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I think she wants to drive

2021.09.21 02:33 Ramux05 I think she wants to drive

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2021.09.21 02:33 Ralfop PolyGel Nail Kit The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel’s formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel Nai

PolyGel Nail Kit The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel’s formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel Nai submitted by Ralfop to HANITSYPRODUCTS [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 02:33 letskillzen666 new track out now make me blow up

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2021.09.21 02:33 VSK-1 So fed up of this horse shit against horse riding keeping pets etc…..

First of all if you thing you can just up and use highly controversial and ambiguous words like exaltation whenever and wherever something doesn’t quote compute in your bizarre little world the. you can go and fuck yourself.
There is a world of difference between a travesty like eating meat and keeping horses. Yeah you don’t think horses should be ridden hmm… well tbh there have been many cases of horses getting annoyed at their owners and kicking them in the face or running for the hills leaving their owners behind when they get spooked and so with that being said yet still they choose to ride 100s of miles as loyal enough companions for their riders when they are conformable enough and have been doing so for thousands of years… why… well im no horse whisperer but I imagine between braising the harsh elements, veing eaten alive by grizzlies and kicking each other in the face for mating rights and having warm, cozy shelter, being bathe, groomed and pampered and food and water on tap, im pretty sure I know which they’d be inclined to choose…
also if you own a cat or esp dog and are against keeping horses then you are hypocrite - whilst horses are orderly, calm and especially docile in captivty (and its not as if they won’t let you know what f they were agitated or annoyed) dogs roll about chewing up carpet and digging up plants out of sheer frustration. So who do you feel out of the two is in a greater state of distress, instinctually and being exploited for nothing more than a sheer novelty and amusement of their owners ?
So yeah…. keep your bs to yourself if you have zero critical thinking ability. Thank you.
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2021.09.21 02:33 BookkeeperHot385 I don't know what's happening to me

can someone help me/offer advice? I'm a male in my teens and I feel like I can't control my brain or myself. it's kinda hard to explain but here's an example I guess: there's this kid at church who's kinda cute, and whenever I see them my brain spirals. it turns into a choose your own adventures. I want to say hi to them, talk to them, but then all these thoughts block me out: THEY DONT WANNA TALK TO YOU or YOUR NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO TALK TO THEM or anything really. It keeps going, and suddenly I'm wrapped in this mental image of me and the kid become really good friends, and hanging out together, and I can't stop these mental images from coming on. it can get to the point where I can't decipher these from reality sometimes, and what will happen is I'll just not talk to them and just hate myself for the whole day. It happens at school, church, work, any place you name it. any help? I'm sorry if this was confusing
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2021.09.21 02:33 CronicCollette What the Hell is Mind Game

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2021.09.21 02:33 AKAGFunk Pulled over to capture this sunset.

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2021.09.21 02:33 MattGreg28 Ideas for future seasons

Since we know that AHS has been renewed through Season 13, what concepts/stories would you like them to tackle? Which state should the season(s) be set in? Who should star in it (new or returning stars)? How many episodes do you see this season having?
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2021.09.21 02:33 S1NGH2G5 Not able to make a day

Im not able to make a day even .urges are coming regularly also i am not able to study for exams as anxiety is lot. I dont know whats gonna happen😫
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2021.09.21 02:33 dragonlover4612 [WP] A learning machine has been blessed with reincarnation. It learns from everything around it and upon death and rebirth, its body evolves to incorporate what it has learned. In a war-torn world, it'd be destined to become a god. But in times of peace, it's rather underwhelming in its evolutions.

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2021.09.21 02:33 eleache03 got this cbx cartridge delivered for $27 from a delivery service taste is on point taste like oranges cheers🤘

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2021.09.21 02:33 data_citizen People of Nordic countries, what is something that's not perfect about where you live?

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2021.09.21 02:33 Panderedlol [US-MD] [H] 65x NK Silk Dry Yellows Hand Lubed, 120x Glorious Pandas L&F, 70x Huskies Lubed, 60x Durock Silent Dolphins L&F [W] PayPal

Hey mm! I have some switches that I don't plan on using in the future, so I'm here to sell! All prices are OBO, CONUS only!

60x Durock Silent Dolphins L&F $40 Available? Yes
70x Huskies Lubed w/ GS2 $40 Available? Yes
120x Glorious Pandas w/ 3203, Kelowna Films $60 Available? Yes
65x NK Silk Dry Yellows Lubed w/ 205g0, Deskeys Films $30 Available? Yes
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2021.09.21 02:33 Huge_Many7577 Pa upvote or ganito ka

Pa upvote or ganito ka
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2021.09.21 02:33 Ex-giftedkid PSA but I can’t say it in the title

I swear to GOD if SJM doesn’t say the words “clit”, “orgasm”, “cum/came” or any variation of them in the next books I’m rioting.
Anyways I’m done now but I’ll be back tomorrow with something else to complain about <3
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2021.09.21 02:33 marshmellowwww Heartbeat fluctuating?

