2dr9f fa624 454kb fkysz 8hza4 42e77 9tars hzsbi f6b8e ees4z d2732 zsi5k f47hf ks56y dbnfa ykebb 5e437 nkn3d 487ze b9276 f97ze Can you still apply this cycle if you take the MCAT in January? |

Can you still apply this cycle if you take the MCAT in January?

2021.09.21 03:53 babygotbrains Can you still apply this cycle if you take the MCAT in January?

Just wondering in case I need to retake.
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2021.09.21 03:53 Nach_Rap Quiniela - Jornada 10

Jorndada 10 - Closes Thursday, September 16th @ 4:30 Pacific.
Jornada 14 - Juarez vs Atletico San Luis Match - Closes September 21 @ 6:30pm
Jornada 11 - Monterrey vs Toluca - Closes September 22 @ 4:30pm

Jornada 9 Results

Top Scorers:

  1. u/simbaboom8 - 39
  2. u/HPT7 - 34
  3. u/SoccerDevil - 34
  4. u/Baconislife1130 - 34
  5. u/Mifufumi97 - 33
  6. u/RuVzzz - 33

Jornada 9 Top Players:

Jornada 9 Wall of Shame:

PayPal Link - Closed August 9th, 2021 (The end of Jornada 3)
Pool Pot: $85
For a list of pool players and pot breakdown, see the Quiniela - Jornada 3 post.
My Jornada 10 Picks: Necaxa, Cruz Azul, Juarez, Mazatlan, Tie, Tigres, America, Toluca, Monterrey
Jornada 14 - Juarez vs Atletico San Luis : Tie
Jornada 11 - Monterrey vs Toluca: Toluca
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2021.09.21 03:53 weiss27md Anyone here because of sleep issues. fatigue?

I have all my wisdom teeth removed since 16 years ago plus 2 molars. Front top teeth have gaps and have an overbite. I also have TMD and bruxism.
I'm 36, M, 5'11" 160lbs. Have a history of anxiety, reflux, bruxism and headaches. But 7 years ago I started to develop fatigue and it keeps getting worse. Along with the fatigue I have tired heavy eyes. in 2016 I had an in lab sleep study and it was negative. Been to many doctors and all labs come up normal. Testosterone, autoimmune, thyroid, vitamin D and B12 levels, etc all are normal. Only thing abnormal is my upper endoscopy. I've had reflux since atleast 2006 when I was diagnosed with GERD. Had 2 at home sleep studies last year Alice NightOne which were 5 and 8 AHI. During this time I had nasal surgery because of sinusitis, balloon sinuplasty. I then got another in lab sleep study at a different place and it was negative. Still having sinusitis I got another sinus surgery by another surgeon, this time it was FESS. No improvement in fatigue. I feel worse when I wake up but I'm always tired. Don't have CFS as I can exercise just fine. The doctor that did my FESS thinks I do have sleep apnea and recommends a different kind of sleep study. Thoughts?
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2021.09.21 03:53 TheReal-RM How would l ever get this girl to date me? Like what would the process be?

