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eFootball linking reward not recieved

2021.05.07 05:17 humangasourx eFootball linking reward not recieved

I saw Puyol in the eFootball store and I was short on some 6k points. So I decided to call my friend up and made him download PES on his PC (I own a Mac) and made him link my Konami account there. But I did not get the 10,000 eFootball points reward after linking. I tried several things. There was no reward. Can anyone help me explain why??
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2021.05.07 05:17 depressedknicksfan9 Housing application emergency

Housing applications being due tonight of course my CULiving portal is lagging. I’m not allowed passed the GradGuard screen with the clip art on it. I really hope someone knows what I’m talking about or any ideas because I’ve been stuck for about 30 minutes and didn’t know what else to do this late lmao
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2021.05.07 05:17 TheAnimeSyndicate Natsu no Arashi! Akinaichuu

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2021.05.07 05:17 babybrew One week out... does anyone have advice/encouragement who has either worked full time while studying, retaken the exam, or experienced testing anxiety?

I got a 507 in January 2021 due to testing anxiety. I started studying for a retake while working full time about two months ago. Planning to take FL 4 this weekend, but honestly I have just been feeling super demotivated recently because I’ve been stressed at work and I feel like I can’t trust my full length scores because they are technically retakes... I decided to take next week off of work so that I can really focus and reset before the exam.
Can any one who also had a week or less of dedicated studying prior to exam offer some words of encouragement? Or can anyone who has experienced testing anxiety/retake offer some advice for how to deal as test date approaches?
Additionally, does anyone have any advice on which AAMC resources to prioritize one week out so that I can feel more confident about where I stand? I’m about 40% of the way through UEarth and have completed bio q pack, and some cars (and will do last FL this weekend though they are all retakes for me from my first exam). What was the most helpful your last week without causing too much anxiety?
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2021.05.07 05:17 Zaelha LEGO Coindog, Dänemark

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2021.05.07 05:17 PRODUCTIVEstoner94 Watched Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay last night...it's slick, underappreciated comedic gold and a must-watch for fellow Asian stoners

Just want to rant about how awesome this series is and how spectacular it is to see a movie where the two leads are Asian-American men. As an Asian person — and a stoner — it warms my heart soooo much.
If you're not from a minority community, it's difficult to express just how important media representation is. It makes you feel seen, like your existence is acknowledged, because when you don't see people like you in media regularly, it can feel like you don't matter.
It's hard enough to find good Asian representation in movies, so imagine my delight when I found these guys and they were stoners!
In case you don't know, drug use is EXTREMELY frowned upon in traditional Asian cultures. Part of it has to do with the insane work ethic that many of us are raised in. Harold's anxiety to stick to the rules and Kumar's refusal to obey his dad to become a doctor are extremely relatable to many first/second-generation Asian immigrants. Taking recreational drugs or slacking off is therefore extremely frowned upon in Asian cultures where the norm is to spend every waking hour at work, studying, or doing something "productive" to make your family/clan proud.
The other thing Westerners may not understand is the general distrust (dare I say disgust) at psychoactive drugs in some Asian cultures. A lot of it is just ignorance (many older Asian parents may think marijuana is the same thing as heroin), but as a Chinese person, there is also a lingering fear among my people that stem from the Opium Wars. Yeah, that was like 150 years ago, but the scars still remain. Many Chinese people see drugs as something forced onto them by colonizers who then manipulated and subjugated them. There's a lot of shame from that era in history and drugs — any drugs — remind them of that shame.
So thank you, Harold and Kumar, for making me feel seen. And more importantly, telling me that it's okay to let go and have fun sometimes. Oh, and to treasure your buddies.
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2021.05.07 05:17 InThePortalAgain Very stoked to be a new ERG owner

Just bought my first few hundred ergo. Wish I could have gotten in on the action back when it was just cents but I have a feeling ergo is going to gain lots of traction once Cardano is up and running and more exchanges get it listed.
Felt like I missed out on early days of both DOT and ADA so pretty damn excited to be here so early on ERG!
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2021.05.07 05:17 purplenightdreamer Should I text my ex FWB?

