Go! I inherited a brand new in box 12 inch Orion xtr ferrofluid subwoofer and there was a ported box blueprint in it, with modern boxes would it be worth building this or buying something in the range of 100$ |

I inherited a brand new in box 12 inch Orion xtr ferrofluid subwoofer and there was a ported box blueprint in it, with modern boxes would it be worth building this or buying something in the range of 100$

2021.05.07 05:34 Longrangesniper1 I inherited a brand new in box 12 inch Orion xtr ferrofluid subwoofer and there was a ported box blueprint in it, with modern boxes would it be worth building this or buying something in the range of 100$

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2021.05.07 05:34 FrontpageWatch2020 [#730|+563|17] Democrats Unite! 21st century Republicans are not only anti-democracy and voting rights, they oppose equality, progress,

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2021.05.07 05:34 VT_Dude What is the sh*ttiest coin on coinbase right now and why is it USD?

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2021.05.07 05:34 BlockbusterVideo2099 Extruder motor is going backwards. Please help.

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2021.05.07 05:34 GM2V Some thoughts on how to raise token price

As MSI’s price continues to plummet just as my heart, I’ve been collecting my thoughts on how to establish solid fundamentals for Missile Farm going forward in the DeFi world, so that more investors might find this project worthy of staking-and-farming, and more importantly, valuable.
What makes token price keep rising?
I summarized 3 types of logic for rising token price.
What is the rational token economy model behind token price? How can some cryptocurrencies’ price keep solid in the long run?
Vitalik once mentioned in his blog his valuation for medium-of-exchange token based on Fisher’s formula: M * V = P * T

— M is the total number of coins; — V is the velocity of money, that is, the number of times an average token changes hands everyday; — P is the price level, this is the price of goods and services in terms of the token, so it is actually the inverse of the currency’s price; — T is the daily transaction volume, which is the economic value of transactions per day
To put it simply, if there are M number of tokens, each of them changes hands N times a day, then there’s a daily economic transaction scale corresponding to the value of M * N tokens. If daily transaction volume is T, then token price is T / (M * N), and the average price level P is T’s reciprocal: M * N / T.
If we simplify the analysis, let H = 1 / V, then H represents the average time span a user holds the token. Let C = 1 / P, so C represents token price.
Then M * V = P * T can be simplified as M / H = T / C or M * C = T * H
We can come to a simple conclusion, purely from a market perspective, that when other basic conditions (M and T) stay the same, the longer a token stays in user’s hands (H), the higher token price would rise.
Of course, the above is a static model. In reality, demand and trading volumes keep changing.
In fact, this is an important reason the U.S. stock market has prospered all these years. A large number of institutional investors and even individual investors in the US stock market are holding stocks for a long time. The holding time is often measured in years.
So in DeFi perspective, what could make users hodl tokens for a long time?
Now we can talk about our main topic: the logic behind rising token price.
On the high level, we all know that creating more token usage scenarios and increasing demand for tokens certainly help promote the rise of token
From a token engineering perspective, successful blockchain projects with good token economy design can be roughly divided into three categories:
The First Category is Tokens with the Mining Logic:
When the token has good fundamentals, the mining token provides a passage for rising token price:
The feedback process of token price growth:Found price of mining coins as A -> price rises -> more miners join -> mining cost increases -> mining cost rises to high level
With a good fundamentals, tokens with mining logic provides a good price support.
The feedback process of price support works like this: the price of coin falls -> price falls to the mining cost -> miners reluctant to sell and selling pressure is lowered, believers provide support -> coin price stop falling
The more miners, the more stable the system will be. With the mining cost continues to rise, coin price gets a high support and the bottom of the mining cost to rise.
In the long run, as long as the feedback loop continues to go on, Bitcoin’s price (no matter as digital gold or as a peer-to-peer version of electronic cash) will have a higher and higher price support.
Of course, mining is not something that all tokens should take. In some cases, a 51% attack can wipe out the entire value of a project. Mining logic is valid only if the value of the blockchain project itself continues to grow.
The perfect thing about Bitcoin is that the more miners, the more stable the system, the more obvious the network effect of Bitcoin, and this fact itself raises the value of the Bitcoin network.
The Second Category is Tokens with Delegated Proof-of-Stake
To some extent, EOS’s supernodes are like miners, and in order to obtain mining rights, supernodes need to buy EOS tokens in the market to obtain mining rights; EOS will allocate a part of the additional issuance of EOS to these supernodes.
It is important to know that there is a capital cost to participate in the supernode election due to the lock-up of EOS tokens. Furthermore, some of the EOS tokens of supernodes are borrowed, the costs above are to some extent the mining costs. The hardware cost, operation and marketing costs can also be considered as fixed mining costs.
The feedback process of token price rise:price rises -> more people join supernode election -> cost for being elected as a supernode increases -> cost for being elected rises from B to B1.
The feedback process of price support: token price falls -> price falls to cost B1-> supernodes reluctant to sell and selling pressure is lowered, believers provide support -> DPOS token price stop falling.
During this process, it is more ideal for the supernode election to happen in real time. Since the DPOS tokens will inevitably need to have additional issuance, the demand for DPOS coins must be increased.
The Third Category is Platform Tokens:
By platform tokens we specifically refer to tokens from trading platforms that regularly distribute profits to token users. The most successful case is BNB from Binance Exchange.
Benefits of BNB: 20% of the quarterly net profit of Binance Exchange is used for BNB buyback, and the BNB tokens which got bought back are burned.
Now sitting at over 600, BNB’s buyback-and-burn mechanism is proved to be one of the most successful method for price-pumping.
The feedback loop of token price growth is that the buyback action will directly raise token price. Some people will buy tokens because they want to arbitrage, which will push up the price. So every time buyback happens, the price will be pushed up, which in turn will push up the cost of holding these platform tokens. In fact, a buyback program with token burn is very similar to a dividend program.
Another hidden logic for platform token is that: If platform token holders can enjoy the usage of the tokens, they will be willing to hold it for a longer time, otherwise the arbitrageurs will sell soon after buying. Similarly, platform tokens are not suitable for large-scale additional issuance.
Platform tokens perfectly conform to two characteristics:
The first is that all the holders of the token are protectors and even promoters of it.
The second is that the holders of the tokens are also the users of the tokens, so people will purchase platform tokens to use them.
It is obvious that the platform token logic is only valid when the value of the blockchain project itself has growth potential. In the case that an exchange can continue to prosper, the price of the platform token will continue to rise.
The bottom line of the price support for the platform token is provided by the value of the platform itself. If the exchange users are exhausted, the platform token might still drop to zero.
To summarize:
The three models above are summarized as follows: turning speculation into investment and allowing holders of the tokens to obtain stable return.
Of course, for methods like staking and mint-and-burn to successfully decrease the liquidity of tokens and increase holding time of tokens, it requires the support of the value of the project behind the tokens so that the tokens are actually used.
Team Missile Farm is determined to create more use cases for MSI so that it is granted an intrinsic value rather than a nominal value. Furthermore, we will adopt more of the buyback-and-burn mechanism to fully incentivize the market to hodl more of MSI. Last but not least, Missile Farm will develop more features to support its core feature-the farming aggregator such that investors will find MSI more valuable holding long-term than selling for speculative returns.
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2021.05.07 05:34 FrontpageWatch2020 [#229|+7724|73] They really could've [r/memes]