I (16M) am hopelessly in love with a girl (19M). We were at one time really good friends who obviously liked each other. But that’s a far as it went for a long time. A 1/2 years ago. (Just before Covid) I was 14 she was 17. We both qualified for are provincial biathlon team. (FYI, province is the equivalent to a state in the US or a county/shire in the UK). (And Biathlon being the combination of cross country skiing and rifle shooting). This is wear l fell in love with this girl. We stayed really close and l loved her but she still just liked me. About a year after this, she l was 15 she was 18. She phoned me drunk in the middle of the night. She said she really loved me and wanted to date. (Really drunk). She sent me pictures of herself naked. The next day, we talked about it. She said nothing can happen now for obvious reasons, BUT maybe one day. A couple of months after this she moving from our small town to the nearest city. (4 hours away) to go to university. She already had a place for some time there every weekend. I also found out she’s dating a guy from the city. I was very heartbroken and l told her that. She said that this doesn’t change anything and it’s still “maybe one day”.
(Note: everything past this point is copy and pasted from a text)
This is were everything started going down hill. I went away from that whole situation still feeling confident and good but obviously slightly less confident and good. TThis is where it all should have ended. But l became unhappy and kind of restless with the whole idea especially when she moved to Saskatoon. I still texted her normally but sometimes in a way that showed we were a little bit more than friend. She said her boyfriend goes through her phone with her everyday, and sleeps at her trailer every night after work at 5. Note: by this point she is now 19. I honestly thought she wasn’t being very mature about this.I asked if she wanted to talk about the whole thing and how l could move past it. We talked about it a lot and l’ll be honest it was just kind of an excuse just to talk to her. But she began to see what was wrong with it. She thought there really wasn’t much more to say about the matter and she didn’t want to give me and special treatment from any of her other friends and that friends who live apart don’t talk all the time. So we took a break. The break lasted a long time. l really couldn’t take it anymore and l texted her and said l told Josiah everything. (So l could talk with her again.) She was really upset and the issue of trust really got put to the test and through out that day we had a series of phone calls. and this is also when she said that her boyfriend was the love of her life and she couldn’t see that changing. I hung up on her and she texted me saying that she’s sorry and that she still trusts me and l don’t know why because l was mad and heartbroken l guess but l responded back saying she shouldn’t. She called me really emotional almost crying and said that she wanted re assurances so she can move on with her life and l didn’t want to give it to her because l didn’t want her to move on with her life. I thought it was all over and l was heartbroken and sad and looking back now l don’t know why l did this but in the middle of the night l texted her saying she couldn’t trust me. She called me the next morning crying and said that there was a time that she had feelings for me but l wasn’t as mature as she thought l was. I then told her the truth that no one knew anything and that she can trust me and her mood changed and that’s when she said we should call a lot and re build are friendship because she need a level of normalcy for her to have feelings for me again. She also told me that if l ever told anyone about it she would kill herself. Even though known of this is true I told to her that lhad thoughts about ruining her relationship and that l felt like a terrible person for having those thoughts. Which is true.We tried just talking as friends and talking about are feeling and my thoughts and trying to overcome the thought of ruining her relationship. Which is just kind of an excuse on my part to keep the drama going. She told me that if her boyfriend left her she would kill herself. After a few weeks of that she came to the realization that this wasn’t working and what l needed to get over her was to just stop talking to her. She told me that nothing would ever happen between us and that this meant nothing and and that l had to move on and that we weren’t talking anymore after that day. I wanted to say something to her almost blackmail her into talking to me. But l didn’t she eventually just ended it all and blocked my number. I guess are conversation was really overwhelming so She then panicked and told her boyfriend. That night l got a call from her boyfriend. He told me what l did was extortion and that his dad is a cop blah blah blah and read me out some legislation from a law book and asked if l understood. Not wanting to cause any further issues l said yes. And asked if l could still be in her life and they both said no and hung up. A couple of days later he called and said that he had a question and if l didn’t answer truthfully me and him would have a problem. He then handed the phone to Lilly and she asked me if she told me her boyfriend is the love her life and if she left him she’d kill herself blah blah blah. And l said yes. And her boyfriend said that if he ever see or hears from me again he’ll drive to la Ronge find where l live and beat the shit out of me and hung up. My mom over heard that last phone call and asked who that was. I tried lying but she eventually got it out of me. (I didn’t tell her the whole story.) she got Her boyfriends number and sent him a text message. What she said, l don’t know. A few months later l sent her a message on Instagram hoping it would help but she just blocked me.
Since this l have spoken to a trusting adult and her mother and countless good friends. She is from what l’ve heard not in a good place mentally right now Because her boyfriend is really mentally abusive and she is really stressed. Everything one of the people l’ve talked to are confident we will one day be back in each other lives. But l don’t just want to be friends with her. I want to be in a relationship with her and what l’m asking from this post because l’ve gotten lots of mental help from other people is how do l get in a relationship with her after all this in the future? She is not a mentally healthy person and has suicidal problems, but l know what l’m getting myself into and l don’t care. I’ve let her down badly and l hurts me everyday and l hope one day to do it right though. So what would be the process? Friends first obviously but how do l make sure she’s not going to go after someone else. I can’t go right and l say l want to start taking because that would be too much. So l don’t know what to do. Can anyone give me any advise on how l would go about doing something like that?
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2021.09.21 03:53 FranlyG This gym is so aesthetically pleasing !

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2021.09.21 03:53 morganjanx [help][xboxone][ds3] gael ng+6

pass is 1234 you can put your sign at his fog! thank you!!((:
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Hello! We are in search of active players that participate in wars and clan war league. We are a mix of veterans and new players, are laid back, and often plan attacks and chat in a Discord server for entertainment. Joining the Discord is not required.
If you request, put "Reddit" in the request.
Clan: TCFL
CWL Rank: Crystal 2
Best Win Streak in Clan Wars: 11
Requirements: None. However, if you want to participate in clan war leagues, town hall 11 with 30+ level heroes.
Clan Tag #2Y0G2C888 or https://link.clashofclans.com/en?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=2Y0G2C888
Happy to answer questions via DM.
Happy Clashing!
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2021.09.21 03:53 ScarcityOk986 It’s make cake day. Take some photos I got

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2021.09.21 03:53 DavidRubinos Looking for any spare accounts its for my friend so we can play together asia server and 5* is not necessary or required

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2021.09.21 03:53 ImperialDogeMaster who saw that coming?

