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So here's chapter 5, to be honest I enjoyed writing this one more than I did chapter 4. That one was annoying. Anyway my delay was mainly because of exams this week, and honestly this should have been posted Friday but I procrastinate so here we are. Anyway, I'll stop ranting, here's chapter 5 and I hope that you continue to enjoy the story.
P.S. I promise we'll get some combat at some point.
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Andrew woke up with a groan. His entire body as sore and it could barely move a muscle without it protesting. His muscles protested as he tried to take a deep breath. They were struggling against a familiar weight on his chest. Choo choo was resting his head on his chest. He went to pet him but he stopped, his right hand was being held on to by two small hands. He slowly turned his head to the left to see Angela sleeping next to his bed.
Andrew wanted to keep the peace a little while longer but Choo Choo had noticed that he was awake and the german shepherd made a beeline towards his face and started to lick him regardless of Andrew’s protests. The commotion woke Angela who had been sleeping. She lifted her head and stared at Andrew for a moment. Tears began to form in her eyes before she jumped on to him and began to hit him.
He tried to protect himself from her tiny fists of fury but his muscles forced him to surrender to the onslaught. Angela began to shout at him as her attacks continued; tears continued to run down her face as she did.
“YOU LIAR! YOU LIED! YOU SAID YOU WOULDN’T DIE! You said you wouldn’t leave me...” Her crying worsened as she stopped hitting him. Seeing her cry was much worse than the protests of his muscles. They’ll have to form a union another time. Andrew forced himself to sit up and he embraced Angela in a warm hug. She reciprocated his hug with one of her own.
“I know hon, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Tears began to well up in Andrew’s eyes as he held her. He couldn’t keep doing this to her, it was only causing her more grief. Perhaps it was time to hand in his resignation and find a desk job. He couldn't afford to be dragged back into war not after what happened with his ex. Right now he needed to be here for her.
Sensing movement he turned to see Colonel Orago outside the door. He nodded to her as she entered.
“How are you feeling Sergeant? You’ve been knocked out for almost a week now.” Andrew raised an eyebrow at that.
“Fine, I think. So I suppose there’s no need for quarantine then.” Orago shrugged, her grin disappearing.
“Well yes and no, I’ll provide you with more details later but right now we need to address something else.” The emotion from her face vanished. Andrew knew what that look meant. It was something that he was not gonna like.
“Until further notice you and your daughter have become one of the most valuable humans on Earth.” Andrew tightened his hug around Angela..
“What do you mean by that Jackie?” She frowned at him for using her nickname but she let it pass.
“I was getting to it, Sergeant. In the simplest terms, you and your daughter have both become magicians.” Andrew looked at the Colonel as if she was crazy. Orago saw his face and chuckled.
“I barely believe it myself but it’s already been proven. We got the 4 eye corp… er the scientists looking into it currently, and if you’re still not convinced then ask Angela to show you a magic trick.” Andrew was still skeptical but he knew that the Colonel wasn’t the type of person to lie about like this. He turned to Angela who only tightened her hug instead.
“Later...” He paused before continuing. “Orago, I want to hand in my resignation.” Sergeant Orago gave Andrew a worried look.
“That would be unwise Andrew. You and your daughter now have the 2nd largest target on your backs. The entire world is aware of the dragon’s existence and footage of it using magic has already leaked out. For now the fact that you two can use magic isn’t public knowledge but it’s safe to assume certain countries are already aware of it and they plan on kidnapping you or silencing you.” Andrew’s hand tightened.
”In time, that might change, as more of the people at this base become magicians but as it stands right now, you won't be able to protect yourself much less your daughter if something happens.” He bit his gritted his teeth, frustration spilling onto his face.
“Then what do you want me to do?”
“For now? Nothing, recuperate and heal up. Now that you are awake every single doctor in this facility will want to examine you. I stopped them from examining Angela on the promise that they could examine you instead, but that’s not something I can order you to do. So I hope you can do me a favor instead.” Andrew nodded slowly.
“Alright, but we’re even, consider it payment for keeping Angela safe.” Orago smiled and smacked him on his shoulder, causing him to wince.
“Good man! I’ll have the doctor bring you dinner. It’ll likely be liquid food and IV’s for a few days but it should be fine. Oh and Darna wished to speak to you after you have regained the ability to walk.” Orago quickly turned and left despite Andrew raising objections to her dropping such a bombshell and then leaving without another word. He let out a sigh, as he turned to face Angela.
“So, you feel like letting go?” Angela shook her head. Andrew thought of playing a prank on her but it probably was insensitive considering what she had just gone through.
“Alright, in that case how about you show me your magic trick?” Angela paused for a moment before letting him go, though she still kept a tight grip on him with her other hand. She held out her hand in front of him; closing her eyes as she concentrated.
The air above her hand began to glow forming a bright white orb, with the occasional flash of light arcing through it like a shot of lighting. Choo Choo began barking at the orb to his side he calmed him down before turning back to . Andrew was stunned by his daughter's display. But he also grew extremely worried. Andrew suddenly remembered what Orago had said. She had said that they were both magicians. Did that mean…?
