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Marvel comics to start with?

2021.07.29 01:12 ap_technique Marvel comics to start with?

Wanna read Marvel comics but like most I'm having trouble where to start. I wanna read on all of a characters history but comics are weird. So my question is where to start with: 1. Captain America 2. Black Panther 3. Captain Marvel 4. Daredevil 5. Hulk 6. Nightcrawler 7. Wolverine 8. Ghost Rider 9. Venom 10. Spider-Man 11. Loki 12. Doctor Strange 13. Moon Knight 14. Thor 15. Gambit 16. Doctor Doom 17. Fantastic 4
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2021.07.29 01:12 bibilane queria ter mais amigas.

depois que me afastei totalmente da minha única (e melhor) amiga, sinto que não tenho quase nenhuma amiga e isso faz uma falta enorme, sinto falta de trocar vivências, dar e receber conselhos sobre qualquer coisa, de ter uma amiga no geral. :/
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2021.07.29 01:12 plsWhatAmI It's all I ever think about, but how do I know I'm not tricking myself?

For almost two years now the idea of me being Trans is all I ever think about. I dream and fantasize what my life would be like if I transitioned. The struggles, the growth, finding love, finding purpose, growing old. I honestly can't even imagine living past 30 as I am now. Though even after saying all this I can't get rid of this nagging feeling that I'm just lying to myself. That after reading how people who have gone through transition that have had similar problems to me improved with transition; perhaps instead of doing genuine work to improve myself I'm just looking for a miracle cure. Surely if this is what I truly wanted I would've done something by now, and my inaction means I don't actually want it. Maybe I am just a lazy, fat piece of shit who's unwillingly to take responsibility for themselves.
Idk what to think anymore. I wanna cry, but I can't and I hate it.
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2021.07.29 01:12 ensluck DeNations Art Unique Edition

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2021.07.29 01:12 KeanuChungus- i have the 25mg of Zoloft just sitting on my desk. deathly afraid to take it

all I see are negative experiences on here. the only other experience I've had with any sort of anti-depressant was venlafaxine, which was fucking terrible and induced a panic attack. please someone just help in any way possible.
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2021.07.29 01:12 mysticism_ Pretty n Pierced.

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2021.07.29 01:12 dutch_kek-ler-linde Bro I just want some homies

But everytime I try making homies they think im annoying, just one homie is all I ask for.
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2021.07.29 01:12 Raging_Al It's just Roy

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2021.07.29 01:12 A_Good_Blaster I just accept defeat when I see it

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2021.07.29 01:12 waywardian Heretical roundup

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2021.07.29 01:12 terry3906 Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip - Recipe and Ingredient Substitution Advice request

First off, here, my super easy and favorite party snack recipe ever. This gets brought to every social occasion, and gets heavily ingested every major wrestling event I watch.
However much chicken (or substitute your protein of choice, for my vegetarian friends) 8oz cream cheese 1/2 cup each blue cheese dressing + Buffalo sauce (Frank's is 'fine', but don't be afraid to experiment) Microwave 3 minutes STIR Microwave 3 minutes
Now for where I could use some substitution advice.
I have a 6 oz container of buffalo wing cheddar cheese curds that are coming to the end of their shelf life. I was thinking of dropping them in just in place of the Buffalo sauce, but I'm not sure if I should cut down the dressing or cream cheese as well. Thoughts?
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2021.07.29 01:12 K0ghaa Hi ! Need friends to grind xp by gifts. Thx! 3805 0706 7897

3805 0706 7897
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2021.07.29 01:12 SijeLiz 🐶 🍼BabyJeju | Multiple Div Token | Trend Setter Moonshot🐶 🍼

🐶BABYJEJU is creating the new META and setting new TRENDS🐶
📌STEALTH PRESALE - Eliminating Bots and Snipers 📌(To participate in the presale simply join the TG channel and the Announcement Channel then unMute to be one of the first notified of the presale drop.)
🟢ALL PRESALE FUNDS GO TO LIQUITY🟢 No Dev Wallet | No Team Wallets | No Bots | No Whales
🔹The way this works is simple but elegant. Every transaction has tax, which is converted into a pool that rewards the holders with the selected token dividends.
🔹This means that instead of receiving tokens in reflections, you will be able to receive from a selection of multiple dividend pools.
💲💲Current DIV selection - Default DIV will be BUSD💲💲
🥞 CAKE - PancakeSwap Token
🔗 LINK - Chainlink
🌊 XRP - Ripple
💲 BUSD - Binance USD
💠 ADA - Cardano
💎 ETH - Ethereum
💰 BTC - Bitcoin
🍩 BAKE - Bakery Swap Token
🤖 TRX - Tron
🇹 XTZ - Tezos
🃏 BNB - Binance Token
🐶 Doge - Doge Token
📥 Telegram - https://t.me/babyjejubsc
🤖 Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/babyjejubsc/
🐦 Twitter - https://twitter.com/BabyJejuBSC
📷 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/babyjejubsc/?hl=en
📖 Medium - https://babyjejubsc.medium.com/
🌍 Website - Under Construction!
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2021.07.29 01:12 Council70 NOK

