Go! I can’t believe Kevin has been keeping this from us for years |

I can’t believe Kevin has been keeping this from us for years

2021.05.07 04:07 koe19 I can’t believe Kevin has been keeping this from us for years

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2021.05.07 04:07 paryxarmy وی پی ان اکس آرمی رو پیدا کردم

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2021.05.07 04:07 naf140230 SAGA Raster Calculator Tool

I would like to know how to call the SAGA Raster Calculator Tool in a standalone Python script. processing.run does not work for this specific tool. Is there an alternative way to call this like there was with gdal? Here is an example of what I am trying to have my code do:
io_gdal 0 -TRANSFORM 1 -RESAMPLING 3 -GRIDS "C:/Users/nfleisch/AppData/Local/Temp/processing_XQcNgJ/fc480df82aa245418091af2c7245e9d3/Region42016VectorGroundTruthAOI7.sgrd" -FILES "I:/nfleisch/Landsat5and8_Dataset/Input_Vector_Ground_Truth_Areas_of_Interest/Region_4_2016_Vector_Ground_Truth_AOI7.tif"
io_gdal 0 -TRANSFORM 1 -RESAMPLING 3 -GRIDS "C:/Users/nfleisch/AppData/Local/Temp/processing_XQcNgJ/1c2463bc4b15416bbdb65e139750357e/Region42016MaskAOI7.sgrd" -FILES "I:/nfleisch/Landsat5and8_Dataset/Input_Fixed_Mask_Areas_of_Interest/Region_4_2016_Mask_AOI7.tif"
grid_calculus "Grid Calculator" -GRIDS "C:/Users/nfleisch/AppData/Local/Temp/processing_XQcNgJ/fc480df82aa245418091af2c7245e9d3/Region42016VectorGroundTruthAOI7.sgrd" -XGRIDS "C:/Users/nfleisch/AppData/Local/Temp/processing_XQcNgJ/1c2463bc4b15416bbdb65e139750357e/Region42016MaskAOI7.sgrd" -FORMULA "a*b" -RESAMPLING 0 -USE_NODATA true -TYPE 1 -RESULT "I:/nfleisch/Landsat5and8_Dataset/Input_Vector_Ground_Truth_Areas_of_Interest/Region_4_2016_Vector_Ground_Truth_AOI7.sdat"
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2021.05.07 04:07 Bangem_A_Rangem New Player!

Looking for a group to play with. Started a campaign with some Army buddies and love it!
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2021.05.07 04:07 khaleesi1795 I was told I'm a seer, what do I do?

So a couple years ago I was at a conference and a prophet looked at me and she told me that I was a seer. I did a bunch of googling around that time but I've kind of forgotten about it. I was reminded of it recently though and I kind of want to figure out what it means and maybe even how to tap into that. So is there anyone who knows what that means and what I could do about it? Any help is appreciated 🥰
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2021.05.07 04:07 PacoCrazyfoot Does anyone know of a good tutorial video for "Flashlight" on guitar?

I'm learning guitar and I really want to learn this song but can't find a tutorial anywhere!
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2021.05.07 04:07 Silverredux Public comment to the CFTC. Make your voice heard

After a 5 year investigation your agency announced that it was unable to uncover any illegal or potentially illegal activity in the silver market, even after whistleblower Andrew Maguire, Bill Murphy and others gift wrapped the evidence for you, showing you criminality in real time. Mr. Bart Chilton shared relevant information to the commission and stated quite clearly that evidence was disregarded and additional information from the public was ignored.
Years later the FBI found hundreds of thousands of illegal actions during the same time period your commission claimed none existed and acted to hold some accountable. It was shamefully weak and the punishment hardly fit the crimes. Still however some action was taken.
Literally hundreds of thousands of investors suffered financial losses at the hands of these criminals, which was not limited to just JP Morgan. The FBI called JP Morgan a criminal enterprise yet, to this day, they remain intimately involved in the daily activities of the precious metals markets.
Unsurprisingly here we are again. The criminality has not only not ceased but has continued on unabated since the resolution of the last proven criminality.
Both Mr. Ted Butler and MR. Chris Marcus have submitted information and evidence for your consideration, yet Mr. Marcus cannot even receive verification that your agency has even reviewed the information. As I understand it Mr. Butler recently has received a response, only to be informed that these matters are confidential. Why is it that Banking entities likely involved in the criminal behavior are permitted to participate in discussion and review of information but citizens who pay your salary are kept completely in the dark?
The voices are growing louder, the evidence is clear and the time for action is now. You are a regulatory agency that has failed those you have been charged with protecting.
Truth, Justice and The American Way. It's time for your agency to challenge the Powers that have corrupted our Nation.
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2021.05.07 04:07 MatiasDS774 John's famous line about Rei.

