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Ultramarine Confusion

2021.09.21 03:44 BidAdditional Ultramarine Confusion

I want to Know something
Can someone tell me why Ultra marines wear Red Helmets. It is confusing. Is it style points. What dose a red helmet mean to an Ultramarine
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2021.09.21 03:44 peachy_night High off scritches

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2021.09.21 03:44 1000100010101000_ Accepting proposals

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2021.09.21 03:44 cato1978 Traveled a long ways to check out this job board and there wasn’t a single posting. The little town was busted, too.

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2021.09.21 03:44 sake_sora Hello everyone!!!

Hey guys new trainer here :) Just wondering if anyone was down to exchange friend codes, I just beat the elite 4 and I'm trying to complete the dex so I need safaris!!! Not sure what mine is yet but here's my code Sora: 1478 - 9983 - 2564
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2021.09.21 03:44 Badgerino11 What do you think of the music transitions in the new season of The Profit?

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2021.09.21 03:44 thesongofstorms We've all been there.

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2021.09.21 03:44 Pretty-Dinner2654 I cut off my best friend and our mutual friend group

TW: mental health I recently cut off my best friend of nearly 8 years and felt forced to cut off our friend group as well. We met when we were 14 and now we are 21, in our final year of university.
In March of this year, we were both working from home as it was our coop (internship) semester. She ended up having a mental breakdown where she stopped eating and sleeping. I was terrified when she called me, sounding weak and dead inside and I was terrified. Having my own experiences with depression, I had a lot of empathy and kept checking up on her.
She stabilized before our summer semester and decided to take classes. She took 4 courses with one ending a month earlier than the rest and I was taking 5. We were in the same class for 2 of them. The thing about summer courses is that they are condensed and with the pandemic I was already struggling with my depression as is.
Her behaviour was erratic and it was clear she didn’t know how to deal with her mental illness. She would refuse to deal with her mental health, as well as school work. She just wanted to watch tv, hang out with friends or do anything but take care of her obligations. Because of this I would always give her the guidance and advice I was given and be there for her. Me and our other peers would do the assignments and help her study. We had a group meeting parents and even for that I found the scholarly articles and told her what to write about (doing the critical thinking part).
It was mentally draining for me but I had hoped she would take the time to take care of herself and work on it. And I also felt obligated to help because I was afraid she would fail. Then the time came to our midterm and she had extra time on it. I had stayed up the entire night before to recuperate for having to help her study and finally be able to do my own studying (I’m very diligent and studious). She knew when my exam ended and she knew I hadn’t slept the night before but made me check her answers during her extra time. I later found out she also cheated with her Asian friend group on a chat which she didn’t even invite me to. She gets a 90 and I get a 70 which was super upsetting because I’m a straight A student.
After this I addressed the issue and told her that I don’t have the mental capacity to help her and that she clearly had other resources so she should be more mindful of my time and energy. I also would get triggered about her making jokes about taking lorazepam and adderall because my mother has severe bipolar and my childhood friend had adhd and it is crippling for her. They’re both dependant on these drugs and I watched them suffer for years and how it ruined their lives. So I told her not to joke about it because it wasn’t funny to me at all. Being my best friend, she knew all of this and my horrific lived experiences.
In response to my honesty, she felt upset and decided to consult 2 our mutual friends by sending them screen shots of my texts that had personal things that I had only told her. She said the way I said it was mean, but I mostly spent the time talking about how sick I was and how I was upset by what happened and how I felt used.
The 2 friends took her side and claimed that once you help someone you can’t make them feel guilty about accepting it. She also said that if I got the same mark as her I wouldn’t have even brought up the issue. I felt like she was deflecting the reality and villianizing me so that she would feel less bad. She also told our other best friend about the medications thing and they both agreed that I was ‘comparing’ her to my mom. To this day she doesn’t understand why it was triggering for me and claims that we will always “disagree” about mental health jokes.
I decided to let what she said go because I just thought she was acting out because of her depression. In the next week her and our other best friend wanted to go to the park and I was not feeling good at all. I woke up at 3 pm to them calling me and trying to force me to go out. They tried to guilt trip me by bringing up all the other times I bailed on them (2 times when I was also feeling sick) and how I was rude when I was cranky and the instances where I said inconsiderate things (even thought I had long ago apologized and they knew I felt so bad). I finally managed to get out of hanging out and later messaged them that it was inappropriate how they spoke to me. They apologized for not giving me space but not on how they spoke to me.
A while ago, I bought cute bucket hats for the 3 of us, and my bf had a design class where she had to make a fashion page where she posted herself and our other friends wearing the hats even tho I also had pics in the hat. I also told her that lately we had been going to a lot of food places where I couldn’t eat much because I’m Muslim and I only eat halal.
I also wear hijab and this was around the time a Muslim family was shot as a part of a hate crime in London Ontario. She turned my concerns on its head by showing me screenshots of all the places where she had posted pics with me and mentioning every single place we had eaten with vegetarian options. I also had cystic acne a few years ago so I was feeling insecure about that as well.
She had seen me go through my ugly phase and even knew I had been rejected by a guy who dumped me after he saw me without makeup. And she actually defended a friend of hers made islamaphobic comments saying he was going through a lot and his parents were divorced. I had to reexplain all of this to her and her response to all of this was just ‘oh ok’. She didn’t apologize and very much seemed defensive using words like ‘argument’ and ‘debate’ even though it was supposed to be a convo about my insecurities and feelings.
This was the last straw for me as I realized I was no longer respected or valued by these people. I had already asked my therapist for recommendations because she was telling me how her therapist wasn’t helping. I had also recently joined a club as a designer and they needed more so I offered her the position before our fights and I didn’t close the position off from her because I knew she needed it for her portfolio and I didn’t want to be spiteful.
I ended unfollowing both of them after they posted pictures celebrating together after exams. It was an emotional reaction. The other best friend confronted me and claimed that I didn’t want to fix the problem and just get rid of it. She was trying to fight me on this during my family vacation and I also asked her if we could discuss this when I came back and that I just really needed space. She responded ‘whatever. Hope you’re happy then”. Which is very passive aggressive.
I also recently reinstalled discord to discover that I had been kicked off our high school group of friends server. God knows what screen shots she has sent and what personal secrets of mine she had disclosed to my more distant friends. She can’t keep her mouth shut sometimes.
I don’t know how to deal with the guilt of leaving and I’m struggling with the reality that no one will even engage with my side of the story. Advice?
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2021.09.21 03:44 javyjav Washed

