Go! My sweet kitty Lil Zo does this every morning when I come out of the bedroom. |

My sweet kitty Lil Zo does this every morning when I come out of the bedroom.

2021.06.19 19:03 mcraigwel6785 My sweet kitty Lil Zo does this every morning when I come out of the bedroom.

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2021.06.19 19:03 PaislePfxxx22 Naughty Server Invite 💔 😘

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2021.06.19 19:03 VictoriQlovegirl19 💕 💚 😘 Lewd Groupchat

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2021.06.19 19:03 DTom47 Trial Run Goes HORRIBLY WRONG.

Background: My usual D&D group hasn't been able to meet for about 10 weeks (family issues with our DM, nothing we can do about it). 10 weeks of D&D withdrawal had me itching for something, so I proposed a One Shot for any members of the group willing to give it a try. Our group normally plays 4e, but I learned 5e first and have played it for longer, so its the version I know/prefer. Two players agreed to my One Shot. Spent the week helping them build their characters for 5e, which was a ton of fun and reminded me why I love this game.
The day before session, I did a trial run of the encounter to make sure it was challenging yet balanced. I worried that the Fleecemane's signature ability of nullifying magic/spells against two PCs that didn't use magic/spells would make the encounter too easy, so I was considering giving it resistance to non-magical bludge, slash, & pierce. I played for all three characters fairly. The rest was up to the dice.
The Combatants: lvl3 Shifter Thief Rogue & lvl3 Human Nyxborn Astral Monk VS Fleecemane Lion
The Encounter: Rogue & Monk sneak into the cave where the Lion is currently sleeping. DC=14 Stealth check to do so successfully without stepping on the bones of Lion's previous meals scattered around it. Rogue rolls a 4. Even with her high Dex and Expertise in Stealth, it's still a fail. Lion wakes up. Roll for Initiative.
Lion rolls highest, goes for a leaping Pounce/Multi-Attack on closest enemy. Which is the Rogue. Rolls a Nat 20 and a Nat 19 on its attacks. Max damage for both. Rogue goes from Full HP to -1 HP instantly, falls unconscious. In addition, since falling unconscious is basically the same as falling prone, Lion gets a Bonus Action to Claw her again. Second Natural 19 in a row. Scratch off one failed Death Save for the Rogue.
Rogue uses her turn to roll another Death Save. Success! That's 1 Success, 1 Fail. Did I mention she hasn't even shifted or used a single ability yet? End of her turn, Lion uses its Legendary Actions to Roar at Monk. Monk succeeds against being frightened (he's got a 19 in Wisdom, player rolled super well).
Monk's turn, spends a Ki point (1/3), out come the Astral Arms to deal some damage and allow him reach attacks. Lion rolls its third Natural 19 in a row, succeeds on the Dex Save. Monk uses remaining action to attack again. Miss.
Lion's turn. Multi-Attack on the Monk. Finally misses with an attack but does some damage on the one that hits. Monk is at about 23/30 HP, Lion has taken same amount of damage, but with 1.5x as much HP. Rogue rolls her Death Save. Fail. 1 Success, 2 Fails. Lion claws Monk as Legendary Action, another hit, but rolled a 1 for damage. Monk is still almost bloodied as a result.
Monk's turn, uses action to activate the Cloak of Stars and give Disadvantage to attacks that only target him. Bonus action and 2/3 Ki point to disengage and retreat to the entrance of the cave where he can actually see (because Human, aka no Darkvision).
Lion's turn. Charges and leaps to Multi-Attack/Pounce Monk. Rolls its first Critical Fail, both attacks miss, Monk dodges leap, gets the Lion's back. Lion is now close enough for Monk to hit with Astral Arms but too far to hit back with its Claw attack. Rogue's turn, another fail. That's 1 Success, 3 Fails; the Rogue has now died without doing anything in this entire encounter.
I did some backtracking to see if I missed anything that could help. I seemed to recall suggesting the Supernatural Gift of Heroic Destiny for the Rogue (even though in the end she chose Inscrutable). Rolled her Death Saves again with the advantage this Gift bestows. BOTH FAILS. I thought back to telling her not to put her dump score into Constitution, she'd listened and we put her dump score into Intelligence. But even if we'd put her highest score into Constitution, she still would have failed all four of these rolls. I was at a loss. How could an encounter go so relentlessly badly?
End of Rogue's turn, Lion can't use its Legendary Action to Claw due to distance, so it Roars instead. Monk crit fails his save and shits his pants in fright. So now I have a lvl 3 human Monk fighting a CR 3 Lion with Legendary Actions all by himself in a dark cave where he can't see anything and is now going to spend his next turn running back into the cave because he has to move away from the Lion and it's standing in front of the only way in or out. So the Monk hides and by an act of God the Lion fails to locate him by the smell of the pants he just shit, even with Advantage on the perception check. Praise the Sun for that, at least.
Lion is blocking the entrance/exit, but the one good thing is this means the Monk can see it because it's standing in the only source of light. Monk comes in with everything, spends 3/3 Ki point on a Flurry of Blows, scores a Crit! Pummels the Lion and actually takes it below half health. Lion misses with its Legendary Claw Action.
Lion's turn, Multi-Attack double misses. Cloak of Stars may only last a minute, but with only two combatants left, that's a lot of rounds. Monk gives it another unarmed strike beating, hitting with both attacks. But this time he fails to dodge the Legendary Claw Action. Lion Multi-Attacks again, leaving Monk with 1 HP.
The Cloak is gone, Ki points are spent, and even if the arms will last long after this encounter ends, the Monk at 1 HP will not. Lion is down to 11 HP, Monk's turn. This is the final chance. With the +4 to his unarmed strikes, he can feasibly win this. But he has to hit with both strikes.
First strike misses.
Second strike hits.
Monk dies from Lion's Legendary Claw Action.
Aftermath: Well, I certainly got to see what the absolute worst-case disaster scenario would look like. I went over it for another hour and I was just stumped. The Lion rolled too well, too often, too early. The players rolled too poorly, too often, too early. Even if I lost track of the turns for the Cloak of Stars, it wouldn't have changed the outcome. 3 attacks at 1 HP, even with Disadvantage, the Lion hit, the Monk died. Death Saves didn't even matter with the Lion chowing down on his unconscious body.
In the end, one of the players had to cancel, so we didn't get to have the actual encounter. But man, I still got my fix of D&D, albeit tainted with the knowledge of what a disaster this would have been with one player literally not getting to play and the other losing to sheer shit luck. Even if victory was within reach near the end, this outcome would not have been fun for anyone.
I guess I didn't have to worry about the Fleecemane Lion being too easy and/or needing resistance to nonmagical bludge, slash, & pierce to make for a challenge.
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2021.06.19 19:03 Sea_Resource_670 How Many of You Prefer This Animation From the Original?

