zdyn8 3rd2e 4t365 e226e y7959 ah9r6 4a9kr 7a6a3 94f3z a7h23 nhzka zniy5 dk6b2 h93d9 nd4z5 kz3yi n8tai yz37f t9tnb f2a74 ai647 [Discord] [LFG] [5e] [M OR TUES 6PM PST] Intermediate Player Looking for Long Term Story Driven Campaign |

[Discord] [LFG] [5e] [M OR TUES 6PM PST] Intermediate Player Looking for Long Term Story Driven Campaign

2021.09.21 02:42 Mewskers [Discord] [LFG] [5e] [M OR TUES 6PM PST] Intermediate Player Looking for Long Term Story Driven Campaign

You can call me Mew. My pronouns are she/her and I'm 25 years old.
I'm an experienced player with 5e and am looking for a new weekly/bimonthly game. I met the group I've been playing with for the last 2 1/2 years on Reddit and I'm finally testing my luck again! Outside of my regular game I listen to podcasts and have done quite a few one shots so I would like to play with an experienced DM and a group no larger than 5 players. Must be LGBTQ+ friendly.
I am looking for a game that is focused on role play and collaborative story telling over combat/rules. I won't try to break your game, but I would like to feel as if my character's choices have consequences.
Prefer 5e rules using discord and a way to visualize maps (roll20, foundry, live DM webcam feed, ect.) I do not have a webcam. (I also have a ton of source materials in DND Beyond and am willing to share with the group)
Times: 6PM - 11PM PST Mondays or Tuesdays. (Not flexible)
My discord is Mewskers_#5089 Please shoot me a message on here with your discord tag if you are adding me there.
I have played almost every class at least a little bit so I can make whatever character fits the party and story.
I am open to paid games, however I would need a trial period with the group to make sure we are a good fit before I am willing to financially invest.
(Plus: players in the same campaign as me get discounts on art ;) )
Hit me up!
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2021.09.21 02:42 justpoke Blue Lions vs Aelfric

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2021.09.21 02:42 Tomthebomb555 Palantir is antifragile

Taleb describes antifragile things as those the gain from randomness and a level of volatility. For example humans are antifragile to a point, intermittent fasting, lifting weights, doing crosswords etc all put our body under some sort of stress and we get better. This isn’t the same as robustness. A plant of wood is robust, it’s strong and can withstand you dropping it, but it doesn’t gain anything from this. Anti-fragile, not robustness is the opposite of fragile.
Most stocks are either fragile or robust to some degree. Banks are fragile: they take out loans, then loan to customers at a higher rate, making small, incremental gains. But cannot stand up to much volatility and randomness, as we saw in 2008 when banks lost more in one year than banks have made in the history of banks. Stocks like Tesla are robust, it has plants on multiple continents, has no debt and rapid innovation, but it doesn’t gain from volatility or randomness, if people have less money they buy less cars.
Palantir is antifragile. The most antifragile company I know of. They have zero debt, they have gold, and they have a product specifically designed to help and excel in turbulent and volatile environments. Whether it’s a pandemic or an outright war or other black or white swan, Palantir gains from disorder. And that is a very rare thing in the markets.
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2021.09.21 02:42 MrFrames INSANE Stuttering on Tales of Arise repack

I have a powerful rig, the open world runs flawlessly but combat is completely unplayable and insanely stuttery. Has anybody had this issue? Any fixes?
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2021.09.21 02:42 kat-and-eclipse Party after hours

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2021.09.21 02:42 Liqqa [US-FL][H] The Beatles Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Resident Evil Nemesis + Many more [W] Trade for Nejire Hado shared sticker

Hi there, I’m looking to trade one or multiple of my pops for Nejire Hado. All of my pops are in great condition, I will send more pictures if you message me. please message if you’re interested! I’m not looking to buy out right at this time
Other items I’m interested in:
Genos / Symbiote suit Spider-Man / Yondu spring convention / Great ape vegeta / Full death note set / Tenya iida, either version
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2021.09.21 02:42 GertrudeLikesPizza [Heathers/Mean Girls] (spoilers) Janice is Veronica and JD's daughter