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2021.09.21 03:44 WeIsAKim_BS Unicorn Knight Barley

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2021.09.21 03:44 grapeJUICE001 Found what looks like eggs, not sure which bug there from though...

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2021.09.21 03:44 unknownaced Who will get the highest vote for ballon d'Or?

As we know, there are two major contenders this year: messi and lewandowski. Considering the hype and everything, who do you think will get the highest vote at the end of the year?
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2021.09.21 03:44 adams-trev If u dont like this song something wrong with yo ears

Nah but for real let me know what you think about my music. Any and all feedback is appreciated.
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2021.09.21 03:44 unused12345 H2H OFPL

View Poll
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2021.09.21 03:44 jaltiere Damn. Rough finish to week 2 for me.

Last night, I'm down by 6 points, the other team is done. I have CEH. Of course he scores 4.6 and I lose. In league #2, I'm up by 30 going into MNF, they have Aaron Jones. Loss #2. Sometimes I really hate this game.
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2021.09.21 03:44 Ill-Relationship9673 Request Book

The book I need is Deborah Gray White, Mia Bay, Waldo E. Martin Jr.,Freedom on My Mind: A History of African Americans with Documents, Vol. 1, 3rd ed. (New York: Bedford/St/ Martin’s, 2021), ISBN: 978-1319243005
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2021.09.21 03:44 Far-Fisherman-5389 Yubico Authenticator Not Working

Yubico Authenticator has problems where Yubico Authenticator (The App) Isn't being recognized. I did a USB list check, and the system recognizes that it is indeed a Yubikey.

I used to use an article that had some systemctl commands to fix the problem. I have already done systemctl commands to stop, restart, etc. with the .pcscd service to no avail. If I switch to the Snap version, it works for a little bit, and the same thing happens. How do I fix this?
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2021.09.21 03:44 Gaychickenwings What is the weirdest things you have a collection of?

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2021.09.21 03:44 Yoyence I have 2 desks. Am I the winner? What's the prize?

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2021.09.21 03:44 splashedcrown I bought my first Aussie and I have no regrets

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2021.09.21 03:44 tameroner Where the locs at?

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2021.09.21 03:44 Fearless_Cheesecake1 A.C.E Chan Makes Special Appearance and Reprises His Twenty Twenty Character, Son Bohyun Acting Alongside GUGUDAN Mimi On Re-Feel: If Only Webdrama

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2021.09.21 03:44 Sand-Historical Bar employees are left with no option but to pay for their own promotion

There is a bar in Illinois that promotes its employees to bartenders through what it calls a "bar-battle". After working at a lower-level position, usually 5-6 employees at once, face off in bar-battle to see who gets promoted. Over the course of one shift, the employee with the highest number of drink sales is promoted to bartender. The winner usually has $5-6k in sales. Each loser also has thousands of dollars in sales. The large majority of these sales are from friends who send donations to the person competing in the bar-battle electronically over Venmo or the employee’s own money. The money is not even used to buy drinks but goes straight into the bar’s pocket instead. This practice creates an environment where employees and their friends are having to pay the bar for their own promotion. There is virtually no chance at winning without the donations coming from the employee’s and his friend’s pocket since a typical shift would only have sales of around $1k on its own.
This is at a college bar, and fraternities and sororities want to have members of their own organization as bartenders. There have even been instances of the bar firing the bartender of a fraternity, only to give another member of that same fraternity a chance to become a bartender through a bar-battle only a week later which is just an excuse to take another $5-6k from the fraternity to keep one of their members as a bartender.
Employees hate this system, but they still play the game this way because they have to. Is there any kind of worker’s rights laws that would prohibit this kind of pay-to-play for a promotion at the state or federal level?
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2021.09.21 03:44 Ok_Reveal495 Is this being cheated on?

My boyfriend had a girl tie his shoe for him and it pissed me Off because why u got another bitch doing that that pissed me off he apologized but I’m giving him the silent treatment
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2021.09.21 03:44 Smallfrenchfrychic SO "diagnosed" me with "clinical depression"

We were just talking on the phone, I said I haven't cleaned my room in weeks etc, I stated I would clean it today and he replied "Oh thats great babe it will help with your clinical depression". Hang on a minute I havent been diagnosed and then he told me he knows I have it because he did a "mental analysis of these two criteria sheets and knows what score I would get". I dont know whether I should be offended or concerned. Has similar happened to anyone else? I mean its not like hes on my tail about things but when I mention going to the gym or going out he gets excited saying itll be good for my mental health :/
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