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( Sad state of the community )

2021.07.29 00:58 eixseven ( Sad state of the community )

(Me) touches scroll wheel (Random) OMG franzj wannabe?
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2021.07.29 00:58 Silver-Caterpillar97 🐶 DogeonMars 🚀 BUSD Rewards 💎Just Launched 3 Minutes 💰 Listed On PancakeSwap 🚀100x potential 💎 Liquidity locked 10 year 🍰

🔥🐶 DogeonMars 🔥🚀is a token on the Binance Smart Chain that offers automatic BUSD rewards on every transaction.
This amazing token allows you to receive BUSD, just by holding DogeonMars. We have marketing plans as well as intend on getting audits prior to launch. We will have a rewards tracker on our website as well allowing you to track your earnings in real-time and claim manually if you don't want to receive them automatically!
🔥🚀 BUSD Rewards: 10% 🔥🚀
✔️ Liquidity: 5% ✔️
💰 Marketing: 3% 💰
🚫 Dynamic Anti-Snipe 🚫
🤖 Anti-Bot Mechanics 🤖
📝Contract Address: 0xfb60d8f2377943fba23b060883c5cd05c0d0b466
🔒LP Locked 10 YEAR: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x930356feab53451116b4d35532b1a89dd3a1f5c41c568d7031dc46ce25374385
🥞 BUY ON PANCAKESWAP V2: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xfb60d8f2377943fba23b060883c5cd05c0d0b466
🌏Website: https://www.dogeonmars.online/
🔥🚀 Let’s land a Doge on Mars!!! 🔥🚀
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2021.07.29 00:58 hotcocoa33 Two days left! Up to two free stocks from Firstrade! (US)

Firstrade is giving away one free stock for opening a new non-IRA account, and another free stock for depositing $100 within 30 days of account approval. The offer lasts until July 30. Sign up with my link to claim your stocks!
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2021.07.29 00:58 luisamartino #fierce

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2021.07.29 00:58 OkEnthusiasm895 Twitter has got me dead

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2021.07.29 00:58 PolyShaun NXT’s ratings take an expected plunge for pre-taped show on SyFy

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2021.07.29 00:58 caden4538 When ever I save and exit the cheats I had on for building and stuff go away and I have to renter them is there a way to make them stay off?

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2021.07.29 00:58 Proper_Ad1067 [LF] beekeepers hive DIY, multicolor and brown golf bag [FT] bells, NMT

Looking for the beekeepers hive DIY and the multicolor and brown versions of the golf bag! Happy to trade NMT or bells!
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2021.07.29 00:58 PolyShaun AEW Rankings: New women’s #1

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2021.07.29 00:58 lexlexa15 AITA for dumping my friend group after a prank

So I had a crush on this one guy from my friend group and one day he asked me out so I obviously said yes, dumb me didn't think it was a joke.
Some days passed and we went to hang out with our friends and my "boyfriend" was so much more comfortable with being around me and was even playful. At this point I didnt had any doubts about the relationship being a prank so I felt great for all of that week.
But then, after 1 or 2 weeks he wouldn't reply to my messages all day and he would leave me on read. This went on for a couple of weeks till I decided to break up with him since he didnt seem to have any commitment to our relationship.
One day I was talking to a friend that changed schools to the one of my friend group and she told me that she liked him and that she knew what happened between us because they told her that he had asked me out as a dare and that he didn't even know that we were dating when I broke up with him.
I was so surprised because I didn't know that it was all a prank so I stopped talking to them because I was so upset.
They think I'm just a "snowflake" because I couldn't handle a joke.
So, am I the asshole for dumping my friend group after a prank?
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2021.07.29 00:58 The7Throne Any Tips/Thoughts?

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2021.07.29 00:58 First_Classgaming_YT Off-white RX7 hope U like it

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2021.07.29 00:58 skyrat02 Unapologetically themself: Nonbinary Olympian shares powerful message

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2021.07.29 00:58 kookooboba Obsessed with Instagram

I'm 15 and I have an incredibly bad addiction with Instagram for some reason.
I've always wanted to decrease my social media use so I tried this year. I used to use twitter a lot because of Kpop but I got out of stan culture and I deleted my twitter accounts and never went back to it. Same with tiktok, last summer, I would spend more than 8 hours a day scrolling endlessly, it hit me really hard mentally as I always felt like using it to catch up on trends, and I envied a lot of people there, and I felt I couldn't form my own opinions as I agreed to almost anyone said on there. But I deleted it, all accounts, and feel really good without it.
Sadly, I can't seem to do the same with Instagram at all, at all, at all.
I've always been a big Instagram user, back then I had a lot of friends because I had done a lot of choral with people, was in 2 soccer teams and knew a bunch of their other friends too, still kept in touch with old elementary school friends and my current school friends. I've always been really crazy obsessed with followers, like, stories any everything about it.
This year I lost a lot of friends due to my mental (I pushed people away), someone also outed me to my soccer friends and I got really terrified that I unfollowed/restricted a lot, and stopped talking to a lot of people. I also made a lot of new accounts so each time, I lost contact with a few people.
Now with my new account, I have very few followers, which embarrasses me a lot, and my problem is that I constantly look at the app to look at my teammates stories, posts, people that I envy a lot, I look at everything they are doing. It's so addictive. I can't not look at every single person's stories, dig through everyone accounts etc, because I always feel like I really want to be like them too, have such a glamourous life with so many followers and pretty posts.
For the past month, I tried to stop Instagram like Tiktok and Twitter but I don't know why I can't. I always keep on redownloading, being like ok only 1 minute, and it turns into hours. I can't keep the app off my phone. Even if I do so, I'll go on my laptop or iPad and log onto Instagram again. I tried disabling it, but I keep coming back on it. I don't know how to stop. Please help.
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2021.07.29 00:58 DGhostAunt My theory is Ryan is somehow behind Peter disappearing whether he is dead or alive. Ryan showing up randomly the day before the freezer is shown to be empty is too much.

