Go! Was anyone else nervous when it was at .51? I held! |

Was anyone else nervous when it was at .51? I held!

2021.05.07 05:37 DivideNearby Was anyone else nervous when it was at .51? I held!

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2021.05.07 05:37 me-te-or-ite Did you know there are 95 different KK Slider songs in New Horizons?

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2021.05.07 05:37 dsjdiw3dhuiwh This post basically sums up the different types of tumbler users

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2021.05.07 05:37 AnarchistAtlantic This is not the way

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2021.05.07 05:37 send_me_nudePlz Mod announcement!

Ok, we need to re-spark the flame of The Revolution. I need us all to pitch in to do this(from members to Mods). Whenever you see someone talking shit about bonk, or rebelling against it. Just like most other subs such as cursedcomments, foundthemobileuser, or UsernameChecksOut I want you guys to do the same but instead of those subs do The_Horny_Revolution.
Also I need everyone to start making memes about rebelling against bonk. That should add more opertunites to comment The_Horny_Revolution without the memes getting removed as add post. Do you understand. If you need me to explain in farther depth, just say so and I will gladly do so.

Viva la horny
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2021.05.07 05:37 Mephalor Is it flying again?

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2021.05.07 05:37 Mentyor Assignment Help? Mentyor is here for you!

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2021.05.07 05:37 zambd23 First bapestas for retail

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2021.05.07 05:37 justcait01 32 [F4R] aaaaand we're back!

How's it going? Are you also glad that tomorrow (aka the time after I wake up, not now, even though it's after midnight here and technically tomorrow) is Friday? Not that this week was overly long or tough, it's still kind of a relief to have made it to the weekend again. Any fun plans?
See my post history for interests, etc. And as always, a conversation that lasts longer than just tonight is preferable, but ya knooow. :)
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2021.05.07 05:37 MassiveSelfEsteem Anyone collect these cards? It's a series One Cracked Ice Leviathan Legendary Outfit. Sorry if it's the wrong spot, I play but bought like 10 packs when they first came out, found them the other day, the smudges on back are from tape. I think it is worth money?

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2021.05.07 05:37 TheNeverEndingEnding I present to you.......The Jon Abbot's Fords

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2021.05.07 05:37 political_memer69 Why can't dinosaurs masturbate in the public?

Because they're dead
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2021.05.07 05:37 dingalo24 Crypto mining software using CPU, also using this referral link reduces the mining fee from 1% to .25%.

Easy How To: 1. Click the link above 2. Click download at the top of the page 3. Download the PACKED version (the mining software is sometimes blocked by malware protection but don’t worry it’s 100% safe) 4. Find the file and right click on it and click extract all 5. Once extracted you can click on the file and open Unmineable 6. Now depending on how serious you are on mining you can choose either CPU or GPU (I use cpu to just run in the background) 7. Once you choose between CPU and GPU u are going to need a crypto wallet, I use Exodus, and copy and paste whatever coins you chose address into unmineable (address found in crypto wallet) 8. That’s all, now sit back and earn crypto!!!!
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2021.05.07 05:37 krabby15 [Xbox] [H] 2 bundles and dissolver [W] Credits

RLCS Bundle - 2.2k
Guardian SB pyramidia
CB and orange meridian
Orange aero mage
RP1 Bundle - 3.5k
H dissolver - 2100
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2021.05.07 05:37 RockPaperSparx A alternative to the G15 3060

I really love this laptop but it seems to have bad quality control and not the best performance. I was thinking to ship internationally. so anything that's not too flashy
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2021.05.07 05:37 gjoconnor Kindle Vella Story - What genre is this?

