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Lysergic acid diethylamide

2021.04.14 20:07 LIKE-OBEY-CONSUME Lysergic acid diethylamide

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2021.04.14 20:07 kodaiAIO Which Bundesliga UCL RTTF CB is the best?

Ignoring the price, which one is the best (Klosterman, Akanji, and Alaba)
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2021.04.14 20:07 ProbablyAGoth17 Art of a sad girl with a medical mask on.

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2021.04.14 20:07 Meat_ed [Play] The Tragically Hip - Blow at High Dough

This is a great song to learn if you are a novice player. 4 chords. B5, A, E and F#. I hope you like my acoustic cover of The Tragically Hip's Blow at High Dough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pcfOvEMwpY&list=RDMM5pcfOvEMwpY&start_radio=1
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2021.04.14 20:07 rgibson182 Capital Gains on Primary Residence

If the government decides to implement a capital gains tax on primary residence, how soon would that take effect, and would it apply to homes sold BEFORE the rule took effect. (Sold my home in Jan, April closing, wondering if the tax implications could be retro active) for the entire tax year.
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2021.04.14 20:07 asapaspossible [SW] the boys are buying for 392

Not the most amazing price, but hopefully helps a little!
Shops are fenced off so nice and easy to find, only thing I ask is no wetsuits please :)
No tips necessary, just come on by and sell sell sell! Feel free to make multiple trips.
Comment below and I'll send you the dodo :)
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2021.04.14 20:07 Hypx Nikola Forms Hydrogen Pipeline Alliance In Europe To Fuel Clean Trucks

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2021.04.14 20:07 Anika_Liberty $7 billion of shovel-ready infrastructure projects identified across Canadian universities

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2021.04.14 20:07 TradeTillIDrop Red delicious apples are great.

And here is why I think that: first of all, they taste good. They are sweet, juicy, and tart. Their flavor is not overpowering in either the sugar or sour level. They are also juicy and usually crisp (although any variety will have mealy outliers!). They rarely have those unappealing pits/cuts on the skin which is very durable. Some people are sensitive to sulfites used to preserve apples while they sit (sometimes for months) in cold storage. Red delicious rarely has the sulfurous taste that some of the other designer apples do (probably due to their durable nature, but I can’t confirm.) Also, they are consistently present in stores - you can find them anywhere year round. Another amazing trait of red delicious is the deep red color in the skin which contains a high amount of polyphenols which most-notably protect your heart and help prevent cancer. Last but not least, these apples are gorgeous! They are literally the poster child of apples. I know everyone wants to go for the honeycrisps, golden delicious, and others (I personally enjoy cosmic crisps and ruby frost a lot.) but red delicious gets so much hate for being “boring” “old fashioned” apples that I think is sad.
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2021.04.14 20:07 Command1227 Just found out about golden tickets

I've had 200 something tickets for the longest time but had no clue where to spend em, feelin mighty 3head rn
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2021.04.14 20:07 Linusgri1306 Ohne invites

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2021.04.14 20:07 BlergingtonBear "Whale" that Swallowed Pinocchio at Eftelig Park

Semi-submerged animatronic of giant fish— it periodically opens it's mouth to reveal Pinocchio inside, (around 1:38 in this video)
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2021.04.14 20:07 fu-lin1903 Rekkitz agaları inceleyen uzaylı Sakmar Ailesi olur gibi.

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2021.04.14 20:07 thewritingpasserby Need up vote on post https://www.reddit.com/r/micronations/comments/mqurs2/interested_in_citizenship_to_the_glorious_nation/

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2021.04.14 20:07 15940910 Random/Sporadic aggression/reactivity - training or solutions?

