Go! Elton John Responds To DaBaby's Homophobic Remarks, Saying His "Job Is To Bring People Together" |

Elton John Responds To DaBaby's Homophobic Remarks, Saying His "Job Is To Bring People Together"

2021.07.29 00:52 CptnNoOne Elton John Responds To DaBaby's Homophobic Remarks, Saying His "Job Is To Bring People Together"

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2021.07.29 00:52 idontcaree96 Selling 2 GA tickets for $380 a piece. Payed $400 for them!

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2021.07.29 00:52 Insterquiliniis hi fellow Listeners

I am currently looking into a planar at around 200$-300$ and am inclined to go with the monolith M1060C, which I shall open (mod). I hear they have plenty of detail, great bass, rich mids and good highs. Am I imbecilically choosing something outdated or do they still hold against the competition? I have kept an eye on the sundaras but it is my understanding that they only beat the M1060c in staging? Your wise help is appreciated
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2021.07.29 00:52 Free_bird_photo Freelensing Fun

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2021.07.29 00:52 redit202 [07/28/2021] Tips from a pro thrift shopper - In The Know Daily


Pro-thrifter shares tips for finding secondhand hidden gems
Chelsea Henriquez's thrifting tips are making shopping secondhand accessible to all.
Body Acceptance
Makeup artist designs lashes for people with albinism
Jennifer Renée Rhodes is carving out space in the beauty industry so that people with albinism can enhance their look in a natural way.
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Dan Pelosi shares 3 delicious cornbread recipes perfect for summer
The recipes for Mom’s Cornbread, Peach Cornbread Trifle and Berry Cornbread Buckle are easy and simple.
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Behind the Drag
Pixie Aventura is carving out space for Latinx performers in the New York drag scene
Cesar Villavicencio created his drag alter-ego to express his creativity and ensure his voice is heard.
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ITK Eats
Try this nut butter cup recipe that puts a spin on 3 delicious flavors you know and love
This super easy method will give a range of options for delicious nut butter cups.
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Uncommon Ground
Inside the tight-knit, often-misunderstood world of Juggalos
In The Know spoke with Juggalos about how their musical obsession turned into a large, often-misunderstood community.
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TikToker reveals 'secret' hack for blocking spam calls on an iPhone
They are drawing plenty of praise for sharing how to find the iPhone setting.
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Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is finally live— Here's what's worth a purchase
Running from July 28 to August 8, you can save big on items for women, men, kids, home and beauty at Nordstrom starting now.
Shop Now
Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and deals we love. If you love them too and decide to purchase through the links in the newsletter above, we may receive a commission.
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2021.07.29 00:52 Gizmo45 I heard you guys like NDs

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2021.07.29 00:52 MFCEO_Kenny_Powers TIL Kim Jong-Un may have had major influence on Bitcoin price and North Korea did a rugpull in 2017 and 2018

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2021.07.29 00:52 Philosophyoffreehood Trust no one that trusts the government.

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2021.07.29 00:52 BryceeToonsYT Super Sonic again

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2021.07.29 00:52 uniquetaste123 Batman the long Halloween part 1+2

What does everyone think of it?
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2021.07.29 00:52 cwescrab Which mod let’s me go above 60 fps?

I just got the game but it’s locked at 60fps
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2021.07.29 00:52 jwchv Some fried cabbage

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2021.07.29 00:52 Orang13 Need advice on dealing with headaches, lethargy, and trouble concentrating?

Been on a 200 calorie diet for 4 weeks I eat a bag of chips everyday at work and take a flinstone vitamin, fish oil. And niacin every day.
Anything I can add or change to help with my brain? I'm okay with feeling like dirt I was just hoping I could mitigate it somewhat.
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2021.07.29 00:52 BigBoiNigward Is the manga less epic than the Anime?

Because of the pacing, and not being able to watch one pace on my phone, I’ve been considering the manga for a little bit, but I can’t justify making the jump because well, moving animation with sound, vs page book.
I tried it reading the manga a little bit like a quarter through the fish man island arc, but idk how to make it feel epic like the anime does.
So I’m asking, to all you manga readers, how do you make the books feel more exciting?
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2021.07.29 00:52 houselegs A little watercolor that I just made

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2021.07.29 00:52 Bunnynana My lovely, hammock mesh shaped sunburn. That’ll teach me not to have a nap

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2021.07.29 00:52 Baneglory Since I last updated GalliumOS, with a fresh install, my credentials for network locations don't persist saved through system reboots. Potential bug or security update?

It's for a synology NAS, I do selected "remember forever" at the popup. It seems to do the same thing as selecting "remember until I log off."
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2021.07.29 00:52 BrudahOsas Recommended controls

Devil may cry 5 has been my first devil may cry expert ever, and I've enjoyed every second of it! I've been practicing with guides and some techniques seem pretty difficult with defaulr controls, so I would thank if anyone shared any recommendations for my controls, I play on ps4 btw.
(Sorry if I had bad english, it's not my native language)
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2021.07.29 00:52 Aggravating-Speaker1 Dialga Raid invite 5-10

4384 6864 6660
Add and be ready
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2021.07.29 00:52 DesiiredBriii Trading 3x octopuses for 3x sharks (bad ages)

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2021.07.29 00:52 humblerodent8 Given the state of national climate action, this victory on the local level is highly refreshing | County in Washington state becomes first in the US to ban new fossil fuel refineries

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2021.07.29 00:51 AbsoluteSquidward When will these restock ?

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2021.07.29 00:51 OriginalStatic Playlist showing in recently played but never listened.

The playlist "This is Pantera" in my recently played although i have never listened to that playlist. I do listen to pantera sometimes but not in a long time. Anyone know if this is normal or not? Never had anything like this happened before.
https://imgur.com/a/5Og8M0Q (screenshot)
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2021.07.29 00:51 EntropicBrew 40 M4F Laid-Back Looking for Laying Back

About Me: I'm a cute white guy with a beard, average height and a little above my goal weight. The first thing women (and men too) notice about me is that I have pretty eyes. I have a decent job (not in tech), live alone, and generally have my shit together. In the evenings when I'm not at the gym I'm usually reading or playing non-competitive video games. DDF, don't smoke. I'm pretty vanilla sexually, and I'm not looking for any BDSM stuff.
I'm not looking for anything serious, I'm just looking for some laid-back fun, whether it's a one-time thing or FWB. Life's been a little rough, and I want to take my mind off of things.
About You: You should be DDF and a non-smoker. I don't care if you're into weed as long as it's not smoking. I'm hoping to find someone that is similarly laid-back and independent. Bonus points if you're a red-head, but it's not something I care a whole lot about.
If you're interested feel free to message me here or on kik (EntropicBrew). Happy to exchange stats (if that's important to you) and pics in private.
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2021.07.29 00:51 PootatoKing [MW] the execution of Khaled Al-Asad

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