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190428 Irene

2021.05.07 05:31 lespleiades 190428 Irene

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2021.05.07 05:31 drgoddammit West Asian, Jewish, and Mediterranean Genetic Distance PCA Plot

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2021.05.07 05:31 reddit_feed_bot Thomas1774Paine: Hundreds of Mexican Children Were Deported While The Biden Admin Finds Sponsors For Others. https://t.co/XYGJO20zIi

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2021.05.07 05:31 GappyHiraffe [PC][2012] Old Dungeon Exploration Game

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Estimated year of release: 2012-2015
Graphics/art style: DOOM like First Person, pixelated walls and decorations, enemies and decoration props flat images much like DOOM
Notable characters: Only the protagonist and a Wizard fought at the end
Notable gameplay mechanics: RPG armor equipment and potions of random colors with random effects
Other details: The lore more or less was going to a dungeon looking for a red orb/relic, and going down in levels like a cave, a dungeon, and a sewer. Picking up the relic forced you to go backwards and the then empty levels filled with wizards and bats. Gloomy and relaxed music
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2021.05.07 05:31 Interesting_Ice_8336 Join

NEW VOTE STARTING Thanks everyone for voting for yesterday for a total of 35X
Our next pump will be when we hit 1k MEMBERS!
For all new members, make sure you do the following thing:

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2021.05.07 05:31 ClampGodAaron the signed vinyls are getting shipped!

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2021.05.07 05:31 everlastingeve Opinions?

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2021.05.07 05:31 flushyjames Working toward my early retirement! Jk cashed out and here is whats left.

Lets see what this fraction does. Lol
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2021.05.07 05:31 tb_whisp Saikomic ft. Lil Tula

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2021.05.07 05:31 Nikro3 I hate being a man.

I've been seeing videos of people telling their secrets online and every womans deepest secret is something mundane like how they bullied someone during highschool. Or how they want to divorce their husband to go to someone else. Every problem is valid and needs to be responded to, but I know too many men who say that they have a hard time waking up in the morning because all day they're ignored unless someone needs something from them. These fine people are some of the best I know and each one of them gives more than they take.
To me it feels like being a woman, the biggest problem is choosing who to date, but as a man, you need to be chosen and most times you aren't. I've never been rejected for a date, but every time I've never heard back from them. A lot of guys I know, me included, feel completely and utterly unwanted by anyone. I'm sure that this is just a "the grass is greener on the other side" but women really need to realize that they have the ability to make or break a guys day.
76% of suicides are Male, we dont know the exact reason why, but I know too many guys who think that there is no hope for them because no one will give them the time of day. We do want to feel appreciated and loved. No one works for us. No one tries to impress us. No one cares.
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2021.05.07 05:31 Radabexa Anyone got this message before idk but i think i might be perma banned

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2021.05.07 05:31 Wide-Ad4560 If you can’t hold past .60 then we won’t ever get past .6969 HODL

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2021.05.07 05:31 mzxred WM Motor Chooses BlackBerry QNX to Power Its W6 All-Electric SUV

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2021.05.07 05:31 ShadowsGirl9 ITAP of a dewdrop on a tree

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2021.05.07 05:31 CrackheadCryto420 Ya’ll got anymore of that dip?

So ever since it crossed 40cents I’ve been waiting to buy more how much do you think it will dip next before going to another all time high? Saving dirty Fiat to invest in my lovely doge.
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2021.05.07 05:31 XoloMom I can't get good reception at my new residence...

I bought a house this week and have been there all week cleaning... Ive realizes that this house is a blackhole in service! I get between 1-2 bars! No getting online quickly, dropped calls...
I know that there is a booster thingie, how do I get one? If it still sucks, can I get out of my contract without consequences to try another service?
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2021.05.07 05:31 TheAnimeSyndicate Humanity Has Declined

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2021.05.07 05:31 lil_alone_8327 OUT NOW

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2021.05.07 05:31 Silvermoomoo Putting r/wallstreetsilver on YouTube and tiktok

I'm trying to get wss some more apes. I have been on YouTube and tiktok in the comments section for the past 2 hours dropping our call sign. I think I tagged probably 50 or so. More apes need to do this. It's going to take more than 1 ape to do this for the marketing to be successful. I just check out vids that have a boat load of views, bust out a lil comment and attach wallstreetsilver. Boom, on to the next. Some of those videos are pretty funny. Just trying to do my part for my fellow 🦍🦍🦍🦍.
We r gonna f these douche banksters right where it hurts the most. I'm their wallets.
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2021.05.07 05:31 dsnipe43 After months of waiting and being teased...

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2021.05.07 05:31 Shygirl5858 Cymbalta withdrawl/serotonin syndrome?

Female 20. Fibromyalgia depression and anxiety. 180lbs 5'3. On lyrica 75mg x5 per day, birth control and cymbalta 150mg per day.
Last week I ran out of my cymbalta, I havent made it to the pharmacy and have also lost my prescription. Really pushed myself all weekend. Monday I started feelig odd mentally and physically. I thought it was just a fibro flare up. But I'm having troubles sleeping, I'm scared I feel just scared of the dark. I keep having nightmares. Then I was so tired. Shivering but overheating. My legs keep twitching. I thought it was fibro because it causes that with my moms. Never with me though. Now I'm so dizzy I can hardly walk and I'm getting nauseous from it. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I am wondering if I'm withdrawling from the medication. However I am also aware of serotonin syndrome. Is this something I need to bring up to my doctor?
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2021.05.07 05:31 Melodic_HallT Who likes my new shirt?

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2021.05.07 05:31 TurkishGuys Islam Madhab Map with High Resolution | It took my 1 hour :D

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2021.05.07 05:31 Crypto-maniac2021 Let’s keep safe covid $

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2021.05.07 05:31 peppapigsupremacy 21F Well s(he) is a platypus, they don’t do much

Currently listening to Perry the platypus noises on repeat. It’s very therapeutic.
Things I like: -nonsensical convos -listening to the same song on repeat for 3-5 business days -Broadway musicals -Sleeping during the day -Watching tiktoks instead of sleeping at night like normal people -anything related to the seven deadly sins anime and game -watching pubg mobile esports events. -my new friend: you
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