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2021.06.19 20:17 NegroMaria Ametralladoras ligeras

Me sorprende que con el tremendo buffeo que tuvieron las ligeras, prácticamente nadie las use. Mi RPD ahora mismo quita 30 por cada tiro y es un puntero láser sin retroceso que escupe 200 balas. Claro te movés como una tortuga pero no es un arma para rushear. Qué opinan?
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2021.06.19 20:17 GraphicAxe BIRTH To DEATH of a GODDESS In Minecraft!

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2021.06.19 20:17 fedcomic What’s in a medbay?

Our ships doctor wants to know what should be in a ship’s medbay.(The ship is a Far Trader.) She has a personal medikit. What else should be on her radar as the crew starts to accumulate money enough to buy medical equipment?
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2021.06.19 20:17 dirkdragonslayer Silly question, why is Wild Bill part of Ramah Taskforce?

I don't know anything about Aristeia, but I was wondering a bit about how he fit into the army lore-wise. I know he is some sort of mercenary for a lot of factions, but is he from Bourak like the Monstruckers? The new model with the Contender has armor and a color scheme similar to what the rest of Haqqislam wears (other than the cowboy hat). He also has a profile similar to other Ramah super soldiers and can take the spot of a jannisary when making a jannisary core.
Is he some sort of Jannisary who dreamed of being an old-fashion cowboy? Is he the Haqq representative for Aristeia? Am I over thinking this?
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2021.06.19 20:17 MartiniKa88 Outdoor places to watch the Euro Cup games?

Hi all, I've been searching for a week already a place with a TV outside and it's impossible to find. Do you know of any? Previous years I was always going in pl universitat but they told me no TV outside anymore. Is it true it is now made illegal? And why? In a pandemic it would makes sense to have more outdoor places for that.
In my country or in others they put a special big screen distanced tables and benches, beers and food in big parks of the city so I am surprised for such a football loving place, this or just having a TV outside a bar is not an option...
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2021.06.19 20:17 dannypharmd Funny but sad

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2021.06.19 20:17 5igorsk Князь Сергей Александрович Щербатов вел реестрик московских художников нарекая их всякими сортами грибов по их предпочтениям в отношении прекрасного -

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2021.06.19 20:17 reddit_feed_bot WND: Leftist group wants to rid world of 'excess' children

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2021.06.19 20:17 Brilliant_Stock_6032 D-Pole Shooting

So, I play pole, both LSM and Close D. I want to be able to shoot well when I get the chance, but my follow through is a bit of an issue. Coaches say my shot is good, but I cannot follow through the way most poles do because of height. I’m only 5’4 and when I follow through my pole hits the ground. Any tips?
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2021.06.19 20:17 -Sportswear- Artist Christiana Soulou On Her Dior Cruise 2022 Collaboration

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2021.06.19 20:17 subraj Simran Kaur deserves hard fuck every day 🤤🔥

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2021.06.19 20:17 RealSpliffit Can you tell me what MMA fighter this autograph could be from?

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2021.06.19 20:17 pewdiepao I'm almost 26 and it's my first time reading a HP book

I've never watched the movies(yet) but I did plan on reading the books at some point, it just happened to be a bit late.
I'm a slow reader. I can usually finish 1 book in around 2 weeks. But this is the first time I breezed through a book for only 2 days. I could've finished the 1st book within the day if I didn't have anything else to do that day.
The moment I finished reading the 1st book, I already knew that I'll definitely re-read this again. As tempting as it is to immediately start reading the 2nd book(i got the complete set), I really need to sleep as it's already past 3am here. 😅
I'll try not to look too much in this subreddit for now until I finish everything as to not get spoiled. I just wanted to put this out here as I'm legit hyped right now and can't sleep but i have to.
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2021.06.19 20:17 benchamin-freightlin Madlib - Movie Finale [Instrumental]

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2021.06.19 20:17 soraskye20 I'm ridiculously bored / vent about Second Life