TLDR - What training would you advise for a dog who has been great in the past, just sniffs or wants plays with 90+% of dogs but on rare occasions will look to dominate, be aggressive towards to other dogs after an initial sniff/ stare? Dog is the stronger, more potent dog in 99% of situations.
Detail: We adopted a husky-cross rescue about 15 months ago and trained her up to have really good recall, all the tricks, sit at every road crossing etc. and she wanted to play bow and chase or play wrestle with every dog she could when allowed.
After a pretty idyllic first 6 months we then had an incident where she charged over to a dog she had played with previously and knocked him over and was generally aggressive I sprinted over and was able to sort out. We regressed and went back to long lead, practiced greeting with friendlies etc and built her back up. However over the next 6 months there were these sporadic occasions where we'd have to jump in and get her off a select 2 or 3 that she seemed to take a dislike to even when with a couple shed previously been friendly with.
For the past 3 months we've walked on long lead or run on harness only letting her drag the long lead in secluded spots or to play circular recall between my partner and I so she can get her sprinting done. We'll greet other dogs with owners permission but do so on short hold of long lead and if occasionally let her play with dragging it if play bows are done and the owner is ok with us saying we'll jump in if wrestling escalates.
Today she went from a sniff of a lab (she normally loves labs) into the two of them having a brief fight. Initially seemed ok but owner came back to us later to say there was actually one puncture mark. She has never actually bitten before so this is worrying. This was after a walk this morning where she greeted s dozen figs brilliantly and spent 2 hours at a family members house with their 2 dogs with zero issues.
I'm wondering if there's any actual behavioural solution when there appears to be no pattern? Or do we just have to give up the great 90+% of playful experiences for fear of the rare occurrences and just keep ourselves to ourselves?
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2021.04.14 20:07 Deimo95 Screen too light gray in dark areas in games. Brightness/Contrast/Gamma issue?

I have this issue where in almost all games where there is a dark area, where sight is meant to be limited. Basically what I see is instead of blackness, I just see light gray. Even in loading screens with a black background, it just shows as light gray. I have tried all the display calibration tools and nothing helped.

I would also like to ask, what is your personal preference with regards to contrast, brightness and gamma settings? Mine is set to 50% in my monitor settings as well as in Nvidia Control Panel/Games but I wouldn't know what to change it to.

I have a Dell S2419HGF if that helps.
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2021.04.14 20:07 OrangeAdmiral Katakuri REALLY underestimated Luffy

After CH. 1010, there is no denying that Katakuri let Luffy win. Katakuri's base CoA haki was overwhelming Luffy's own haki in every single clash. Not to mention that Katakuri had the CoO advantage throughout the entire fight.
in fact, once Katakuri got serious he was capable of EVEN dodging CoO pre-cog enhanced G4 Snakeman. -Spoiler-
And now we learn that CoC can be added on top of every attack. Katakuri who was trained under Big Mom for over 40 years would absolutely have learned about this technique. Yet Katakuri never used it against Luffy!
Take into consideration, that Luffy only needed to see Kaido used a CoA induced attack to instantly learn how to use it. Katakuri refused to use CoC infused attacks simply because he wanted to beat Luffy on an equal playing field. He already had the CoO advantage and refused to loose to an upstart that was just learning future sight.
In other words, Katakuri wanted to prove that his adv. CoO was better than Luffy's own future sight. Katakuri's Skills:

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2021.04.14 20:07 I_AMA_Loser67 Onlyfans models and sex workers of other platforms, what's the biggest misconception people have about your line of work?

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2021.04.14 20:07 loudmoondude New to CFW and I have a few questions

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, if it is can someone direct me to the right one? I’ve been reading about CFW and am pretty sure I want to do it to my 2DS. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t go online with a CFW device but I was wondering where that line is drawn? My main concern would be using the GTS services in Pokémon games and things like poke transporter and Pokémon home. With the CFW does that mean I can’t use those services or does going online mean something else? Thanks for the help!
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2021.04.14 20:07 ShortAlgo $GBTC ... Signals could not be any clearer on the 5-minute chart of GBTC...

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2021.04.14 20:07 Trophy-waifu Hoodie nest 🥰🧣🐍

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2021.04.14 20:07 Dreaded_Darkness "Five Of Us Went Into The Woods, Six Of Us Came Out" | Creepypasta | NoSleep Story

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2021.04.14 20:07 404usernamenotknown What on Kerbin is this red part? I'm using a few mods, and my new space station keeps launching with this red solar panel part that isn't interactable, I didn't place, and follows me wherever I go.

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2021.04.14 20:07 Firespray Alice-130 - Custom Jazwares Figure

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2021.04.14 20:07 art_prominence The Grove's Glaive

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