Alright so hear me out, Janice Ian from Mean Girls is Veronica Sawyer from Heather's daughter...
In Heather's, we clearly see Veronica has had sex with JD, so there is a possibility that she fell pregnant, and at the end of Heather's, she still seems to be in love with JD, which would explain the similar names (Janice/Jason). Heather's came out in 1989, and Mean Girls in 2004, the time gap between the two movies is 15 years, considering we don't know Janice's birthday, she could definitely be 16 at the time of the movie, which would make her of appropriate age to be a Junior in High School, which makes the timing perfect. Also, Janice seems to have very similar ideals as her (supposed) father, JD, except obviously less extreme, I mean, JD used Veronica to get rid of the Queen Bee Heather Chandler at there school, and Janice used Cady to get rid of the Queen Bee Regina George at her school. They both think that what they are doing is justified because the people they are trying to take down are bad people. JD manipulated Veronica by reminding her that he's her boyfriend and "our love is god" and Janice manipulated Cady by reminding her that she's her friend and she wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Well anyway, I rest my case.
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2021.09.21 02:42 Megackleete История от 13.04.2018

В нашем (а может и не нашем, а совершенно постороннем) подземном гараже запрещено хранить велосипеды. Детские можно, а взрослые нельзя. Говорят от этого машины страдают. И не в поэтическом плане ревности, а в совершенно прозаическом плане – от царапин.
Потому что Бентли поцарапали. Или Феррари с Диабло, или Мерседес—Макларен. В общем—то все равно дорого. В нашем (а может и не нашем, а совершенно постороннем) гараже совершенно спокойно и доброжелательно соседствуют разные автомобили. От самых дорогих, до самых дешевых.
Сначала в гараж заехали два пацана велосипеды поставить. Это мы (а может вовсе и не мы) с председателем ТСЖ увидели на видео. Хотели поставить велосипеды на стоянку, но один паренек бейсболку уронил. Другой ее пнул нечаянно. Классно пошла. И они стали шапкой в футбол играть только на колесах.
Не успели запыхаться, как в гараж вошла компания молодых людей постарше, хотя это смешно звучит. Лет тридцати. Куда—то ехать собирались, но им так пацанское занятие понравилось, что они присоединились, разбившись на команды. Бейсболку то ли стало жалко, то ли она об пол стерлась, потеряв летательные качества, там не видно было. Но они у охраны мячик выпросили. Теннисный.
Ходчее пошло. Три на три велобол в гараже теннисным мячом. Видели? Великов там прям и набрали. Они ж почти за каждой машиной прятались.
И тут старшее поколение подтянулось. Два мужика за пятьдесят. Давно не виделись, встретились, один другого подвезти до дома хотел. А тут такое дело на велосипедах. Перед тем как влезть в игру они пошептались:
— А помнишь, как мы в детстве консервной банкой играли? Есть тут у вас консервные банки?
— У охраны спроси.
— Мужики, салям алейкум. Есть у вас консервная банка? Есть? Полная со свиной тушенкой? Давайте ее сюда. Для вас все одно «харам», а мы вам суши закажем с пиццей. Хотите пиццу?
Заказали и стали банкой в велобол играть. И тут один из последней смены как треснет. В смысле, гол забил. Банка по машине скрипнула и поцарапала.
Все стоят и на машину смотрят и на гол забившего. Смотрят и переживают, как он за это Бентли расплачиваться будет. Или даже за Мерседес—Макларен. А он так рукой махнул:
— Хуй, — говорит, — с ней с царапиной, все равно это моя машина. Давайте дальше играть.
А председатель ТСЖ это все потом на видео видел. И принял решение запретить в гараже велосипеды хранить, провел общее собрание, запретил и пошел с внуком по дорожкам кататься в парке. На самокатах.
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2021.09.21 02:42 chux4w Vito, be careful. Alex Jones is on Timcast IRL tonight.

Better ask YouTube if this is ok. He's spreading harmful disinformation to 50,000 people.
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2021.09.21 02:42 loadnurmom Help me HCA, you're my only hope!

Mother's birthday is coming up.
The wife and I are fully vaccinated even though we both had covid previously as well (Pfizer & Moderna respectively). Kid is under 12 and can't be vaxxed (yet)
My step-father has fallen down the Q hole and isn't vaxxed. This is a whole face-palm story of its own as he used to be incredibly liberal.
My mother hasn't gotten vaxxed because she had a shingles flare-up and her doc suggested she wait for her immune system to recover a bit (or so she says) . She's immunocompromised. Technically in full remission from cancer but on a very-low dose of immunosuppressants to help prevent a recurrence. She just had a another check-up and was supposed to ask about the covid vax. I've been trying not to doubt her, and am hopeful she will finally get the damned jab..... but, she's not yet, and she is a full-blown FOX/OAN watching MAGA head.
Here's the real question after the setup
She wants to go to f***ing Benihana's for her Birthday. Yeah it's been her thing in the past, but with Delta.... I just can't even....
If I refuse to go, she will go anyway and I'm just being mean (or some Catholic guilt trip).
If I go, I'm giving credence to the idea that the whole thing is NBD. Especially to my step-father who is constantly pooh poohing it.
Can I talk her out of it? HOW do I talk her out of it?
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2021.09.21 02:42 Anxious_Cod8663 Soy mala hija por no querer a mi mamá?PARTE1