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2021.06.19 19:03 CoolGarryLovesPizza I did an Amogus Cosplay

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2021.06.19 19:03 tkadsr Kailash Kund , Bhaderwah

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2021.06.19 19:03 ZoobBot 153138

This is the 153138th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.06.19 19:03 JxyXxn Will a digital ps5 always need an internet connection?

If I wanted to play a digital single player game without internet will I be able to?
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2021.06.19 19:03 PrinceLadisla White people abolished slavery too. We lead the way in abolishing slavery.

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2021.06.19 19:03 green_moon21 How old were you when you tried vaping for the first time?

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2021.06.19 19:03 Billybobbjoebob Can someone help me with an issue I am having with setting up 3dTouch for my A20M? Getting an error when moving the hex file to the printer software.

Can someone help me with an issue I am having with setting up 3dTouch for my A20M? Getting an error when moving the hex file to the printer software.
Here is the error I am getting. I don't know what to do.
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2021.06.19 19:03 Fullmoongirl99 Idk who does the art for fusebox, but they were definitely hurt by a women with a blonde pixie cut, bc every character with this hairstyle is awful.

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2021.06.19 19:03 priyankchoudhary "Obsessed is the word the lazy use to describe dedicated."

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2021.06.19 19:03 thetntterror Help

I just installed a GTX 970 and I'm trying to run VR but it keeps not working and when It does it stutters really bad I have the latest drivers installed what could be going wrong (I've ran better or worse cards)
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2021.06.19 19:03 MedicineMedical3607 Strawberries&Cream

Strawberries and cream oatmeal is sent from heaven . God created it as a means for us to nourish our bodies and feel completely happy and content for at least one moment . Thank you God for strawberries&Cream oatmeal. Thank you .

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2021.06.19 19:03 speedykiller1000 Who is this???

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2021.06.19 19:03 backroad_boy Wish I could somehow recreate this in my bedroom 😅

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2021.06.19 19:03 RFP_DEEPFINGVALUE WKHS with 60% SI according to Ortex and level 3 squeeze alert. Same alerts were issued for AMC and GME. Could this be the next one to fly?

WKHS now has 60% SI according to Ortex and a level 3 squeeze alert sent on june 10th. This one is primed for a run like no other. Lets go apes when the usps contract is overturned this will fly past the 40s. Get in while you can!!!
With WKHS at 40 when they were in hopes of winning the contract we may see 100 before you know it. There was a massive order in OSK night before they won the contract, which just screams fishy. I could see OSK slowly selling off because they know the contract will be overturned. The momentum this will bring back to WKHS will be like no other. We will have GAMMA squeezes followed by the short squeeze. With the low float around 120 million its not going to take much to make her run.
Why are people focused on stocks with SI lower than 20 when WKHS can be squeezed to the likes of VW? Interested to see the opinions of my fellow apes. Also why are post being deleted about WKHS? The more knowledge the better for all.
Disclaimer: yes i still hold amc and gme as well.
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