Go! Capillaroscopy... I think I got chem. exposure. |

Capillaroscopy... I think I got chem. exposure.

2021.06.19 20:26 travelhoping Capillaroscopy... I think I got chem. exposure.

Just wondering what you guys think. Reynauds is pretty mild at the unmagnified level. Thanks in advance!
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2021.06.19 20:26 EmmaWK Newbie questions: in-game purchases and "beat your own score five times" case

Hi everyone! I've been playing this game for about two months and really enjoying it. I mainly like the soothing music and beautiful scenes so I like playing just before bedtime. I have two questions:

  1. I'm looking to purchase some diamonds but as part of a general special package that perhaps includes some decoration items or coins. Earlier today the game had a special package that included some decoration items but no diamonds, and of course you can buy diamonds on their own. My question for you longtime players is, do they ever sell diamonds as part of a special package?
  2. For the case of "beat your own score five times," my sense is that it is more easily accomplished when you are on the first star of a scene. Am I correct, or can you accomplish it on any star?
TIA for your help.
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2021.06.19 20:26 Doc_OToole Active/Veteran Military? Civilian with a sick sense of humor? Come fly with us!

Omni Defense Corp. is a veteran-centric group that is part of the KAIROS Initiative Coalition, and as such has access to stable outposts in high, low, and null security space.
What we offer:
*Excellent Ore Buy-Back program
*Ship Replacement Program
*Profit Sharing for corporate ore contracts (we only keep enough isk in the corp wallets to pay the bills and a bit of savings for special projects. All surplus funds at the end of the month are distributed to members in good standing)
*Monthly isk rewards for small gang PVP participation
*Potential to make decent isk in our low sec home (mining, moon rocks, planetary production, etc)
*Small gang roams (whether for Quick Reaction Force, hunting in our area, or on Coalition ESS roams)
Active/Veteran military? We've got a place for you. The CEO is retired Navy and we have a number of veterans from all branches.
If you're a Marine, we provide free crayons as snacks.
**Air Force? We'll get you an extra-comfy chair so you don't hurt your sensitive tushy.
**Hey, Sailor! Ready for the dick jokes and Village People memes?
**You Army guys don't get squat; you should be used to that.
**If, by chance, you are Coast Guard, you can join in our gate camp as a logi guy. That way, you never have to go more than 1 jump from home. That's normal for you, right? ;)
**Space Force doesn't exist; its a myth. Until we see you guys go through boot camp wearing a tin foil hat and singing the Battlestar Galactica song by Jonathan Coulton, you're not real.
--Sick of being in a poorly run corp where your teammates do dumb shit and get you killed on mining ops? We're working hard to keep that from happening. Although, we do dumb shit, too...so....
--Civilians Welcome! We're not just military folks. :)
--Our Discord is VERY active, and we have some kind of operation (Whether mining, roams, etc) going almost every night. ((Voice Comms REQUIRED for ops))
--As always, REAL LIFE first, we don't have "mandatory" operations, and we expect you to moderate your time in game so that you don't burn out. If you need to take a break, that's understandable. We'll be here when you come back...just stay in touch :)
--REQUIREMENTS: A Desire to Learn and Grow. We do have doctrine ships that are required to be trained for fleet operations/inclusion in low/null operations. The training isn't bad, so don't stress :)--We do require AUTHORIZATION and vet our new members. If you have 17 alts in 8 different corporations, we are probably not the Corp for you. While we aren't hardcore, we do expect our members to be loyal and dedicated to develop their capsuleers that are actually in our Corporation.
So, reach out in-game to Aradus Gunnell, Smashies8, Phrozen Helion, or Doctor Andre O'Toole, pop into our Discord (link below), or apply in-game to the corporation OMNI DEFENSE CORP. (ODC.)
Main Activity Window: United States Prime Time (22:00-08:00 Eve Time)
Our mediocre ZKill board: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98657832/
Discord: https://discord.gg/qSnrRp5q5m
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2021.06.19 20:26 CupActual ⚽️🇳🇱

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2021.06.19 20:26 billyboee When is it okay to text frequently or daily without coming out as "clingy"

