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Somebody please explain to me how Dio's curse works, as far as I can tell only one stand comes from it and it doesn't even have an official name.

2021.09.21 03:23 usbsteeringwheel Somebody please explain to me how Dio's curse works, as far as I can tell only one stand comes from it and it doesn't even have an official name.

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2021.09.21 03:23 RCL55 Monologue!

Hey gang -
This is the first monologue i've really put some thought and time into. What would you change? It's from a play called Snap, by John O'harra.
Also - I need an agent, so I was hoping to use this as an example performance piece. If you have any thoughts for / against that, or may know an agent that's interested, please let me know. Just putting it out there.
Also - I'm relatively new to the LA area and am looking to get involved with projects in any capacity. Please keep me in mind for things you have going on!
Humbly appreciative.
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2021.09.21 03:23 LucariL anyone got shipping experience on Mojo-Customs?

They only provided flat rate( which is free) for their shipping to Canada, anyone here got experience with them? 👀
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2021.09.21 03:23 normaldude098 bruh why do all my syllabuses for fall sound like they are from military school or smth

feels like every little thing I don't do will result in a zero in the class in some way or another. jeez
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2021.09.21 03:23 Irnboy Game down for anyone else?

Joined a match with a lot of lag, then disconnected and can't connect.
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2021.09.21 03:23 potato_flex Do you know how it feels like holding 500K of Algorand in this dive?

Nothing, because I know Algorand and I’ve been so dip with it as low as .67 dip with 614800 algos and counting”, you earn rewards by just holding it to your wallet and there are many exciting projects coming up. I can’t lie that I wished I sold at 2.55 ATH but that’s ok, can’t really time the market, there it goes my 500K$$$ asset, poof just like that.. . How do you feel about this dive? Did you panic sell, ? Bought more? Want to buy but no cash(this is me) or wishing to fall more so you can add more?
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2021.09.21 03:23 Ok_Win_3538 Power Scaling Team RWBY

After my recent post about the maidens I have spent a considerable amount of time today thinking about how to improve the power scaling and power system of RWBY as a whole. After some discussions with my brother and a couple close friends I think I may have come to a reasonable conclusion though I already know this scaling won't please everyone but hey, at least I tried. So what I wanna try and do here is take each CORE character from these groups and explain their varied powers and abilities. Keep in mind I am going to be using some head canon here for the sake of my own sanity and simply because I think the names of some of these things sound cooler.
So firstly we have Team RWBY, their leader and the MAIN CHARACTER. Ruby Rose.

Red Like Roses
Now for me Ruby as a character should be fairly balanced with her core strengths and feats to achieve being in the following categories based on her fighting style and choice of weapon

  1. Speed
  2. Accuracy
  3. Long/Mid/Close range combat
  4. Grimm expertise
  5. Silver Eyes
Those 5 things should be the core things that make up Ruby's combat prowess and development as it will be those areas that will require the most focus. Her semblance is speed based and is hinted to have elements of teleportation though this is a bit hard to prove since Ruby in her petal burst form doesn't seem to teleport pre say but zip around the battlefield at incredible speeds but this also gives her a slight element of intangibility though it is possible to attack Ruby in this form as shown by Mercury in Vol 3.
Her accuracy with her sniper rifle should be second to no one on her team or anyone in her class if I am being frank. It seems like being a sniper is her thing so in my opinion she should maximize that skillset as much as she can and that can feed into her capabilities as a long range combatant. Snipers, especially ones who can fire off rapid fire precision shots? Are DANGEROUS and Ruby being the weapons expert she is? She could easily find ways to modify her rifle to fire off more powerful shots.
Then we have her close range capabilities which would be strong but she wouldn't be the STRONGEST because unlike her sister? she isn't that big or tall and while she is certainly strong? She can't lift a car and yeet it at someone like her sister can and her defense isn't the strongest. As a speedster Ruby would be focused on doing FAST damage, getting in wide sweeping strikes that do quick and piled up damage if she decides to fight up close. Fighting long range is where you can get creative because then you have this game of hide and seek with Ruby and her being as fast as she is? That would just be real interesting to me.
Now something I think would factor into Ruby's overall strength would be her knowledge of the Grimm, their anatomy and how they behave, making her a natural born Grimm killer due in part to her silver eyes which may perhaps give her the ability to see or sense when Grimm are close by making it easier for her to hunt them. Think of it as something akin to Danny Phantom's ghost sense where if a Grimm is close by, Ruby's eyes with flash or glow and depending on the grimm power level will determine how much her eyes freak out.
Starting stage Ruby should be able to defeat lesser and basic level Grimm without a struggle. She would struggle with larger targets or enemies who are faster than her or can predict her movements. By vol 4 Ruby after training outside of school for a few months, Ruby should at the very least be on par with however strong her mother was back in her youth during her first or second year, this way we have a comparable scale and someone to measure Ruby up against.
Ruby would then hit a wall vol 5 when she encounters Cinder again and she sees just how powerful Cinder is with her maiden magic and she doesn't understand how her silver eyes work at this point in time which is where Maria comes in vol 6. During this time and time in vol 7, Maria would be responsible for training Ruby and teaching her how to properly use her silver eyes by accompanying her on missions and having Ruby ONLY take missions where there are a mass of Grimm to be taken out.
This would give Ruby the training she needs to learn about her silver eyes from a master and while she wouldn't master the eyes at this point? She would have basic level control over them and could use them to equally combat Cinder but not defeat her because she hasn't mastered the power to the point where she could redo what she did at the fall of beacon which I personally believe was a rage power up moment as seen below.
Silver eyed reaper
^^^ This would be what Ruby would attempt. It would be an ability she couldn't use for very long but it would be incredibly powerful and could only be used in the presence of an especially evil Grimm and considering a Grimm is fused to Cinder and Cinder is evil as FUCK? The eyes register Cinder as a Grimm. However again, this ability wouldn't be able to be used for long and Ruby would suffer great exhaustion from it however the power boost she would get would be on par with that of a maiden. Though keep in mind this still isn't enough to fight someone like lets say Salem because Salem has 4 times the amount of magic a single maiden has.
Which brings me to what Ruby's 'Final Form' would be so to speak and I know people are going to hate this but I will bring it up again anyway and this will be the case for ALL of Team RWBY, Maiden Ruby.

