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How does alcohol make you more depressed?

2021.09.21 03:51 isthatallyouknow How does alcohol make you more depressed?

I got drunk for the first time 2 days ago and despite being in a suicidal episode that entire day, the drunkenness made me feel so happy and free. Idk, I just felt... free. I've never not felt severely mentally ill. But at that time, I felt so free from the prison of my head and emotions.
Now I really want to do it again. I want to keep experiencing drunkenness when I'm feeling suicidal because it helps so immensely, it's insane. Medictiation doesn't even do this.
But how does it negatively affect you in terms of emotion? Because I didn't feel bad after. Apparently it makes you MORE depressed afterwards, but is that TRULY the case? And so what if it does, if it makes me feel the best?
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2021.09.21 03:51 J3lloFish My friends are contemplating suicide.

Over the summer, I went to a Christian Camp called Sky Ranch, local to the southernmost states of the U.S. There, I made many friends and are still active with most of them.
But now, I find myself being a therapist for some of them, showing support and talking them out of doing bad things. And though I'm always happy to spend my time helping them, I'm starting to feel afriad and discouraged. I fear that since they are looking out towards me, they haven't fully put their trust in God yet. And I fear I am not strong enough or my words won't be enough to help them. They are thinking of things like self harm and suicide. I fear for them, and for myself as well. I'm only 16. Though I am strong with God and his knowledge, the pressure being putj on me is starting to overwhelm me.
I don't care if it's in the comments or just spoken through the mind. I just request that people help me pray for their protection from unsafe temptations, and that they may not just find temporary peace but that they will fully be ridden of these thoughts. I also request a prayer of strength for their faith, and for my own will and motivation to help them. Even I find myself losing trust in God and feeling the things they feel. Finally, I ask that I am able to preform well as their worldly trust, and that they will also find answers and trust in God's word.
Thank you.
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2021.09.21 03:51 AnOrdinary_Fox HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset - Professional Edition at a steal!!

Ok so I picked up the title mention headset at a local pawn shop for $175 (talked them down from $200). I know it's an older model but how do these hold up compared to the standard and how good did I do here? It's my first "real" (I have a PSVR) headset so I have no real comparison. I was also wondering on essential care accessories or anything else for quality of life or comfort. Any suggestions are welcome and so are opinions on the headset itself. I didnt do too much research since I new I had found a good deal lol. It also came with an extended cable and I assume this was not standard lol. Thanks in advance!!
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2021.09.21 03:51 SnooGadgets8258 Add me for daily gifts 0740 5069 3617

Add me for daily gifts 0740 5069 3617
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2021.09.21 03:51 swagNextTuber White House warns of ‘economic catastrophe’ without debt deal

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2021.09.21 03:51 Lordlaforte Lifebywart

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2021.09.21 03:51 jeffAA Amplosion and Opium In Apollo permissions - what do they mean for the user?

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2021.09.21 03:51 knox77 [OFFER] STEP - $5 from them - $1 from me - NO DEPOSIT - INSTANT PAYOUT [USA]

This is a super easy offer from Step, a US ONLY online banking app. Simply open a new account with my link and you will get an instant credit of $5 added to your balance! This bonus is increased to $5 for a limited time, so act now!
I will send an extra $1 to your Step balance after we get our bonuses. Your Step balance can be withdrawn to your main bank account, or you can spend the funds immediately via Google/Apple Pay!
Please drop a $bid, USE MY REFERRAL LINK ABOVE, and chat/message me once completed! Check out the FAQ for questions or the Policies for TOS info.
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2021.09.21 03:51 piggywiggybraceface Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror

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2021.09.21 03:51 Davidyue5142004 Is pulse canon 8 worth getting?

I’m about to upgrade my killshot from 12 energy to 16. I rlly liked having javelin rack 6 on it, but now can have more. I’ve never bought pulse canons and was wondering if I should move my middle rack 8 from gardian to killshot and give pulse cannon to gardian. Tbh I loved my javelin racks is it normal to still run them despite energy inefficiency?
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2021.09.21 03:51 swagNextTuber China ‘regrets’ WTO Appellate Body cannot hear its appeal over US solar panels tariffs ruling

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2021.09.21 03:51 ResearchLast HOW TO MAKE LITTLE NIGHTMARES FUNNY

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2021.09.21 03:51 Mavmaramis Dagger of the Mind, Bob Shaw, Pan, 1981. Cover: George Underwood.

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2021.09.21 03:51 Inevitable_Text1783 Just learning to throw on the wheel. Loving the decorating the mostly round pots for friends for planters and bowls.

