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[QUESTION] Which wireless band to choose, in US, for new Sennheiser EW-D products

2021.06.19 20:13 patrick2099 [QUESTION] Which wireless band to choose, in US, for new Sennheiser EW-D products

Trying to repost in a way that follows the rules:

If I search for "Sennheiser EW-D" on Sweetwater, I see three units which appear to operate on different bands:
EW-D CI1 Wireless Guitar System - R4-R9
System: Frequency Range:552-608 MHz
Sennheiser EW-D CI1 Wireless Guitar System - R1-R6
System: Frequency Range: 520-526 MHz
Sennheiser EW-D CI1 Wireless Guitar System - Q1-Q6
System: Frequency Range: 470-526 MHz

Sennheiser has a wireless frequency tool on their website, which appears to be broken. I don't see anything on https://www.fcc.gov/wireless/bureau-divisions/mobility-division/wireless-microphones saying I could not use any of those, but I also haven't had enough coffee yet. Operating in the United States, how would I know which of those three models to choose?

Update: Someone on the Kemper forum was nice enough to share this:

Based upon that, I think the best choice is:
EW-D CI1 Wireless Guitar System - R4-R9
System: Frequency Range:552-608 MHz

The Sennheiser EW-D CI1 Wireless Guitar System - R1-R6 has a smaller band, within that band. Sennheiser EW-D CI1 Wireless Guitar System - Q1-Q6 looks like it may have issues in some states and have licensing issues.

Also, if anyone has a good Sweetwater rep who responds to emails, please let me know. Thanks for the help.
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2021.06.19 20:13 tharealbigjc22 You know what angers me?: The "Fat and ugly" statement

You know, when someone looks at a girl or a guy who’s Hollywood homely and proclaims that they’re fat and or ugly. Not all fat people are ugly and not all ugly people are fat. I'm not exactly a prize myself but I can at least take solace in the fact that I at least try to carry myself in a way that regardless of weight or beauty that earns respect. I try my damndest to treat everyone the way I want to be treated, be nice and kind, you know, just carry myself in a way that people can look at me and go, "He's not a bad guy". It's not that someone is overweight or lacking in attractiveness, it’s how they carry themselves. I mean, look at Ashley Graham. She is a certified dime piece and she doesn’t act like one of those women that Al Bundy used to roast on Married with Children. She comes off like a good person, like someone, you'd wanna date. Hayley Hasselhoff is another good example. She's plus size but she has the charisma and raw sex appeal of someone half her size which really says a lot about the woman. Need more proof, look at her Playboy pics. It doesn’t matter if you’re fat or ugly, what matters is what goes on inside you. If you’re a good person in spite of everything else, then people wanna do good for you.
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2021.06.19 20:13 HomoHominiLupusEst Plants most suitable for keeping a room cool in summer?

I live in Europe, Austria, and I was wondering which plant cools the room? All plants do probably to some degree, but I've seen a few recommendations (aloe vera, palm tree, snake plant, peace lily).
I'm mostly wondering how can I, for myself, find out which plants are suitable considering my location. Is it enough if there is enough plant matter that does photosynthesis? Are succulents or non-succulents better? Does it even matter (that much)?
Thank you!
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2021.06.19 20:13 Thesumis182 1:11

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2021.06.19 20:13 ZoobBot 153152

This is the 153152nd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.06.19 20:13 Davide3i Recycle Bin icon missing when full.

I've owned two different Thinkpads (one from my workplace and one of my own) and I've noticed that, on Windows, the Recycle Bin icon simply disappears when the Bin itself is full. Is any of you having this same issue? The only way to show the proper icon is by refreshing the Desktop.
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2021.06.19 20:13 -JAKS- Malls find a new way to scare off customers.... Lol

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2021.06.19 20:13 MycologistAdmirer How do I deal with feeling so left out by my fiance and girlfriend?

Note* I am polyamorous Last night, the three of us were making love and it was going amazingly. After we were done, the two of them moved to the floor to lay down and talk. They called me down there but it felt like more of an after thought.
They are both VERY considerate and we are all equal in this relationship so there is never a problem with that but I randomly thought to myself “they’re better off without me right now”.
I left the room to give them space.
Afterwards, they asked where I went and I told them I felt left out, and they almost seemed offended and said they didn’t mean for that.
I’m trying to take it at face value but I’m having a really hard time accepting what they’re saying?
Sorry if this sounds silly, I just would appreciate some advice.
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2021.06.19 20:13 sillychillly While we have come a long way over the past 150 years, we still have a long way to go.

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2021.06.19 20:13 matttvk How do you say “toes” in other languages? Would you just call it a “foot finger”?