This would be her absolute final power up and it wouldn't be attained until the near end of the series after the death of Cinder comes full circle. Ruby's only real experience with this power would be her own creativity as well as what she has seen Cinder and other maidens do. However this would be the state Ruby would need to be in to defeat Salem and I would bet money on that.

So next up we have everyones favorite Ice Queen; Weiss Schnee.
White is cold and always yearning
Weiss should serve as the most balanced member of the team and the team mage/enchanter. Her semblance is one of if not the most versatile in this show and I will treat it as such. Firstly I want to firmly establish what abilities the Schnee glyphs would give each user and how it could potentially evolve.
Base Glyph: Basis for all Schnee casting spells and these glyphs can be enhanced with different types of dust to achieve different elemental attack effects.
Black glyphs: Use gravity dust to create platforms that can attract or repel things.
Summoning glyph: allows a schnee to summon any grimm they have killed in battle made from their own aura, this understandably consumes large amounts of aura and cannot be maintained for too long.
Time Dilation: Uses lightning dust to augment the speed and reaction time of the user or their allies but can only be used on one person at a time(limit can increase with training)
Armament: Allows one to turn those fallen grimm into different types of aura armor and each armor has a varying effect based on a core traiot from that Grimm. This also consumed a mass amount of aura and should be saved as a last resort.

Now luckily with the Schnee we have people who are actually alive to scale and compare her to. So Vol 1 Weiss would be about on par with your basic first and second year students, understandably a bit more powerful than most being a Schnee and all. Vol 3 would be where she learns how to summon slightly but then she hits her limit and gets her ass kicked. So during that time she's at home, instead of mopping around? She trains and she trains hard. Like military style training as a form of rebellion against her father.
This training would in my opinion bring Weiss up to however strong Winter was when she was in school. Over the course of volumes 5-7 she would continue to increase in strength, volume 7 being where she changes up her fighting style a bit to pay homage to Winter and their grandfather. The weapon seen below IN MY OPINION is a perfect natural evolution of Weiss' sword.

Then of course we have what I would consider 'Final form' Weiss and yeah, you guessed it. Winter Maiden Weiss.

Next we have the edgy cat ninja, Blake Belladonna.

