Go! Help me beat undyne. Please |

Help me beat undyne. Please

2021.04.14 21:28 slyfuks Help me beat undyne. Please

When I attack undyne it does maximum 1300 damage, yet whenever I watch someone esle attack they do 1700
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2021.04.14 21:28 DinosKellis Test model for a possible undead army. Used olive and ochre paints to add a greenish tint to the bones instead of the typical ivory colors.

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2021.04.14 21:28 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Octane: Shisa] [Standard] [Cristiano]

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2021.04.14 21:28 CamusCig Which one should I start today?

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2021.04.14 21:28 freelance_fox Hyperius, the Gravitist (INT Nuker) [Artisan Entry]

To view the custom webpage version of Hyperius, click here
Hyperius, the Gravitist Intelligence, Radiant Nuker ** / Durable * / Escape * / Support * / Disabler *
Summary Skills Overview Q: PLASMA BURST target point, magical

Bounces between enemies healing Hyperius for each enemy hit, then explodes dealing damage. Hyperius can jump to the location of the burst.
W: SOLAR STORM vector target, channeling, magical
Releases a controllable storm that grows larger and slower the longer Hyperius channels, stunning enemies and dealing damage over time.
E: NULL SHIELD target ally, pure
Grants a shield that blocks a targeted spell and releases a damaging wave whenever the target casts a spell or takes damage.
R: GRAVITY SHARDS ultimate, passive, toggle
Toggle between generating and consuming a Gravity Shard for each spell cast. Passively grants mana regen and evasion per shard, while consuming a shard grants spell amplification, cooldown reduction and increased channeling speed. Grants the Gravity Well sub-ability, which always consumes a shard.
D: GRAVITY WELL target point, magical
Consume a Gravity Shard to create an area that slows enemies' turn rate, attack speed and movement speed.
Gravity Wells deal damage over time and slowly pull enemies in.
Grants bonus spell amplification to the target and applies a basic dispel when triggered.
Hyperius is a heavy caster with a short attack range whose kit features defensive capabilities and mobility that set him apart from similar heroes. A unique bond with gravity grants Hyperius extreme control over his opponents' turn rates and ability to deal attack damage thanks to his ultimate Gravity Shards and sub-ability Gravity Well, which furthermore give Hyperius a unique resource to manage. Hyperius may choose to expend Shards for convenience and extra damage, but in doing so trades passive mana regen and evasion. Hyperius's prowess as a magus is well known, but rather than direct damage his abilities center around prolonging fights thanks to his self-healing nuke Plasma Burst and supportive third skill, Null Shield, which grants spell block. Last but not least, Hyperius's main teamfight contribution is undoubtedly his channeled, vector-targeted variable-radius AoE stun, Solar Storm. What Solar Storm lacks in stun duration it makes up for in its versatility, with the ability to fire off a smaller, faster Invoker-Tornado-like projectile that chases enemies dealing damage over time while also being able to cover an entire teamfight with a gigantic storm if channeled long enough.
Background Info Lore
Originally from a dimension where consciousness is not born but rather discovered, Hyperius stands out among the heroes who defend ancients as a being of both extreme intellect and dramatic contradiction. While he began life as a bodyless impulse dreamt up by the Solar Goddess, Hyperius soon realized that to serve his mistress would require a suitable physical manifestation—something designed for combat against other beings like himself—and so sought out the gadgeteer Hephaestus in his Celestial Forge.
Deep into the volcanic workshop Hyperius delved seeking an artifice to his liking, past automaton after augmented suit of armor, deeper and deeper into the mine's hellish lower branches until reaching the end of his presented options. Coming to the edge of the liquid-metal mantle, glowing burning white and hot, Hyperius kept going—by accident or perhaps out of curiousity. Allowing himself to be drawn in to the ultra-dense solar core, Hyperius's soul fused with the living energy of the star. In the ensuing reaction, a new and perfect body formed, cast out of a molten metal unlike anything to come before it or since.
His solar-forged body may appear mortal, but in our reality Hyperius wields the same power as he did before as a bodyless force whose job was to hold the universe together—his shoulders, like the many bodies that hang from that dark framework, bear the weight of all worlds as if Hyperius was a great keystone holding up the sky. It is this aspect of Hyperius's nature that enables his current form to control gravity with such precision—equally as capable of movements galactic in scale as those local in scale.