Omitiré algunos datos por privacidad obvio. Pero les daré una lista de cosas que me pasaron y por las cuales no quiero a mi mamá. 1. Estoy enferma (es una enfermedad seria que requiere mucho cuidado y es muy dolorosa), mi mamá me dijo que no le dijera a mis abuelos ni familiares de su lado sobre mi enfermedad. Pero ella le contó a los de su trabajo, para causar lástima y que no la botaran porque tenía problema con sus jefes. 2. Seguimos con mi salud. Me iban a operar en el extranjero y ella dijo que no quería ir. No que no podía, no que estaba ocupada. Lo dijo así “no quiero ir”. 3. A raíz de esta enfermedad, desarrolle depresión. Mi papá me regaló un perrito para hacerme compañía. Un día estaba camino al trabajo en un día muy importante. La salude y todo antes de irme. Antes de llegar a trabajar, me llamo diciendo que tenía una semana para regalar a mi perro porque ella no lo quería. 4. Realmente no le interesa mi salud. Al punto que casi todos mis médicos creían que era huérfana de madre. Porque era mi papá quien siempre me acompañaba. 5. Mi papá enfermo hace un año de Cáncer. Hemos estado administrando bien todo para que los gastos no nos afecten más en pandemia. Y le comenté que quería tomar una maestría. Y ella me dijo que era “egoísta” y “desconsiderado” ya que no había dinero (si lo hay). Esta semana nos dijo que se compraría un Mercedes Benz. 6. Ya les comenté que desarrolle depresión. Estoy viendo a una especialista :) y cuando empecé a ir mi mamá ME PROHIBIÓ HABLARLE DE ELLA A MI PSIQUIATRA. 7. Algo que no tiene que ver con mi salud. Estaba camino a una fiesta. Y sin querer cerre la puerta del frente de la casa por dentro (tiene doble seguro). Así que avise en el grupo de mi familia que por favor entrarán por la cocina y desbloquearán la puerta del frente. Mi mamá dijo que estaba bien. Y mi hermano también. Unos minutos más tarde nos escribe diciendo que como la puerta del frente estaba cerrada se trepó por el balcón y se calló y estaba camino al hospital con la pierna rota. Asustada llame a mis vecinos quienes me dijeron que mi mamá entró por la cocina y que nadie se cayo por el balcón. Mi mamá dijo que lo hizo para asustarme (quede con un ataque de ansiedad) 8. Como no podía ser de otra manera es hipocondríaca. Llego tarde un día con mi papá y se quejaba de un dolor en el abdomen y dijo “ash es cancer de ovario” me quede dormida después de eso. A la mañana siguiente me entero que entro a mi cuarto y tomo de mi caja de medicamentos prescritos lo primero que encontró. Porque en su mayoria son analgésicos fuertes. Le pedí que me diera lo que tomo y dijo este. Resultó tomar un medicamento para la alergia asi que le dije que si quería placebos que no los tomara de mis medicamentos. 9. Creo que la más fuerte de todas. Mi psiquiatra mando a llamar a mis padres. Y antes de esa cita (a la que ella no fue porque no quizo) me dijo: “debes estar bien mal para que tú Dr nos llame. Será por tu papá porque si …. No me va importar”. Al final la cita era porque ella quería ver la dinámica de la familia y conversar con ellos sólo fue mi papá. En ese momento me di cuenta que la persona en frente mío no es mi madre. Bueno no se si alguien me responda pero me siento algo mejor solo sacando esto de mi sistema. No creo que tenga que tolerarla solo porque me tuvo. Me he hecho demasiado daño. Se necesita más que solo parir a alguien para ser una madre.
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2021.09.21 02:42 aviation_knut Was it something I said?? Lol

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2021.09.21 02:42 notanavtech Safari 15 - Big Sur 11.6

Are they kidding us with the update to Safari.
This is incredibly bad bad bad.
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2021.09.21 02:42 bangalore_stray Kannada Starter Pack - Infographic from Dunzo (It was in the papers yesterday.)

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2021.09.21 02:42 Beneficiary5million What's the worst a non-owner admin can do?

