Go! Stylized: Planar Scions 01 |

Stylized: Planar Scions 01

2021.06.19 18:46 mocrasar Stylized: Planar Scions 01

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2021.06.19 18:46 MaxTheWriterboi How to write a diverse city?

I'm writing a private detective and assistant Sherlock Holmes-style theft, murder, and general crime mystery shorty story series that's set in Chicago and want to know as someone who lived in a small town in Illinois all their life how can I do that? Chicago is full of multiple different types of diverse people and I'm not sure how to research all of that. I also am not sure how to write poc villains and victims with my white pair of protagonists (one is short wavy brunet blue-eyed man and the other is tall curly redhead green-eyed man with freckles for a later mystery or few) without it looking terrible as hell. I have blanks for every other character except for the main duo in my plot outline bullet points and hoping before I seriously write that I can fill them in. For people who've written about Chicago, how did you deal with a diverse modern cast without "one of each syndrome", " white savior", and "black/brown means bad" tropes or overwhelmed with research?
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2021.06.19 18:46 sdmorganc33 [English > Japanese] Is there anyone who can help me translate this sentence to Japanese

Today, I’m going to try to explain the difference between 「○○」 and 「○○」 & 「○○」 and 「○○」
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2021.06.19 18:46 bf2reddevil H: BE25 Gatling Laser. W: Heavy legacy offers

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2021.06.19 18:46 ojanarong MOK best project

This project will positively change the crypto world for the better. Having great visions and a great team behind the project success is already at hand so guys must join here . I hope this project was successful.
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2021.06.19 18:46 DogpileTV Doberman Eating a Bird Whole

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2021.06.19 18:46 Deep-Initiative1849 SWEet

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2021.06.19 18:46 Blosely If you accept the worried explorer’s quest with all your teammates at level 50, all the snurps on the side of the path will turn into giant snurps!

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2021.06.19 18:46 UrMuMGaEe Crypto really is a fair place for all rich guys and normal people like us. Mark cuban lost funds in DeFi, no insider/hedge fund helped him. Just like all normal investors

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2021.06.19 18:46 Kingkilo97 Marowak raid in 5min add me 7178-1356-0668

I need a hand beating this raid please
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2021.06.19 18:46 ArthurHill596 Hatsunemiku

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2021.06.19 18:46 Silver_Masterpiece43 What was Glastig's original power?

Was it ever mentioned whether it was the death touch or the ability to steal powers? Or was it something else?
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2021.06.19 18:46 sambamamerican Little Critter

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2021.06.19 18:46 lindabishhy E-girl Chat 💟❤️

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2021.06.19 18:46 PaddyTheLegend16 Making a meme out of every line in Expiration Date: Day 34

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2021.06.19 18:46 tommybezreh17 I changed my flight date and United ended up canceling my flight

So I booked a one way flight for June 14th, but ended up changing it to June 22nd. The difference was only about $3.
I got an email from United reading that I needed to contact them. However, the email read that my flight was indeed changed, I just needed to call them for them to reissue my ticket. I assumed I would be able to call them any time before June 22nd.
Then yesterday I got an email saying my flight was cancelled. So I called them and they said that my flight change never actually went through.
No where on the email they sent me did they say this could happen. I ended up having to pay $230 to get myself on the flight.
I now realize that I should have called them sooner but I didn't think this would happen. Any thoughts for me?
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2021.06.19 18:46 CyberLegend7 X15/17 screen options G-Sync & Adv. Optimus

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2021.06.19 18:46 NorA_cum24 💗💛💞 Porn Server Code

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2021.06.19 18:46 FixComfortable7460 How do I write a recommendation letter?

I asked my prof to write me a recommendation letter. He agreed and said I should provide a draft of the recommendation letter to him. So.. how do I write a recommendation letter of myself ?
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2021.06.19 18:46 csummerss Suns-Clippers WCF schedule.

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2021.06.19 18:46 blazindiamonds Ipe charcuterie board

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2021.06.19 18:46 innosflew The EU-Mercosur Trade Deal

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2021.06.19 18:46 Nyahahah4h Insert Title Here

Hi, my friend was unable to reach Prestige Master for Season 3, and that XP thing boosted him up to 144. He's wondering if he'll be able to still complete all 27 prestiges once Season 6 drops whenever that may be, or if he's fucked.
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2021.06.19 18:46 StandardExpert1265 [REQUEST] anyone have this high resolution of this image for manchester united 98-00 kits.. please help me.. thanks before

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2021.06.19 18:46 nekochan02 does taking a gap yr after graduating shs affect my scholarship slots if i plan to enroll nxt s.y.?

So, if i ever took a gap year after graduating from shs, will the chances of me getting a scholarship for college in dlsu be difficult? If I plan to enroll in the next school year? I saw an article on google that states its difficult but it wasn't specifically in the Philippines. I hope someone can answer my question.
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