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2021.06.19 19:40 RepulsivePlankton363 University advice

My choices are CityU - english studies
Baptist U - humanities
I’m having a lot of trouble with picking between them. Please help me :(
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2021.06.19 19:40 islayer45 Stream iCarly for Free

Hi Reddit,
Does anyone know any sites that are showing the iCarly reboot? Don’t wanna pay for Paramount+ and I bet sites like putlocker or something would be showing it.
Any thoughts?
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2021.06.19 19:40 Lanowar What's your personal unsolved mystery?

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2021.06.19 19:40 Mrclean135135 Whats the most fun killer to play that you can buy with iridescent shards and not auric cells?

I did good night 😴🌙💤😘 and my brother told him him and his brother did it and he said no but he didn’t was really good with him too lol lol I did get wowoeoeiwowoeo iwieu lol lol yeah lol lol oh lol yeah yeah (filler)
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2021.06.19 19:40 j28lml Sakura

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2021.06.19 19:40 Synazyla You are a superhero going by your username. What would you do and what would the public think?

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2021.06.19 19:40 photoyoyo Completely forgot about this gem from my time on the barge with CVN 77. I still don't know what they were trying to tell me

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2021.06.19 19:40 URIXMX Valorant gameplay test on Windows 11

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2021.06.19 19:39 Remarkable-Winter348 WISH shorts should rest easy and enjoy their weekend. Monday and beyond is not going to be good for you.

WISH shorts should rest easy and enjoy their weekend. Monday and beyond is not going to be good for you. $WISH shorts about to be squeezed in a very special way: https://twitter.com/ChrisRandone/status/1405011334056448001?s=20
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2021.06.19 19:39 TheRazzz1 Carnivore bloodwork?

Has anyone done their blodwoork while on carnivore? For me that was the only rhing that got me to 100% and am curious about the immune system on carnivore diet. What is your cell count while on it?
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2021.06.19 19:39 pheasant_plucking_da That is a huge dog!

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2021.06.19 19:39 munkshroom Annoying storylines

Hey Scrubs is obviously great but there are a few storylines i don't like, i would love to know some of yours. IThis is after my 3rd watch of scrubs in total

  1. Jd not loving Elliot, i don't know it didn't feel natural, it felt like it was written just to extend the will they wont they of jd and elliot. Felt dumb to me.
  2. Kim lying about the miscarriage, felt a bit too dark and i feel like there could have been a better character conflicit between them without having it look like Kim was just super mean.
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2021.06.19 19:39 hobobaggins123 Strabismus

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2021.06.19 19:39 getonthedinosaur Got a new job making over double what I used to make (still very modest amount, not bragging). I can now double+ how much I buy every paycheck.

Just a small celebration that I want to share with yall. I don't care that my monetary situation got better. The only thing this changes is that I can buy even more gme shares every month. For you and for me. Together until the floor reaches numbers I can't even prove I can count to.
The fire inside still burns bright. Buy and Hold.
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2021.06.19 19:39 nianeleader Cedeao : Alassane Ouattara Accra pour participer au 59e sommet ordinaire des chefs dEtat et de gouvernement (Communiqu)

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2021.06.19 19:39 BUTTLICKER_OUR_PRICE Traditional style bear by Brian Evelsizor at Good Karma in Lynnwood, WA

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2021.06.19 19:39 TriggerHappyFlyGuy How do I trade in Xbox gold for game pass ultimate

I got an ad to trade my gold in for Ultimate but it fails when i try it. Does anyone know how to help me?
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2021.06.19 19:39 kry_some_more Windows 11 boosts performance of big.LITTLE x86 CPUs shows testing

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2021.06.19 19:39 WindowFragrant9885 Socks cat before he/she got adopted

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2021.06.19 19:39 brimash Is there any sub reddit for UBC alumni ?

Where do ex-UBC folks hang out ?
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2021.06.19 19:39 tomscud No Limits decks - two optimized turn-4 kill decks.

June 25 is No-limits FNM, which means 40 cards, all cards are legal, no 4-card limit. I thought of a few dumb,

11 Mountain
29 Lightning Bolt

11 mountains is correct, as it gives you a 72.1 percent chance of drawing 2 mountains by turn 2, which lets you get a turn 4 kill (with no interaction/life gain), and a 73.5 percent chance of drawing 7 lightning bolts by turn 4, both on the play.

20 Island
20 Maddening Cacophony
You want to cast 2 maddenings on turn 4 to mill a lethal 32 cards, so maximizing the probability of drawing 4 of each gives you an 86% chance of a turn 4 kill. A mix of merfolk secretkeepers and cacophonies will not kill faster than turn 4.

14 Mountain
26 Fervent Champion
Couldn't figure out how to optimize this one with the calculator. Anyway, it is nearly impossible to kill on turn 4 with it but (if not interacted with) pretty trivial to kill turn 5.

[[Meddling Mage]] will stop the first two decks with no problems, and with a bit of removal will stop the fervent champion deck as well. [[Test of Talents]] stops the first two decks easily. Any mass 1-damage spell will make FERVENT sad, and something like [[Deafening Clarion]] will be fast enough.
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2021.06.19 19:39 Yuri-for-life My progress on the mountain top village I'm building.

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2021.06.19 19:39 rxfr Can someone explain how there are vastly different versions of loki as varients if there is only supposes to be one in the sacred timeline?

Like how did a female varient grow up to be who she was if loki was always supposed to be the one that we saw in the movies? Surely the moment she was born (presumably as a baby) or created, she would've been pruned. How did she grow up as a varient? Same with the hulk-like version. If they're not supposed to exist, how did they become so fundamentally different? The only possible way I could see it would be if it was the nexus event that changed their appearance/personality.
I'm just confused about the "different shapes and sizes" thing if loki was always supposed to be the one in the movies. I guess I'm wondering how they came to be. Cause you'd think the moment they deviated from the sacred timeline, they'd be pruned or chased by the TVA. Unless there's multiple sacred timeline where those different shaped/sized lokis are "normal"? But then they wouldn't be varients would they?
Can someone please explain this? Is this a plot hole, is it all part of the TVAs lies/propaganda about sacred timeline existing, or is my thinking just flawed? I'm genuinely confused and just want to understand.
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2021.06.19 19:39 nianeleader Un milliardaire indien perd plus de 11 milliards d’euros en quelques jours

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2021.06.19 19:39 Adorable_Tea_2211 ULPT request - how do you get out a noisy neighbor for cheap?

I think that the guy owns the house, he seems a party guy, in fact there is always fuckin noise
when he walks it seems that there is an earthquake, he plays all the time is shitty hardcore music, there are always people screaming and singing, often it comes down smell of pot and sigarettes
I've already tried to call the police on him several times, for either the smell of pot, for the noise or that he wasn't respecting the distancing measures, and each time the lazy ass cops ignored the issue
I used to beat the crap out of the ceiling, and they often even get louder, so I decided to beat the crap of the ceiling for 24/24h for several days, and it seemed that it worked for a while, but I damaged the fuckin cealing, and it's not really an option because it is also annoying
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