I prob shouldn’t. The last thing he said to me was that he’s seeing a girl and he would appreciate me not sending anything dirty to him. Which i get but it was so out of the blue cause we were having a conversation literally 2 weeks ago. I know I shouldn’t.
I really really miss talking to him. Had random convos for the past 3 years and now I cant really talk to him anymore. I wonder if he thinks about me or even misses me. I know this feeling will disappear but i just wanna hear his voice and have a conversation. He’s always come back regardless of the situation, but it’s been over a month and i haven’t heard a peep.
I’m happy for him. I really am. But deep down I wish it was me ):
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2021.05.07 05:17 Jeb_Kermin Those darn geese

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2021.05.07 05:17 Bsanch1996 Alright Middle East and Asia youre up!

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2021.05.07 05:17 johnrock001 Top 10 Sports Anime 2021 - Best Sports Anime

Top 10 Sports Anime 2021 - Best Sports Anime - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/top-10-sports-anime-2021-best-sports-anime/
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2021.05.07 05:17 LightClover3337 Wow that was really cool.

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2021.05.07 05:17 itselectric124 Gal Gadot

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2021.05.07 05:17 moneyshouters ENJ up 37.5% after Microsoft and Enjin launch rewards program on Ethereum

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2021.05.07 05:17 Jaqqy01 Ch 285: It's You!

At the moment when he sees Mephisto sitting there, Lin Ye was stunned, because the other party's face looks familiar, almost nostalgic.
Until he recalls the most recent dream he dived into, the face of the boy who had not yet grown up in the dream gradually merged with the mature Mephisto in front of him.
In other words, after seeing them so many times in dreams, he finally meets up with him in reality.
"Mephisto..." Lin Ye calls out the other party's name in a deep voice.
The person in question raised his eyebrows, a little surprised.
"Hoh? You know who I am?"
Lin Ye didn't answer.
He remembers that crazed lunatic boy, who kills pets and people in the alley with a smile, just for his 'research'. Mephisto didn't recognize him either, because he did not show his face at all in his dream…
"Not much of a talker huh? No matter." Mephisto nods slightly, "Honestly, I admire your tenacity and resourcefulness. Only a few can escape from me when I want to kill them. But you, you eluded me three times in a row. Every time there was a life-or-death situation, there always seemed to be a woman who would come out to save you. The first is an Abyssal hunter, the second is the Karlan's God, and the third is the Lupo." He said it in a mocking tone.
Lin Ye's eyelids twitched. Abyssal Hunter? Does he mean Skadi? How does he know so much?
"Wherever Rhodes Island goes, The Reunion will always be there." Mephisto says lightly, seemingly answering Lin's question, "What you are after is the financial resources of the Karlan trade, and we also have the same objective."
"Don't put me in the same league as you," Lin Ye says coldly, his face grim. "We aren't the same."
"I can understand your feelings. From your standpoint, we are indeed enemies." Mephisto slowly revealed his iconic smile, "But what can you do right? An enemy is an enemy, it’s simple logic that I won't dispute it…. I just want to know; do you dare to approach in front of me like this? Is there any support hiding somewhere here? As far as I know, the Abyssal hunter is not here. The God of Karlan is also far away up in the holy mountain, and she never interfered with things in Kjerag. As for the Lupo, she was injured by my subordinates. Even if she's still alive, there is no way for her to fight, right?"
He says confidently, "Well? Who else will come this time? Who will save you now? The little girl behind you? Enciodas who is fighting for power hundreds of miles away? There is no one here to help you now"
He smirks at Lin Ye.
“Are you ready to die?”
Lin Ye sighs at Mephisto's almost crazy expression.
He didn't change at all. He thought in his mind.
He is still exactly the same as in the dreams. Lin Ye was curious about what kind of person Mephisto is, compared to his child form. But he’s just as crazy, no- even crazier now than when he was a kid.
How do I deal with him? Lin Ye thought.
He originally thought that Mephisto would go after the sisters. The young Mephisto did not see any special powers and would be easily defeated by Lin Ye in the dreams, but he cannot underestimate him now.
Lin Ye didn’t know what Arts he has. However, Mephisto will not be weaker than his infant self in the dream. Lin Ye, on the other hand, is much weaker than himself in the dream. He is still exhausted from earlier, if he's in top form, he would've used Maple to attack, using Wave Leaping Strike to finish him off. But, given how tired he is right now, that will be impossible.
So, he did the most reasonable thing to do.
He raises the Vector and shoots at Mephisto's head.
He did not care about the bullets as he empties the mag, he squeezed the trigger like a vice.
Mephisto didn't move or flinch. He smiled at the other side of the dining table as in front of him a thick ice wall appeared and protected him from Lin Ye's bullets.
Even though Lin Ye knows that using the Vector to break through the ice wall is pointless, he continues to shoot to relieve his stress.
The gunshot ceased after a few seconds.
"The guardian gun's that the Sankta have is indeed a very good weapon choice.", Mephisto smiled and shook his head, "But it seems that you are not doing well with your finances, Is that the reason for the lack of bullets?" He said in a mocking tone.
Lin Ye did not react at all.
Mephisto continued, "Obviously, you mainly use a sword… And yet, you used a gun to fight, Are you not confident with your skills?" Lin Ye knew that Mephisto liked to use his opponent's emotion against themselves and he liked to use words to disturb the enemy's mentality.
Lin Ye is a psychologist and would not fall into such a low-level strategy. But what puzzles Lin Ye is that Mephisto is buying time, But why? This question was answered in the next second, although it was not in the way that Lin Ye is willing to know.
A woman's heart-piercing scream sounded in the backyard.
Lin Ye's face changed greatly when he heard it.
He realizes that it was Irene's scream just now.
Mephisto smiles gently, "And our little game is over, it's your loss."
Lin Ye bursts into action.
He drops the Vector, fighting his tired body's protests, pulls out Maple, and rushes towards Mephisto.
He smiles and waits for Lin Ye to attack confidently.
"You have to pay for the wrong things you did!", Lin Ye shouts loudly, "Remember that night! Mephisto, you will always remember it, remember all the things I did to you!"
Familiar words that he has heard before…
At that moment, reality and dream seem to have merged together for Mephisto. He sees the black shadow rushing towards him in the mask, and the fear in his heart magnified in an instant, His face contorted into fear.
He points to Lin Ye and shouts in a terrified voice, trying to back away from him, "It's you!"
Seeing his chance appear, Lin Ye smiles and then slashes down on Mephisto's head.