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2021.05.07 05:34 Flowerypop Here we go

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2021.05.07 05:34 mcbagz HTML5 Games in Google Sites

I am creating HTML5 games for educational purposes, and I am curious if I can embed them into a page on Google Sites. Can someone point me to a tutorial on this? Or even an example of this being done?
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2021.05.07 05:34 NevermoreSEA [Mariners Minors] Jarred Kelenic has homered twice in his first game of the season at AAA.

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2021.05.07 05:34 The_Great_Dame Some of writhing_kudu9158's thoughts on the recent changes shown in office hours.

" The newly-added delay in purchasing moments causes listings under ask - even if purchased immediately - to appear as if they're still for sale on the website for significantly longer than before. This means more users getting frustrated when they try, and fail, to buy moments that have already been purchased. It also gives inaccurate information for sellers about the lowest ask. Are you happy with the consequences of this change? "


Obviously phasing it to try and get it undone.

My opinion? great change if the snipers want it changed back.
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2021.05.07 05:34 Mentyor If you need any help, Mentyor is here.

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2021.05.07 05:34 OunHeng6 The best ideas the best flower how to make beautiful paper flower very easy

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2021.05.07 05:34 3D_Soul R Markdown is not working after my first attempt on R Shiny

My R Markdown is not working when I used R Shiny for the first time. I'm using the R version 4.0.2. Please help me RStatsProgram Markdown rshiny #rstats #RMarkdown #rshiny #rstudio
Please find the whole details here below
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2021.05.07 05:34 G_MOORE77 Anyone hear of using DMT for quitting opiates?

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2021.05.07 05:34 ThrowRAocti My (21F) boyfriend (28M) might've sexually assaulted me.

