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Insight into MA in PoliSci

2021.06.19 19:44 smolandannoyed Insight into MA in PoliSci

I am a first-year Sociology undergrad in India and planning for my masters in PoliSci. I would love to gain insight into your experience in the MA in PoliSci program at UBC!
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2021.06.19 19:44 xtremeliving Popping and squeaking in front end. 2004 blazer Xtreme.

Title says it all lately the ol Xtreme has been handling very sloppy and have had a lot of popping, clunking, and squeaking sounds coming from the front end. Any ideas? Happens a lot when pulling into and backing out of driveway and steering is very sloppy.
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2021.06.19 19:44 One_Store892 😊HappySwap😊, New defi exchange, Just launched, Get in Early!

🌈Fair Launched right now!
🧱 Total Supply: 10.000.000 $Unicornswap
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✅ Ownership renounced https://bscscan.com/tx/0x6cb57ce5197399e39f34521db138d766b7ba6d270239b4a6ac3763a5290c459a
📈Bsc scan link: https://bscscan.com/address/0xD3761E41198aB58778470eEC297a59dd7B1301b1
🌐 Website: (We will launch website later today)
📞Telegram: https://t.me/HappySwapDefi
♻️ Importance of Marketing, Great marketing-campaigns might be the biggest part of a successfull token. Dedicated admin who are determined to make this project a huge success!
🦺 Our mission is to release an Defi exchange on Binance smart chain and also do advertisments. We aren’t just another rubbish meme coin, we are here to stay and we want you to come on this journey with us!
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2021.06.19 19:44 ProjectWheee Year round riding in Washington?

Might be relocating to Seattle soon and was wondering how the weather is during Winter. Is year round riding possible around Seattle? Will I need extra winter gear?
I'm from Florida, so year round riding is pretty easy here.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.06.19 19:44 clearona The Horn of Gondor, Me, Digital, 2021

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2021.06.19 19:44 Gonzo508 3002 8350 9065 friend code

Feel free to add me!
3002 8350 9065
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2021.06.19 19:44 LucioIsMineBitches Akumatization concept ideas :

Hello guys/girls, i wanted to share some of my ideas for new akumatizations villains :

1) Amplifier :

A young boy with hearing aids get akumatized because he is rejected by others for the fact that he can't hear normally as everyone can. Everyone makes fun of the fact his hearing is not as good as other people.

The akuma got in his left hearing aid device and turn him into Amplifier which is a supervillain that can amplify or de-amplify the sounds.
He uses the force of decibels to creates big shockwaves that can shake the ground and creates devastating earthquakes.
He can also shoot a projectile that will make his target "deaf" and unable to hear anything.

Ladybug and Cat Noir will need to communicate with sign language to win vs him. The hardest will be to find where the akuma is because hearing aids are very discreet and not easily to catch.

PS : I'm a boy with hearing aids, so a villain like this could be a cool idea :).

2) Poséidon :

At canteen, a classmate is getting harassed and starts a "food fight". But soon, the supervisors intervene and punish the boy for starting the food fight.
Angered because the other classmate isn't punished, he is getting akumatized by a Hawkmoth who places the Akuma in the fork. The fork turn into a Trident and the boy is turned into "Poséidon", a supervillain who can control water and summon big waves to submerge his opponents.

And that is not all, Mayura or Hawkmoth (but with the Paon miraculous too), will make a Sentimonster that is based on the Kraken, the mythological powerful sea creatures that destroyed a lot of ships to help Poséidon in his quest.

Poséidon can also shoots electrics rays that stuns and immobilize his target.

Against this Ocean King, Ladybug and Cat Noir will have a lot of troubles.

3) Despair :

Sick of the treatement received by Chloe and sad because her father doesn't care a lot about her, Sabrina climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower to finish her life and jump (suicide).

But Hawkmoth is making probably his only good action in this show, he prevent her from suicide by akumatizating her and turn her into "Despair", a villain that cries tears which can dissolve everything. The akuma is in her headband.

Her tears are so salty that the floor become moldy. Anyone who is touched by it is falling into a despair state in which the victim stays on the floor, trembling and shocked.