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2021.07.29 00:58 Kevxy23 Got a Pikachu card in the mail today. With corners like this, would you call this NM?

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2021.07.29 00:58 Bluecheesemonkeyfunk Question about gun trust and suppressor recommendations

Hey all, from what little I know about suppressors, It seems like I can get an nfa gun trust on a suppressor so that 2 people can legally own it jointly. What im wondering is I currently live in a freedom loving state but may have to move in the next year to a potentially more restricted state. If i form a trust with someone I know here in my state, when I leave I can give it to him to look after and til I'm back in my free state?
Are there any suppressors I can buy that can fit on my G45 (9mm) and an AR platform? I'd like to build a new rifle around it but it'd be nice to use the suppressor for my handgun as well. Thanks
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2021.07.29 00:58 FutureInsurance7 ¿Cómo aseguro que mi hijo bueno para nada tenga herencia de su padre?

Mi esposo le tiene rencor a nuestro hijo (no porque sea un bueno para nada, lo reconozco) porque según le mató un perro o algo así (para mi que era un gato pero ya ven como son de tercos los dones). El punto, quisiera asegurar que el Bueno Para Nada reciba herencia en el testamento de su padre para yo poder gestionarla (al menos hasta que sea mayor de edad). Alguien sabe cómo le puedo hacer?
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2021.07.29 00:58 krazygreekguy Abode Iota Cam/False motion notification & alarm triggers

Is Abode ever going to add people detection, or at least improve their Iota camera’s motion tracking? Or at least minimum add motion detection zones?
I have a ceiling fan that I prefer to leave on to circulate the air around and every time I leave home and have the Iota arm, the Iota’s camera sees the ceiling fan movement and triggers the alarm. This is just a little ridiculous that they don’t have better motion detection or at least motion detection zones. I can only imagine if I had my dog running loose inside the same room how many alarm triggered notifications I would be getting.
Can’t Abode at least add support for HomeKit Secure Video so I could at least use those people detection and motion zones for alarm triggering? Does anyone know if they have any plans to? Although, I do doubt it though
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2021.07.29 00:58 TheStruggleville Amazon: Heat Gun 1500W, (572℉-300L / Min 932℉-500L / Min), Overheat Protection, Hand Free, Ergonomic Scientific Design, 4 Attachments By Tacklife

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2021.07.29 00:58 warriorbg1 Can you claim capital loss on your taxes for something you lost money on but didn’t sell?

Back in 2017/2018 I invested in a cryptocurrency which was really a shitcoin and it’s basically worth maybe $30-40 now from about $2150, but I’m not able to sell it on any exchange as it’s been delisted from practically everywhere. To my knowledge you have to sell to claim a loss. Is there any way around that?
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2021.07.29 00:58 ChloeJoe99 Can I keep any old non-monitzable videos when trying to use ad sense to my channel of original content? Or does it have to be 100% your own content?

Hello fellow YouTube fam. Long story short, I started a channel just for fun. I made about 20 videos that were simply music compilations. I didn't do it for money or anything, just "greatest songs" and "most underrated" and such. Well, for some reason one of those videos exploded and ended up getting over 150,000 views. I did that for a few months and didn't really do anything else for two years. Over that two years, I got 1,200 subscribers and 15,000 viewing hours.
Now I'm actually starting a real channel with original content. I downloaded 10 videos of my own made new content. I deleted all my "music compilations" except 5 of them. I kept the ones that had 5,000 or more views, and deleted the other 15 of them.
I applied for the Ad Sense. NOT to monetize the compilation music videos, but to monetize my new original content. I thought if I deleted 15 of the 20 music comp videos, that I'd be OK. So I've got 10 videos of original content, that have just been up for a week, so they all have like 10-15 views each. Along with 5 of the old music compilation videos.
Yes, I was hoping to piggy back on already having met the 4,000 hours of video watched time.
Of course, my ad sense request was denied. I can appeal or re-apply in a month.
I've got no issue deleting the music comp videos. Obviously that will suck as I will lose my required 4,000 hours of watch time. BUT I'll keep the 1,200 subscribers. So that's still a huge bonus.
Do I have to delete all my music comp videos??? One of them has the 150,000 views and probably 10,000 of my 15,000 watching time. Can I keep one or two of them, just to "keep" the hours they've accumulated for watch time? OR would even keeping one of them in up screwing me when I reapply?
If I have 20 videos full of my own original content......but one music compilation video.......will that be good enough, or will they say "these 20 new videos only have 200 hours of watch time, and this one old music comp video has 4000 hours. SO NO DICE, you get denied again."
I don't mind at all just deleting them all and only using original content videos. Like I said, I'd be able to keep my 1,200 subscribers, so that's half a win in the battle. Then I can just try and build my own hours up to 4,000. No problem at all.
But if I could keep a music comp video or two and keep those watched time hours.....that would be sweet too. I just don't know their ratio YouTube will accept. I'd hate to delete them all and then find out "Oh, you could have kept two of those videos and 2,000 hours of watch time and they would have accepted your request."
What say you?
Delete all music compilation videos and only post original content? And reapply once I get 4,000 watched hours from them? And just be thankful I've already met the 1,200 subscriber requirement.
Or can I keep a couple of those old videos?
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
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2021.07.29 00:58 amccune Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

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2021.07.29 00:58 hat-kid00 Stone if stone

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2021.07.29 00:58 grbe8874 What was the debate where the outlandish insult, "my opponent is a known heterosexual," was slung?

The wider web is being very unhelpful :(
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