If I own a server with a few admins, what is the absolute worst a rogue admin/mod could do? Damage that can't really be reversed (i.e. ban people, delete posts, kick people, etc.)
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2021.09.21 02:42 amberle_rose_7673 What would you do to me?

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2021.09.21 02:42 Lanceygsd Super Molester Jason Wright has jumped from saving the planet from a giant “sanami” to obsession over that Gabby Petito murder case, multiple videos of just filming the TV with his heavy breathing in the background. I find this beyond creepy given his background.

Super Molester Jason Wright has jumped from saving the planet from a giant “sanami” to obsession over that Gabby Petito murder case, multiple videos of just filming the TV with his heavy breathing in the background. I find this beyond creepy given his background. submitted by Lanceygsd to PatriotPartyPodcast [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 02:42 burnz1 A rare 5/5 for me. A must read if you are in recovery 💜

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2021.09.21 02:42 EL_Gordoz DO NOT Buy Call of Duty Vanguard on Xbox One & PS4

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2021.09.21 02:42 FederalVoidx [Xbox] T. Flight Hotas One confusion.

I recently bought the Hotas One for $90 and I am not really enjoying it. This may be due to my ignorance of the way it works or the way it is recommended to work, or it is the actual product itself. First, I feel as though the controls are rather janky and not very realistic. To be honest, I would rather be using my Xbox controller. Second, and I know this is my ignorance, is how I control the cockpit and other things with the hotas. If someone has an idea on how to do this, I would be very grateful.
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2021.09.21 02:42 AccomplishedGround8 Root Canal Timing

I'm having a root canal on a tooth I hit, the infection was noticed over the weekend. Is it normal/okay to have a root canal scheduled for 17 days after?
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2021.09.21 02:42 Newtownc Misreading?

Met a guy a few nights ago for a random Grindr hook up. Planned on him just sucking me off, but I started massaging his shoulders, then we made out. Next thing he’s asleep in my lap and I’m just kind of holding him. 2 hours later I wake him up because I have to pee. I spend the night with him, first time I’ve spent the night with a guy in like 12 years. We cuddle, spoon, he slips it in a few times, we have the same turn on spots and kinks which was really nice. He seems kind of self-conscious but sweet. We hold hands and each other all night.
It was like everything I’ve wanted for a really long time. We get up the next morning and cuddle a bit more on the couch. Then he goes to grab breakfast and I decide to leave because even though I wanted to, I didn’t really plan on spending the night.
Well, we still talk off and on but I feel like it’s just constant mixed signals. One minute he’s being sweet, the other he’s just like playing it cool and seeming kind of ambivalent. Very hot and cold. The other day he flipped out because he thought I deleted his number but I was just at an event with no signal. I mean, not really flipping out just like, did you delete me? I’m sorry for whatever I did. And it weirdly made me more attracted to him because I thought, damn, he really likes me.
But then I also feel like he could just as easily be a player. He hasn’t really seemed that interested in getting to know much about me but I’m trying to ignore it because it’s only been like three days.
I just don’t know how people deal with this hot and cold thing. The morning I left he acted like we’d already exchanged numbers, and he’s said a few other things thinking we’d already talked about it and I’m like… no… “oh I have a lot of girlfriends and I probably got confused.”
I don’t know. I’ve had such shit luck with guys that I never know when I’m being irrational or when I’m genuinely seeing red flags. And this whole experience made things a lot more complicated. I can’t tell if he’s just guarded or if he’s just playing me, or if I’m just expecting more than I should.
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2021.09.21 02:42 striseyy her curves 🤤

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2021.09.21 02:41 SavingsAtmosphere647 É Funk² de DJ Fábio Medina

Eu duvido alguém ter essa música completa.
É Funk² DJ FÁBIO MEDINA 12 Minutos 15 segundos
Essa é uma música que desapareceu da internet, e eu duvido que alguém tenha. Se alguém tiver ela inteira e poder repassa-lá, agradeço, mas como eu disse, eu duvido que alguém tenha.
This is a song that disappeared from the internet, and I doubt anyone has. If anyone has it in its entirety and can pass it on, I appreciate it, but like I said, I doubt anyone has.
é Funk2
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2021.09.21 02:41 Standard-Wafer-9449 Controller settings not consistent between Console and PC lobbies. Why?

Respawn please fix your game. My controller settings from console feel completely different when playing your shit game on PC with the SAME controller. Why??? In PC lobbies it’s completely inconsistent and causing me to lose more than in console lobbies. Players should have the same feel and experience of the game on any serveplatform. Same exact settings and same controller but my aim is off on PC? Fix the controller settings on PC to match that as exactly as it is on console…just get something right with this game FFS
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