So for the last few months, I've been incredibly bored. So much so, that I've self-harmed because it was literally something to do. I decided "okay, I'll go back on Second Life and be a DJ at a club again because at least it's something to do"
Well, I go on the Second Life forums I find a place that pays DJs 1,000 Linden per set. I go to audition, the guy hires me, then over the next few days/weeks I talk to the owner about his land, his building, etc... he decides right then and there to hire me on as a "manager" then suddenly a few days later promotes me to co-owner due to being on SL for 13 years, having owned multiple nightclubs, sims, etc. But I knew going into this, dude was a bit weird yet I let it slide.
I come to find out, he has BPD same as me. The minute I learned that I was like "Shit, this is gonna go to hell in a handbasket really quick... 2 BPDs together... not a good mix" but yet, I stayed like an idiot because it was something to do.
So I helped him redo his entire land, put down a new club building, bought a bunch of stuff for his sim asking him the entire time if he was okay with it (and he was) thinking to myself "okay, when is the other shoe going to drop..."
Well one day he introduces me to his friend who has a girl that he is friends with, she's a complete bitch. I log on a few days ago, after just buying him a $10 office building for the staff to meet in... and learned he doesn't want it. I ask him for my $10 back he blocks me. When I went to the land to pick things up I found that he made his friend co-owner, then let the girl have complete control over the sim/club and decided to let me go.
Now I'm back to square one, with nothing to do. This is also why I hate Second Life now, it used to be such a wonderful place to socialize and have fun, and now it's just about $$ and people there are such morons!
Did you know that you can't even buy a full sim for less than $260 per month now? I was thinking of getting my own full sim, and starting up my own lil thing, but I can't now because everything is so stupidly expensive it's ridiculous.... but yet Second Life is all I can really do because after looking through a list of 1,000 different hobbies I can't find any that will work for me due to the various other disabilities that I have.
I'm bored, and I need something to do that is going to keep me busy constantly or I'm gonna lose my mind :(
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2021.06.19 20:17 The191 After 5 years, finally figured out how to live feed my camera to phone.

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2021.06.19 20:17 rawrcewas My attempt at stylized blender animation. Any critiques? :)

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2021.06.19 20:17 OzDuhBanana Ramee's Aim (Meme)

Ramee's Aim (Meme)
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2021.06.19 20:17 daibido1123 Help needed, PSP Game Installing WITHOUT CUSTOM FIRMWARE.

Hi all, new here.
So I know CFW is basically the easiest and quickest way to go and offers a lot of features, but I would like to keep my PSP official. When I get a second one, I plan to CFW it. Until then, I am trying to find out what the method of installing PSP games without CFW is. I have seen postings all over of there being a method, but a lot of them have links that are dead or video tutorials that are deleted. Does anyone here know how to do what I am trying to find out? If so, could you give me a live link, or explain it to me?
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2021.06.19 20:17 Valerie_Monroe BuJo-ing in bed?

How do you use your journal in bed? I mean this *literally:* how do you physically write in a notebook while in bed?
I'm trying to see if I can incorporate some BuJo routines when I wake up but before I leave bed and I'm occupied by family. Is there any way to write while laying back, or do people only write with the notebook flat on the bed while up on their elbows?
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2021.06.19 20:17 pro_procrastinate A new cage

Can somebody please tell me the name of a cage for 2 cockatiels that is a good size for them but isn't too big
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2021.06.19 20:17 purchye is this too much ?

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2021.06.19 20:17 A_Greek_Boi Ποιήσαμεν ολίγον τρολαρισμαν

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2021.06.19 20:17 Teldar_Paper_Inc Which coins/tokens to add to my crypto experiment?

Which crypto coin/token should i add to my experimental portfolio?
feel free to add suggestions.

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2021.06.19 20:17 DjGeNeSiSxx Garmin Edge 705 keeps dying at boot-up

I have an EDGE 705 which exhibits a very strange behaviour. 5 seconds after boot-up the unit shuts down. The boot-up logo appears and then the device dies
I tried a hard reset but even when I select "yes" to erase everything, a second or two it dies again. I've tried a soft reset too and I've had the same result. I've even installed a completely new battery, charged it up and experience same issue. I've forced it to "Storage mode" while connecting it to the computer and a couple of seconds after the display shows the computer icon the device dies again. I'm running out of ideas people. Is there anyone that can help with troubleshooting?
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