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2021.06.19 20:13 Few_Organization_276 [Intro Physics] Force and Tension in Bridge

[Intro Physics] Force and Tension in Bridge Hi everyone, I'm stuck on this problem. I'm not exactly sure how to approach it. Any guidance / explanation would be greatly appreciated.
The part of a drawbridge above is mounted on a pivot at point E and anchored to the stantion on the pier by the cable from point D. The (light-weight) cable makes a right angle with the member DE. Each of the 5m beams has fairly low mass, so the drawbridge structure weighs only 10kN. On the other hand there are vehicles (as marked) parked at points A and C with masses 3000kg and 2000kg, respectively. What are the forces on the mount at E and on the anchor at the end of the cable from D?
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2021.06.19 20:13 Ganchief Regigigas on me 7679 0403 4534 Adding 10 please be online

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2021.06.19 20:13 LegumeTrains .50 Cal Mod for the Double Barrel Shotgun

I just thought of this and I need to get it on here. So I’m real life a .50 BMG round fits into and can be fired from a 12 gauge Shotgun (double barrels and some nut ak pumps, if you’re curious just look it up on YouTube. Imagine if I’m the game, they added a mod for the double barrel to have a reinforced gun that allowed you to shoot a .50 cal round through each barrel. That would offer a new use for the .50 cal rounds and would also just be a fun little thing to use. The upgrade could be a barrel that is rifled and shaped to fit a .50 BMG without the casing expanding to unholy sizes and the bullet not having a huge spread. I really doubt they would ever add this, but I think it would be awesome. Please let me know your guys’ thoughts!
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2021.06.19 20:13 standthis As vezes eu me comparo com uns cara e me da um frio no peito barriga cabeça...

Estou em processo de me amar. Antes da pandemia eu saia sozinho, ia no cinema e via algo que eu gostava, desenhava e ia na biblioteca da cidade ver o museu. Eu me olho no espelho e me acho lindo, não to nos melhores shapes de corpo mas pra mim já basta. Nunca estive tão satisfeito com meu corpo e pessoa. Mas aí na internet eu vejo uns cara alto, branco, com um mísero tanquinho mas ainda sim uma barriguinha e um pau maior que o meu e tão felizes, sexys, inteligentes e bonitos que me bate uma raiva e insegurança?!
Eu sei que eu nunca vou conseguir ser igual esse padrão que muita mulher e homem gosta, ou que a sociedade num geral idolatra. Mas porra, que agonia esses caras me dão. A imagem deles na minha cabeça me gera um frio de perfeição. De que "como eu gostaria de ser assim" e que agonia que não posso...
Mas na vida muita coisa vem antes de aparência né? Penso assim pra não surtar.
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2021.06.19 20:13 Wormdoodle How do you take a selfie without a camera or any kind of digital device (mobile phone, iPad, computer, etc.)?

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2021.06.19 20:13 snowpack24 $HANU Market Cap

$HANU Market Cap We know a lot of you have had some questions about our market cap being at $3.2 Billion and how that is possible ... here is a little help:
Let me take a second to explain how this is calculated; by default these asset tracking sites such as CoinMarketCap use the total minted supply of tokens multiplied by the current market value UNLESS they have been given current circulating supply numbers.
What that means for HANU, is that every site is currently reporting our market value multiplied by the entire 1 quadrillion minted tokens.
As a lot of you know, 99.9% of these tokens are currently either in a Unicrypt token lock contract (~497T), or in a Unicrypt locked liquidity pair with MIA and GOJ (~495T), with another ~7T paid in Unicrypt fees. The current circulating supply of tokens is only ~1T, which is only .1% of the total minted supply.
TLDR; HANU MC is current value x 1T.
You are all asking some amazing questions, and we are happy to be answer them all.
#HanuFamily #Hanuvians #Hanu #GojiCrypto #crypto
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2021.06.19 20:13 takemetothelostcity Do you think Carrie had never been in love before meeting Big?

It’s kind of assumed based on the exchange at the end of the first pilot episode where he drops her off at her house. Do you all think that that was the reason behind her going crazy over Big?
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2021.06.19 20:13 HazSylvia Cursed_FootBall_Match

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2021.06.19 20:13 midnight_margarita I want to see a complimation of all the times Kelsey has hinted that cody needs to propose. It so funny. If you see this Cody, Kelsey is the best and you should lock it down!! You guys are a great couple 🌟 Wishing you all the best.

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2021.06.19 20:13 rs9700842 Virtual YouTuber Shishiro Botan Black Suit Cosplay Costume , $135.00 (was $202.50)

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2021.06.19 20:13 my-eye-candy-account She's Simply Radiant

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2021.06.19 20:13 NotteAdventures Looking at Baleful Peak from Benevolent Peak at 330am.

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