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eXp Realty Agent Count Now Exceeds 60,000 | eXp Realty Life

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2021.07.29 01:06 njdaveyray eXp Realty Agent Count Now Exceeds 60,000 | eXp Realty Life

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2021.07.29 01:06 Fresh-Prince9 Alguien para morbosear a estas putitas?

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2021.07.29 01:06 theQueerExtrovert minecraft crashes whenever i add a mod inside of the mods folder

sorry if this is a stupid question but i am new to modding.
i attempted adding a mod inside of the mod folder. (i am using forge 1.12.2 and the mod was for 1.12.2) but whenever i opened minecraft it would crash. is there something that could be done to fix this issue? i have tried googling it, but i havent found anything that works
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2021.07.29 01:06 cutelyaware Thanks, I hate new emotions

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2021.07.29 01:06 I-Ate-your- Should i build OZ from L Frank Braum in minecaft

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2021.07.29 01:06 Hookemhorns19852 36 [M4F] Oklahoma Experienced and Caring Daddy looking for his little one

Hi there. Hope you're having a great night. I'm 36 and have been in the scene for quite a while. I know it's tough to make an online relationship work in this community, but that's what I'm looking for at this time. If all goes well, the transition to IRL is a definite possibility. So about me and what I'm looking for. Im 6' tall and have blue eyes, red hair and beard/long goatee. I like keeping the sides trimmed but usually let the goatee get longish. I have a dad bod. My hobbies include reading, video games, crime documentaries, binge watching shows and cooking. I also like being outside if the weather isn't too bad. It's ridiculously hot right now. Now my kinks are varied and diverse. I enjoy control most of all. All kinds of control. I also lean towards the rougher stuff like spanking, choking, hair pulling, etc. I'm very open and like exploring and learning news kinks and ways to please and be pleased. I'm an open book too and love asking/answering questions and really getting to know someone before moving into anything. As far as what I'm looking for, well I want someone who can communicate in more than 1 or 2 word responses. Likes lots of communication, and enjoys experimenting or being open minded. If any of this sounds like something you'd enjoy, please send me a DM or PM and a little bit about yourself. Hope you have a great night.
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2021.07.29 01:06 MonroeClone My velvet hippo Stella, she has the personality of a sour patch kid 🙃

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2021.07.29 01:06 Charlie678812 I love this as much as everyone loves spike.

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2021.07.29 01:06 AbhiIsntHere [15M] Yo anybody silver 3 or lower wanna play valorant?

15M bronze 1, tryna play some comp or unrated, down to be friends outside the game as well if anybody tryna dm. I’ll send interests as the convo moves to keep things juicy, bonus points if you’re down to trade music reccomendations
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2021.07.29 01:06 Happiikhat How on earth do I get past the purple tornado's in solo Night at the Theatre

I'm base 90's in combat and have reached Verzik with basically a full inv of supplies twice, but can't DPS out the last phase while also avoiding the purple vortex's. It seems as soon as one hits, she spawns another one heals for 50-100.
Any tips on hoe to bang out this last phase?
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2021.07.29 01:06 Ogre_dpowell Nutrient paste question

Is there a way to remove the ingredients from nutrient paste?
I don’t know how my prisoners know there is insect meat in it- they’ve never been out of the room!
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2021.07.29 01:06 NewsElfForEnterprise Dow dips below 35,000 as Fed holds, says inflation remains transitory

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2021.07.29 01:06 Anna_Onimous I just signed up for AP Computer Science Principles for absolutely no reason other than I needed to fill a space in my schedule