Venturing in service of the Solar Goddess to the cities of men on many an occasion, Hyperius's encounters with various magi were nothing short of spectacular. Hyperius's affinity for cosmic balance is equally matched by his unwitting penchant for destruction.
Now tasked with maintaining the balance between radiant and dire, Hyperius voyages with begrudging loyalty to trifle with mortal matters—and magi—once more. With infinite worlds hanging in the balance, Hyperius serves the very notion of existence as both a bastion against chaos and an arbiter of divine judgment.
A magus with glowing metallic skin. Controls floating black diamond-shaped chunks of dark matter similar to Invoker's orbs. Light green and cyan bursts of plasma accompany Hyperius's non-ultimate spells, while his signature Gravity Wells appear like flattened mini-Black Holes that stretch enemies between dimensions. His Gravity Shards rotate clockwise and glow brightly while generating shards, and instead rotate counter-clockwise and absorb light while consuming shards.
Attributes STR: 19 + 1.6
AGI: 22 + 2.6
INT: 18 + 3.8
Movement Speed: 320
Turn Rate: 0.7
Attack Range: 350
Projectile Speed: 1,750
Base Damage: 41-51 (59-69 total at lvl 1)
Base Armor: -2.0 (1.52 total at lvl 1)
BAT: 1.7
Attack Time: 0.35 + 0s
Cast Time: 0.3 + 0.45s
Talents Level 10: +10% Evasion OR +8% Spell Amplification
Level 15: +250 Plasma Burst Cast Range OR +150 Attack Range
Level 20: +20% Magic Resistance OR +2 Max Gravity Shards
Level 25: +1 Null Shield Spells Blocked OR -4s Plasma Burst Cooldown
Skills Q: PLASMA BURST target point, magical
Fires a bolt of energy that bounces through enemies in a cone-shaped area, then releases a blast of damage in a larger radius. Hyperius gains health for each enemy the bolt bounces to.
At any point while the bolt is in the air, Hyperius may activate the ability again, disappearing immediately and reappearing at the bolt's location when it bursts.
Cast Range: 400/500/600/700 ( 650/750/850/950)
End Radius: 250/300/350/400
Bolt Duration: up to 0.4/0.5/0.6/0.7s
Bolt Speed: 2,800
Bounce Damage: 40/50/60/70
Bounce Self-Heal: 100% of damage dealt to heroes, 50% creeps (40/50/60/70 per hero, 20/25/30/35 per creep)
Blast Damage: 80/140/220/300
Blast Radius: 450 (Blast Speed: 1,750)
fully blocked by spell immunity
7s ( 3s) 100/130/160/190
Hyperius's favorite hex for dueling, mostly for its unpredictable nature.
  • The bolt bounces to the nearest target first and has no maximum bounce range, but may only bounce to enemies who were in the target area and received the Bolt Target buff on cast (visible to all players above the targeted enemy's heads like Ember's Sleight of Fist effect, may only hit each enemy once). Enemies who travel more than 1,000 units after the Bolt Target buff is placed on them are removed from the bolt's target list.
  • The secondary blast happens at the end of the bolt's duration or upon running out of targets to bounce to. Any enemies the bolt was unable to bounce to before bursting do not take the bounce damage or give healing to Hyperius.
  • The bolt always heals the listed amount of damage regardless of how much damage is dealt, and may not bounce to invisible or spell immune enemies. Invisible enemies may be hit by the blast.
  • If there are no visible targets in the cone on cast, the bolt travels straight for a distance equal to the cast range and then bursts.
W: SOLAR STORM vector target, channeling, magical
Channels for a base duration, gathering energy before releasing a controllable storm in the specified direction. The storm stuns enemies on contact and deals damage per second while they remain in its radius. The storm will chase an enemy hero if the storm's eye passes over them. Hyperius may continue channeling longer than the base duration to increase the storm's radius and duration at the cost of decreasing its speed.
Cast Range: 425/550/675/800
Base Channel Duration: 1s
Max Channel Duration: 2/4/6/8s (1s base + 1/3/5/7s additional)
Storm Eye Radius: 150
Storm Radius: 325 + 50/75/100/125 per additional second channeled (Max Radius: 375/550/825/1200)
Storm Duration: 2s + 1s per additional second channeled (Max Duration: 3/5/7/9s)
Storm Speed: 800 - 100 per additional second channeled (Storm Travel Distance: 1600 base, 2100/2500/2100/900 at max duration)
Storm Damage: 75/100/125/150 dps (Total Max Damage: 225/500/875/1350)
Stun Duration: 0.75/1/1.25/1.5s
fully blocked by spell immunity
21/20/19/18s 140/160/180/200
A particularly nasty bit of weather can be a great friend to have around.
  • May only stun each enemy once per cast.
  • After channeling for the base duration, activate W again to end the channeling and release the storm at its current size. If Hyperius is stunned before the base channeling duration is reached, the storm dissipates and the ability goes on cooldown.
  • The storm's eye destroys trees it passes over.
