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Thought this belongs here

2021.07.28 23:42 cel_16 Thought this belongs here

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2021.07.28 23:42 Safefruitcake993 How do I kill a troll

I keep trying to get into the black forest but there is a troll that I don’t want to fight what is the best way to kill it without Bronze Age equipment
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2021.07.28 23:42 Objective-Affect-976 Sweet home Alabama

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2021.07.28 23:42 Snorlax_0611 DIALGA RAID (10-20 SPOTS)

5105 7564 9156 1302 2504 6044

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2021.07.28 23:42 geekgrlHfghjtgyj4732 🐶 CryptoDoge - A Safe 'Moonshot'

The Binance Smart Chain is home to many malicious projects, and they have thrived because of a lack of information and knowledge on the behalf of the investors. By providing educational resources, and a consistent and intelligent team that is ready to answer any Crypto related question live, we change our investors lives by providing them with the tools that they need to be able to make a good return on their investment via tactical and organised ‘moonshots’ that have no possibility of being ‘rug pulled’.
8% of every transaction is collected to build up a cache which is airdropped to holders at regular, specified intervals. We will be having a weekly community voting poll that lasts from Friday to Sunday, where you investors can vote among many tokens, which one you want it to be as a reward for the following week. 4% of every transaction is added to the liquidity pool of the token on a decentralized exchange. This is necessary to ensure a solid price floor and have a healthy project for you investors.
There will only be 1 wallet with 5% dev tokens that are shared between multiple employees and they will be locked for 1 week to ensure no dump on launch - we will be generating a small amount of income as part of the transactional tax and we are completely fine with that. We are not powered by greed and we have our limits set - we are a team of mature and financially stable individuals and our intentions cannot be swayed by numbers. We have a vast amount of past experience and all of us are working full time on multiple Crypto-related projects / jobs. This launch will be the best opportunity you're likely to ever come across. You will not see a mass of wallets being generated and having tokens dispersed among them on launch like most corrupt development teams are doing. There will be no shafting here. Here lies a fair opportunity for everyone to participate in a legitimate moonshot token.
We will be holding votes and customizing a Tesla live on stream (choosing model, motor, paint, wheels etc). When there is enough funding in the marketing wallet to afford the vehicle it will be awarded to a holder. Every holder will receive 1 'ticket' to win automatically. If you want to get yourself a 2nd ticket, you MUST participate in the private sale or the pre-sale and send evidence (terms and conditions apply - winner must be able to take delivery of the vehicle within a 14 day timeframe and additional shipping costs may apply depending on your location)
🐶 8% Dividends
✅ 4% Auto LP
📈 5% Marketing/Dev
Whitelist Starting Soon!!!
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2021.07.28 23:42 Clorox-BIeach [WP] After hunting a witch and her covenant they put a curse on you. Every time you die you reincarnate as a random supernatural creature, destined to be hunted and slaughtered for eternity.

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2021.07.28 23:42 warrior_grubby ATTACK! me and doom guy take out vengfly once and for all.

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2021.07.28 23:42 scornett2 Dialga raid 0420 4104 1942

Be online and ready
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2021.07.28 23:42 Stojan85 Dialga ADDING 10 BE ONLINE 9643 3218 0657 and 0578 5231 0887

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2021.07.28 23:42 DebaucherousHeathen Use Cases for Moons

So, I read the article snippet about Moons on the Moon_Coin sub earlier about how popular Reddit coins and crypto are getting and how much value has increased since it's inception and the article stated that Moons could eventually be used for gaming or NFTs. I'm of the opinion that the Moon team has their finger directly on the pulse of the crypto community market and surely could/would come up with better more interesting uses for moons besides just gaming and NFTs, which brings us to the point of this post.
What do you think would be some good uses for this coin? How would you like to see Moons implemented in the crypto space?
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2021.07.28 23:42 1_am_not_a_b0t How/where do you get a raider settlement?

Noob question, but 2nd time around & I avoided going straight for the first settlement. I wanted to do something new, but I need somewhere to store, build, and craft. Also, if I go that route, will Pip & other followers hate me?
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2021.07.28 23:42 Every_Bad5709 MonTAY Harris question

What is the story with Monte Harris? Is he still living at Ryan's house? Is he still paying Ryan's way? Did I read that he'd jump ship, or is that not true?
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2021.07.28 23:42 SCARFACE_NOAH Bullet collision

So I just shot a guy with my pistol then swapped to my martini Henry while he was rushing me with a sabre and I’m convinced it hit the sabre and that stopped the bullet is this a thing?
It was dead on the guy I’m sure I heard the sound of a bullet hitting metal there’s no way it missed but he still just carried on and killed me, is this a thing?
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2021.07.28 23:42 Lyonsbayne Buying a Digivice for son any myself. Should I get 2 Digimon X or 1 X and 1 20th?

Never had one as a kid myself, so I have no nostalgia. I just though it would be something fun for us to do together.
Need recommendations from someone more familiar with them, then me
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2021.07.28 23:42 pretend_thisis_funny I eat in the morning and you look on your phone, we are so different

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2021.07.28 23:42 mattyisnotawrapper Transmission compatibility

Hey everyone, I'm gonna get my automatic 95 Integra swapped to a manual. But I need to find a trans, would the 5 speed manual from the GSR of the same year fit? Any help would be much appreciated
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2021.07.28 23:42 bazaartimesco Turkey’s passenger car exports reached $5 billion in the first half of the year

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2021.07.28 23:42 CptnNoOne ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill dies aged 72

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2021.07.28 23:42 Dangerous_Buffalo_11 Dialga join now 4500 0328 2054

4500 0328 2054
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2021.07.28 23:42 noparking2to430 Dialga trying to do 2 or 3 raids.. adding 10! 4912 9085 4646

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2021.07.28 23:42 Haarlemmermeer Can i receive a 2FA notification before something is being sent from my TREZOR?

Can i receive a 2FA notification before something is being sent from my TREZOR?
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2021.07.28 23:42 ReallyWowOkCool New to Unity. Help with layering?

I want my character Paul to be seen when in the main menu. Currently he stands behind the entire background so he cant be seen. I'm sure there is a simple way to fix this but today is my day on unity and I haven't found anything online to help with this situation yet so here I am. Thanks to anyone who can help!
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2021.07.28 23:42 YouthChikara Which fight has the best teamwork?

View Poll
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2021.07.28 23:42 Damarius_Maneti Got my first ever pair of "nice" shoes and thought I'd get some outside opinions since me and my friends aren't really shoe people.

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2021.07.28 23:42 meatybull69 Left- For H*ndu C*cks; Right- For Muslim Studs

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