Go! 15+ years after Artist Pension Trust: "They Pooled Their Art to Create a Nest Egg. They Say It Was a Mistake." |

15+ years after Artist Pension Trust: "They Pooled Their Art to Create a Nest Egg. They Say It Was a Mistake."

2021.07.28 23:15 TortaCubana 15+ years after Artist Pension Trust: "They Pooled Their Art to Create a Nest Egg. They Say It Was a Mistake."

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2021.07.28 23:15 ihateshitcoins2 Karl Pilkington - Helping the hungry

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2021.07.28 23:15 AnnualScar Radiator choice

Is it sufficient enough to just get one 240mm rad to cool just a 3090 gpu? Every configuration tool I use suggests either a 360 or even 2 radiators. I feel that’s abit overkill? Plus I’m sort of tight on space. My cpu is already using a clc and don’t really want to do the whole liquid for everything. Just my gpu.
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2021.07.28 23:15 gayyyyyy666 Why the fuck are people like this?

I get in touch with an old friend who has been ignoring my messages for a week then play and have fun with him for 1 day. ONE DAY and boom. He is fucking ignoring me again
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2021.07.28 23:15 reddit00reddit Doing many Dialga Raids as possible add 2341 1162 8248 or 1114 4562 4049 or 7195 4979 0987

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2021.07.28 23:15 mannnakakoiyo 山梨県教委幹部ら約12人がゴルフ・会食「五輪もやっているので」 | 毎日新聞

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2021.07.28 23:15 jde7290 Lithoplane light box

Has anyone here used the pre filled settings for the lithoplane light box on lithoplanemaker.com? I used the linked light socket but they didnt link a bulb. I used some I already had and the socket will come in and out due to not being the right shape to put pressure against the back. If someone has found a bulb that works with the regular settings and the linked socket can you post it?
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2021.07.28 23:15 psukhekratos Does anyone know how to fix this?

Does anyone know how to fix this? I've restarted the game, my pc, battle.net, etc and I'm trying to avoid a full reinstall unless that is the general consensus --
please help
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2021.07.28 23:15 SafemoonlightSonata OWL - One Week Late

I’m sure they were just trying to tell us about the slight delay to the wallet the whole time lol
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2021.07.28 23:15 hauntedravioli heh

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2021.07.28 23:15 Yamanj3000 That's a lot of rick rolls

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2021.07.28 23:15 NonfictionCommander Dropped a pretty penny on this collection, but damn is it beautiful!

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2021.07.28 23:15 4Indus EIDL ADVANCE TA/SA

Greeting Everyone,
I have recently applied for EIDL. Later on in the evening I received an invitation to apply for EIDL ADVANCE. I applied and it got denied due to "Unverifiable Information." I submitted a lengthy Reevaluation request along with documentation and ID.
However, on the portal it still show TA/SA declined. I called in and spoke to a lady. She stated that it will get worked at soon and at that moment online portal will reflect a "Reevaluation." I am not sure how far this is true. She would not transfer me to Tier2 because she stated she has no capacity to transfer to Tier2.
Should I try to reachout again?
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2021.07.28 23:15 Positive-Cherry6899 Need advice on how to handle a supervisor?

Hi so in my facility (assisted living)crma is the person in charge. I work second shift and one third shift crma has been complaining about me but never says anything to my face. She than sends other people to tell me to do something. Yesterday was my last straw with her b.s she really try to tell someone to tell me when I lay a this resident down to lay them properly as if people don’t move around in bed. This lady literally picks with a fine comb everything we do on our shift but her shift is a mess when I pick up morning we have so many bed changes and trash I went to my DON about this but she just sounds dismissive what should I do because I know if I go to her I will be confrontational
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2021.07.28 23:15 leftok Billionaire Mike Novogratz on Bitcoin Rebound: ‘Institutions Are Buying’

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2021.07.28 23:15 KipHackmanNSA What is an "open concept" design I can use to persuade my wife to put the couch in the center of the room?

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2021.07.28 23:15 IronBush Good boy.

TheFUDhound. I see mostly pessimism regarding his hiring by the SM team. I've watched his content and it's not in anyway against SM. In fact, it was pretty good as far as I could tell. Dumb story how I got into SM, but his vids were some of the first that popped up on yt when I went to check out the project. People digging up dirt on him, or alleged dirt anyway. Does anyone not think SM team did the same thing? If they feel he has something to offer, let's see it. Waronrugs scam already happened, this is no repeat. I don't see Jack, Thomas, John, etc. turning SM over to him in any way, shape, or form. I'm so glad we have our little sub, which is growing btw, and we can check the cultists forum for observations and kick it back over here. Thank you guys. If anyone has some real dirt or some reason to get fired up about this hiring, please submit. The beach house, "I Need a Hero" deal isn't my vibe, but I'm not trying to tell a grown man how to live his life. I'm alright with the guy's info. #safemoonsqueeze
PostScript: Once this blockchain jumps off, anybody else thinking SqueezeCoin? It seems with a small bit of utility and simply NOT scamming people, you could make a go of it in the crypto market.
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2021.07.28 23:15 Andrewgenet Dialga 9455 6091 0974

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2021.07.28 23:15 BuUsef Connecting Lan cable during ps4 to ps5 transfer

I am transferring games from ps4 to ps5. Unfortunately the wifi router is far away and so the ps mentioned that saved data going to take 115min and games 99+ hours. I didn't mind because I thought it is going to be in background. To my surprise the first 115 min are not and the background.
Can I connect a lan cable now while it is transferring save data? Or should I wait for it to restart and transfer games in the background then I connect the cable? Or never connect the cable? It mentions to not change network settings while transferring so I am not sure.
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2021.07.28 23:15 kattenvuister Is this useful? It looks interesting.. [Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3-16]

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2021.07.28 23:15 hpyguy0905 Uploaded MBE4 and am feeling that Joe Biden energy…

I have no idea where I am.
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2021.07.28 23:15 CaveCentipede Something happened to my worlds

Ok so I went to play Minecraft (java) on one of the older versions where I had multiple world's. When I loaded up the world it wasn't the right one, it was one of the other worlds from a different version entirely. I went on the others and some of them had turned into the same worlds as each other, and some were just lagged out entirely. I'm kind of scared, is my Minecraft corrupted?
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2021.07.28 23:15 santifont Viejo trapo, Shenandoah, Virginia Occidental

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2021.07.28 23:15 RobMojo Simone Biles: the GOAT of gymnastics is also the GOAT of mental health!

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2021.07.28 23:15 Blucanyon Well… it’s a Toyota at least…

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