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 6 months. Early on in the relationship I told him that I was kinky and open to trying a lot of different things. He asked if I was okay with him initiating sex while I was asleep and I told him it was okay, that I might be grumpy but that I would probably get into it after a while. He's done it a handful of times and I was always into it it but a few weeks ago he started getting touchy and woke me up. I told him I wasn't really in the mood that morning but he continued. I basically let him finish then went back to bed. I didn't think much of it but later on, I brought it up and told him that I do have days when I'm just not in the mood and that I would make it clear to him when I wanted him to stop.
Well last week I had gotten my first dose of the vaccine and was feeling extremely fatigued, had the chills, and my arm was hurting a lot. He woke me up around 5AM and began trying to have sex and this time I clearly told him to stop because I really wasn't in the mood, I was still in pain. He ignored what I said and continued. A few hours later he woke me up again and started trying again, this time I pushed him away and told him to actually stop but once again he didn't. After he finished he went to the bathroom and when he came back he tried cuddling and acting like nothing happened. I was upset and when he asked me what was wrong I told him "You basically just raped me." He backed away and said oh I didn't know that's how you felt. He laid down in silence for a few hours before telling me he needed to leave because he felt uncomfortable.
For the past three days he's been constantly saying that he's had a bad week because he was accused of rape. I felt bad for what I said so I apologized but he still brings it up and I feel bad because I know I had previously given consent when we first talked about it. Was it okay for him to do what he did because I told him he could months ago or was I sexually assaulted?
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2021.05.07 05:34 V2EXLivid This VSCode color theme gives a lot of Notion vibes

This VSCode color theme gives a lot of Notion vibes Solarized Light
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2021.05.07 05:34 MignalingUrns 2 Kyles, 1 Vape

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2021.05.07 05:34 reddit_feed_bot DailyCaller: REPORT: Upcoming Superman Movie To Star Black Actor In Superhero Role https://t.co/4xWtVokHeJ

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2021.05.07 05:34 COCHIE_MEN It do be like that

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2021.05.07 05:34 KovalentViper Baby’s first Honda! 2010 with 75k miles, can’t wait to pick her up

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2021.05.07 05:34 Model_Me_This What I've learned about my self and panic attacks. From Stigma's to my truths.

This subreddit has really helped out a lot the past few weeks as I had a really scary succession of panic attacks in one day, one right after the other, about three weeks ago. It was the most intense day that I can remember in recent times since the 15 years plus that I have had panic attacks. To the point where the days that have passed since then have felt like I'm relearning myself. Checking out this subreddit I came on here after feeling so alone, stuck, helpless, hopeless, and frankly- doomed. After posting on here and reading others responses and posts I feel like I'm getting further and further from those feelings. So, here is kinda what I have gathered so far...

