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Bump in the Night- Part 2

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That was the first time I was ever in Lauren's house, and it was very different than I had expected.
Her home was lovely, her kitchen down in a beautiful green meadow style that happy little cows seemed to graze and capper about on. She offered my coffee, and I gladly accepted it. I was still groggy from the night before, and the coffee was nice and warm and sweet. She went down into the basement, the door in the kitchen much like ours, and left me in her placid cow kitchen for about twenty minutes. I sat, drinking coffee and basking in the cute peace of the make-believe pasture and feeling at peace for the first time that week.
It would not last long.
She came back, walking slowly up the steep wooden stairs, and stuck her head into the kitchen.
"Come down into the office. Michael wants to talk about your situation."
I followed her into the basement, and it was like walking into a whole different world. The basement looked like a thrift store, except thrift stores don't usually keep their items behind locked glass cases. The basement was a maze of shelves and cases, each one holding different things. I could help but look around as we walked through the labyrinth of shelves, seeing dolls and masks and tea sets and books and all sorts of things. It was a lot to take in all at once, and I was almost glad when we found a little alcove at the end of the shelves where Michael was typing on an ancient computer.
He offered me a chair and smiled at me as he invited me to tell him about my problem.
With Lauren's reassurance, I began to recount the events of the past week.
Michael listened as I told him about the doors, the chairs, the noises, the objects being stacked, and finally, the light bulbs. He listened, sending Lauren off for tea part way through my story, and sat making notes as I spoke. He listened intently, nodding at certain points and writing something specific down. After my story was told, he asked me to tell it again. He wanted me to tell it fully, leaving out nothing, with times and dates of events. He wanted a complete picture of events so he could make a plan of attack, and it threw me a little when he said that.
"Attack? Attack what?"
"The spirits in your house."
I told it to him again, omitting nothing, and when I was done, he steepled his fingers and looked at me knowingly.
"You are very fortunate to have us as neighbors. I think we can help you, but we will need to act quickly. First, I'll need some data on what sort of entity is threatening you and your husband. I think cameras placed in your home might help with that. After that, we can figure out what we'll need to cleanse this spirit from your home."
He and Lauren assured me that it would be a simple matter to do this, and all they needed was my and my husband's blessing.
My husband, however, refused.
"You want to let people we just met put cameras in our house because of some weirdness? I know we had a scare, but, honestly, I think it's just someone messing with us."
I countered, asking how they kept getting into the house? The police never found any signs of forced entry, and nothing was ever stolen. Why would someone keep coming back like that? He only shrugged from the bed, his bandage looking a little red.
"Maybe it's kids who know some secret way into the house. Maybe it's the realtor whose had a better offer and wants to see if we'll sell. Hell, perhaps it's some guy in a rubber mask who's trying to run us off the land for the mineral rights. I don't know, but I do know that we haven't seen anything more paranormal than the actions of someone bored and looking to mess with the new people on the block."
I was a little angry that he wasn't taking this more seriously, but I couldn't hold it against him. Roger didn't put much stock in the paranormal. If he couldn't see it or touch it, it did not exist to him, and he could be very stubborn about these types of things. I had hoped that seeing the events of the night before with his own eyes would help pursue him, but it appeared that he still thought this was some trick of the living.
When Lauren and Michael came over for dinner, I had hoped they would talk him into it. As Michael laid out his plan and Roger sat listening politely, all I kept thinking was of what I had seen the night before. I needed to see what it was. I needed to see proof of what I had witnessed. I needed to know it had existed, and I hadn't just been seeing things.
I needed it bad enough to help bring their plans to fruition.
Roger sat politely and listened, but in the end, he refused them kindly.
"No offense Michael, you seem like a nice guy who's just trying to help, but I don't want to encourage whoever this is by putting on a show. If this is someone, they aren't going to run us off, and if it is some ghost, they certainly aren't going to run us off. So, let's just let it lay, Michael."
Michael only nodded, saying if we changed our mind, he'd be happy to help us.