Feeling a little worried… 16w heart rate was 122-125. I had an ultrasound that day and they said everything was fine and didn’t mention her HB. I know they can fluctuate veryyyyy widely but isn’t this very low? Or normal? Anyone else?
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2021.09.21 02:33 theteddyhouse 🐻needle felt animals in my shop

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2021.09.21 02:33 Ecstatic-Pepper-6834 Brad Thompson Rules

Brad Thompson is a damn good announcer.
When he was a player, I have to admit his face, specifically his eyes & stunning lack of facial hair, as well as his quick temper made me think he might be a bit on the spectrum. I was a teenager, and therefore an idiot, but no way I thought he’d be in a booth someday.
I called SLU Baseball games during college there. I wasn’t bad, but didn’t have the storytelling skill and dedication needed to commit to making it a career. But I got good at recognizing those who did.
Simply put, Brad Thompson kicks ass. He and Dan have incredible chemistry. Brad has this deadpan delivery and can needle Dan mercilessly, and Dan plays it so well with him. He’s a true natural at this. Honestly the only reasonable impediment is if he’s going to be happier not committing to the gig full-time, because to be fair it is a grueling schedule.
I hope the team/network pays him what he’s worth to do this full time. I’d tune in if the team was mediocre with Thompson in the booth.
Just please, for the love of Freese don’t give the job to Edmonds.
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2021.09.21 02:33 lambboi247 If I Breed a Rare T-rox and a entbrat could I still get a ghazt or does it need to be a normal T-rox

View Poll
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2021.09.21 02:33 selflesscoldncomposd Today I Tried Somatic Therapy

I feel like I'm going to get one of three responses from this group:
a) Oh, man. That's awesome. It was incredibly pivotal for me in healing from trauma.
b) Oh, man. That's exhausting. I tried it and it was uncomfortable and sucked.
c) What the fuuuuuuuuuck?
I welcome all three responses. I think I'm oscillating through all three responses. But. Here's what it is and here's what it was like:
Somatic Therapy is a way to treat the effects of PTSD and other mental health challenges through a body-centric approach. It addresses directly where the body holds stress and tension and trauma and works to release it. It's just like Talk Therapy... except your body is talking. (I know, the body is always the one doing the talking, but this is not the mouth part.)
I've had a wide range of shitty physical stress responses in the past year, from shingles to weird heart stuff. My Body is Keeping the Score, y'all. And I'd love for it to, like, forget the score for a sec so I can live without panic attacks. Please?
I'll try anything. Especially if Mister T says it's cool. And he said Somatic Therapy was cool. So I tried it today.
I don't know what I expected, but I did not expect to have a flashback/panic attack in response to a chest-opening stretch. I was cool with the focus on my hands and forearms and my mega-ripped biceps (not), but once we got to the chest area, I lost my mind a little bit.
It seems like this is probably part of it. Maybe even the point. But you guys, I hated it. I wanted to GTFO immediately. But I stayed, and breathed through it, and wished I was with someone who knew me better. I got the feeling that most people don't panic and hyper-venti-cry in her studio very often. She was... concerned. If you follow my posts, you know that Mister T responds to this stuff by talking about cows and couches and complimenting my footwear. The New Lady seemed kinda worried about me. It made me uncomfortable.
But I did appreciate this new perspective--identifying what felt safe and what didn't, and just feeling all of it without having to articulate what it all was. It was unique. It was helpful... I think? And I'll give it another go-around next month.
I'd love to hear if anyone else has tried this. It was intense, and scary, and uncomfortable, but also felt like it was maybe important.
We're all just trying. I'mma keep trying.
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2021.09.21 02:33 pikaflameR Cabag

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2021.09.21 02:33 According-Analysis24 Where to find S parking on parking app

Hey as the title says, when I go to look for S parking, all the comes up is V eligible parking does anyone know why this is happening?
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2021.09.21 02:33 kobony Original Art Oleo Painting,51W x 76H x 3D cm,Acapel Art Portraiture,Abstract,Figurative,Art DecoPortrait. 2020,Moderno,Lienzo,Retrato,Oleo

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2021.09.21 02:33 callathanmodd My baby Cinnabon looks like a cartoon kitten to me.

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2021.09.21 02:33 Loo_Wees_ Unpopular opinion thread

Here goes:

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