Go! Blue Stacks keeps opening up to google play store |

Blue Stacks keeps opening up to google play store

2021.06.19 19:31 MisterCheekClapper Blue Stacks keeps opening up to google play store

How do I get it to open up to My Games instead of the google play store. I've tried going through Blue Stacks and Android settings but no luck :/
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2021.06.19 19:31 LessCoolThanYou The Firm - Radioactive

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2021.06.19 19:31 labelleprovinceguy Most Underrated Neoliberal Leader in the US or Elsewhere Was...

Title pretty much says it all. I think for the US, I'd have to nominate George H.W. Bush or Carter. Globally, I don't think Brian Mulroney or Jean Chretien get enough love. Curious to hear who you all might have in mind... Also feel free to give contemporary examples as well.
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2021.06.19 19:31 ChromeSphexTTV When E-Girls play Rainbow Six Siege

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2021.06.19 19:31 marlenes_tuxedo Super Dry Neck with Zinc/Mineral Sunscreen Use?

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2021.06.19 19:31 JojoMarillo Trading skins for radianite

Hey, I have no idea if anyone asked this here but why doesn't riot allow we to trade our skins for radianite ? Like, I would say that most people buy the Battle Pass just for radianite, and it is clearly not enough. Radianite by itself is very expensive, and I have many BP skins that I don't really use, so would it be that bad if we had the option of trading skins for it ? Like, 15 radianite for a common skin and 30 for a premium skin or something in those lines, so we would actually use the whole BP and still get more radianite, cause I think it's actually a problem for Valorant punishing you for having a lot of skins by not being able to upgrade them unless you basically buy it again in radianite
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2021.06.19 19:31 kindashywhore How to gain weight when youre tall/have fast metabolism?

Ive always had a super fast metabolism and being 5’9 it makes me super skinny. Its really difficult to build muscle especially in my lower body. Plus my medication makes me lose my appetite. Does anyone have tips to gain weight or know of subreddits that can help? It makes me really insecure. Thanks.
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2021.06.19 19:31 Caladeutschian Go-Go-Gosens

This is probably not the right forum but this guy is having a brilliant tournament so far.
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2021.06.19 19:31 sweatylittlecunt I'm all yours.

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2021.06.19 19:31 kipling_sapling Independent probabilities and set theory

I'm currently studying for the probability exam for the actuarial profession. One of the important equations we need to know is that, when two events (A and B) are independent, the probability of their intersection equals the product of their individual probabilities. That is, if A and B are independent, then P(AB)=P(A)*P(B).
It's been several years since I took any classes in set theory, but since "events" are a type of set, I keep wondering if independent events are analogous to some concept in set theory. That is, in set theory, is there some property of the relationship between two sets A and B that is basically the same thing as the independence of events A and B in probability theory?
I hope the question makes sense, and I strongly suspect the answer is yes, but I just don't know what that property of sets would be.
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2021.06.19 19:31 jboulter11 Raised Workstation 3D Printable Model

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2021.06.19 19:31 Hotplate_DET A week in Miami, me, drawing and digital edit, 2022

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2021.06.19 19:31 Leadership_Clean Regigigias raid on me in 3 minutes add 1084 0891 3963

Add me
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2021.06.19 19:31 MediumBillHaywood I’m an International student who just got rejected from on campus house. What do I do now?

Am I really limited to off-campus housing now? Where’s a cheap place to apply to?
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2021.06.19 19:31 Urban_forager Help! I(m) 48 Bi and genderqueer. There is a question here I promise.

So long story short… I just accepted my sexuality and came out 2 months ago. Since then I have opened up about wanting to wear dresses and lingerie with my wife. My only concern is I don’t want to completely transform my appearance. I mean I don’t think I do?.. I like being a man I’ve always been a man but now I want to feel like a woman. I want to wear the clothes and feel feminine but…. The question I have really comes down to breasts. I don’t have them obviously and women’s clothing is kinda made for them but I don’t have or want them. So how do I make a dress or blouse look good without augmentation of some sort? I just want to be me. I know it’s not an average question but are any of them average. A little help here?
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2021.06.19 19:31 Throwaway4PervyShit What ritual/superstition have you been performing this post season?

We all swear we rational people and don’t believe in superstition 😂, but I haven’t bought a piece of merchandise or jersey the entire run and im ALWAYS buying stuff. Can’t change that or I’ll mess our boys up.
How have you been contributing to our legendary run this post season?
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2021.06.19 19:31 Organic-Condition_ Anyone else see their farm stop growing after the newest patch?

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2021.06.19 19:31 gmqz311 Pauline jackson

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2021.06.19 19:31 RRRichards Homemade Islander Breakfast

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2021.06.19 19:31 Zdzis I’ve made report with classic cars (auctions!) from Poland. ...link in 1st comment.

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2021.06.19 19:31 Original_Amoeba My dad passed away from cancer right before the pandemic, and left me his s2000. Both of these care are amazing to drive!

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2021.06.19 19:31 Sh0ckabra Churro: A Study in grace, elegance, and beauty

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2021.06.19 19:31 ProfessionalAd66 milf

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2021.06.19 19:31 arcanawarrior66 What if... (reposted)

This was a failed attempt because I barely got a response from anyone except for one reply. Could you imagine if Eiji Shinjo from Battle Arena Toshinden was in Smash Ultimate? I know that Toshinden is pretty much a dead franchise and I think he’s a pretty good choice for Smash Ultimate although I think chances are slim to none. What do you think?
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2021.06.19 19:31 maxnotcharles If you could know one life statistic about yourself, what would you want to know?

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