Go! H: Aae90 handmade, je25 handmade and be25 handmade W: legacy offers |

H: Aae90 handmade, je25 handmade and be25 handmade W: legacy offers

2021.04.14 20:56 bubbles147 H: Aae90 handmade, je25 handmade and be25 handmade W: legacy offers

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2021.04.14 20:56 GoodGoodNotTooBad 'Them' and Black "horror"

I didn't plan on watching 'Them' mostly because I haven't been a fan of productions linked to Lena Waithe and the trailer didn't look uninteresting. But this (spoiler) review kind of added to the reasons why I don't think I'd watch this:
"Them — showrun and created by Little Marvin and executive produced by Lena Waithe — isn’t just rote, flagrantly biting the aesthetics of other filmmakers. It isn’t just morally bankrupt. It isn’t just grating in its empty platitudes and kiddie-pool-deep proclamations. I am comfortable calling it one of the most anti-Black pieces of pop culture I’ve seen in the last few years, one that left me spent after the grueling process of watching its virulent imagery."
After Antebellum, I'm concerned that most Black "horror" productions in the current studio system of Hollywood are doomed to fail.
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2021.04.14 20:56 kjdizzle Alternative Medicine Site Not Really Budging

Hey all! My client is in the Natural and Alternative Medicine industry and their traffic dropped tremendously since the December Core Update. This industry was the biggest loser of the update in terms of organic visibility.
Since then we've optimized for EAT guidelines for our blog; like adding an author bio, we also re-optimized the content on our blogs to link to other reputable sites, but nothing really seems to be moving the needle for us. We have no errors on the backend and our core web vitals are in good shape.
Since January, we've seen big jumps in traffic to the blog for a short time (like 10-20 days) & our keyword did move up but they always fall back down to the levels they were in after the core update. It really feels like we're just fighting the algorithm at this point.
Is anyone experiencing anything similar or took different approaches that are actually moving the needle? Thanks!
Btw: we are doing paid and other channels for them but really trying to find something that'll stick for organic search
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2021.04.14 20:56 kalamazooinmissouri Is this taking up space?

Hi all! So I have a question, and maybe this isn’t the right place for it, but I want to ask the community.
I have very severe OCD and a degenerative hip defect. I take 5 medications for my OCD, and I’ve had hip pain for 5 years, which just got diagnosed. In some cases it can be helped with surgery, but they only recommended physical therapy for me. It’s considered a pre arthritic condition, and someday I’ll probably have to use a cane as the defect continues to wear down the cartilage.
I walk with a limp after walking long distances but not short ones, and other than that both my disabilities are invisible. So my question is: Is it wrong for me to identify as disabled? I worry that I’m taking up space in this community that isn’t for me, or that I’m not really disabled “enough.” Idk — I guess I’d just want opinions if you have the time to give them. Thank you!
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2021.04.14 20:56 dogglesnake Tonight at 10 pm EDT: "That's J-PW" (TJPW’s All-English one-match show) features Maki Itoh versus Pom Harajuku on wrestleUNIVERSE! Commentary by Chris Brookes & Baliyan Akki. Guide to watch in the comments!

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2021.04.14 20:56 FreakBoyMan Be honest did you like ichika before the whole 'thing' happened?

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2021.04.14 20:56 Money-Camera Get in! Golden PP7 😎

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2021.04.14 20:56 Sox_The_Fox2002 Is there a way to convert .FUSE files to .MDL?

I made a character model in Adobe Fuse, and I want to turn it into a .mdl file so I can play it in Gmod, is there a program to do this?
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2021.04.14 20:56 curlywastaken new template

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2021.04.14 20:56 UberSuperRareGacha (Anime) Buff guy goes around announcing his presence and feeds a child his dna

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2021.04.14 20:56 abortionsselfdefense Suggestion for the sub: A flair to promote pro-choice businesses

There was a neat T-shirt here the other day that was raising clinic funds, and I thought it would be cool if we actively posted merchandise with a pro-choice message, especially if its proceeds support patients, or it has a take that’s different from the usual talking points. I figured we could already promote others’ work but forced-birthers tend to have more powerful slogans—“baby humans” kinda beats “choice,” which is pretty vague. We need to be more on the offense, and cohesive in working together.
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2021.04.14 20:56 Sensitive-Layer6002 Can someone explain how to stake ORN?

I've been trying to find material to explain how to do this but I cant find anything other than how its done by using KuCoin which I would rather not have to do. Is there any staking alternatives at this point or is it KuCoin only??
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2021.04.14 20:56 Comrade_Vive How do you separate shopping carts?

It's always come naturally to me, you just wiggle them or pull some shit for two seconds and then the cart separates from the one in front of it, but yesterday I went to get one and after giving it a few seconds of thought I realized I realistically had no idea how to do it and left humiliated to get a shopping basket instead.
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2021.04.14 20:56 Anonymou6 What is 4B05A cocktail lounge

I recently reserved a study space for 4B05A which I thought was a private room. But cocktail lounge only has 4 private rooms from b01 to bo5. Wtf did I reserve?
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2021.04.14 20:56 asperationlol Monument: finished

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2021.04.14 20:56 Alwaysreal007 37 [M4F] Married and Bored Looking for Long Term Chat

Hey there married guy from Texas just looking for some long term chat and seeing where it goes. Obviously I’m married but thats pretty stale so looking for someone that wants to chat about whatever and I don’t mind at all where the conversation goes from there if you don’t! Anyways would love to hear from you...No Men and I don’t need marriage advice either just looking for fun chat! Hit me Up!
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2021.04.14 20:56 Ana_Kozuki 🌼💛

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2021.04.14 20:56 InsertNameHere0589 This came out very wrong

This came out very wrong
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2021.04.14 20:56 Photorrad What kind of non broad wavelength green LED emitters are available for brightness?

W2 Green (Pure green) looks a bit white in color when it is used to tint a room one color.
What do we have when we want maximum brightness from a narrow wavelength green emitter?
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2021.04.14 20:56 i-draw-tits not as quick itadori

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2021.04.14 20:56 ASadChongyunMain This is for r/HuTao_Mains

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2021.04.14 20:56 Bilbonorway WAW for knowing something someone else doesn't know?

Example: "She was grinning, [like she knew something he didn't]."
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2021.04.14 20:56 Impact_Downtown The response for every single compliment in Jordan

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2021.04.14 20:56 Komaric_ Unrelated to the band but check out 'The Royston Club' - incredible band also from North Wales

Shameless promo but this band are incredible and deserve to blow up. I'm completely unrelated to them besides the Welsh connection but they're fucking class. Get on it
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2021.04.14 20:56 HephaestusClangBang Corbin Burnes does his best Ohtani impression with a 2 RBI single to extend the Brewers lead 7-0

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