I had no idea what the class was even about. Programming? Coding? Are those things even two different things? IDK. What the f#%k even is computer science??
Start a new school expecting the usual 6 classes- easy: English, Science, Math, History, Gym, and an elective! No sweat! Except at this school I already completed my PE requirements, they don’t have the elective I’ve been taking for the past 3 years, and I have 8 classes instead of 6. Uhhh, k, um I guess AP Lit and AP Stats since I was planning on taking them anyway. Oh, and Chemistry I guess because I still need to take that, and US History. What do you mean that’s only half my schedule?!?!?!?
Fashion design, ok that looks fun.
Intro to Culinary arts, cool cool.
Archery? I guess?
Crap, I need one more….
Uhhh…. moment of impulse plus anxiety from keeping my counselor waiting sure… AP Computer Science Principles, why not????
Help me.
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2021.07.29 01:06 eloel- Hi mom, I started therapy

People around me treat it as one of "you don't need therapy" or "finally maybe you'll be less annoying". It was very hard for me to make the decision to start and even now, hours before my session, I'm having a hard time not cancelling it. I'm scared.
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2021.07.29 01:06 tharealbigjc22 You Know What Angers Me?: The Local Video Game Store.

I used to love going to this place as a kid. It was like being a kid in a candy shop or a pervert in an adult store. Seeing all the video games in one place, trying out games on those demo kiosks in the store, seeing generations past and present together in one place was kind of nice. Like, you didn’t even have to go home with anything. Just going to the store was like an adventure in itself. Now, local video game stores are in danger of closing, not just because of the Rona or because of Gamestop but because of online shopping. Why go to a brick and mortar store, when you can buy your games online? Like the humble arcade, we need to make sure this concept is kept alive for future generations. I mean, video game stores are where my love for the medium came from and I'd wanna pass that on to my son or daughter. Video games are one of the few things out there that can bridge the generation gap and video game stores can also help with that as well
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2021.07.29 01:06 Kid_Exp Not Savior Valkyrie is now better

It’s slow when it launches but when it bounces it’s energetic and burst some beyblades too
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2021.07.29 01:06 TheElgringo Series win. Kiss it, haters.

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2021.07.29 01:06 tenderooster TOTS VARANE AWFUL?

Any good players here that have used TOTS Varane? I’ve had him untradable since la liga tots and he has been soo bad. Don’t get me wrong he is great in every way but when it comes to his positioning it’s just so awful. He is constantly getting tangled up with his defensive partner (no matter who it is) and always gets dragged out of position by the most obvious decoy runs. Just wondering if anyone else notice this or if it’s just my gameplay.
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2021.07.29 01:06 RentalPencil Please give me your Spotify playlists

Basically, I grew up not listening to music so I never had really developed any type of music tastes. I just got gifted Spotify premium so if any of yall would like to recommend some songs or just give me their playlists.
Please and thank you.
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2021.07.29 01:06 imgodlyatCOD Does Bryan Reynolds go diamond this update?

I currently have 800+ invested in him. I like him a lot.
View Poll
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2021.07.29 01:06 hoobieguy Tinfoil hats on! Time to decode today's RC tweet!

I feel that RC's tweet today left a hole in our hearts. Normally, there is always something to speculate or discuss with the community. This post is my attempt at diving too deeply into his tweet.
What if I told you that the photo that he posted was on the front cover of a game that doesn't actually exist!
I did a reverse image search on this exact photo, and the only thing that pops up is linked to a fandom page for Super Mario MHL.
This community comes up with ideas for games that they think would be fun. This game in particular was created by a fake production company called EEA Inc.
This is all in good fun, but think about it. Maybe RC is going to truly give "Power to the Players" by creating a way for indie game developers to create and release their games without having to go through the bigger names like Nintendo, Playstation, or Xbox.
Wait a second...
Didn't RC follow those exact companies on Twitter in the past, but just recently unfollowed them leaving one remaining account that he follows? That company being Gamestop.
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2021.07.29 01:06 itsgettingcloser Look at these maskholes

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2021.07.29 01:06 Cultural-Incident-74 OF

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2021.07.29 01:06 Kooseh How come the after hours are so flat lately?

A few weeks ago the after hours used to swing a lot. But I have recently realized that the after hours graphs for both AMC and GME are really flat.
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2021.07.29 01:06 LOM909-2 Pac Div - Don't Forget The Swishers Ft. Dom Kennedy

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