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2021.05.07 04:13 Ancient_Donkey1732 Transport Working Time Directive

I believe the company I work for is breaking the law by falsifying WTD records but I don't know what to do about it.
Basically the law states that 20 days of your statutory holiday has to be recorded work (not rest) At least this is my understanding...
Up until the last week of my last reference period all of my holiday had been recorded as work but when it became apparent that I would run out of working time my tachograph record was altered by management.
I've evidence that this has been manipulated and I've monitored the records to see if it's been changed back.
The issue has been reported to VOSA but nothing has been done and the company continues to do it.
I don't know what to do as ultimately they're breaking the law and putting people at risk?
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2021.05.07 04:13 shannonnicolle I Don't know what to do.

I just found this sub. I am an emotional wreck. My vibrant and full of life 75 year old dad has just recently started exhibiting signs of dementia. And I mean in the last few weeks. Since Easter. It's like a switch flipped one day. One day he was fine. Next day he doesn't know what day it is or what is going on. He refuses to discuss it and refuses to see a doctor. I've never heard of something coming on this quickly and i don't know how to fix it. My mom is dealing with it daily but she's afraid to upset him. I don't know what i expect this post to solve. I'm just having a really hard time dealing with it.
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2021.05.07 04:13 LAHotHardBoi OFT with a BWC kik DForHire

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2021.05.07 04:13 Xxisaac un poco de ternura en este lugar

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2021.05.07 04:13 Baalenlil7 I had a great line, and no one was around to hear it.

The other day I was on a discord chat with strangers for a social deduction game called 'Blood on the Clocktower.' The topic of politics came up a little bit, and it became clear that I was an Ancap pretty quickly. One of the people said, 'Oh geez... An Ancap. I thought you guys were myths.' And I said, 'Legends*'
Wish you guys had been there to appreciate it. No one else seemed to like it. Haha
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2021.05.07 04:13 pleasedontfollowm3-3 Ryann Murphy

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2021.05.07 04:13 Moha_HT When you live in a country in the drop area

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2021.05.07 04:13 tylerb272 lol

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2021.05.07 04:13 brisketnslaw 40 m. Anyone wanna chat?

Just playing guitar and looking for a distraction. Shoot me a message!
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2021.05.07 04:13 Tw0catsandad0g H: BOS Soldier Outfit, BOS Medallion, and Fixer Plan W: Caps

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2021.05.07 04:13 Georgilovespie I need help

So i have this group of friends on roblox but they always ignore me, one time it was my birthday and one of my friends said “oh it was my sisters birthday yesterday” everyone said happy birthday to her sister but not me....... One of them is a flexer btw . I have been depressed for a long time and pretty much have no other friends . Idk what to do 🥲
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2021.05.07 04:13 shield_x This women in Rick roll aged well

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2021.05.07 04:13 J5Screwed4Life This is how it’s done

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2021.05.07 04:13 WhatchaLookinUpHere4 Xerneas Raid Now!

9443 1386 6752
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2021.05.07 04:13 TheDankFather24 what's something you would tell your past self if you could?

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2021.05.07 04:13 skittle_queen Good updates on GSC US, including Grail Sakura Matou and Shoyo Hinata!

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2021.05.07 04:13 JoshtheBob Why is my tongue like this, how do I get rid of it? I had a sore throat but drank some tea and it went away but have this bad taste in my mouth

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2021.05.07 04:13 gangpie Look me up just posted something new😏

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2021.05.07 04:13 Reedoburrito5 Lightweight F2 Champion Roc 3! Penned 164g. New Unthrown. 8.5/10 due to being F2. $11 shipped. Will trade for Max weight champ roc 3 or star leo3 with cash added on.

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2021.05.07 04:13 eslutsRus i’ve been feeling insecure lately 👉🏻👈🏻

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2021.05.07 04:13 perochan SHAX (Jun (U-KISS), Hwiyoung (SF9), Jongho (ATEEZ), Yuri (JxR), Ahn Junghoon) - MALO (Imitation OST)

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2021.05.07 04:13 sometimes-you-gotta I've seen COD able to be played on hacked Wiis; is it possible to play COD online through Dolphin?

Title. Is there a way to play COD online through Dolphin, or at least somehow make the game think I'm online so I can access the combat training on Black Ops? All I really want to do is play combat training, but I have to be online to get to it. Any idea on how to do that if that's possible?
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2021.05.07 04:13 Jodes13 Happy Fuzzy Face

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2021.05.07 04:13 stockstalks What about $10

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2021.05.07 04:13 FoxNova202 Is there a way to learn what happened to category on twitch?

Asphalt 9 specifically was removed for some reason and I'm a small streamer and the game has a small community so growing with the game is pretty difficult as is and now that the category is gone it's become even more difficult.
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