Many people keep arguing and blaming John about what he said about his brother without knowing anything.
Now, there are people who say that John should have connected what Arlo told him, that he had a mentor and someone he looked up to, with what Remi said, which is that his brother was the last king and he tried to make everyone respect each other.
Why should he connect it? Spoiler alert, he shouldn't.
Part of the story comes from none other than Arlo. Someone John can't even see in photos without getting angry, and for good reason. There you have 50%, and of this part the only thing that John has to remember is what Arlo did to him and not all of the conversation they had.
And the rest of the story comes from someone who he does not know in the least, who has no relationship with John in all those years they been at Wellstone. There you have the other 50%, from someone who influences John's life the same as if a mosquito dies in Argentina, Literally nothing.
So why should John connect the dots and know that the person Arlo admired is Remi's brother, and especially from where does John get the information that he is dead?
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2021.05.07 04:07 brettjc04 I’m preparing to get my first entry-level machine.

I’m aiming to purchase my Breville Bambino by the middle of next week. I don’t have a good grinder yet, so I’ll be purchasing espresso-grade pre ground coffee. I am also planning on getting a bottomless portafilter and a regular basket, so recommendations for those would be nice too. Any other general tips would be appreciated as well. Thank you all.
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2021.05.07 04:07 James-Goydos Nurtured Skills Make Better Humans - James Goydos, M.D.

Something you don’t have an aptitude for may turn out to be an important skill in your life. Learn how the skills we nurture can impact our lives with James Goydos, M.D.:
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2021.05.07 04:07 brattyLyricist Switch Case and @State not updating view

For my senior capstone, I’ve basically tried to teach myself SwiftUI and create an app of a text game I thought of. I’ve had lots of issues that I persevered through up until this point, but this one is really rattling my brain. I’m trying to get the text to update when I hit the button. I really don't know how to fix this as I'm very new to SwiftUI. Does anyone know of anything that can help? I'd appreciate any help I can get. Here's my code I'm working with for this:
struct descriptions { @State var page: Int = 0

func switchDesc() -> String { switch page { case 0: return [game text] case 1: return [game text] case 2: return [game text] default: return "" } } 
struct GameView: View { [other variables] @Binding var page: Int @Binding var desc: String
var body: some View { [...] HStack { Button(action: { page -= 1 descriptions().switchDesc() }, label: { Image(systemName: "arrowtriangle.left.circle.fill") }) Spacer() Button(action: { page += 1 descriptions().switchDesc() }, label: { Image(systemName: "arrowtriangle.right.circle.fill") }) 
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2021.05.07 04:07 Additional-Candy6023 [Grade 11: Precalculus]

Use the half-angle identities to find the exact value of (a) sin^2 5pi/8 and (b) cos^2 5pi/8.
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2021.05.07 04:07 Valentino_00 I was wondering if my baby axie is healthy and not too skinny or fat.

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2021.05.07 04:07 Particular_Onion1625 What are the worst things that can happen when you're working on an independent film project?

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2021.05.07 04:07 siamesedreamm How do I talk with my parents when they start fighting?

My dad is an alcoholic and my mom doesn’t do nothing like me. Ever since I could remember they’ve always fought with each other. Earliest memory of my childhood was when I was either 2 or 3 and my dad scared her face. They separated when my dad went to jail and deported for drunk driving when I was 4 but they got back together when I turned 7. My dad was less abusive but he still had a drinking problem and anger issues with my mom. My older brother usually would step up as a kid and it seemed it would calm things in the moment but ultimately never stopped the arguing. I think once my brother became a teenager he was able to help reason with them and the fighting completely stopped. But once he graduated to university and left it seemed that my dad’s anger issues that came with his drinking came back. It’s been this way for 3 years now and just recently my dad physically hurt my mom for the first time since I was 4. Right now I’m 19(F). I was hospitalized 2 years ago for a mental breakdown and my dad promised me he would stop drinking but that never was true. I also have crippling social anxiety and I cannot talk to my dad well because of this. I also don’t want to bother my brother because he’s doing so well right now. But I can’t get myself to reason with them like my brother did. When I heard the loud noises I went to them for the first time because it was louder than usual and then I realized my dad hit my mom but I couldn’t do anything. I was just sitting on the couch mute and catatonic. The whole time my dad was trying to get me to be on his side. Then when my mom walked away to the bathroom and left me alone that’s when I shot back to reality and ran to my room. I couldn’t do nothing. I don’t want him to leave like I use to as a kid because I’ve spent most of my life with him now and I plan on supporting them when I can and have them living with me. The thought of him alone hurts my heart a lot. And the fighting is rare. Right now they’re happy and laughing together. But I’m scared for the next fight. I just want helpful advice I could do to work up the courage to talk with them and what that could be. My back up plan is to wait for my brother to graduate university this year since he’ll be temporary living with us and try to talk to him and convince them to take therapy because I know that’s a good option but my mom refuses. Right now I need advice so I could stop doing nothing to help them.
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2021.05.07 04:07 SavingsTurn2807 Helping would awesome

