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15F looking for ps friends

2021.06.19 19:48 Silentswicky 15F looking for ps friends

Hey! Im looking for some more friends who play playstation. Preferably 15-18 years old but anywhere around that works. I tend to play destiny 2, fortnite, gta, mc, etc. I’m definitely not the best player ever but I’m alright. I’m not sensitive and I’m very chill so feel free to say whatever you want!
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2021.06.19 19:48 hammyFbaby Caught this beauty on the Au Sable North Branch

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2021.06.19 19:48 Jimwdc Can anyone identify the pink plastic sheathed cable sitting over my trap. Bathroom on slab foundation

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2021.06.19 19:48 Uncle_Charnia Why might the spectrum of neutron star MAXI J1803-298 vary the way it does?

NICER, an instrument on the ISS, has been monitoring this object. I'm curious. does its relatively long term variation tell us something about a companion object?
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2021.06.19 19:48 Professional_Clod I’m working on a FNAF AU and I need some name suggestions

So, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and with Scott retiring, I feel like now is a good time to pay homage to a game that helped me through some tough times.
This AU is a take on FNAF that I have been working on since November and it centers mainly around a place called “Howlite Pizza Emporium.” Our Purple Guy is a man named, Richard Abrams, a man with a wife and five children. The children most important to the story is Michael, Chris, and Emma. Here’s a little timeline of events:
1940 - Winston J. Abrams is born 1956- Winston meets Kimberly 1961- Winston marries Kimberly 1965 - Richard W. Abrams is born 1977 - Howlite Pizza Emporium is opened 1982 - Richard meets Evangeline 1988 - Richard marries Evangeline 1992 - Dolly M. Abrams is born 1995 - Michael T. Abrams is born 2002 - Emma C. Abrams is born 2004 - Chris D. Abrams is born 2006 - Cory S. Abrams is born 2008 - Richard starts making the idea for Dee’s Diner. 2009 - Dee’s Diner is opened (Late) 2009 - Emma is killed by an animatronic after her grandfather failed to keep an eye on her (February) 2010 - Richard murders his father. Winston dies at Age 70. (April) 2010 - While at work, Richard’s co-worker is crushed to death inside a spring lock costume. A few days later, Richard notices that the suit is alive during the night. (October) 2010 - Richard takes four children back stage at Howlite Pizza Emporium and kills them. The restaurant is shut down. (October) 2010 - Richard lures more kids to Dee’s diner and kills them. (October) 2010 - Chris starts to suffer night terrors involving Dee and the other animatronics. (Early) 2011 - Louis meets Anastasia. 2011 - Chris gets over his nightmares with the help of his brother and Anastasia. Richard builds a facility to store the animatronics from Dee’s Diner. 2014 - Michael leaves the house. 2016 - Michael adopts two boys and Howlite Pizza Emporium opens back up and Michael takes a job there. (Late) 2016 - Michael is fired after tampering with the old animatronics.
(December)2016 - Richard returns to Howlite pizza emporium and dismantles the old possessed animatronics. (Early) 2017 - Fritz is bitten by Foxy and the restaurant closes back down again. 2017 - Michael meets Naomi 2017 - Chris leaves the house and moves in with Anastasia. 2012 - 2018 - Richard makes the occasional murder. 2018 - Richard calls Michael and asks him to visit a facility to find his sister. Michael listens to his father and goes there. He spends a few nights there and manages to free the spirits, including his sister. He also finds out about what his dad did. However, he’s scooped by Unity and used as a skin suit by him. (October) 2018 - Richard dies in a Springlock failure. (November) 2018 - Unity flees from Michael, Michael contacts his dad and starts his search to find him. 2019 - Springtrap awakes but is trapped in the old facility. 2021 - Some people find Springtrap and move him to a new location. Springtrap kills the people at the location but is trapped when the building is put into lockdown. 2022 - Michael arrives and burns down the building, killing his father.
Some changes to the official story is the removal animatronics such as Baby, Funtime Foxy, Bidybab, Minireena, Lolbit, Yenndo, the phantoms, and all the animatronics from Pizzeria Simulator. As well as some name changes obviously, there’s also the fact that Unity (Ennard) isn’t made of multiple animatronics, but instead the spirits of three kids.
Now, the only thing I need for this story so far is a name so if anyone has any suggestions, they are appreciated.
Thanks for reading and thank you Scott Cawthon.
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2021.06.19 19:48 TheFinalGrizz IndianDoge. Brand spanking new! This token is going to the moon with or without you! Just launched

