Go! What are the spectres that people using for this league? |

What are the spectres that people using for this league?

2021.07.28 23:17 moonmeh What are the spectres that people using for this league?

I've been using frost auto scouts but seeing as how so many people are using triad's grip to convert to cold on poeninja, are there better spectres that im missing out on?
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2021.07.28 23:17 Pyromania1983 [Krell] Daryl Morey will be made available to reporters immediately following the conclusion of the NBA Draft tomorrow night, the Sixers announce.

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2021.07.28 23:17 _edm_family Peter Brocks X SPOT - Purple

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2021.07.28 23:17 jamesmcdash Looking at you Berg

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2021.07.28 23:17 declaravabs This allows you to play catch by yourself.. 😄

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2021.07.28 23:17 SexyNuggetz I need to gloat. Buddy of mine set me up with a Online Zoom class. I just made 50k and it’s changing my life!

Basically I’ve been down in the dumps and never knew what to do with my life. This guy I know and I were talking and he helped me get into this Zoom school that he works at for acting. And I must add that it is a pretty prestigious place. I ended up going for about 4 months and I officially booked a commercial that I’m in! The check just came in the mail. (Obviously I can not say what it is yet. But I will update.) I’m just so happy!
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2021.07.28 23:17 Varghaz What are you Top 3 favorite characters from Kengan Ashura/Omega and why?

What are your absolute favorite characters brought to us by Sandro in Kengan dilogy? What made you like them and what do you wish will happen or what should have happened to them. I can't wait for your replies!
Starting which my own top 3, in no particular order, we have Kiryu Setsuna. Not only his fighting style is amazing, so is his design during fights and fight choreography, especially against Kuroki. He looks like a nightmare or a force of nature. He has one of the most saddening backstories in all of Kenganverse, he's also extremely interesting character. For the most part he's shown as a ruthless murderer with sick obsession over Ohma, but he's actually not that bad of a person. So hear me out... Before his final fight with Ohma he leads Lazio out of Kengan Dome, actually thinking he's rescuing Ohma's employer and friend from a demonic version of Tokita Niko. Despite his injuries, he's also inclined to "rescue" his friends and people the most like family to him, his employer and her secretary. Dude is an amazing character and i can't wait for him to appear again. I hope he had dealt with his insanity and damage to his nerves and is pretty sane now. I also hope he can reconcile with Ohma and become part of the main cast.
Second is one of the newest characters, Naidan Mönkhbat. He's the only Worm member with a white tattoo so far, so no other character was so close to likely The Big Bad of whole Kengan, Head of Worm. He's extremely loyal not only to the Worm, sacrificing his life for it's cause, but also to his friend, Liu Dongcheng. Being extremely powerful and having one of the best designs in the while series doesn't hurt either. I wish Hanafusa or some other doctor could save him from bleeding out, but then his arc wouldn't be so crucial, unfortunately. If he didn't die for his mission, i would have hoped he'd by a recurring villain and maybe sometimes reluctant, temporary ally.
Last, but certainly not least, is character with one of the most badass epithets in the whole roster, The Executioner, Akoya Seishu. We all know he's a deranged murderer, but not everyone realizes what nuanced and complete character he is. Some accuse him if cheating during KAT, but they also forget that anything goes, as long as they're not cought - after all it's all about "merchants", Kengan Association members, and not really the fighters. Also, Hiyama was actually like a emergency break for Akoya, as without them he'd just brutalize and murdered his opponents. Another point often brought by Akoya's... not enjoyers... is that he's a hypocrite. They say that he's just a murderer, so how can he speak of justice? The point is, he's not justice he seeks, but he is The Executioner of said justice. Thanks to his actions, he hopes to achieve world of justice, and after it's done, he'd kill the last sinner - himself. I don't see any hypocrisy in this way of thinking, it's actually really consistent. If course i don't agree with him in any degree, but those points are just not fair. His fighting style is also one of my favorites, and so is his fight against Cosmo (Akoya should have won, fight me). I hope he gets to achieve at least some of his goal, by helping clean the world of the evil Worm brings to the table, even if he dies in the process. I also wish to see more of his fights, especially one where he can actually show his progress over the years.
I hope my Top 3 doesn't make me look like a total psychopath. What are your favorites?
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2021.07.28 23:17 fluffythedummy I need an epic gamer bath water

I am too thirsty right now. If I don't get epic gamer bath water in the next 10 seconds then I am going to shit aggressively. I won't repeat what I just said.
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2021.07.28 23:17 I_did_dit Historian recreates Thomas Cromwell’s London mansion in exquisite detail

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2021.07.28 23:17 Bigtonybandz Places too take my girlfriend for her birthday!