I am by no means clingy, but I do like to text frequently. Typically small talks, but hopefully the conversation drives on without an end. With my ex when we first met and during our relationship we texted everyday and sharing memes and stuff so we always had laughs and something small to talk about daily.
I connected with someone from hinge back in Dec and chatted occasionally until around March and we basically "disconnected" due to me not having the courage to ask her out to meet up and also due to her busy work schedule during the winter months. She told me she wanted to ask me out as well, but she was basically working 7 days a week.
3 months later in June, out of nowhere she reached out to me which I didn't expect. We chatted a bit and discussed a possible hike together with no date set. I reached out yesterday to see if she has plans for later that night and she didn't. So I asked her if she wanted to meet up and go for a walk around a park which she agreed.
We met and up and talked in person while walking and I could definitely tell she was laughing and had a good smile at times. Later that night I asked if she has plans for the weekend which she did have something on the sunday afternoon, but asked if she wanted to check out a farmers market in the morning. She agreed to meet up on the sunday morning as from what I can tell maybe she is interested in getting to know more of me and to spend more time together and getting to know each other more.
I haven't been texting her like crazy as I know it is important to not show off as clingy and to respect her and give her space.
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2021.06.19 20:26 alex0877 opinions on solo

what is your guy's general opinions on solo a star wars story I personally really liked it it's my favorite star wars movie beging rots opinions on it?
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2021.06.19 20:26 Swimdlin_Swan Can anybody who is good at math answer a question?

Doge supportehodler here, I have a quick question for any of you math wizards out there.
Dogecoin makes rough 15 million coins a day. So let's say nobody buys or sells doge for 1 full day. How much would the price of dogecoin drop in 1 day based on just the 15 million coins that were added?
Thank you, me no good at math.
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2021.06.19 20:26 TheOnnomise It'll happen on the next summer banner too

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2021.06.19 20:26 kugkug GOP Congressman says the quiet part loud about taking back the House

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2021.06.19 20:26 yeahyeah2468 Meanwhile im Burgenland: Schwan jagt Ente – Ente jagt Schwan

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2021.06.19 20:26 Open_Hornet5269 customs office bin intel spawn is TRUE!!

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2021.06.19 20:26 bignibis27 Found in Reno nevada

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2021.06.19 20:26 Bloksie Astolfo Qustion

How rare is it to get accepted to use astolfo? just wondering.
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2021.06.19 20:26 DeezNutz356 Anyone doing reliable cum tribs? (Kik StrikingPerformer356) Don't beg for more pics

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2021.06.19 20:26 mr_MChowdhury Pubg (1920*1080)

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2021.06.19 20:26 cakeycakeycake Just got a very faint positive on my honeymoon. I’ve been drinking, eating raw fish, swimming in the ocean and hot tubs, and don’t return to the US for another seven days. Very anxious.

We have been trying but thought this cycle was a wash because we hit only 0-3 so I’ve been acting as if not pregnant. I even skipped almost a week of my prenatal after taking them perfectly for the past 8 months. My anxiety is now soaring even though I know a doctor wouldn’t even see me for probably another two weeks. What’s done is done with the alcohol, vitamins, and fish so now just back to good habits since the positive but I also have severe health anxiety. An ectopic wouldn’t become deadly before week 5 right? And a miscarriage in the next week wouldn’t require medical intervention right? My mind is RACING in a million directions and I’m expecting this to be a chemical since I have done just about everything wrong. Any advice?
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2021.06.19 20:26 Sasha_Gallagher Go ahead

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2021.06.19 20:26 qwesone Seller wants me to pay them directly to waive the 13% fee — is this legit?

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2021.06.19 20:26 Severuu Finally got a good gilded whirlwind (would've preferred for GS to swap with Radiance)

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2021.06.19 20:26 ruger_roo Waiting til the last minute to make a diorama

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2021.06.19 20:26 fdsgfhgjh89 The equivalent of a heated pillow

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2021.06.19 20:26 CuteMick2020 Just my little experiment.🙂 Your opinion?

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2021.06.19 20:26 Shlapperr 🍑🤤

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2021.06.19 20:26 Conscious-Flounder91 28 [M4F] Looking for a good time/FWB

Looking for a woman who is also down to have some fun. This could be a one time thing or it could be continuous.
I’m single, white, 6’1 about 160, with blond hair. Open to any races/sizes as long as we click, please be DDF and single. I can’t host right now, but open to a hotel or traveling to you
Message me if you think this could work
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2021.06.19 20:26 DeejC Teach those around you. In this case, my dad!

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