When they took their leave, we got into a little bit of a row over it. I told Roger what I wanted, and he explained why he didn't want to egg on whatever this was. We got a little heated, a little loud, and he finally decided to sleep on the couch, giving me the bedroom. I flopped onto the bed after getting ready for bed, wanting him there with me, but too angry to apologize just yet.
Somehow, I fell asleep, and when I woke up, it was pitch black.
It was the dark of the night, and I could feel someone watching me.
You know when you're a kid, and you wake up and think something is watching you? You look at that pile of clothes and see a monster or look at the closet and see one big eye looking out at you? Well, that's what this was like. I was lying on the bed, shivering a little as I broke out in a cold sweat. I glanced around, looking for the source of the peeking when I made eye contact with it.
It was standing in the doorway, its ghostly white face floating in the doorway. It took me a moment to pick its body out of the darkness, at first thinking the face really was floating when I finally caught the dark outline of a humanoid body. The mask wasn't the glow-in-the-dark kind like you say trick or treaters were wearing, but the smooth, white porcelain of a ceremonial mask. The face on it was that of a demon, the ink swaying, grinning, and gnashing its teeth as we maintained eye contact.
We held our stares for a good twenty seconds, my eyes begging my brain to make this a dream before I peeled out a long, loud scream that shook the rafter.
Then, the devil shot off towards the back of the house.
I had expected Roger to run in to see why I was screaming. To my surprise, I heard him scream as well, his bellowing roar not quite drowning out the loud wump as something heavy impacted the floor. He came scrambling into the room a moment later, wincing with every step as he came down on his injured foot. He slammed the door, panting, and said he was sorry for not believing me. I heard other noises going on in the house, but he just locked the door and said he believed now that we might need some help.
"After what I saw, I think we might need the catholic church."
Roger told me, his voice still shaking, about what he had seen in the living room.
He told me how he had woken up suddenly and wasn't sure why at first.
"You know how you can feel something watching you sometimes? Like, you don't know where it is, but you feel it watching you? Well, that's what woke me up."
He had come awake groggily, looking around blearily, before the source of the starring became apparent. The living room was dark, the nightlight in the kitchen casting a semi-luminescence over the room, and it took his eyes a minute to adjust. Roger said he'd thought it was his foot at first. It had been hurting before he finally dropped off, but he quickly realized that wasn't it.
What had been watching him was a crouching something, its white face staring down from the coffee table.
The coffee table that was floating off the ground.
Roger said he and the thing had looked at each other for about thirty seconds before he started to scream.
"His face," he said with a shudder, "it was like a Rorshaque picture. It moved as I looked at it. I don't....it didn't move right. It was like watching one of those magnetic pictures as it falls apart or an etch-a-sketch when someone shakes it."
He said it ran off towards the kitchen as the table came crashing down to the floor. Roger had run too, hearing me screaming and coming to be with me. He didn't know what they were or where they had come from, but he knew that what he had seen had scared him.
I got up then, grabbing my stick and telling him that we needed to make sure whatever it was, wasn't lurking around somewhere.
I think I was honestly hoping we would see it again.
I wanted Roger to be sure; no second guesses when we invited Michael and Lauren to help us.
We went through each of the back rooms first. We had meant to put children in some of these rooms, natural or adopted. However, as long as this thing stalked the halls, that was a dream that couldn't be realized. We searched every room, Roger watching the door with his gun as I searched under beds and in closets. I saw no evidence of anything being in any of them, despite seeing the creature come this way.
I had just opened the closet in the last room, Roger saying how maybe we should search the bathroom when I saw it burst out and run at me. It scared me half to death, the sight of it making me back peddle, as it shoved past Roger and kept running. Roger was frozen for a second, the white face of the thing looking horrible. He turned as it went towards the kitchen, however, and leveled his gun to take a shot.
The gun clicked dry, though, and Roger worked the slide, finding it unloaded. He pumped it frantically, not understanding, and I came shakily to my face as he struggled with the gun. It was loaded yesterday. I had seen him load it. It was suddenly empty, though, and Roger only goggled at it as the back of the creature disappeared into the kitchen.
