Go! It's Jumuah! Earn the rewards of reading surat Al-Kahf! |

It's Jumuah! Earn the rewards of reading surat Al-Kahf!

2021.05.07 05:15 SourceDetective It's Jumuah! Earn the rewards of reading surat Al-Kahf!

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever recites Surat al-Kahf on Friday will have a light between this Friday and the next.”
In another narration, the Prophet said, “Whoever reads Surat al-Kahf as it was revealed, there will be a light for him on the Day of Resurrection.”
Source: al-Sunan al-Kubrá 5856 Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Albani
Here's a link to the surah recited by Mishary Al Afasy with English, transliteration, and Arabic on the screen.
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2021.05.07 05:15 purplepilledbitch The only things people find acceptable for young adults to do starterpack

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2021.05.07 05:15 Aidanwong_520 So China and Bhutan just... (real, unedited)

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2021.05.07 05:15 Few-Animator-4728 First responders, how do you get through closed gates in gated communities in emergencies?

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2021.05.07 05:15 the_provert Match 2: Chennai Sucker Queens VS Delhi Fapgirls Venue: Butt! Sara Ali Khan VS Pooja Hegde (MerMaid)

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2021.05.07 05:15 Grade-AMasterpiece The Rays have batted around the Angels in the top of the 8th

Brett Phillips: Single.
Randy Arozarena: RBI double.
Manuel Margot: RBI single.
Austin Meadows: Walk.
(Margot scores on passed ball from 2nd; Meadows steals 2nd)
Yandy Diaz: RBI single.
Mike Brosseau: Strikeout.
Joey Wendle: Single.
Mike Zunino: RBI single.
Willy Adames: Strikeout.
Philips: RBI double.
Arozarena: Walk.
Margot: Popout.
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2021.05.07 05:15 Raven3292 Fun Fact: Garcellos last (and very depressing) song is called "fading" in case you were wondering

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2021.05.07 05:15 SaturdayCasual what’s your “...live long enough to see yourself become the villain” story?

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2021.05.07 05:15 TheSpider-hyphen-man Optimus Prime

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2021.05.07 05:15 group_chat_story Sometimes I just accept it

I don't really have any friends i have some online friends but I don't actually have real life friends i was pretty much a loner i never actually made any friends growing up but when I do either they have to move far away or never talk to me again i never been in a relationship mostly because im just too shy to ask a girl out or something but if im being honest with myself me getting a girlfriend maybe have a family of my own will never happen because im fat and unattractive i'll probably gonna die alone but you know what it is what it is sometimes its better to feel pain than to feel nothing
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2021.05.07 05:15 NHLWhiteBoy If we want this song to go #1 we gotta actually BUY the single

It’s $1-$2 & it will go so much farther than streaming so if you can, buy MTR
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2021.05.07 05:15 Greninja73559 I know I should be asleep. But have some character interactions I want.

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2021.05.07 05:15 1000000students Insurrectionist's Family Sues Capitol Police

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2021.05.07 05:15 MrFilmsyt Cocomelon passed pewdiepie on April 25th upvote this so nick sees this

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2021.05.07 05:15 Wrong_Rider Anybody's travelling salesman selling a Shiba Inu?

Not sure if I should post here but I'm from the Asian server and I just want a Shiba :'')
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2021.05.07 05:15 Aravindh_Vasu How to realize a negative voltage with a positive regulated DC output?

I found an AC adapter that converts 230V 50hz AC to +16V, 0V, 32V (3 pins) DC. I wanted to convert this into a +12V, -12V dual power supply. Someone suggested that I use a positive buck converter to create the +12V but he told me that I would not be able to create a -12V by just using the same technique; a buck for 32V and connect the terminals in reverse for -12V. I didn't get why this is true.
Processing img 39tgh6tfjmx61...
Physically, if I have two 1 V batteries, how should I connect the second battery to get a -1V at node 2. Afaik I would just flip the terminals of the second battery like circuit A, but how is this any different from circuit B? Is circuit A even right? Else how would I get a negative voltage with a +1V battery at the emitter node? In other words, practically, how would I ensure a ground in the middle?
Here's the nameplate of the AC Adapter: https://imgur.com/a/K1VXz8X
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2021.05.07 05:15 272636 33 [M4F] Denver - Respectfully Casual

I'll likely be moving from Colorado in the next 6 months, so I'm not looking to jump into anything serious. The last year has been (obviously) rough for everyone, and dating has been impossible. Hoping there's a girl reading this who is in the same boat as me: stressed, restless, and looking for good company from time to time. I'm reasonably attractive, tall, athletic, and take care of myself. Ideally, you're on the same page.
Let's go to a Rockies game, check out new restaurants, try a hike or two under 5 miles, and generally enjoy each other. I'm terribly partial to intelligent, independent women who know what they want and communicate well. In the absence of those qualities, I will accept awesome boobs. 50 points to the HP house of your choice if you have those qualities AND boobs.
Tell me your age and location in a quick PM. No expectations, no pressure :)
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2021.05.07 05:15 Harm2ro Story: Characters Might Reflect Actual People In Nate’s Life

I re-watched the music video for story. Nate sings from the perspective of the girl. I was wondering if there was some deeper meaning behind his choice to sing the role of a acting bystander. Rather than the main role of the cashier or robber. Let me get this Sub-Reddit’s thoughts.
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2021.05.07 05:15 stonkmaster2000 Déjà vu 🚀🌚🚀🌚🚀🌚🚀🌚🚀🌚🚀🌚🚀🌚🚀🌚

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2021.05.07 05:15 dehydratedrat How do I reconcile 17 years of forced religion with logic and my own beliefs?

My parents brought me up in the church, and by and large I don’t think it was a negative. However, logic tells me that ‘one’ single religion isn’t possible and my queer identity doesn’t into any Christian belief. How do I deal with this inner tension?
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2021.05.07 05:15 taglic i’ve been searching for an hour for these as i have my other post i cannot find this for the life of me

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2021.05.07 05:15 RenegadEvoX Womply/Benworth PPP (repost)

First Question:
When should I anticipate being funded? I signed my PromNote on Friday, 4/30. Status changed to "Borrower Funded" on early Monday, 5/3. Nothing is pending in my Navy Federal CU account as of now, the evening of Thursday, 5/6. Should I be alarmed yet?
Second Question:
Where can I get a copy of my PromNote? The emails from DocuSign no longer work, and I can't find a link on the Womply Fast Lane site
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2021.05.07 05:15 JohnGilbonny Keyboard overlays: So you knew which button did what in WordPerfect

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2021.05.07 05:15 QueasyIndependence75 What is Global debt

Recently there was a huge talk about Sri Lankan debt, soo here's a video that explains what it is (it's not focused on Sri Lanka but the world)
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2021.05.07 05:15 Radiskull97 My lunch date kinda cute (Shanghai)

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