Black the beast descends from shadows
Now for Blake I would change up a few things now bare with me here. Naturally since she spent more time actually fighting outside the schools than the other girls along with Adam, she would have more real world combat experience giving her a bit more edge than the others, plus she already naturally knows how to work in combo with someone as seen with her synch with Adam. So this being the case, Blake would be the teams primary close range attacker and the one who would be the most ideal to go in for combos with considering how fast she is and how quickly she can react and set things up.
Not to mention her semblance would be good for fake outs which brings me to my next point, a revamp/retool if Blake's semblance. So here is what I thought of for Blake's semblance:
Stage 1: Can create still life shadow clone that can take damage for her and she can only create one clone at a time.
Stage 2: The shadow clone can copy Blake's movements and can be enhanced by dust
Stage 3: Shadow clone can full on attack when Blake summons them
Stage 4: The Clone can shapeshift and harden into a physical weapon/clone that can attack or Blake can attack with.
That final stage of her semblance would be unlocked during her battle with Adam close to the climax. The next step in her growth after defeating Adam and likely still getting her weapon broken would be to get it fixed and to adapt her fighting style. Now personally, I think genuinely Blake would sort of copy Adam's weapon a little bit and even take some of his moves for herself, Dishwashers RWBY 3.0 version of Blake perfectly shows what I mean. By the end of her story with Adam, Blake should ben his equal or surpass him.
Metal Gear Rising vibes.
Then of course, her final form as I have said with the other members of team RWBY would be, Maiden Blake. Now personally if I were writing the story? Raven would have been the Summer maiden and the spring maiden would be someone else like Sienna Khan or something cause I just think the theme of spring suits Blake better than Yang.

And then finally we have the blonde bombshell, Yang Xiolong.

Yellow beauty burns gold.
The final member of the team and she should be the most physically powerful of the group. In terms of raw physical strength, no one should have more power in that department. Yang's main strengths should be how hard, fast and how many times she can hit you. She's a pure brawler who mostly uses her fists but later would adapt to combat in general and would become more of a street fighter.
At first Yang's main method of attack would be to simply get in her punches and to only pop her semblance if the situation calls for it and she needs a big finisher. Over time I would have Yang learn to use kicks, grapples and deflections in order to improve her fighting style so that she can be a well rounded brawler instead of one that just goes in fists flying.
Vol 1-3 she would be the around the same level as Blake if only slightly behind but she would be ahead of Ruby in terms of pure power. she would hit a wall of course in vol 3 after she has her run in with Adam.

This moment will haunt her into getting stronger
After losing an arm, she doesn't het a brand new one until she gets to Atlas and for a time has to learn to fight with just a single arm. A legit handicap that she just can't ignore and so once she gets to Atlas and gets a brand new arm? It's one that she designs and has Pietro craft, now since I am a fun guy and wanna give Yang cool stuff? This new arm of hers would have a couple features
  1. Sticky grenades(these were cool but they spammed them which made them lame)
  2. Rocket punch(why didn't they give her this?!)
  3. Dust knuckles: by punching her knuckles together when ember celica is active, she can change the type of dust that is embedded in her gauntlets on the fly.
  4. Magnet field: allows Yang to generate a small magnetic pulse from the base of her metal fist to draws enemy weapons toward Yang giving her the chance to yank the weapons away or go in for a faint attack.
Something else cool that I wanna add just cause? Yang could and should weaponize her bike. I'm totally serious about that. Why do I want this? Did you play DMC 5? I think you can understand why if you did. lmfao

Dare ya'll to try and tell me Yang wouldn't strap gun on this thing.
Now as it relates to Yang's semblance? I the evolution I would have that undergo is a very interesting one so check it out. So you know how her eyes turn red when she's angry? Well I was thinking, what if after Adam one shot her, her eyes stayed red for all those months she was training? What if she was just perpetually angry and couldn't let it out because she was scared to activate her semblance after Adam traumatized her ass. I say this because I would want for in her battle with Adam, for her not to let go of that anger, but embrace it and accept that what happened, happened. That taking that loss didn't kill her, it made her stronger and it would be in that moment Yang's eyes turn to this.

She gains balance within herself and her eyes reflect that, allowing her to use the energy stored up inside her body in new ways she wasn't even aware that she could putting her closer to Adam's level and then eventually allowing her to surpass him. Then of course, her final form would be getting the maiden powers from her mother. The circumstances of which would be heartbreaking to say the least and personally? That moment to me kinda has to be like a Gohan SS2 moment and those who remember that moment understand exactly what I mean.

So yeah. That's about all I've got for Team RWBY if I were personally writing and power scaling them based on what we've got already and some head canon stuff.
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2021.09.21 03:23 Fuckirggfgh Somewhat based opinion: spinball isn’t an bad sonic spinoff

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2021.09.21 03:23 Traditional-Train570 does getting 4 people rare or am I just over exaggerating?

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2021.09.21 03:23 dgrrr Bind commands to combination keystrokes? Or double taps?