{Rhodes Island's Psychologist}

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Proofread by Weebly & Lenkasashi
Edit by Jaq
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2021.05.07 05:17 quesadillaquincy Amanda Cerny - Hot Models

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2021.05.07 05:17 walids I feel it coming . I feel it coming babe

Yes i did quote the weeknd
I feel like my friendships are dying slowly ... the activities that kept us together are fading away 1 by 1 and soon we're all gonna go to different universities and then...our friendship is gonna die...i don't know how i feel about this...it's a change, i don't know if it's a bad or a good change...i hope i find people i click with
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2021.05.07 05:17 StockThotz Citizen Finance

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2021.05.07 05:17 johnnyavila112 Love her in that dress too 👀

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2021.05.07 05:17 owenkilledjared Miss The Rage (Instrumental) any feedback?

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2021.05.07 05:17 Mermaid_Cosplay Ahri Boudoir from League of Legends by Mermaid Cosplay

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2021.05.07 05:17 vvxzzy Deo Moment

I just lost my virginity to this girl with bruce playing in the background felt very proud just wanted to share
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2021.05.07 05:17 n7kks Dimension mod question

What happens if you save your game in a modded dimension but then close the game and remove the mod?
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2021.05.07 05:17 Fill-Separate i don't know how i missed this movie

"smashed" from 2012 with mary elizabeth winstead and aaron paul.
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2021.05.07 05:17 _Anti_National_ “I used to get calls from my colleagues in the Government of India, asking why only MH has Covid. And they would laugh at us.”- BMC Chief Iqbal Chahal

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