NOK earnings release tomorrow. Got caught in January when everyone pushed it, then seemed to walk away. I think they’ll benefit from 5G and go up. I know they have a huge float, but I’m in it for the long run. Added some leaps since then because I believe in their long term prospects. 
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2021.07.29 01:12 Phlogiston231212 Drawings back and front torso

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2021.07.29 01:12 Engineer_Economist SP500 Winners and Losers | 07/28/2021

Winner of the day by sector | SP500:
Sector | Company | Ticker | % Price Change

  1. Industrials | Boeing Co | BA | 4.18%
  2. Health Care | Moderna Inc | MRNA | 6.34%
  3. Information Technology | Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. | AMD | 7.58%
  4. Communication Services | Alphabet Inc Class A | GOOGL | 3.18%
  5. Consumer Discretionary | Garmin Ltd. | GRMN | 2.66%
  6. Utilities | NRG Energy Inc | NRG | 1.36%
  7. Financials | First Republic Bank | FRC | 1.56%
  8. Materials | Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. | MLM | 4.01%
  9. Real Estate | Boston Properties, Inc. | BXP | 1.51%
  10. Consumer Staples | Lamb Weston Holdings Inc | LW | 1.57%
  11. Energy | Hess Corp. | HES | 4.63%
Loser of the day by sector | SP500:
Sector | Company | Ticker | % Price Change
  1. Industrials | CH Robinson Worldwide Inc | CHRW | -3.08%
  2. Health Care | Humana Inc | HUM | -5.71%
  3. Information Technology | Juniper Networks, Inc. | JNPR | -2.39%
  4. Communication Services | DISH Network Corp | DISH | -1.12%
  5. Consumer Discretionary | Starbucks Corporation | SBUX | -2.87%
  6. Utilities | WEC Energy Group Inc | WEC | -2.13%
  7. Financials | Citizens Financial Group Inc | CFG | -2.30%
  8. Materials | PPG Industries, Inc. | PPG | -1.08%
  9. Real Estate | Federal Realty Investment Trust | FRT | -1.41%
  10. Consumer Staples | MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL INC Common Stock | MDLZ | -2.81%
  11. Energy | Nov Inc | NOV | -2.06%
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2021.07.29 01:12 FrostyAbyssz Drone shorted help?

So I’m not entirely sure what happened, I just swapped my receiver as I got a r9 module and when I plugged in my quad that magic smoke showed up. I did plug it into a smoke stopper to make sure while on the bench and everything seemed fine, no shorts or anything detected, then when I plugged it into take off it just went ham. I also have no clue what’s shorted because my receiver, camera, vtx, esc, and fc all work fine, I can mess around in beta flight and everything fine the only thing is while plugged in it has a constant 50 Amp draw at all times and I can’t find what’s causing it.
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2021.07.29 01:12 Splanktown My Unigrid collection has grown this summer!

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2021.07.29 01:12 Acrobatic-Pressure66 sexy

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2021.07.29 01:12 hypercube42342 Texas and OU negotiating with the SEC

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2021.07.29 01:12 Wannabeofalltrades Are there any places in Victoria like the KEXP Seattle studio?

Places where live performances are recorded and people can just buy a coffee and sit in? I’m especially interested in NPR tiny desk concert types that are open to public. (I’m asking about dedicated places other the occasional evening performances in pubs).
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2021.07.29 01:12 Komang101 Buying Pacifier & Antilque Horns!!

60-80k for Pacifier 25-40k for Horns
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2021.07.29 01:12 AnimeAngee This was a request. I have a hard time doing full bodies 😅

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2021.07.29 01:12 canary_suspect People with ADHD or oral fixations, what can you use to maintain stimulation without eating?

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