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2021.06.19 18:30 SirPixelheart E-War Ships

Source: https://twitter.com/EveOnline/status/1406265619088019456?s=20
Hello everyone, it's me again with a little ship related question.
I saw this tweet here and subsequently looked a little more into electronic warfare and corresponding ships (Blackbird specifically).
One question I kept asking myself: are these ships survivable on their own and usable for other content than fleet flights?
I find the idea interesting to be able to stop my enemy (NPC in this case) from switching on me or not having the energy to activate his weapons etc.. But after the bonuses and everything else considered, it seems a bit like these ships can't really be used outside of fleets.
Is this true or am I under a fallacy here?
(PS: to everyone from my last post: don't worry - I'm still working on a PvE ship and the corresponding skills. I just want to know how all ships behave and how to react to them if necessary).
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2021.06.19 18:30 Official_Lolucas All my rankings to by far every song on Esc2021

Null meaning= "I don't know what to say about the song"

Albania: null

Australia: it looks like an opening of a little girls cartoon, ngl

Austria: i HATE ballads, The other song that Vincent Bueno sang in 2020 was way better

Azerbaijan: null

Belgium: Typical boomers song

Bulgaria: Like I said, i hate ballads, it is very boring, I think this song didn't even deserve to partecipate to the GF

Croatia: I think this song should partecipate to the GF instead of Bulgaria

Cyprus: I tought it was a good song when I listen to that for the first time but I realized how unoriginal it is...

Czech Republic: null

Denmark: This song could be good if they playied it on the 80s, but we are on 2021...

Estonia: null

Finland: Good song, it is one of the songs in my top3/5 for my favourite songs in the ESC2021

France: Not my genre

Georgia: I'm going to repeat it for the 3rd time, I hate ballads

Germany: Funny but good song to me and it is really sad that it got a bad place on the leaderboard

Greece: null

Iceland: Good song like the one they sang on 2020, provably around in my top10/5

Ireland: not my genre

Israel: null

Italy: I'm glad they won, I liked a lot their song

Latvia: sounds like a rap song and it deserved to partecipate to the GF

Lithuania: Good song

Malta: null

Moldova: The song isn't that bad but that "a" at the end ruined the song

Netherlands: Not my genre

North Macedonia: It is really easy to understand what I think about this song

Norway: Kinda boring to me

Poland: the song is good but the dude that sang it was pretty weird to me

Portugal: Not my genre...

Romania: null

Russia: null

San Marino: I liked the song, especially due to Flo Rida

Serbia: null

Slovenia and Spain: boring ballads

Sweden: It isn't original at all, it sounds like Starboy

Switzerland: Let me say it for the 83479321743rd time, I hate ballads, this song didn't even deserve to partecipate the GF

Ukraine: good song by far

UK: The song is provably better than all the boring ballads I mentioned, it didn't deserve to be on the last place
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2021.06.19 18:30 hrithikbadass Yo that spark

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2021.06.19 18:30 New-Scientist7228 Top 10 Fortnite Tiddies

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2021.06.19 18:30 agripinacarrier2FY 🐶 DOGO Coin🐶 (Unreleased) | LOW 500M Supply | 3% Redistribution | Deflationary | Presale coming this week!

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2021.06.19 18:30 SWGalaxysEdge Follow-up - Chicken Taco kit on Sale this week in the deli...

Follow-up - Chicken Taco kit on Sale this week in the deli... I asked a few days ago what everyone thought about this kit. I got mixed reviews here so we got it and tried it - wow it was actually really good. Came with 6 tortillas, cooked seasoned chicken, lettuce, cheese, sauces. We really liked it. We're used to just getting Taco Bell so this was different for us and we liked it. We're not fans of too spicy so next time I will buy some sour cream to add, but if you are on the fence on this give it a shot.

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2021.06.19 18:30 turingwasmurdered CFS sufferer - I'd appreciate your help

anybody out there treated their CFS (or CFS-like) symptoms with the toxic mold approach?
I would appreciate any thoughts on my story as well, I am new to the mold world.

I was, as far as I know, only exposed to mold 6 years and more ago. The room above where I lived flooded and there were literal mushrooms growing in my ceiling. I've since moved house several times.

Just over a year ago I came down with breathing issues (air hunger) which was always accompanied by a deep popping noise in my sinuses, as if they're blocked but they're not blocked. This subsided after about a month and I began getting far worse symptoms - severe fatigue, post-exertional malaise, constipation, frequent urination, muscle pain.