Andrew held out his hand and concentrated just like Angela. Trying to force whatever it was out of his body and concentrate it in front of him. For a moment he couldn’t feel anything. If anything he almost felt like a fool. But having seen her daughter do it he persevered despite his doubts. Suddenly, he felt something within his body. Andrew hesitated for a moment before he tried to will the mana to move out towards his arm. For a moment it looked like it wasn’t moving till he noticed that it was flowing very slowly
The flow was refreshing almost, warm and gentle as it poured like honey towards his outstretched palm. The mana dissipated the pain in his arms as it travelled down it. Upon reaching his palm the mana paused for a moment before it began to pour out uncontrollably. Andrew tried to force mana to coalesce into an orb but his mana didn’t move. No, that was incorrect. It was moving, but it wasn’t to his own will.
Andrew finally managed to stem the tide of mana but he could still feel the mana that was already outside. He turned to look at his left and saw the orb of light in front of Angela had grown larger. The orb had gained a tint of red, presumably from Andrew’s mana. The arcs of electricity now replaced by a slower more methodical flow of what could only be described as electric fire.
Angela, feeling that something was off, stopped supplying mana and opened her eyes. When she saw the orb in front of her, she panicked and the orb of mana dispersed back into the void. The last few arcs of fire protesting before disappearing like the orb. Andrew turned to Angela who in turn was staring at him with wide eyes.
“Well… I think that went pretty smoothly all things considered.” He ruffled up Angela’s hair. “But to think my little darling can use magic.” He gave her a soft smile. Trying to hide his worry. His face turned grim again as he spoke to her.
“Angela promise me one thing, unless you have to protect yourself from bad people. Never, ever use magic without me next to you. Many people will be jealous of you and they will send lots of bad people if they knew about it. So promise me ok?” Angela didn’t fully understand what her father meant but if it was something her father wanted her to do then it had to be for a good reason. She nodded vigorously. Andrew, relieved, let out a smile.
At that moment a doctor came in with a wheeled cart. Angela immediately put her arms around Andrew intent on not letting him leave or allowing herself to be forced out. The doctor let out a soft smile upon seeing her reaction.
“Don’t worry dear, I’m just here to give your dad some food.” She went over to the IV drip checking the levels and making sure everything was in order before handing him a plastic pouch. He tasted the food inside, it was an MRE, of that there was no doubt. But for some reason the MRE tasted much worse than usual. The doctor laughed seeing his expression.
“Medical and military equipment got prioritized over everything else so we only had some MRE’s. We were forced to mash up the MRE in some whatever since we didn’t have the proper foodstuffs. ” Andrew nodded at the doctor thanking her before putting aside the pouch.
“How long will I be in bed?” Andrew asked.
“Hmm, hard to say. Whatever the dragon did to you it has caused your body to change. Your blood pressure has increased, rest heart rate has decreased to 40 to 30 bpm, your body was in a state of high cellular activity. Leading to a decrease in fat, frankly the changes that we’ve seen in your body are quite absurd. In fact, I would have claimed that this was a hoax if I did not see it happen before me.” The doctor let out a sigh.
“But, if I were to give an answer then at most 4 days.” Andrew nodded.
“Thank you, Dr...?” She responded.
“Dr. Shannon. Have a good rest Mr. Montaine” Andrew thanked the doctor as she left. He turned to Angela.
“Are you feeling tired?” Angela sat up to think but shook her head. Andrew smiled.
“Well why don’t we try sleeping then? I’m sure you’ll fall right asleep, and this time you can stay here so you can keep an eye on me.” Angela finally nodded. She called to Choo choo who climbed onto the bed and layed down on his right. Andrew gave him a scratch on his head which he seemed to enjoy greatly as he laid his head down on Andrew’s stomach.
Angela meanwhile got comfortable to his side using his arm as a pillow. Andrew let out a sad smile. Wishing that things could have been different. However, as it was now, even with the whole magic and dragon situation, it was a whole lot better than it would have been with her in the picture. Andrew slowly drifted off to sleep once more. Hoping that at least tomorrow would turn out to be better than today.
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So here's chapter 5. I'm still keeping a lid on who Andrew is talking about but I'm sure you smart folks can already see it coming. Anyway I have to go back to my exams and all that so I hope you enjoyed the story and thank you for reading!
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Not a self-promo, don't worry. I just create my own twitch channel, I just feel like I want to stream and ... along the way talk about stuff ya know. I'm just gonna be straightforward here, I'm getting lonely and lots of my friends are either married or moving on with their lives. Yea i'm being a loser basically but there's lots of things I wanna talk about so i think twitch is a good place but since i just joined it make sense that i have 0 viewers and it will be darn hard for me to gain more viewers.
I just streamed LoL but i didnt talk on the mic because since there's no viewers but the video i streamed will get saved on my channel so should i still talk on the mic? but it will be awkward right? anyone have this type of "dilemma"? hahaha
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I have a bunch of mage knight figures from the time the game started - from whatever the very first release was called, and maybe one or two releases after that. I want to do up a list of them (with a view to selling), so I'd like to set out not just the name/number of each figure, but the release it came from. Is there some source I can look at to help me work out what those are? Can someone even tell me the name of the first couple of releases? Thanks in advance.
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Had spare 150w legit pico psu with 180w adapter lying around installed in DC with gdemu. Any problems with it being overkill? Used the old psu to revive a dead dreamcast.
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It's something I've always done, but it's just been awful the last couple seasons. I'm tired of looking for streams, taking guys late with upside who turn out to be terrible, watching opponents just lock in weekly 20-25 pt games from their starters, etc.
I'm sitting with Burrow and Lawrence right now at 0-2 and I hate it. I gave shit to a friend who I thought reached on Kyler but I'm sure he couldn't give two shits right now.
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