Go! You're face to face with the grim reaper in your final moments, what game do you challenge him to for a few more years of life? |

You're face to face with the grim reaper in your final moments, what game do you challenge him to for a few more years of life?

2021.04.14 21:16 Chainweasel You're face to face with the grim reaper in your final moments, what game do you challenge him to for a few more years of life?

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2021.04.14 21:16 the_lin_kster University of Southern California has a library covered in flags

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2021.04.14 21:16 fuckzwift That face when you got the J&J shot

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2021.04.14 21:16 Scaulbylausis Foldable pan for easy storage

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2021.04.14 21:16 FunctionNeither9717 Can’t find friend on matchmaking

Last night I was helping a friend boost to get Running the Show achievement. After a few games of us swapping the wins I could not find him. Would true skill affect our ability to find each other? I am a 14 and he is a 12.
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2021.04.14 21:16 CaptainFuego29 Say it with me: Georgists are Classical Liberals!

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2021.04.14 21:16 Just_Pomegranate_699 Tank is down to $11 and nobody lands on his property’s

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2021.04.14 21:16 GatedCommunities tie one off for me plz

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2021.04.14 21:16 feshfegner Camera won't turn on

Today my X-Pro3 died suddenly and won't turn back on. Either it's properly dead or I confused it with my SD cards - SOMEHOW there are photos from today both on the unlocked card in slot 1 and the locked card in slot 2 even though I don't remember switching them.
Is there some way to force a reset or something? I tried taking the battery out and turning it on and off and stuff. It seems to almost turn on, I hear a slight click if I cycle the battery and then turn on, but then it is totally dead - no viewfinder or screen activity.
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2021.04.14 21:16 AeLyQ El quien???

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2021.04.14 21:16 Sleepanddeath Julian is crafting a Cool Hyacinths crown

Also is gonna be presents around the island, 1 per person please
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2021.04.14 21:16 Kodiie_ The Outback's Rage | Warriors Discord RP

≪ ✧ The Outback’s Rage ✧ ≫ Please keep in mind that you must be at least 15-years-old to join!
TOR is a roleplay server based off of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter that has recently been revamped and reopened. We currently have 27 active human members!

In the Northern region of Australia lies Kakadu. This area, long forgotten by much of Australia's population, is brimming with plantlife and a multitude of animals. In particular, four groups of cats have made a home within the depths of Kakadu. TorrentClan, TaigaClan, OasisClan, and WisteriaClan have freeroam of the territory and have remained under the protection of the Three for generations. Despite constantly shifting tensions, the four Clans have been able to survive together thusfar.
The winds are changing and trouble seems to be on the rise for the cats of Australia. Perhaps all is not as it seems.

≫ ✧ Includes ✧ ≪
✧ A helpful and welcoming community for those 15+.
✧ An LGBTQ+ safe space.
✧ Friendly and fair administrators
✧ Available high ranks.
✧ Realistic and semi-lit to literate roleplaying.
✧ Characters you can create, roleplay as, and make bonds with.

Click here to join us!
≪ ──── ∗ ⋅✧⋅ ∗ ──── ≫

Roleplay started on April 3rd and we'll be having our first Gathering this weekend!

≪ ──── ∗ ⋅✧⋅ ∗ ──── ≫

DM Bourbon#6542 on Discord if you're interested in partnering your server with ours!
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2021.04.14 21:16 littlegreenguy911 The best music visualizer

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2021.04.14 21:16 kylebranam Any idea of what this is?

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2021.04.14 21:16 MiaPickleog Yes that is Cletus

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2021.04.14 21:16 Irene_31 .

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2021.04.14 21:16 AdamY_ How should I respond to an offer that my gut feeling is uneasy about?

I've got to respond to an offer I received from an organisation that has been nice to me in general (the hiring manager and the HR team have been very nice), with excellent pay and benefits, but with several red flags:

How can I convey those concerns in my response to the offer tomorrow? I don't want to burn bridges and perhaps they would revise their offer in response?
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2021.04.14 21:16 bigfatdonair should have packed a gyro and fries theseus

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2021.04.14 21:16 GanjaG What did you just do before hoping on reddit, like right before now?

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2021.04.14 21:16 metalwriter Is anyone having trouble working?

Does anyone struggle being able to work? I jus want to know if there is anyone else that is struggling because of dpdr. I probably have it, but I wouldn’t know how to properly know if I do. I also struggle with other things... right now I just feel like I am not real.
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2021.04.14 21:16 tango_papa101 New driver, any advice guys?

So, coming from DoorDash, I have some questions. Usually for DoorDash I will just start my dash and run my errands around the area if it's not busy and decline all the bad offers and only take the good ones. Sometimes it means starting in the morning but I only occasionally take offers until it's dinner time.
Can I do that on Uber? Will declining offers affect me anyway? In DD there's Acceptance rate but it's just for show and I can get it down to 0% without any consequence.
Also is there any hint on hidden tip like the DD $8.5 rule or anything similar, or it's just WYSIWYG
I will mostly do uber eat I think, only UberX occasionally so any advice is welcome.
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2021.04.14 21:16 kingkanee Risk of Pregnancy

I’m a 20 year old male. Masturbated @12.30, then wiped my hand & lower abdomen w a tissue. then i got dressed and chilled for two hours. i showered using my loofah and a shared soap bar at 2.30. could the dried sperm on my stomach transfer to soap bar and get female relatives pregnant who showered an hour later? This all happened on the 22nd of March btw,, so i’m trying to see if i’m overthinking or i should keep an eye for pregnancy symptoms over the next few days
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2021.04.14 21:16 Yovis Wish more rappers moved like Meek

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2021.04.14 21:16 twg-bot StarMetro plans long-term improvements to transit system

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2021.04.14 21:16 asinus_stultus New Belakor model question

This new model looks really good, but does anyone know if this is a limited release or is it going to be a normal item that will be available for a few years? Spent a lot recently and would prefer to not abuse my wallet any further.
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