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2021.09.21 03:53 HonorFoxont Cursed_calf

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2021.09.21 03:53 Xtreme31 Hollow knight music tierlist

I saw Relyea's video and thought this would be a fun idea so here is a very correct list of the Hollow Knight music (Every song is amazing {besides e tier} they're just in relation to each other)
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2021.09.21 03:53 No_Secretary_7905 Jesus’ Spear in Hadith

I have this thought where Jesus will get his spear would be a place like the Temple of Time, what do you guys think? 😂
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2021.09.21 03:53 MrPlaneGuy During WWII, the main role of the Bell P-63 Kingcobra in the USAAF was as manned gunnery targets. These aircraft had no guns or regular armor, but armored sheet metal was applied all over the aircraft. They would be fired upon with frangible rounds, triggering sensors that lit a light in the prop

During WWII, the main role of the Bell P-63 Kingcobra in the USAAF was as manned gunnery targets. These aircraft had no guns or regular armor, but armored sheet metal was applied all over the aircraft. They would be fired upon with frangible rounds, triggering sensors that lit a light in the prop submitted by MrPlaneGuy to WWIIplanes [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 03:53 Comfortchomper Lobster pao fan. Who's still into pao fan?

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2021.09.21 03:53 randomaccountname277 PLEASE READ. Adding user flairs to help with reliable information. Please message me

Hello everyone,
1st DO NOT mod mail message me privately
I am the newest mod and was brought onboard specifically to help the community gauge where their information is comming from more accurately.
Sadly on Reddit false information is pretty widespread with the blind often leading the blind. The forums of the past like OG and Icmag were great with mostly long time grower and reputations made it easy to know who to listen to. So that is what we are trying to replicate.
The current plan for what we are going to do is add tags to each user so you know who you are listening/talking to. These tags will include
Year you started growing
How you grow (hydro, soil, coco etc)
How many harvest you have (if possible)
If you have started in the last 3 years you will be trusted
If longer than that i will ask some follow ups/ proof. Sadly this has to be done to ensure integrity and increase reliability of accurate information.
Again DO NOT mod mail message me privately.
I would love to heard any other ideas people have to help make it easier for new growers to know where their information is coming from and who to trust.
Obviously this is not a perfect solution but we believe that this will be a good start towards making it easier to trust information.
I anticipate a lot of messages so please give me time to sort through and update your tags.
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2021.09.21 03:53 D_Ratrick_T Amazing 😂

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2021.09.21 03:53 Jom-- Just opened my 12 count nugget.. wtf Chick-fil-A

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2021.09.21 03:53 Offloadin 😂😂😂

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2021.09.21 03:53 Altruistic_Can_1352 ITAP Full moon fishing

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2021.09.21 03:53 1aventador This entire interaction has me dying. It’s true tho

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2021.09.21 03:53 cuudan Claims they did not see the rock?

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2021.09.21 03:53 Masterdeetectiv Writing what kinda background music is playing in subtitles kills the mood

Whenever subtitles show stuff like “suspenseful music” or “romantic music” it kills the atmosphere the score is tryna create as if its telling you “look as suspenseful music is playing you know something is gonna happen”
Kills the mood
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2021.09.21 03:53 _seandonahue On the bright side we have 3 sacks tonight

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2021.09.21 03:53 ryujin_io A cautiously optimistic returning player'sabout the current state of MW5

Hi all - as title suggests, I bought the game in PC when it launched and after a few hours of excitement, the game kinda soured on me due to the issues many others have already noted. I decided to let it simmer a bit more with a few patches.
My problems were mostly around the following and I would like to know if they addressed any of these in any way with patches/DLCs.
1) The cringe-y, obvious patched together campaign --The first time in saw the still 'holos' in the mission briefing after escaping from the tutorial mission and I knew that they cut significant corners. Was this improved in any way?
2) The lifeless, underused Leopard, which is essentially just a big space to walk around in -- Did they add more stuff to do in the Leopard in between missions?
3) The arcade-y combat filled with throwaway non mech enemies spawning all around you with dumb as rocks AI -- I understand they patched the spawn distance so that stuff don't spawn 20 meters behind you, but are there any mission design changes so that scenarios make a bit more tactical sense?
I just saw the new DLC trailer and was wondering for most of the players who stuck with it -- is the game a lot closer now to what you imagined a MW game should be? I really want to love this game, as I've been playing in this universe since Crescent Hawk's Inception. Also since my gaming laptop was drafted as my kids' remote learning computer I plan to play on PlayStation - so if any of the above are addressed with mods, then that's a no go for me.
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