Go! Does anyone else do this / how to make it better? |

Does anyone else do this / how to make it better?

2021.04.14 20:26 aminamiller97 Does anyone else do this / how to make it better?

My job requires extremely little to no human interaction. I have no family besides my mom (we aren’t close and she lives in a different state) and only one friend I talk to regularly (few times a week).
Every day I sit at home and stare at my phone. My screen time ranges from 10-14 hours a day, so basically the entire time I’m awake. Sometimes people will reply to my stories but it’s never a real conversation or anyone I’d ever hang out with in person.
I’m truly alone. The rare times I’m in public, it’s something like shopping or going to the gym at 3am.
Assuming I am not the only one, how do you deal with being this level of lonely? The phone addiction comes from being alone but I’d really like to get away from it. I can find things to keep me busy for short periods of time - cleaning something, playing guitar, etc. but those are just distractions, ones that I obviously am still alone in.
My friend that calls a few times a week (lives in a different state) made the joke that if I died, she’d be the only one who knew. She’s not wrong either.
It’s so hard to make plans and connections with people. I see people with families and significant others and friends post on here, and I get a bit upset that I don’t even really have that. Are there other ways to be less lonely? Staying hopeful, sorry for the long post.
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2021.04.14 20:26 second_for_private gay_irl

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2021.04.14 20:26 AlphaCloudX Microsoft Security Scam | Phone Number: 1-844-276-4002

Phone Number: 1-844-276-4002
Phone Number: 1-844-276-4002 Link to pop up page if anyone wants to check it out for themselves: https://www.hfvjhvhm.ga/hmW088In01MSi08880it0yCH000811HW/index.html#
Friend found it when searching for amazon and clicked on the ad part of the search results.
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2021.04.14 20:26 jookco Death - Obituary : For Immediate Release: April 14, 2021 Six Nations Mourns the Loss of a Tenth Community Member to COVID-19 On April 12, 2021, S... {Click link below to read more

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2021.04.14 20:26 ritterch82016 29 [F4M] Anyone up rn?

Akala ko rin matutulog na ko, pero di pa pala. HAHA. Sino g for a call right now? Let's talk about anything lang until I fall asleep.
About me: Nsa previous post ko. About you: Nsa previous post ko rin and oh.. only South area pls.
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2021.04.14 20:26 LaserHertz Need help with my first console repair!

Need help with my first console repair!
I bought a broken GBA to learn soldering, repairing and more about electronics.
The capacitors were harvested, there was probably water damage as there was rust and the SMD Inductor above the power switch fell out at me when I opened it. Pads by the power switch were partially missing.
I invested a lot of time and money and actually got it working again. 😃💪 At least with the test battery system (see photos).
I then put it in a new casing. Suddenly it won't turn on any more. 😢
Can anyone give me an advice?
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2021.04.14 20:26 RainbowAaria Just closed on our house with this amazing backyard! Already planning for chickens and garden beds and fruit bushes/trees!

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2021.04.14 20:26 xDragn Student Coin (STC) project !!

Hi guys !!
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Go check this guys and if you want invest take 5% extra !
STCproject -> for more informations
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2021.04.14 20:26 plastic_faith Just cracked Pi

What's up. I am the 88th Dalai Lama of the free world and I solved Pi. Check this shit out.
My birthday 5.16 / 3.14 = 2.02
3.14 / 2.02 = 1.55445544 repeating.
This a vibration and a hint made by nerds begging you to solve pi for real. Women of Islam.
55 = UP 44=DOWN
The hint is that it should be 1.44554455 repeating. Don't start from the celling of your limits, instead, start from the ground then JUMP. This is the true nature of gravity as we know it.
Now we have a new mask 1.44554455 repeating. After the decimal, lower the digit by the difference between 4 and 5: one. Let's apply it to the first three numbers of Pi
3.05 / 2.02 = 1.5099009900 repeating
Now instead of jumping we sit in the middle of our limits and either fall to the basement or jump to the ceiling.
Anyone interested in this shit?
Just listen to this so you understand where I am coming from.
Enjoy nerds. I suck at math. You needed me to see closer. I need you to see deeper. Help me out. I'm just an artist. Please let me have a say in science. Let me prove I know something about Faith.
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2021.04.14 20:26 Tnynfox What is the most offensive costume you've ever worn or seen IRL?