Just joined this sub, looking forward to getting involved!
Wanted some opinions on genre for this premise:
MC finds himself in an office building where he gets 'assignments'. The office building is Purgatory. All the employees are spirits that have unresolved issues. And the 'assignments' are living people on earth. Each assignment tasks the MC (and other 'employees') with taking control of a living person for 24 hours to help them overcome some kind of personal obstacle.
I specify Kindle Vella because this is formatted into many short episodes where nearly each episode we can be in completely different settings, doing completely different things (he can be controlling an olympic athlete one day and an international spy the next - or a single mom juggling three kids, etc. etc.) It's meant to be humorous during most of it, but has elements of drama and action depending on the subject of each episode. I imagine it to be a lot like the show Chuck, especially the office scenes. And of course the underlying goal is the MC piecing together his memories to find out who he is and why he's in Purgatory.
So..... with all that variety, what genre is it?
I tentatively picked Action & Adventure as genre #1 and Humor as genre #2 -- but I wonder if action & adventure readers will be turned off by the more 'normal' episodes that might focus on simple people with simple lives.
Thank you for any input! I'm the worst at the final parts of publishing (marketing blurbs/descriptions/keywords/genres).
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2021.05.07 05:37 IGottaGetARedditAcct Even when nothing is biting, you still get the scenery.

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2021.05.07 05:37 slickhoarder How long can I drive with a P0015 code that was just reset?

2013 130k avalon. Had a check engine light come on recently while driving around 75 on the highway, dealer / OBD diagnosis was
P0015 code ( Camshaft Position “B” - Timing Over-Retarded (Bank 1)). Active test on control the VVT exhaust linear (bank1)- good, rough/stall engine. road test 8 miles. codes cleared. no pending code stored in system
I then drove the car for another 10-15 miles with no lights back on.
Was told that the car might stall/not start in the future. If the CEL comes back on again, recommendation was to "tear out the engine to inspect timing chain area, camshaft gears, oil control valves, etc)" [cost a few grand even at non-dealer shops]
not sure how to proceed.

any advice appreciated
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2021.05.07 05:37 allmycircuit5 Is the Hungry Jack's Yumbo as disappointing as it looks?

It's really just a ham and cheese sandwich so I guess its bang average and something anyone could make.
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2021.05.07 05:37 nicktatts Me buying Doge

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2021.05.07 05:37 Ayanokouji_7 Its winter in my heart

It’s winter in my heart again
And the shivering coldness
Of her wry words still pain
My lonely heart in regress.

Spring’s pink blossoms fall
That reminded me of her gaze
Wailing with the breezy winds
They sweep my weary face.

In those desolating words
There was a remembrance
Of her smile that got worse
While the summer got tense.

The months went passing by
And the blues came with rain
That wander through the shy
Hallways of my heart again.

I saw her reflection on a puddle
As she passed by the old bar
I dwelled if the rain was a struggle
Or the moments after which scar.

Now as I peer at the fallen
Leaves that lay scattered
I wondered if in this autumn,
My heart was still shattered.

Once more, its a winter in my heart.
// This was a poem that I wrote in about 15-20 minutes. It was brought into life through silence and remembrance of certain things that happened in my past and now thing that happen in present. Its like seasons change and some things in life change, but the feelings for her keep coming back. Although I feel that I did get over but it all comes back one poetic afternoon, or a sorrowful night. I hope you guys like it, pls comment your insights. would mean a lot.
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2021.05.07 05:37 Acyliaband Did Obi-Wan know Anakin was having nightmares about Padme?

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2021.05.07 05:37 hello-curious People in LTRs: What characteristic in your partner and/or the relationship makes the relationship the most fulfilling? Is that same characteristic what makes it the most sustainable?

I'm (M42) learning a lot more about my relationship needs this year. I'm divorced (4 years ago) and have been dating a woman (43) for 2 years.
I'm really wanting to know what makes other people's relationships work. I feel like I was never taught how to seek God relationship. My current relationship is becoming challenging as I'm starting to recognize we lack intellectual co-interest, and while I am growth minded she is less so, feeling less need to work on herself. Consequently we often have little to talk about and I'm feeling increasingly lonely.
I'm wanting to learn from others about their needs and what makes their relationships work. I'm curious by nature and love to learn.
I'm reposting this with a better description. Sorry I didn't follow the guidelines well earlier.
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2021.05.07 05:37 TheNextDylan [b] I hear by claim this land in the name of ____.

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2021.05.07 05:37 Heiwa_the_normie Blursed_?

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