Hey everyone, my girlfriends birthdays on the 1st of august and I’m not too sure where I want too take her. Can you guys help me out with some places too go? I do not really want to take her to a restaurant as we just went cactus last night, some attractions would be lovely. Appreciate all responses
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2021.07.28 23:17 EstablishmentFit4665 Dialga raid add me 0709 3618 9181

Ill add as many as I can
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2021.07.28 23:17 Blitzkrieg1997 Need 10 for Diagla raid please wait!

If who's that's gib or mokul adds you you will be invited! 5569 8939 4511 / 1080 0026 9876
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2021.07.28 23:17 UndoRaptor66 Just stop

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2021.07.28 23:17 Clashking76 Come join my clan, so far only me and my second acc, war is everything and inactive players will be kicked

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2021.07.28 23:17 pikcoolski Dr. Manuel Aparicio sheds light on something the establishment DOES NOT want people to know. 👀

Therapeutics that act as both preventatives/cures have been suppressed by the same establishment pushing us to be a part of their great human experiment. Think about that.
There’s a reason why this specific cure has probably the biggest target on its back from the establishment… it works. And it cures a lot more than just C19 too.
If people knew, it would absolutely destroy Big Pharma.
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2021.07.28 23:17 Mikey_Pajamas Brutally Honest Tea Frog (Not Lizard) Meme

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2021.07.28 23:17 itsgettingcloser Genius mother breastfeeds baby after getting injected with mRNA experiment

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2021.07.28 23:17 Valianttheywere A Theory about the Startrek Prodigy series

The USS Protostar is set in the Delta Quadrant. It isnt a Federation vessel. It was built by the people who were pulling together resources to build a Delta Quadrant Federation. And they are the same people mining the Asteroid. The Alien kids stranding them by stealing their ship. And they were being guided by a hologram of Captain Janeway.
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2021.07.28 23:17 Linoelse Talking complete rubbish in all seriousness, this is brilliant.

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2021.07.28 23:17 Mentatt76 Does anyone miss these good old Paper book UI?

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2021.07.28 23:17 sherozebc6969 Are they all hoaxes, or are there more to these stories than we might think? Here are 10 alleged “giant” discoveries.

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2021.07.28 23:17 misterbussy The most horrifying message just arrived in my inbox...

Your submission has been removed from /nosleep.
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Nosleep does not allow 3rd person omnipresent stories without a believable framework for how the author knows the thoughts and feelings of all of the characters. If you edit to add a believable framework, please let us know and we will review again. An example of a believable framework could be that OP has interviewed everyone involved.
Stories written in 3rd person limited POV, where the thoughts, feelings, and unseen actions of one character are known (as long as said character doesn’t die before the end of the story without a reasonable framework for how they are still able to post to nosleep) are allowed. This is because it is plausible that the character is either writing it about themselves with an artistic flair, or that they told the tale to someone else, who then shared the story on nosleep.
Please think of nosleep not as a place to post horror fiction, but as a place where real people share their true personal experiences that scared them. This means, while we can understand the various reasons someone might choose to write a the experience of themselves or another in third person limited without being given an explanation as to why they've made that choice, it doesn't make as much sense that one person would know the inner thoughts, feelings, and unseen actions of multiple people unless they give a reason as to how they know these things.
For more information and a complete list of our posting guidelines, please click here.
If you'd like to edit your post to fix this, but you need help getting your story to meet our guidelines, you can try posting to /nosleepauthors. Otherwise, you may want to try posting to one of our similar subreddits. A good subreddit for 3rd person omni is LibraryOfShadows.
If you choose to edit your post to fix this issue, please message the mods when you're finished by responding to this message to request reapproval of your post. Please only send one reapproval request. All requests are handled in the order in which they are received, so multiple requests does not help us get to yours faster, and may in fact slow us down.
Thank you!
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2021.07.28 23:17 Navi_1er 2 things I'm hating

Maybe you guys might disagree but I absolutely hate that the fact that you can't zoom out the minimap and I hate trying to find the damn bridge! Why isn't where a marker telling you where it's at? I've had to end so many sessions because of how absolutely randam the damn bridge is! Why call it glacial peaks when it's not even next to the snow 9/10 in my experience, I have no problems with anything else except these 2 things.
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2021.07.28 23:17 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-woodrow-wilson-1

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2021.07.28 23:17 sparrow565 I love captain pronin

He looks like a sus imposter…
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