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2021.04.14 20:26 mellowdrifter Pfizer this morning

in Dulles Town Center. Was super efficient and quick. Wish airports was like this. Was told that I'd soon get a text when I can book second, but as soon as you've got your shot you can book your second shot on the VAMS site.
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2021.04.14 20:26 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Octane] [Titanium White Octane: Abtruse] [Orange Flamethrower] [Tunica]

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2021.04.14 20:26 Hefty_Bread ISO discraft heat

Looking for esp z or tour series
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2021.04.14 20:26 Imaginary_Ad_4447 Has anyone tried to plot 2 plots on a 500GB SSD? Is it possible now

I got a spare 500GB SSD left. Have you tried it with the 1.0.4 version?
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2021.04.14 20:26 minipouceRAP Article du nice matin !

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2021.04.14 20:26 aymen_artt Trying to pass my exams and graduate highschool ,any tips.

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2021.04.14 20:26 whoa88513 Small gift/surprise ideas for our first meeting? (25m, 23f)

I (25m) am soon going to be meeting my long distance girlfriend (23f) for the first time after 5 months of talking daily and close to 3 months of being "official". We're spending a whole week together, I'm very excited!
We both have given each other "bigger" gifts semi-recently and are on the same page regarding not going crazy buying each other stuff that's too crazy for this trip just because we're there to spend time with each other and we will have to fly back and won't have room to carry some big item.
That being said, I would like to maybe have some small, thoughtful thing when I arrive there just to show affection or whatever. Will prob buy her her favorite candy or something, but I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or idea for like a small but fun gift.
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2021.04.14 20:26 smithruns Is it true that someone coming from a completely different background can’t get into data science?

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2021.04.14 20:26 ZDXstuff Navy.

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2021.04.14 20:26 GoodMemoriesz Landorus

1215 5703 9696
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2021.04.14 20:26 sad_confetti Zac e bug on new patch?

When I hold E and let go 50/50 e just goes on cd and doesn't launch me? it is the weirdest bug and it's fucked me over a ton already.
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2021.04.14 20:26 aboynamedtony Need Help or Advice, Activision Account Got Hack.

Basically like the title says my Activision account got hacked. Someone unlinked my email from the account and added their own so I have no access.
I have over 28 days played on this account with almost 100 wins, a 1.5 kd, and a decent amount of money spent on bundles lol.
Every thing is gone and I feel like Activision won't do shit to recover my account. I already submitted a claim but havent heard back. Does anyone have any helpful advice or tips to either speed up this process or help in anyway??
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2021.04.14 20:26 jasonngman My bedroom in a college house.

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2021.04.14 20:26 backtickbot https://np.reddit.com/r/d_language/comments/mqte50/question_about_using_class_attributes/guitczb/

You could try CRTP (the "curiously recursive template pattern"):

class Base(Derived) { this() { static if (hasUDA!(Derived, Attr)) { ... } } } @Attr("value") class MyDerived : Base!MyDerived { ... } 
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2021.04.14 20:26 Impossible-Demand741 Should I wait?

Okay. So there's this guy (24; I'm 25M) that's in a Facebook group I'm a part of that people moving to a certain city join. I know he's bi because I happened to see him on Grindr in that area via the explore feature.
I want to message him on Facebook but I don't want to come off as random or stalkerish even though he said if people wanted advice about the city to hit him up.
Should I wait until I move there and just ask him out then? Or should I try and chat him up now so that the ice is already broken when I move there and we can meet already knowing a bit about each other?
I'd rather not message him through Grindr. Nothing good comes of that app IMO.
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