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How do I ask for a demotion at work?

2021.09.21 02:29 Sjrw90ny How do I ask for a demotion at work?

I’m in a management role at a mid-sized company and hate it. My first three years at the company I held a “Researcher” role, which I really enjoyed. Nearly two years ago I was promoted to the head of the Researcher department, managing 24 Researchers. I hate it and want to go back to my former role rather than being people’s boss. My reasons include:

  1. I don't like managing people. It doesn’t come naturally to me since I'm an introvert. I find it stressful and draining. My heart just isn’t in it, whereas I really enjoy the researcher work.
  2. I’m pregnant with my first child and just moved across the country (for my husband’s job) to a state where I know nobody. I have a lot on my plate and am incredibly stressed out as is. I don’t want the added management responsibility, whereas I could do the researcher role in my sleep.
How do I ask for a demotion in a way that doesn’t come across as lazy or like I’m giving up? For what it’s worth, I’m willing to take a pay cut.
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2021.09.21 02:29 westernexodus Anyone here ever put Corsa Steelies on a Volvo 240? Or just 16x9s in general?

Looking to buy some soon, but the description of the rims say rolling and trimming of fenders required. Just thought I could get some input from someone who has owned them. Rolling seems like a pretty simple process but trimming worries me.
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2021.09.21 02:29 username_taken_540 Title

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2021.09.21 02:29 SecreteObsessions Struggling to sleep after going cold turkey. Will the doctors prescribe me sleeping pills?

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2021.09.21 02:29 Jihara Looking for a certain track

Does anyone know what song plays in the first half of the Book 5 Chapter 11 Everything, Lost cutscene (before battle)? I have a feeling it’s from the older games (maybe Thracia?) but don’t know which one. Thanks!
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2021.09.21 02:29 Fire_Ballzier What Book Has Four Chapter 11’s?

Trump: The Art of the Deal
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2021.09.21 02:29 diosadeceja Strata Appearance of Lot breach

I am renting a first level apartment with a balcony that extends to the living room and main bedroom. Due to the placement of the balcony and the fact that we are on the first floor, anyone passing through the street can see right up into my apartment, including the bedroom. The only way anyone can't see in is if the blinds are completely drawn to the floor, meaning there is no natural light in the bedroom or living room.
For extra privacy I purchased a fabric screen from Bunnings which ties around the balustrading. Today I received a letter from the Body Corporate for breach of by-laws relating to the lot's overall appearance, and that I am to remove the screen immediately and to submit an application for lot improvement if I wish to make an adjustment. I don't want to do this as the additional privacy has improved our quality of life significantly as we are now able to use our bedroom without having to have the blinds down 24/7 as we can't even sit on the bed or change clothes in our room without running the risk of neighbours or passers by seeing us.
However, I've seen that it may be unreasonable for the body corp to request we take it down if it is needed for privacy.
Does anyone have any experience with a situation like this, and should I just email the body corp directly or submit an application? Other residents have pot plants and other furnishings lining their balcony which are just as removable as my screen.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.21 02:29 Lordfunqwerty the design for my hardcore base

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2021.09.21 02:29 realdrunkennerd Got some cool stuff in the pipeline. Haven't made videos in 10 months. Quite excited to be creating again

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2021.09.21 02:29 MindlessMindless I had a Youtube Official App that was recently taken away from me..?

For a good couple of months, I had a youtube app that was on my desktop and was separate from google chrome. Today when I was telling my friend about the youtube app to download, I went to go load my app on my taskbar, and I noticed it was now pulling up google chrome, not an official youtube app.. I looked online and there is little to no evidence of an official youtube app released by youtube but I swear I downloaded it and was using it for months. Has anyone else experienced this?
this is what it looked like. Notice no address bar and a unique header with just the name youtube on it no tabs like google chrome shows.
I found this on a tweet, this is the only thing I could find giving evidence to what I had.
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2021.09.21 02:29 ducatibronco125 The hydro powered mill at Bynum NC

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2021.09.21 02:29 chickensalad001 Don't Starve Together - Lots of bad choices [With friends]

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2021.09.21 02:29 TheDarkNight737_YT Triozoids Aren't Uploading Anymore?

We are not uploading anymore until we think we can upload a bit more consistently. Also the channel subscriber count is messing up so we might reset the channels.
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2021.09.21 02:29 Zestysilver-778 Imagine if you will a stripper counting her money at the end of the day.

it’s the thot that counts.
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2021.09.21 02:29 Far_Example_9150 Charged off debt

When you file for chapter 7 —- how way back do you have to go to include debt that is charged off? For instance if I’m in my 40s and had charged off debt from 20 years ago or ten years ago - do I still need to include this debt if it doesn’t even show up on my credit report anymore?
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2021.09.21 02:29 sp00piespoop I asked like 4 German dudes and nobody fucking knows, how tf am I supposed to sprich Deutsch

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2021.09.21 02:29 proficienteex please 😊 I Will return

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2021.09.21 02:29 Slight_Apartment4397 Dm insta creo2x wer mir sagen will ich wichsen soll oder nur meinen schwanz sehen will

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2021.09.21 02:29 monch-hichi 6 more until zastava sends me a free rifle

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2021.09.21 02:29 jeancarlos9000_ bruh

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2021.09.21 02:29 Akuma_maru Shhhh 🤫🔪

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2021.09.21 02:29 Powscal Can I keep my 1050 ti for a while on new pc?

Hi, 8 years ago, built pc. Served good. But it's getting old. I've now got a 1050ti (first gpu died in 2019 i think) that is currently on my i7 4770k.
My pc is good for old games. Hard drive slow af. I'll give the pc to nephews. I want a new pc.
But with shit market for gpu, I'm not buying a gpu at 200% msrp.
Could building a pc with good specs and waiting 6 months or a year for a new gpu and put the 1050 ti in the new pc be good enough for basic gaming? I play rust, want maybe to try red dead.
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2021.09.21 02:29 MamaSajahara Help with my Sedum please, I keep reading conflicting information on how to care for them.

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2021.09.21 02:29 LowEndWibs "You've got to forgive yourself, just like I forgive myself" he said to the barely listening crowd around him.

"I forgive you all", he opened his hand and allowed the dead-mans switch to activate.
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2021.09.21 02:29 bookworm6879 If you could kill Amelia Shepherd, how would you do it.

You can get as crazy as you like. inspired by this comment.
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