The tears can also make the Miraculous's holders weapons useless such as Ladybug Yoyo, Cat Noir Tonfa, Rena Rouge flute etc...

They will need to beat her without touching her tears. The tears taints the objects they touch and spreads to the objects who are touching the initial one.

After this episode, Sabrina confesses her suicidal behavior to Ladybug and how sad she is. Ladybug hears her despair and her loneliness and give her the Miraculous of the Dog. Sabrina will be the first person to get to keep her Miraculous. Bark will help her become more independant and she'll have her first true friend.

(The next concepts (4 and 5) ads a new student in Marinette's class : I propose to name him : Loïc)
4) Gladiator :

The father of a new classmate's friend is akumatized (Loïc's Father) Mr FOURNIER is invited to a reception organized by Gabriel Agreste. Mr FOURNIER is a rich entrepreneur who is the boss of an insurance company. He is a strict, cold man and an ancient military man. He is very prideful and arrogant and macho. His son doesn't like him and they have very different point of views.
Teased by Gabriel and since he is a proud man, he will gets akumatized because of his jealousy towards the Agreste family.
The Akuma in his belt, he become very tall and powerful.
With a big heavy mace, he is a big treat to Paris but he won't be that easy to defeat. Despite having Cataclysm, the belt is very enduring and Cat noir will need more than 1 Cataclysm to destroy the belt.

5) Prince Charming :

Loïc FOURNIER (a new classmate of Marinette) who is fan of magical fictions such as Harry Potter and fantasy/magical universes, Disney and Fairy Tales is buying the new tome of his favorite magical book.
His father doesn't really share his point of view and wants his son to grows up and become a man, so he decides to confiscate the book of his son. (The Father is the one who turned into Gladiator)

Of course, the result leads into an Akumatization, the boy is turned into "Prince Charming".
Prince Charming wears a long elegant coat, some Aristocraty style costume. The akuma is inside of his customized "magic wand".

He can polymorph everyone he wants into a frog or a cute little animal and use his magic to turn Paris into a true fairy tale. His father is the first victim and he turns him into a Bullfrog.

Ready to live his "Happily Ever After", this episode will contains a lot of references on Disneys such as "turning a pumpking into a Coach (Cinderella)" or "spreading wild brambles (Maleficent), making apples rains (Snow White), flying on a broom (Harry Potter) etc...

In this episode, Marinette will be turned into a little cute squirrel with Tikky, which means Ladybug won't appear. The villain will appears in the middle of a Class "party"' and Marinette will be his first target. Alya will be shocked and she'll understand that she is the one who can give the miraculous to the others classmates to defeat Prince Charming.
This episode will be focused on Alya and Cat noir because Ladybug will be out of fight.

6) Medusa :

Shamed for her physical appearance, a girl turn into Medusa, the mythological monster with snake hair and eyes that turn everyone who cross her gaze into stone.
Ladybug and Cat noir will have to use mirors to fight her if they don't want to be turned into stone.

7) Insector :

An insect specialist is getting akumatized. He can control different species of insects such as ants, butterflies, wasps and more and make them grows bigger.

But unlike others villains, Insector won't show off, he will stays like an Ant, in an underground cave and wait his insects to bring the miraculous. That means Ladybug and Cat noir will have to investigate and discover where Insect King is.

Traquemoiselle will be the perfect teammate for this mission.

8) Sikh-Ali :

Heartbroken by Rose's confession to Juleka, Prince Ali is akumatized into a Chakrams master who uses Chakrams to fight. With his acrobaties and his agility, he is going to cause a lot of trouble to our heros.

What do you think of these concepts ?
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2021.06.19 19:44 hope-this-anit-taken Fine I’ll upload the f.o.s parody this is f.o.o.d

Somethings on my mind it’s been for quite some time this time I’m craving it so where’s the fast food place the place we had last week the one with the good fries
Let’s eat at the place we’ve had 2000 times before this time you can get something new I’ve had a craving for this place now for a week my bellies aching for this
Stuck in the drive thu at least I’m stuck with you i wish they would move when it’s all said and done the food will be good and gone but was it worth it ?
Let’s eat at the place we’ve had 2000 times before this time you can try something new I’ve had a craving for this place now for a week my bellies aching for this food
This place it sucks it’s over priced and the food is crap I’m taking pride in never this filth again
I had a craving for this place now for a week my bellies aching now for this i waited 90 fucking minutes for this place and there food is Atrocious
This place it sucks it’s overpriced and the food is crap I’m taking pride in never eating this filth again
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2021.06.19 19:44 mcminervastyranoowl Elnee haters are lame

Elnee is god, you punks
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2021.06.19 19:44 Good_Day_Stranger Eating cake

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2021.06.19 19:44 Ecnagella Garage Sale Win For $2!