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2021.05.07 04:07 Yusef_Akakios IIII

XlqLluVRhKvPVbfdghPa hgpNfWdBZMcebeAhAEAj EUqZpZXQcnhCCslYDuNL YyuamhGvAsYLoRvNKjnK EOcvoPfplYmgAMKosHEl pFrFXpGAyLwQGpiPltvR ixrBTaENIwcBMnWpJxzm XvFgeWcmYLSNnODLxrzu RzDOwAZtgOtkZQxqrinf HuKGiiKiLffrpIdJwfbx aTDVEsKAwAHGrfRZSxlW zRYqfSGskRiKUsjAHDWB FmDArBhbQmdVnibMFpwy OkKtlQkNCdxdnsTbvlFK wgsEpEMNtibkkZBXKAIB bHjIRvBAuxsKyFSZzBfm dOBRGWCwYxilYguFSIKq KcGzqaOQvRbStjUpJKGB qQPPMExwMMsXPSrndeDI NxoxMPkoFzLXNTWwqEGx AIpqyekODWHueipeqiER EzrLjVRWhVVfiIsARJOS TBsvDvqpIrSvumvfIRJO SuUhtOuLinZWwkprzQbR otOGkWnAUdUvEPeLSuXp gsaREgUvMDtMUOqeZOEa aAkLySNfNaxUhcKWrAqc pnOEyUZaTbDNCzCYIQEq lpneurLCRczycGFpmwoq aMAIRkOfrLAfJNZJXlfW XvpttTDZsUynuObziWce jUNalJGKerqttKSpyeOM zoSpBEfefEGIQBoSFeEh PVzScNCJjwzRfBSbxVNJ OaMEUfOFsIAmaOsBKyTG HthAwBCJpfdKWsEiYTFb fcggsdpyIxJIezWIBmFK uePmgLTKRNDOuqHtpBoz uCGNxdpIyQKMNFsTbAzP aduEjZSntpCXuqLhRFlk WaVPpUqfXLyAubQQbWom SrRbzztQVKGXbzEehtKf vKPNdZiXZvKolZNsFgYu VcPqgNHCgAaLHxtkkZgy olzpTJSipzdopykkoaKI pHGyJWPaYXvhwQyxCDcu AssgwemUTtEmKIQDChIT 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2021.05.07 04:07 DenisseBunch6 The Brenna A.....

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2021.05.07 04:07 AnarchistAroAce Philza trying to pass through a closed window(gacha club doesn’t have any no line windows- (also tf is Wilbur doing??)

Philza trying to pass through a closed window(gacha club doesn’t have any no line windows- (also tf is Wilbur doing??) submitted by AnarchistAroAce to GachaUnity [link] [comments]

2021.05.07 04:07 gameofmarval You wake up everyday reliving the same exact day, how do you convince someone you’re in a time loop?

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2021.05.07 04:07 MoldyPotatoEye Question about belanor

When belanor uses his tactical partner skill does it put Zavia poison rain on cool down?
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2021.05.07 04:07 jazir5 Looking to hire a designer for an 15-20 page Elementor/Woocommerce website

I have the backend completely configured and optimized. All that's needed is the frontend design. Every plugin has been selected very carefully, you will not need to do any backend work.
Anyone interested in designing it please pm me a quote and a sample of your previous work.
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2021.05.07 04:07 Trichromatical Malian woman gives birth to nine babies in what is thought to be a world record

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2021.05.07 04:07 nick99123 I got my orange belt

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2021.05.07 04:07 CurrentlyDrowning Concerned about my mom's arm

I live across the pacific from my parents so we only communicate through video calls. My mom complained that her hands/arm has been hurting since she has been doing more than usual housework, and that was a month ago. She says that her hands feel weak in the morning and she cannot squeeze her hands together, but it gets better through the day. I've asked her to take it easy on the housework and she's been stretching / massaging it.
I asked her to take a doctor visit but she hasn't gone yet (I don't think she will). Should I be concerned? The only thing I could think of with these symptoms are Carpal tunnel maybe, but I am obviously not a doctor. She is in her late 50s, I don't know if this could be a symptom of something more severe?

My mom's info:
Age: 58
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135
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