Let me tell you about IndianDoge, a community token that I just found
I joined this community as one of the first, and we are growing really quickly.
This community driven token is insane, and we even got a website that has been done by the community.
Coin hunt and coin sniper applications have been sent out and we are working on gerri f in the trending!
I have been doing these shitcoins for a while now and when I come across a gem like this I get so excited. There is a great team behind this and the community is driven!
Everyone wants those massive gains and returns but this is honestly one of the best chances you will get for that x1000 as you are still so early.
This meme coin has everything you could ask for! Great team, great fundamentals and a great community.
This is a spin-off from our fam favourite doge coin. We all know how fast these guys pump so come and join for the ride!!
All official links are below-
Telegram: https://t.me/indiandogebsc
Contract: 0x3fa3caf1f3722d47e57a4bed6318cb46b7c8a1b0
Website: https://indiandogebsc.com/
Pancakeswap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x3fa3caf1f3722d47e57a4bed6318cb46b7c8a1b0
LP Burn: https://bscscan.com/token/0x59d07e85a971E2DbCA464F2855A8ae34b0b13546#balances
Contract renounce: https://bscscan.com/address/0x3fa3caf1f3722d47e57a4bed6318cb46b7c8a1b0#readContract
We filled our bags, the question is, will you?
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2021.06.19 19:48 Zelefas Crossover Art Idea - Swain/Creed from 40k

Both are genius generals, just as planned guys and I can only begin to imagine the sheer daddyness from such a mash-up. If an artist is ever in need of inspiration please consider this!
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2021.06.19 19:48 dnjprod Herald attacks Boebert, Boebert fan tells Journal to stop attacking Boebert...on response piece in Journal written by Boebert.

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2021.06.19 19:48 imlovinglife420 okay ea

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2021.06.19 19:48 waffle_bird70 The grid a digital frontline

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2021.06.19 19:48 icedDMC New Homeowners - Repair/Reno App Concept Survey (Homework)

Hey all - My partner and I are new homeowners! Upon purchasing our place, we've found plenty that needs to be done.
I'm also in a design program right now - and our next assignment is to create a service app concept that helps solve a problem...so...thought it'd be a good idea to focus on an app dedicated to fixing stuff!
I'm sure I'll be on this subreddit often -- but was hoping folks would be willing to help me design the app by taking a short survey! https://forms.gle/mM89w2JZodtrQWmaA
much obliged.
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2021.06.19 19:48 whatgoes-here I'm new around here :)

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2021.06.19 19:48 IJIDM1997BLESSED Questing

How can a human change the conscious and unconscious.
I hope you can answer my question.
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2021.06.19 19:48 Jbarrringer How to Add Black Bars to ANY Video! | 2021

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2021.06.19 19:48 I-Miss-My-Kids shake sphere

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2021.06.19 19:48 fuzzyoatmealboy if (o)nly we (c)ould tell them we'll be back

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2021.06.19 19:48 h1n1cannabiso ⚜️Faryen Finance⚜️ Hold&Earn $BNB everyday ,4% Buy back tax 100x potential masive marketing promotion. 100k+ subs youtuber promote , 200k+ flw twitter and more . Cool and nice Dev and the owner is very polite to you all dont miss it

⚜️Faryen Finance is a brand new token,contract creating from scratch ⚜️
After contract demployment done DEV team will apply for a first AUDIT and Release the audit reports shortly as they are under progress Each 24 hours you will able to claim your $BNB rewards directly without having to sell&swap Faryen token! Private pre-sale you can send $BNB (Min. 0.1) to pre-sale address You will get 7% more Faryen Tokens than on the official pre-sale The more FRN you hold the more rewards you will get
More information about the project will be announcement on Telegram

💠 Tokenomics 💠
• 13% TAX.
• 7% goes to $BNB Reward Pool
4% buy back tax
• 2% redistributed to Faryen Holders
🔒 Wallets 🔒 2% Marketing wallet - LOCKED (Will be provided on TG) DEV TEAM HOLD NOTHING Ownership renounced and provided on TG after listing Pancakeswap
🌐 Links 🌐
Telegram : https://t.me/FaryenFinance
Website : http://www.faryenfinance.com
website : https://twitter.com/faryenf
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2021.06.19 19:48 MaddCricket Starting tonight! F/37, CW:163 GW:145