Some of us who play games like Arma (where you tend to run out of nearby or intuitive keyboard buttons to bind to a command because there’s so many commands) have become used to finding several different commands to the same small group of buttons, other by using combinations of keys, or double taps on a key.
E.g. using our strafe left / strafe right buttons in combination with some modifier to turn them into lean left / lean right — or just double tapping on a strafe button when prone to roll left / roll right. That’s just an example – trust me, it’s really handy for 100 reasons I won’t bother going into.
If it’s possible to implement in COD, you should consider it as an alternative at least for PC people
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2021.09.21 03:23 puddle_divr Not the results I expected.

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2021.09.21 03:23 AhoyMatey_ You need a new level of boredom to find something like this

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2021.09.21 03:23 adiong024 sorry brett 😂

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2021.09.21 03:23 Valiantoverlord I had to make an edit for this outstanding play

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2021.09.21 03:23 HighTall72 F#$@king run deku

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2021.09.21 03:23 KayH91868 People of Reddit who are unnecessarily really loud during gatherings, why?

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2021.09.21 03:23 Abused-n-abandoned Walmart Drake got a better heart instead of Drake’s nutsack

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2021.09.21 03:23 chernobylight hmm

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2021.09.21 03:23 averageredditcuck It’s like a really hard core mr beast video

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2021.09.21 03:23 erro999 Quão viável é uma mudança na área de atuação?

