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Dating / understanding men (in Japan

2021.06.19 18:40 rorottenapple Dating / understanding men (in Japan

My crush who moved to another city said he wanted to see me and said jokingly that I should go to his city, I happened to have a trip there couple weeks after that conversation and offered to meet and he kinda said yes then on the day of the meeting didn’t open my message. What does it mean ? He’s not very sociable and not someone who goes out /drink a lot. Should I still give it a shot ? Should I leave him alone ? )Thinking of texting him to apologize if I put pressure on him to ask him to meet.
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2021.06.19 18:40 ThankYouLuv Post your favorite mid and fast tempo backing tracks

Hey guys post your favorite backing tracks. Anywhere from mid to fast tempo. Im looking for new practice material. If you could post tracks with all instruments in, that'd he great! 😁
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2021.06.19 18:40 jaseestling W:nuclear waste h:caps and steal or trades

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2021.06.19 18:40 BanditWSB Uh, how did THAT get there? Must be a virus

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2021.06.19 18:40 IronWolve As a trump supporter the hypocrisy is palpable

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2021.06.19 18:40 OldWitchOfCuba Anti-vaxxer gaat Hugo de Jonge "medeplichtig stellen aan het schenden van de Nurnburg code"

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2021.06.19 18:40 menemai X's Adventures in Minecraft Season 3 - 051 - Mining Shaft 2

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2021.06.19 18:40 ShadesAndGatorade Ok so I pop in and out and tend to miss things. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Did they actually get the house? Did they sell their house? They’re talking about renovations and Smeli is already buying everything. I assume yes because of all that..... but it’s John and Ali so I figured I should ask 😂

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2021.06.19 18:40 Substantial-North499 If you could be any titan, who would you be?

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2021.06.19 18:40 atypicalbirder Golden-ringed Dragonfly (Cordulegaster boltonii), Anglesey, UK

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2021.06.19 18:40 MadelinBloveasian19 Nudes Groupchat 🤍 🥰

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2021.06.19 18:40 pizzainu ascensi

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2021.06.19 18:40 kantiano Dior Cruise 2021 (preliminar photoshoot)

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2021.06.19 18:40 querycute Kim Hyun Chul - City Breeze & Love Song

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2021.06.19 18:40 zeroxs01 Water science and engineering (masters)

As the title indicates I’m interested in studying water science and engineering at kit and I wanted to ask if anyone here is currently or was studying this course and could give me some info on how it is, how difficult it is and if it’s good? I am accepted to another school in the Netherlands but from what I read kit looks like a better school but I’m not sure about the course. Also, this doesn’t apply solely to this course but how long after the application deadline did you know if you were accepted or not? Thanks for the help and hopefully see you next semester 🤙
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2021.06.19 18:40 Poofgirl39the2nd LOOK AT MY BESTIE!!!!!

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2021.06.19 18:40 Additional_Knee1529 Night Retainers

Hey guys, I am about to order the foreskinned air and workhorse. Can anyone recommend a good nighttime retainer? Ive done this in years past and had alot of trouble. Thanks
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2021.06.19 18:40 Molasses_Substantial Father’s Day deals at Bkind off Lindbergh ✌🏻

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2021.06.19 18:40 TheAnonimousRedditor I'm tired

It's not even 2pm
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2021.06.19 18:40 thehauntingskies Don't forget to drink water!

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2021.06.19 18:40 verbaexmacina AT&T Fiber Midtown - Thoughts?

After 20 years as Dish Network customers we switched to streaming services exclusively. So now aside from 3 TV's streaming we have at least 10 other devices or appliances that are WiFi needy. Anyone in Midtown using AT&T Fiber? Personally, I despise AT&T based on past wireless experience and being forced to use their disgusting "high-speed" internet when we lived on the East End. But recently they've started advertising that fiber is now available in Midtown and the costs are less than what I'm paying for Spectrum's spotty service, and obviously much better speeds.
Thanks for any insight.
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2021.06.19 18:40 Subject-Cheetah802 Thanks dogecoin Comunity!!!

Thanks to doge I was able to afford this 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the legendary 4.0 Inline six engine one of my three dream cars! But not because I sold, my grandmother knew I had invested to try and get some stuff handled legally I need so she paid for my car upfront and since then I’ve paid her half (yesterday) and next week she gets the rest but thanks guys for helping me to get this new car that we desperately needed I love you guys!
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2021.06.19 18:40 therasslingking Somewhere dinosaurs is creaming to this

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2021.06.19 18:40 Fei_the_Fox The huncback of NotreDame Djali bathing suit

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2021.06.19 18:40 ComprehensiveRead161 So I’m day trading Ankr….

For the sell on coinbase I set both my stop and limit sections to .095.
I wanted the order to only sell if it is exactly that price.
Did I do this right?
Forgive my ignorance and thanks in advance…
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