I discovered that B12 helped for a while, but the effects lessened over time. Then I discovered that cumin (the spice) helped. But nothing is a cure. One common property of these two things is their effects on cytokines. So I now believe that I my immune system is behind my symptoms.

The interesting thing is that anything that helps my fatigue also brings about the air hunger and popping sinuses. Like, my illness started with this and no fatigue. Then the fatigue came on as the air hunger went away. Now I seem to be able to choose between fatigue and air hunger... although neither is desirable.

Where do you think I should go from here? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2021.06.19 18:30 local_enby Commission for u/FurryForge!

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2021.06.19 18:30 bigballa1776 See you on the other side 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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2021.06.19 18:30 CynthiaSmalley11 Watching 101 Dalmatians at a bar.

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2021.06.19 18:30 Czechify Czechify Discord Bot

Czech out our source code!
Now Public!
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2021.06.19 18:30 HeyOm3sss gordon ramsey pulling up to your restaurant on a mare

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2021.06.19 18:30 fitbhai I think my dog is giving us major signs 🔪🐻

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2021.06.19 18:30 PoodingIce Американская актриса Натали Вуд, 1961 год

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2021.06.19 18:30 JakeBrown16 🐵The mokeyspace ($monkey) token allows you to generate permissionless performance by simply keeping tokens in your BEP20-compliant wallet. This token also has plans to donate to charities in the future.🐵

🐵 The Monkey Space token is a deflationary BEP-20 token that empowers the DEFI community with collective due diligence on DEFI's emerging investment opportunities. 🐵
Today, the electronic herd, the thousands of fund managers who control large sums of money, has the power to affect world politics more than politicians. If the electronic herd does not like the way a country is managing its financial affairs, they will move their money elsewhere at the speed of light. It is not politicians who are in power today, as they did in the industrial age. In the information age, it is the power of global digital money that often dictates the affairs of a country.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 As a holder of the Monkey Space token, you will receive a 2% redistribution.
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🐒 Name: Monkey Space
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The Monkey Space project as a token will have 2% automatic liquidity
2% liquidity will be added automatically on each transaction.

✅ Fair launch (no pre-sale scams)

Blockchain: BEP-20
🔥 Burned LP
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2% of the space fund will be charged on each transaction and will be delivered daily to a lucky Holder. 📜

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Telegram: https://t.me/Monkeeyspace
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Website: https://monkeyspace.money/
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2021.06.19 18:30 oFringo When you take 3 provinces in the HRE

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2021.06.19 18:30 sommer_starrynights The marble robbers are bored so they decide to rob the Stapleton Museum.

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2021.06.19 18:30 AutoModerator Who is better

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2021.06.19 18:30 ronneezau Andrew Tate - Making Money in De-Fi (updated)

I have Making Money in De-Fi by Andrew Tate.
Making Money in De-Fi by Andrew Tate is a book guide.
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2021.06.19 18:30 jmckillen718 Aristean Memrise Course Update

I Have Made An Optional Test In The Memrise. It Will Upgrade You From A Faeno Ki Aristean To A Medeatona Ki Aristean. Updates Will Be Every Saturday!
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2021.06.19 18:30 howthecookiecrumble What challenges are you facing? Maybe someone can relate, has insight and can help

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2021.06.19 18:30 AutoModerator WATCH: It’s Time For Christians to Take Ownership of America’s Future

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2021.06.19 18:30 K-pluckyLp [Xbox one] Red Dead Redemption 2 🤠74 Das Liebespaar mit viel stress

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2021.06.19 18:30 Anaisandstuff I think my cage is too small

Right now the dimensions are 30widex18x38tall
I was sold this cage when I got my gliders.
I've been adding more and more toys to keep the environment appeasing and fun. But now the toys are in there it feels too small (but the amount of toys feel appropriate)
I have 3 gliders right now
I have a lot of toys. Including a wheel. I might like to put a second wheel in there if I had the space.
What glider cages do you recommend/size.
They have tent time daily bonding time daily in my bra pouch.
There's a LOT of toys in their cage. But honestly I would like to keep adding toys to keep their environment as busy as possible and fun.
I'd say I'm looking for minimum-medium size suggested cage. This is due to availability of space in our home.
I'm most concerned about bar spacing. I know for birds there's specific bar spacing needed. So I'm wondering what bar spacing rules are for sugar gliders cages
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2021.06.19 18:30 Pupnadoed My text to my friend about the rescue counter

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