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2021.06.19 19:44 icyhotatortot Lake Pepin, our favorite swimming spot.

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2021.06.19 19:44 Mgron2 cool moth at work (new england)

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2021.06.19 19:44 DJdeWaard Zomer by DJdeWaard

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2021.06.19 19:44 TheresA_LobsterLoose Hit 1st FG parlay for the Thur & Fri games, went to the casino to cash it in and hit triple 7s on the dollar slot

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2021.06.19 19:44 NagerLB *verdreifacht Staatsverschuldung*

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2021.06.19 19:44 Shib_Coin 😎

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2021.06.19 19:44 smokeajay 2nd Gen AC System...info needed

I'm replacing my whole AC system soon (all major components except the hoses). All the parts are aftermarket GPD parts. The FSM recommends 6.1 fl oz of Nissan A/C System Oil Type R (PAG 100) oil. The compressor I bought GPD says is filled to the recommended capacity with 5.4 fl oz PAG 46 oil.
Do you think GPD's 5.4 fl oz is accounting for the additional 0.7 fl oz of oil to be in the other components (condenser, evap, drier) and that I should add 0.7 additional fl ozs since I am putting in all new components without residual oil in them? I plan on removing all the hoses and flushing them to remove any residual oil and blowing them dry and replacing all the O-rings.
As far as the viscosity, I think I may go with GPD's recommended PAG 46 since they built the compressor.
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2021.06.19 19:44 Secret-Guidance-3460 House in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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2021.06.19 19:44 MarioNas123 I want some karma so i can post in software gore

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2021.06.19 19:44 ribblle Will DM a Solo Game, For a Solo Game

I'll run it according to your specifications, and i have none for my own.
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2021.06.19 19:44 Djet3k Hope this gives you hope

So i pretty much quit for 6 years now after smoking pot daily for 19years in huge amounts! 6 years!! i can hardly believe it myself.
At first i quit for a year and replaced it with weekend drinking for the most part. The drinking is stil going on but i make sure it doesn't get out of hand. And it makes me so much more extrovert and less introvert like weed used to. Also the occasional hangover sucks (about once a year) but overal i feel good the day after, in fact sometimes i feel energised even. And when i drink in the weekend I never use it as an exuse to not exersize the day after.
Gym exersize has become a major addiction of mine,you wouldn't know if i didn't say it since you can't really see it on me. Exersizing has been something i used to work away the addiction frustrations at first but now its what i build myself up on. It feels so good and in a way i think feeling exhausted is good too.
I stil have friends who smoke pot and i stil have pot at home. And occasionally i would stil smoke pot at partys (after quitting for a year at first) but i noticed it wasn't my thing anymore more and more with each toke. It's just too intense now and It makes me tired and I don't really enjoy myself. At one point at a party i smoked quite a bit and i actually felt bad in my skin. Really going back into being an introvert.
I really feel like I'm done with it now and regret all the years i wasted but look at it this way that i at least learned something out of it.
My cousin quit back when i quit because he couldn't believe I quit , the guy who smokes the most, and felt like he should be able too than. But he wasn't ready for it and after a year or two he started again and toked even more. But recently he made the mindswitch himself! I'm really proud of him and I can feel by the way he talks about it that he is over it now like i am.
Could keep ranting about this , hope this is of some use to someone here. This subreddit really helped me a lot in the beginning!
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2021.06.19 19:44 YaBoiBlake12 Regigigas raid. Add 3261 5297 4191, or 4892 4687 3211

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2021.06.19 19:44 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-bob-marley-40

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2021.06.19 19:44 j08_j08 We’re doing a World Record Highline soon!

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