"I....I loaded it. It was fully loaded!" he said, as confused as I was.
We came shakily into the kitchen, Roger holding the gun like a club, and found the basement door open wide. No chairs were stacked tonight, but I suppose they really hadn't had time, what with scaring the shit out of all of us.
We went to check the basement, and that's where we found the shotgun shells. They were laid out neatly on a bookshelf in the corner. Roger touched them like he couldn't believe they were actually there. Of the demons or ghosts or whatever they had been, there was no one.
We called the Shauves the next day.
Michale and Lauren were there immediately, their van out front and loaded with equipment. They started setting up immediately, cameras at key points in the house, and all of them recording 24/7. Michael explained that the cameras would download the footage to an external server in their basement so they wouldn't miss a thing. They set up their equipment and decided to monitor it from their basement.
"That way, we won't affect anything while we're recording. Wouldn't want our presence to mess up the footage." Michael said.
While setting up, I noticed something on the side of one of the cameras that made Lauren jump. It was a sticker on the side of one, a white ghost coming out of the words Shauves Haunts. She tried to brush it off, saying it was nothing, but when I pressed her, she sheepishly told me that most of this stuff was from a project they used to do.
"It was just a little something, a show on a little network that no one probably ever heard of. We would go into people's houses, kind of like what we're doing here, and help them get the ghosts out of their house. We nearly got picked up for syndication. A bigger network was interested, but we had an accident, and they decided not to."
"An accident?"
"Yeah, it was nothing. We bit off a little more than we could chew, I suppose. Someone's house burned down, and they were pretty mad. The network decided we had been reckless. The insurance we had paid out for the accident, but that was the end of our ghost hunting days. At least, until we moved in next door here." she added.
We joked about it, but I thought it was weird that she'd never mentioned it. We finished setting up, and she said she'd be going back home to check the feeds. I picked up a little, some mess having been left behind from our efforts, and found myself looking around constantly as I shuffled through the house. I felt ill at ease, the feeling of being watched now constant, and I hoped it wasn't the cameras making me feel like that. When I was done cleaning up, I took the trash out and saw that the mail had run.
The was a circular from the local paper, a bill for our cellular company, and a weird letter with nothing in it.
It was a plain white envelope, no address or return address, and had not been brought by the postman. I looked up and down the block like I expected to see a mysterious person hiding somewhere nearby and brought it inside. I opened it, letting a single piece of paper peak out of the top. Unfurling it, I found a cryptic message and more questions than answers.
Meet me at Darren's Beans tomorrow at noon. I have information about the Shauves you should have.
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I am AP, I was clingy and cried when he broke up with me. After no contact FA ex reached out a month later saying he still loves me and wants to try to make it work. well my toxic parents stopped me from going to meet up with him as they were paranoid that an ex would do something to me...
so now he knows i’m in a toxic environment and offered a place to stay which I can’t take him up on right now, I would be disowned. so now i’m just trying to do something to gather funds but I don’t know how...
We talked on the phone the last few days and he comforted me and helped me think of solutions but then he suddenly gave up and says he can’t fix me (but I don’t want him to??). then he asked if I miss him and when I didn’t answer he panicked and said he’s gonna leave me alone. then he said he’s scared to get close to me and he misses me a lot.
throughout the entire relationship I would complain about my toxic environment and he would try to help “fix” my situation. Then he just grew frustrated and said I have to also work on it which is why we broke up. I feel as if he is drawn to me because he wants to help me and fix my situation and I would do the same for his depressive episodes. But how would we go past this “savior” mentality in the relationship? We clearly have more in common besides fixing each other. Do I set boundaries? what are some examples? do I change the subject or what??
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Just received this in the mail. I'm a little concerned because one side feels a bit soft. Should I water after I pot it? Or leave it alone for a few days? The second pic is NOT the soil I use for Lithops, I'm just propping it up to take the pic. 😊 submitted by Labsxtwo to Lithops [link] [comments]