  1. The CBT I received when I was 18-19, I don't think I got the right messaging from my therapist. Most of what I had always thought I got out of it was that I learned my coping mechanisms. Breathing, self-talk, figuring out triggers and why they were triggers. But what I think has stuck with me the most is that, if I did had a panic attack after using my coping skills that I 1. Failed, and 2. If that didn't work nothing else would except medication. Which at that time my mom really pushed for me to never take medication, honestly she still didn't, but I'll get to that later.
THIS HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST BREAK THROUGH FOR ME What I realize now is, my feelings after I had a panic attack were usually three things, guilt, shame, and failure. Guilt that I couldn't stop it from happening and that I should of, shame because it felt embarrassing for others to see me like that, and failure because I couldn't stop it. I want to stop that cycle. Now that I am trying to rethink how I feel about my panic attacks, I hope this unhealthy cycle can stop. I'm choosing to accept that I might get another panic attack, that it is very likely. But that if I do, I can use my breathing and my coping skills before, during, and AFTER. When I have my next one, it will just be another panic attack. It won't be the thing to break me. My brain is misfiring things, that is something my body is controlling. What I do have control over is how I take care of myself. If I have an off week, it is just an off week. The only failure I will have is if I don't give myself grace. This is all still theory as I haven't had anymore panic attacks (I ended up stopping three so far just by repeating out loud to myself if I have it, that's all fine. I'll be okay after).
  1. The stigma that because I have panic attacks I am a weak person. That I can't handle things, the fear that I can not be the rock for my partner because I'm going through this constant anxiety.
What I am realizing- this has always been a ebb and flow feeling. It is probably one of my biggest insecurities. But I have re-realized that it takes so much freaking strength to keep going. I think accepting that people who don't know how this feels day to day will never be able to understand how much it can take for me to keep trying. End of the day, I keep trying. I hit a rock bottom I think three weeks ago. Where I told my partner- I don't know how I can keep living with this constant under-currant. Having talks with my mom about how I want to figure out some medication, and when she said "Just keep doing your coping skills and deep breathing medicine might not be good for you". My response without hesitation or filter, "You need to understand that at this moment, I don't know how I can keep living without more treatment. I live with this, first hand, and I need more help. You saying that feels like you are discrediting the years of me trying without medication, Like I haven't exhausted my options. But I'm at a point where I think I have" And she finally backed down. The amount of strength it takes to admit struggle, is real. Me being proactive in feeling better, is me being there for myself and by proxy my partner. If someone needs me I can put my shit to the side and be there for them. This is just a fact to past actions.
  1. There is zero good to come from me having panic attacks.
What I am realizing- well this ones a double edge sword haha. I've been thinking back through the years and as I am getting older, this has become more of a thing... I have had friends and family members call me telling me how they feel, and asking me "is this anxiety do you think? Is this a panic attack?" Because I have been so open with people about my panic disorder, people feel like they can come to me with questions. I've had family and friends who have called me terrified, and I was able to talk them through a truly awful moment in their life. I was able to look my family member in the eye while they had been going through anxiety and panic attacks for the first time in their lives, I saw that despair that I have felt to my core. I was able to ask them questions that led them to say, "Ok, I think I'm ready to get help". I have been able to say, "I've had moments where I doubted that I would ever have a good day again, but I've laughed and had joy again. I've also fell back into that spiral where everything felt helpless. That's okay." So while I personally, in the mix of severe panic attack strings have a hard time finding the good, I need to remind myself that I'm not alone, even when I feel alone. And even knowing that acknowledging that won't really make me feel better in that moment, but eventually it will. Because I have panic attacks I know pain, and to know that pain means I have been able to reach people I care about in a more direct way.
  1. I don't want my panic disorder to define me.
What I am realizing- it doesn't "define me" it is not the only thing that makes me who I am. In the same breath it has played a role in shaping me. It has shaped me in how I feel about myself, whether it is insecurity, or strength it really depends on the day. It has made me believe that I can get through just about anything. Because of it I have been able to connect on a deeper level with people, and myself. It has been a part of forcing me to become more self aware. Me not wanting it to define me is maybe a part of the stigma others have of any mental illness. They hear I get panic attacks and that means I must be too sensitive or fragile. But what it means to me is that I can overcome some of the darkest thoughts of myself. It doesn't define me but it has for sure shaped me in some integral ways and there is zero shame in that.
5.If people only knew what it actually felt like they would see how much strength it takes.
What I am realizing, yeah. But also I wouldn't wish it on anyone. There have been times when a friend or family member has had one and started asking questions about what I go through after they experience one. The conversation starts with them telling me "I think I had a panic attack what are yours like?" I go through my symptoms... I have what I call a pre-panic attack its when I know I need to start my breathing, my vision feels like I'm almost day dreaming, seeing the light in a dream, I usually can get really snappy with people, and I feel dizzy. Then my heart rate picks up. I feel it racing and begin to feel out of body, but only just a little. My throat begins to tighten, and my leg(s) start to shake. My mouth begins to tingle and I start to hyperventilate. My chest tightens and feels heavy like I have bricks on me. I completely disassociate from my body, it simply doesn't feel like my own, but yet I feel all of the pain coursing through it. My mind plays a movie reel over and over about either me dying, or all of the doubts I have about myself. If someone is with me, I feel every bit that I am a burden in their life. I cry hysterically, because between the discomfort in my body and the trickery of my shitty movie it all feels too much. It can last anywhere between 10 minutes or at it's worst it has lasted a full 2 hours. Now when I say all of that I think I am being matter of fact. There is no need to dress any of it up. But then a lot of time said person will say, "Mine was no where near that, it lasted for about 20 minutes and I felt like I was going to faint and I was hyperventilating, and thought I wasn't going to survive it. I thought my heart was giving out." Every single time my reply is the same. " What you went through sounds awful, and scary. Your pain is no less than mine. My first panic attack that I can remember sounds very similar. And I remember it because it was awful, and scary, and very real to me." They usually ask me what makes me have them, my response is sometimes I know why or have a good inclination, other times I have no freaking clue. I prefer the times that I have an idea as to why it happened. I would be lying if when someone close to my does have a panic attack that I don't feel at least a bit more seen. Because they finally see a glimpse into what it means when they ask me how my day has been and I say, "it's been a day, had a panic attack, but I'm doing ok now".
tldr; If you have stuck with me on this basically journal entry, thank you for reading. My main reason for this post is for all the people coming on this subreddit trying to find some sense of community because they have had one or more panic attacks. I see you. If you are someone coming on this subreddit to better understand because someone you love has panic attacks, I see you, and I hope you see me too. Short story of a random person who has had panic attacks for a long period of time, even when you can feel hopeless, helpless, or less than... there will be glimmers of hope, help, and worth. If you feel stagnant there can be moments of growth. If you feel like you don't know how you are going to live with this, I get it. But know that there will be good days, good weeks, good months, good years. What you do matters, how you reach out matters. You matter.
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2021.05.07 05:34 oflxsidz Is it true “the axles are dropped” and it’ll be a 3k fix for this ‘06 Honda Accord?

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