Hi everyone!
Almost three years ago (come September) I was 145lbs. Then I quit smoking and gained 20lbs and for the life of me haven’t been able to take them off no matter what I’ve tried. I’m sick of having this weight back on me (I’m roughly at my high school/college weight), and want the clothes I already own to fit nice and feel comfortable again, so I’m hoping this will help! I’ll be happy to just get down to 150-something even.
I’m not that active, besides being on my feet all day at work and walking everywhere because I don’t have a car, it’s hard for me to exercise regularly because I have a big sciatic issue that won’t let me so much as spend a day cleaning without rendering me useless, so I have to be sure the day I treating me right for how eager I am to get up and moving.
Hopefully I found one thing that I can hold myself to doing! Let’s get this!
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2021.06.19 19:48 TransportationHub456 Brooklyn MTA Bus Crashes Into Three Story Home, Injuring 16 Others; Cuomo Appoints Sarah Feinberg To Be The Next MTA Chairperson Got Axed By State Senate

Brooklyn MTA Bus Crashes Into Three Story Home, Injuring 16 Others; Cuomo Appoints Sarah Feinberg To Be The Next MTA Chairperson Got Axed By State Senate Apologies for the late post. A Southbound B49 Bus crashed into a brownstone building at Bedford Avenue & Lincoln Road. All involved in the accident are fine with mild injuries, non-life threatening. The bus was pulled from the building this past Friday. Andrew Cuomo appoints Sarah Feinberg to be the next MTA Chairperson, the first female to ever hold the position. He also appointed current MTA Construction & Development president to be next CEO, thus splitting the two MTA top leadership roles, replacing Patrick Foye in the next month. The plan was later killed in the state Senate out in Albany. Please listen, read and enjoy.
Anchor (podcast episode): https://anchor.fm/hubtalk456/episodes/S2E2-City-Bus-Crashes-Into-A-Brooklyn-Brownstone-Building-Plan-To-Split-Two-Top-MTA-Roles-Killed-In-The-State-Senate-e12sud8
Hub Chronicles Article: http://www.hubchronicles.com/2021/06/brooklyn-mta-bus-crashes-into-three.html
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2021.06.19 19:48 iliya86jr دکمه بی‌صاحابو بزن😶

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2021.06.19 19:48 readerdad55 Are other suburbs doing this? 4th of July cancelled “because of COVID”. Juneteenth and Pride events however are still occurring. I don’t care about your politics and have no problem celebrating the diversity of our country. However, are we really abandoning Independence Day? How is this acceptable?

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2021.06.19 19:48 SociopathToSuccess On a scale of 1-10, how satisfying is it sagging your pants knowing every white person is harboring hatred for you in their mind?

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2021.06.19 19:48 lewdnep-vasilias_666 Head empty only Choices husbands

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2021.06.19 19:48 deiuma 22 M EU - Just an average guy who's into tech, languages and reading

I'm 22 (will be 23 in a few months). I'm a uni student studying computer science (I'll be graduating next year) and I enjoy doing web dev.
I love languages, even though I don't speak many (I'm fluent in my native language, almost fluent in English and I know less French than I'd like lol - I'm gonna work on that as soon as my exams are over). I like making connections between languages and learning random words I find cool, so if we become friends get ready for fun facts about linguistics and please teach me words in your language, haha
I like music and I'm a big fan of Eurovision, so naturally my playlists are full of songs in languages I don't speak (if I counted right, my main one has songs in 13 different languages). I listen to many things - from pop and dance to indie and jazz. Not a fan of hard rock and metal, sorry!
I'm not a gamer (I'm disabled and my coordination sucks), but I do other things for fun: reading (the last book I finished was "A thousand splendid suns" by Khaled Hosseini and I loved every bit of it), sometimes watching TV series (I enjoy light-hearted sitcoms, such as The Good Place).
I still have one exam left, so I might not reply right away, but I'll do my best to get to know you if you decide to send me a message. Cheers!
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2021.06.19 19:48 WOMENRHELLADUMB Opening Brood War campaigns in the Campaign Editor

Does anyone know how to open the regular campaign maps into the editor?
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