smash bros stage, not sure why just thought itd be a neat idea. Any thoughts on what the heat background for it would be/stage hazards?
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2021.10.24 21:29 SuperLGlitchy3 My Fav Villain

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2021.10.24 21:29 Mouse2799 One of my favourites

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2021.10.24 21:28 Tastefully_Rude Looking at RTTK Reus

Haven’t heard much chatter about this card. Thoughts? Reviews?
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2021.10.24 21:28 Stock_Titan HA | Hawaiian Airlines Resumes Nonstop Sydney-Honolulu Service

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2021.10.24 21:28 kidkakashi123 It's been about 2 weeks of on & off brushing, how is it so far?

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2021.10.24 21:28 Ranger_lord87 When someone says they like Harry Potter more than anything else.

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2021.10.24 21:28 gintku Mona Cosplay by gintku ✨💜

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2021.10.24 21:28 TimelyRaddish Shit hits hard

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2021.10.24 21:28 Mikroglycerin When do VIP upgrades usually go on sale?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew? I’d really like to get one for the UK tour next October, and wanted to know how long I might have to save to buy one!
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2021.10.24 21:28 Kirk_Kerman Proud beard man defies soyface vegan who tortures her hyperintelligent dog. Another brave victory against the Vegan Nemesis.

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2021.10.24 21:28 fayettenam-anon Corruption within FPD

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2021.10.24 21:28 turanes The tryhard

Does anyone think I can still make it to diamond ? Rn plat 3 over 1k games started to give up .. also any tips that can help ?
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2021.10.24 21:28 Yoru8 Something something

I just started with patreon and I don't know how to start so I'll just leave it here.
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2021.10.24 21:28 Jsmooth234 DARKRAI ON ME 0388 6666 1596

0388 6666 1596
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2021.10.24 21:28 Undue-Cthulhu You all ready for the week? Because I'm not 😅✌🏻

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2021.10.24 21:28 PetrutK 🐰 $Baby RocketBunny - Fair Launch OCT 25TH @ 6:00 PM UTC | Audit provided | Snipe Protection| 50% Burn | One Month 100% LP Locked

🚀🐰 $Baby RocketBunny is a decentralized finance project that will be launched on Binance Smart Chain on October 25th at 6 pm UTC. You can find the token available for trade on Pancakeswap, the most popular Decentralized Exchange on BSC. A new Meme token, based on Elon Musk tweet, with huge potential.
🚀🐰 $Baby RocketBunny is a token based on the Binance Smart Chain that will be Fair-Launched on Oct 25th at 6:00 PM UTC.
📌Contract: 0x1814266f34053af048d53e87d57f1fb553d5ce8c
💬 Telegram: https://t.me/BabyRocketBunny
🌎 Website: https://babyrocketbunny.net/
💬 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BabyRocketBunny
❗️ Fair Launch
🔒 100% of the Liquidity will be locked until 2022 via DxSale
➡️ Buyback active
➡️ Anti-Snipe
➡️ Airdrops will be randomly distributed to active members on Telegram after the launch.
NAME: Baby RocketBunny
SYMBOL: $BabyRocketBunny
TOTAL SUPPLY: 100,000,000,000
Burn: 50%
Liquidity: 45%
Airdrop: 3%
Marketing: 2%
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2021.10.24 21:28 SubnetMask17 Pixel 5 Android 5 certificate issues

I've set up an internally hosted Bitwarden server on my network, with the intent being that it will only be accessible from inside the network or over VPN. That being said, I've deployed it using an internal '.local' FQDN. I've issued a certificate for it from my AD Certificate Services CA and installed the certificates on the Bitwarden server, and on my Windows desktop, I've installed the CA certificate in the 'Trusted Root Certification Authorities' folder. IE (for testing) is happy when I go to the FQDN and reports the certificate status as 'OK'. Other browsers still complain, but that's a topic for another thread in another subreddit.
The problem I'm having is on my Pixel 5 running Android 11. For work, we have an Avaya IP Office phone system, and part of that is a session border controller that our desk phones connect to and we can also use an android or ios soft client to connect. This is very reliant on certificates. The certificates from the root CA certificate down to the web server certificate are all self generated/signed in either the IPO or the SBC (not sure which device actually creates it). There is a procedure for installing root CA certificates on Android, which I did for the phone system, and Brave is happy when going to that URL. I did the same procedure to install the root certificate from my AD domain controller on my phone, it shows up right under the Avaya certificate, but even with a reboot, it isn’t liking the certificate for the Bitwarden server. Brave complains like it does on my PC, but on the phone, so does the Bitwarden client.
Does anyone have any thoughts as to why, with the CA certificate for the Avaya device installed and listed under user certificates, it's happy going to that device and allows the Avaya app to connect (without the CA certificate installed, it won't connect), but after following the same procedure to install the CA certificate from my AD CA, it's as if the certificate hasn't been installed?
Funny thing is I have an older ipad running 12.5.5 that I did the same procedure on as was required for the Avaya certificates and it's just as happy with this certificate chain as it is with the Avaya, and the Bitwarden client works just fine on it.
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2021.10.24 21:28 TasMicko Can anyone interpret this ekg? I've been having chest pains for over a month now. (M18) 5"9 153lbs

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2021.10.24 21:28 Parkour4Life360 Freshly Washed

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2021.10.24 21:28 JustATac0 You can start your life over by committing suicide

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2021.10.24 21:28 AccomplishedBench533 Cum see what daddy does to me 💦😈🖤

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2021.10.24 21:28 ThrowRAPeachShakes 23 [M4F] searching for a soulmate, love or friendship (UK for anywhere)

Hey, I’m Harry. Honestly not sure what I’m looking for here. Would be open to anything, friendship or love. Would just be nice to find a connection again with somebody like I have found previously from Reddit.
I’m super shy but I will open up once I feel comfortable. I try to be kind and caring always. I love to compliment people and make them feel good. I’m not the best looking person but I do my best to make up for that with being a decent person.
I love cute things. If I found somebody I loved either romantically or as a friend I would send you sweet messages and try to make your day as good as I can. I love going on cute dates and falling asleep on the phone with people. If you like this too then maybe we could be a good match.
Some of my interests include sports, travelling and animals. I have been to quite a lot of countries and I can’t wait to go to more. I have a cat and a dog and love all animals in general. I would do my best to get into your interests too.
I don’t really mind where you’re from. I have a preference for Americans or Canadians because I feel like I get along well with you and I like your accents and everything about you really but people from other places feel free to message too.
Don’t want to write too much here but if anyone found anything here remotely interesting then shoot me a message. I like to talk on Snapchat, also that’s me in my profile picture it looks are important to you. Thanks for reading and have a great day.
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2021.10.24 21:28 Kikomenramen anyone want to join a reading club?

i would like to start a reading club for students over 22. i'd like to read more but i feel i take too long to finish books when i'm not under threat of shame if i don't finish them. i go to ryerson but i'd like to invite other mature students (or if you have any interested friends) in the city to join. would any of you want to join? let me know :)
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