Falaê meu povo, senta lá que vem história, tenho 24 aninhos, enrolando a formatura tem uns 2 períodos e faltando somente o TCC pra formar em Eng. Civil numa federal, além disso farei em breve 10 meses de estágio numa grande construtora (enrolar formatura aqui é prática super comum pois as regras de estágio da faculdade são ridículas e você basicamente só consegue permissão pra entrar em um lá pelo 8º período). Eu basicamente vim parar nessa empresa no fluxo da onda mesmo, a chefe de um amigão que tava lá antes de mim queria uma recomendação dele e ele me convenceu a entrar.
E ele não tava errado, não tem nada pior que um recém formado que sabe 0 da área que tá se formando fora o arcabouço altamente teórico da faculdade, ou seja, no pior dos mundos eu ainda ia ganhar essa experiência de trabalho (nunca trabalhei), uma graninha pra chamar de minha (tiro 1500) e a carga horário de estágio pra formar (só 1 mês bastava pra isso), até aí tudo bem, o problema é que sempre rola um apego pra sair depois, ainda mais agora que comecei a pagar minhas contas de comida por exemplo e estou ensaiando uns meses morando sozinho (meus pais vão se mudar e vou ficar na nossa casa de graça enquanto eles não vendem/alugam).
Tudo isso motivado principalmente pelo ponto que eu nem citei até agora: eu não me vejo trabalhando nessa área e nem nessa empresa. Daí vem meu ponto de vista meio ortodoxo sobre trabalho, eu só quero trabalhar o mínimo que seja possível para subsistência, não tenho ambições de montar família, ter posses, fazer viagens, gastar em qualquer coisa além do meu mercado, água, luz, internet e um cafofo humilde. Meu plano que vem acontecendo gradativamente ao decorrer dos anos é de me tornar quase um monge nesse quesito, gastando o mínimo do mínimo e tendo o máximo de tempo livre possível, que pra mim é o maior ouro que se pode ter.
Lá na empresa o que mais tem é gente sacrificada, trabalhando pra CARALHO pra tirar 3k, uns outros trabalham pra CARALHO pra tirar o mesmo que eu mas estarem em primeiro na fila de quem vai subir pro patamar de 3k, inclusive ultimamente estão tendo várias mudanças lá que começaram a me fazer questionar se não estaria na hora de vazar. Uma menina que entrou 1 mês antes de mim subiu de posição, a que estava acima da gente subiu pra uma posição de 5k depois de 4 anos nessa posição de 3k, e você olha pra elas e vê uma galera gastando pra cacete com médico, com problema de estômago, problema de stress, de peso, sem tempo pra curtir a vida, enfim, pra mim algo longe de uma vida que eu quero.
Sim, sou vagabundo dentro do armário, sou super dedicado e dou 100% no trabalho, mas isso me deixa infeliz demais, inclusive uma decisão que eu considero super acertada foi ter vindo pra área de exatas ao invés de humanas (sempre fui uma mistura das duas), porque lá eu ia poluir áreas que eu amo (filosofia, cinema, música) com essa necessidade de ganhar dinheiro e ainda ia faturar bem menos que agora. Por isso inclusive a ânsia por tempo livre infinito, o que mais tenho são hobbies e formas de aproveitar o meu tempo.
Além disso ainda tem a área, eu inicialmente gostava de Engenharia Civil pela parte de projetos/cálculo estrutural, e acabei indo pro canteiro de obra na gestão de pessoas/acompanhamento de serviços porque foi o que apareceu e até sinto que me saio bem lá, mas sei lá, acho que mesmo indo pra parte de cálculo estrutural não vou conseguir minha meta, a não ser que vire um ultrapassado cadista/revitista. Isso porque eu vejo como a única forma de atingir minha meta trabalhando de freela, onde eu posso controlar meu tempo e consequente meus ganhos, tenho uma habilidade boa de me concentrar por longos períodos de tempo e acho que assim eu conseguiria trabalhar pra cacete em poucos dias para ter mais dias livres por exemplo, mas isso pode ser só mais uma ideia maluca.
Tudo isso me leva pra área de Programação, foi de longe a matéria que eu mais curti no curso além das de estrutura principalmente por já ter uma ligação profunda com tecnologia e computação desde cedo (meu pai trabalhava com isso), daí eu comecei seriamente a pensar em me dedicar forte por uns 4-5 meses fazendo curso atrás de curso e tentando uns servicinhos aqui ou ali. Isso surgiu pelo TCC que com certeza vai ter muita programação envolvida, daí pensei em me dedicar ao TCC pra aproveitar e desenferrujar a programação básica que vemos num curso de eng.civil (quantidade razoável de python, um pouco de base de dados, fiz eletiva de machine learning também), e com isso já engatar uns 4-5 meses fazendo esses cursos mais profissionalizantes na área pra tentar uns trabalhos.
Mas não sei quão viável é isso, meu pai tá me incentivando claramente, no geral minha família é super de boa com isso de apoio (primeira família que conheço onde os pais davam apoio pro filho seguir uma área alternativa de humanas e ele foi pra exatas pra pagar as contas melhor kkkk), o que me leva a tentar é ser novo ainda, ter uma boa habilidade de aprender as coisas sem muita metodologia coletiva de universidade, e que no pior dos cenários eu poderia a)trabalhar pra cacete que nem me vejo trabalhando em eng.civil porém numa área com mais afinidade ou b)falhando nessa tentativa de mudar de área posso usar da graduação mais tradicional pra conseguir qualquer emprego que tenha ou tentar um concurso por aí. O que vai contra é só aquele impulso inicial pra começar a empreitada de fato.
Tenho 12k de 'reserva de emergência' (comecei a juntar pensando em investir mas mudei de ideia, daí só fui juntando), e to pensando em sair do estágio até o fim do ano (devo estar engatado no TCC nessa época já pra apresentar janeiro-fevereiro, talvez com uns 15k acumulado), e aí gastar essa metade do ano de 22 nessa aventura de aprendizado. Isso tudo ocorre no momento que estou prestes a morar sozinho, meus velhos conseguiram a tão sonhada casa perto da praia e vou ficar na nossa casa anciã em outubro/novembro pra pegar o jeito de morar só, principalmente a parte financeira, com o pró de não pagar aluguel, pelo menos até eles arranjarem alguém pra alugar ou até comprar a casa, até lá é minha. Acredito que até o fim desse ano eu consiga ficar por aqui sem pagar aluguel, talvez quando eu me forme e comece essa empreitada tenha que arranjar um cafofo pra morar ou na 'pior' das hipóteses ir morar com meus amados velhos, mas não quero mesmo ter que recorrer a isso, no momento estou vendo apenas as vantagens sexuais de trabalhar e só imagino as vantagens de morar sozinho nesse quesito kkkkk brincadeiras a parte até a 'pior' das hipóteses é boa pra cacete, meus velhos são super de boa e eles finalmente conseguiram sair do nosso bairro meio perigoso pra um sonho que tinham desde sempre (meus pais são alpinistas sociais absurdos, inclusive acho que por ver tão de perto o tanto que eles trabalharam pra caralho eu não esteja querendo ir pela mesma estrada, tanto meu pai quanto minha mãe são os verdadeiros pai do chris trabalhando 2-3 empregos durante a vida toda).
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2021.09.21 03:23 Slow_Guava5798 In a way, I get the last laugh on the world

I may be dying in a hospice at age 30 and am denied the any sort of pleasure (what I'd give for a cheeseburger or to at least to jack off) or dignity (have a catheter) but I'm glad to be leaving this world. I had the 90s which were really good so I can die knowing that. There really isn't anything worth staying for. This isn't my illness talking, this is how I truly feel.
We all will burn but at least I will dead when it happens.
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