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Join the 4/20 Celebration and Find Some Great Deals!

2021.04.14 22:06 freebiesdeals Join the 4/20 Celebration and Find Some Great Deals!

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2021.04.14 22:06 KaysNews WRT 382 (Grant writing) w/ Robert Kaplan

Hi! I need a 300+ level ESI class and the only one I'm able to take was WRT 382 with Professor Kaplan. Has anyone taken this class before or had this professor? Was the class hard? I assume its gonna be a lot of writing, but I don't really know anything else. Also, I couldn't find it on classie evals so I know less than nothing about this class. Thanks for all the help!
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2021.04.14 22:06 AliciaBakery This is soul, my best fríend

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2021.04.14 22:06 Arimoz It's finally over. o7

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2021.04.14 22:06 popsyacherry What a picture!!!

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2021.04.14 22:06 ByNetherdude_ me_irl

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2021.04.14 22:06 GreendayFox Snivy Dragoness Commission 🎨 by Me

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2021.04.14 22:06 Cosil Eli5: How do Flat Earthers explain the types of moon we see throughout the year? Full, crescent etc

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2021.04.14 22:06 completNerd Favorite child

Whose your favorite character of the kids? Dewey, Huey, Webby, or Louie. I love them all, but I'm all for the business man, greener than many, lazy, Fighter of storms, Louellen.
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2021.04.14 22:06 marilex6 We need another boycott/review bomb or something because these back to back festivals are proving that they did not listen to us about slowing down banner rush

Banners with rates so low that you basically need to do the full rotation and with such shitty line ups that you won't get anything good even if you do pull an ssr.
They won't raise featured unit rates or give us access to more resources.
I really like this game and I want it to do well but netmarble is just ignoring it's player base.
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2021.04.14 22:06 ATirebiter Another Quest Controller Issue

Anyone know why both controllers need to be reset by uninstalling/reinstalling batteries every time I come out of 'sleep'?
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2021.04.14 22:06 lilnigcloutedmartian got this email from att but i dont even have a att account, they even added an account number , is someone trying to phish or is someone using my email? looks phishy to me but idk if someones using my email

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2021.04.14 22:06 Plenty-Toe-365 What would you do if you hit the $50,000 DoorDash Sweepstakes?

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2021.04.14 22:06 Strong-Conclusion-28 priroll has revaled their danganronpa themed birthday cakes for the May birthday people

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2021.04.14 22:06 midwesternfloridian Professor Rush gave us a shoutout!!!

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2021.04.14 22:06 dazbo1992 Manchester city are through to the Semi-Final of the champions league and will be up against Paris Saint-Gernain, First Leg will be played 27-28th April and second leg 4-5th May

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2021.04.14 22:06 1realMatt9 animals

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2021.04.14 22:06 contactjarettyanggma Why are the scales yellow on his tail? Is it normal? It was already there when we took Blue to the vet and the vet didn’t seem concerned.

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2021.04.14 22:06 wingstopfries69 Who said we were dead!!!

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2021.04.14 22:06 nematoad22 The Great Mervyns anyone?

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2021.04.14 22:06 BeefNChed (ELI5) How can my weight increase throughout the day even if I haven’t ate?

So I’ve been intermittent fasting to lose weight the last few months so naturally, I step on the scale fairly often, sometimes a few times a day. I’ve noticed some times where I “gain” weight over the course of the day without eating anything. Like this morning I weighed 226.5 and just now I was at 228.4 but I haven’t ate anything. How can the weight increase when there has been no increase in my mass?
I use an okay scale so I understand it might have some error, but I don’t think it’d be enough for that and if it’s taking measurements with the same scale, that’s at least mitigated some.
My guess is some sort of body function, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. No increase in mass, I am expending energy by living, so how can the amount I weigh increase?
Thanks for taking the time
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2021.04.14 22:06 annatarsgifts Authors of dummies of Armenian military personnel: We tried to create the ugliest images

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2021.04.14 22:06 Sandbuster18 Mario Kassar - My Model [Lincor]

Released: 2021-04-12
Mario Kassar - Mario Kassar - Biplane
Mario Kassar - Mario Kassar - Capsule
Mario Kassar - Mario Kassar - Imeretia
Mario Kassar - Mario Kassar - Intro
Mario Kassar - Mario Kassar - My Model
Mario Kassar - Mario Kassar - Stress
Mario Kassar - Mario Kassar - Tyrants
DOWNLOAD - http://progonly.com/2021/04/12/mario-kassar-my-model-linco
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2021.04.14 22:06 aasmund15 hey I modded NBA 2k21 on pc

some of the players are invisible and some are as they should what have I done wrong
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2021.04.14 22:06 krldrive What do you guys think of Gloo? Will he be a meta tank? (Plus discussion of the current tank meta)

So Gloo is the next hero coming to MLBB and he is classified by the tank role
And as a tank user, im pretty hyped for what Gloo has to offer, he looks fun, a tank version of angela (literally) use dominance ice and his slow will be so annoying, he also has lots of immobilization skills but no proper stun. Though he can attach himself to enemies and bring them in a specific location
What i like most about him is his ult
Split apart then heal, make single targetted skills cry (yes hayabusa users), and when you attach to aomeone it heals you by a lot like what the fuck, he looks annoying to deal with when he attaches to you.
Imagine having continous slow as if angela was attached to you instead of her allies, plus theres this slime moving you somewhere where your enemies are. Plus if you're trying to help your teammate to get rid of him, you're basically killing your teammate as he can transfer the damage he takes to the host. It sounds annoying
But im really scared of where he will fit in the meta
Ive played lots of tank matches since season 9,
The tanks we have now is disappointing, look what happened to Grock, Belerick and Minotaur. Franco is consistent but I would never really consider him as a tank, khufra and atlas are decent but they are so predictable now and their cc skills are pretty slow and enemies can blink away.
The meta tanks right now are jawhead, silvanna, akai and tigreal etc.
And i understand why they are meta tanks as they are really good at initiating fights and doing pick offs
Jawhead is just hard to deal with, hes too fast and has a stun lock skill that can make ling cry, and he has a very flexible skill thats used for chasing, escaping, pick offs, cc, saving your teammate, and shield
Silvanna suddenly rose as a tank because of her broken skill 1 to ult combo, keep in mind that cores now use retribution instead of purify, so theres no way in hell a core can escape after being ulted + her lifesteal from ult is still good even without magic items
Tigreal, his chain cc is just annoying thats it, and again he is good at pick offs as he can just drag the enemy to your team
Akai, his ult just lasts so long and he can move you where ever he wants, and again, good at doing pick offs
What we expect from tanks now is picking off, giving vision, can at least sustain a bit, can pressure the enemies and can be viable at objectives
Also some tanks are better off as offlaners, ex: Baxia, Belerick and Grock
Im not sure about Gloo's viability as a tank. For those who have tried him, do you think he can be a meta tank? Or will he end up as an offlaner like the ones i just mentioned? I really hope he can fit in the meta coz im sick and tired of jawhead and Silvanna, they're fighters to begin with but they just outclass the tanks we have, like come on give us more viable pure tanks
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