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2021.09.21 03:51 tidyingup92 DO NOT SEE "BLUE BAYOU"- Please support Adam Crasper instead

DO NOT SEE Here is Adam Crasper's testimony, the man Juston Chon stole from and is now profiting from.
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2021.09.21 03:51 Devotionexe Servers down?

Servers down for anyone else?
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2021.09.21 03:51 bobskamali FOTC cover

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2021.09.21 03:51 Apprehensive-Duck631 What is this? Found in Illinois.

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2021.09.21 03:51 Constant-Present-291 Do st.Pete got a sub or y’all know enough to start one?

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2021.09.21 03:51 MrPumpkin_King81 Canada Election

Canada be having a vote with no arguements on Twitter
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2021.09.21 03:51 Heatwave_The_Great Texture pack for netherite armour

Is there anyway somebody could make a texture pack based on infinite armour in the avaritia mod for netherite armour. It would look really cool. Repost frrom avaritia reddit
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2021.09.21 03:51 weiss27md I seem to have sleep apnea but sleep studies say otherwise

I'm 36, M, 5'11" 160lbs. Have a history of anxiety, reflux, bruxism and headaches. But 7 years ago I started to develop fatigue and it keeps getting worse. Along with the fatigue I have tired heavy eyes. in 2016 I had an in lab sleep study and it was negative. Been to many doctors and all labs come up normal. Testosterone, autoimmune, thyroid, vitamin D and B12 levels, etc all are normal. Only thing abnormal is my upper endoscopy. I've had reflux since atleast 2006 when I was diagnosed with GERD. Had 2 at home sleep studies last year Alice NightOne which were 5 and 8 AHI. During this time I had nasal surgery because of sinusitis, balloon sinuplasty. I then got another in lab sleep study at a different place and it was negative. Still having sinusitis I got another sinus surgery by another surgeon, this time it was FESS. No improvement in fatigue. I feel worse when I wake up but I'm always tired. Don't have CFS as I can exercise just fine. The doctor that did my FESS thinks I do have sleep apnea and recommends a different kind of sleep study. Thoughts?
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2021.09.21 03:51 Revolutionary_Bid_60 What should I do??

Hello men of Reddit! Im at 20F college student currently in a “relationship”. The quotation is intentional and is also the reason I’m posting today. Backstory: we met about 4 months ago on a dating app. It’s been going great in my opinion! We get along, I feel like I can really talk to him and we have great physical chemistry. We text everyday, hangout every week going on dates and such. I really care about him and I want to be someone he is able to rely on. For the longest time I’ve been taught about labels and because of that about a month ago I decided to ask him if dating exclusively was in the cards for us.His response was lukewarm at best. While he was very clear on the fact that he “really liked”me and hasn’t wanted to talk to any other girl since we met, he was much more hesitant about the proposition; uncomfortable about the age gap (he is 6 years older than me) along with the possibility of him having to move. After about 3 minutes of this I told him that we’d talk about it next time (since it was super early in the morning when I asked and figured he was tired). While he agreed to speak about it, it’s been weeks and I haven’t gotten a follow up conversation. The last thing I want to be is too pushy, I know he doesn’t particularly like confrontation. And to reiterate I really like him and I don’t want this to mess anything up. So even though it’s a lingering question that’s been bothering me I’ve decided not to bring it up. Should the fact that he hasn’t officially asked me concern me? Or am I too worried about labeling the relationship? Could really use some insight!
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2021.09.21 03:51 SnooAvocados9888 i just went on wikipedia and found something

there is currently an unwritten page of sleepy bois inc (because it is an acronym for SBI and relates to other posts)

if you are an wikipedian dream stan, you can write this (has to be neutral and not some weird stuff)

thank you
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2021.09.21 03:51 homonuculs [A4A] Looking for a literate RP partner for a very specific ship, will you be my Kirishima?

Hello, as the title states I am looking for a rp partner that would play as Kirishima to do an oddly specific rp.. I somehow got into shipping Kirishima and Monoma together, and I really want to do a rp with that them!
So if you're a fan of MHA and open to experimenting with crack ships then please go ahead and DM me! I am also willing to double so if you are willing to do this with me I will do any ship you are craving to do! Can be another mxm, or can be mxf or fxf.
More about me: My name is Lucky and I am a 22 year old non-binary person. My timezone is gmt but I stay up late most nights.
I'm looking for someone literate, and that can match me in writing as I prefer to write multi-paragraph(no less than 4, can do up to 10) and in 3rd pov. This would be plot heavy rp, I have a few plots in mind that could work with this pairing, and I love slice of life, action, fluff, angst, and even nsfw, but it would not be smut centric. The story is more important.
I love making friends OOC so feel free to talk to me about anything!
That's all I can think of writing for now, if you are interested then please send me a DM and we can discuss there or I can add you on discord -^
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