  • Once locked on to a hero, the storm attempts to match the speed and direction of the target until the duration ends, unless the storm is given a move order or the storm's 'Q' ability is activated, which resets the storm's aggro and allows the storm to pick a new target. If the current target dies or leaves the radius, or after its aggro is reset, the storm continues along its original vector. The storm has flying movement, but provides no vision and may not go above its original starting speed (similar to a Wildkin Cyclone).
  • Only allies may see the Storm while it is forming.
E: NULL SHIELD target ally, pure
Places a shield on the target ally that disappears after blocking a single targeted spell and has a secondary effect that triggers whenever the target ally casts a spell or takes damage. The damaging wave caused when the secondary effect triggers briefly slows enemies.
Cast Range: 500
Spells Blocked: 1 ( 2)
Secondary Effect Damage: 50/60/70/80
Secondary Effect Slow: 50/60/70/80%
Slow Duration: 0.25s
Slow/Damage Radius: 450
Secondary Effect Cooldown: 1s
Shield Bonus Spell Amplification: 0 ( 20%)
Shield Max Duration: 12/16/20/24s
slow blocked by spell immunity, but may be cast on spell immune allies Buff may be removed by basic dispel, slow may not
60/55/50/45s 175
Aghanim's Shard Upgrade: Null Shield provides the target ally with +20% spell amplification, and the secondary effect also applies a basic dispel to enemies in range.
Linken's Nullifying Charm.
  • The shield always releases a wave when the target ally is targeted by a spell/item or dies without the shield popping, regardless of proc cooldown.
  • Targeted dispels will trigger the spell block before dispeling, however area-of-effect dispels will remove the shield without triggering it.
R: GRAVITY SHARDS ultimate, passive, toggle
Toggles between consuming and generating a Gravity Shard for each spell cast. Passively gain mana regen and evasion per shard. Spells cast while in consumption mode gain spell amplification, cooldown reduction and increased channeling speed. Unlocks the ‘D’ sub-ability Gravity Well which always costs a shard to cast.
Max Shards: 2/3/4 ( 6)
Mana Regen per Shard: 1.5
Evasion per Shard: 15%
Spell Amplification: 8/16/24%
Cooldown Reduction: 30/40/50%
0s 0
Able to annihilate dark matter and direct the energy of resulting blasts, Hyperius's spells are much more potent when he has chunks of the stuff on hand.
  • Toggling Gravity Shards does not consume or generate shards. Toggling Gravity Shards does not trigger Magic Wand or other on-spell effects.
  • Hyperius gains two Shards immediately upon leveling the skill for the first time, and begins in consumption mode.
  • Expending a Gravity Shard to channel Solar Storm faster results in a 30/40/50% reduction in time needed to channel, allowing the release of the initial projectile after 0.7/0.6/0.5s and the full-size storm to be called forth in a reduced 5.6/4.8/4s.
  • The visual effect for which mode Hyperius is in causes his shards to spin clockwise for generation and counter-clockwise for consumption, also changing between a light and dark glow.
  • The spell amplification, cooldown reduction and channeling speed increase gained while consuming shards only effects Hyperius's spells, not his items.
D: GRAVITY WELL target point, magical
(Unlocked with ultimate)
Consumes a Gravity Shard to place a sphere of unstable anti-matter that reduces the turn rate, attack speed and movement speed of enemies within range.
Cast Range: 700/800/900
Gravity Well Radius: 375/450/525
Gravity Well Duration: 5/7/9s
Turn Rate Slow: 60/75/90%
Movement Speed Slow: 30/45/60%
Attack Speed Slow: 30/45/60
Gravity Well Damage: 0 ( 100/125/150 dps)
Gravity Well Pull: 0 ( 30 per sec)
fully blocked by spell immunity
18/12/6s 100/90/80
Aghanim's Scepter Upgrade: Gravity Wells now deal magical damage over time (100/125/150 dps) and slowly drag enemies towards their center.
Creates a small zone where enemies become encumbered by extreme weight.
  • The effects of multiple Gravity Wells do not stack, and the effects do not linger after leaving its radius.
  • Casting Gravity Well cannot generate a Gravity Shard.
  • Casting Gravity Well while in Gravity Shard consumption mode costs 1 shard and gains spell amp/cooldown reduction. Casting Gravity Well while in Gravity Shard generation mode requires 1 shard to cast and does not generate a shard or benefit from spell amp/cooldown reduction.
Changelog 0.8.1 – April 2021
  • Replaced level 15 +150 Cast Range talent with +250 Plasma Burst Cast Range
0.8.0 – April 2021
  • Update base stats in line with changes to other heroes: Intelligence gain increased from 3.75 to 3.8, Movement speed reduced from 330 to 320, and Turn rate increased from 0.6 to 0.7
  • Update talent values in line with changes to other heroes: Level 10 Evasion talent reduced from 15% to 10%, Level 20 Magic Resistance talent reduced from 30% to 20%
  • Cast time improved from 0.4 + 0.35s to 0.3 + 0.45s
  • Renamed Miasma to Solar Storm
  • Renamed Void Shield to Null Shield
  • Null Shield reworked to no longer consider nearby allies for triggering the secondary effect, and instead also triggers when the target ally casts a spell
  • Null Shield's spell amplification component is now enabled by purchasing Aghanim's Shard, also causing the secondary effect to apply a basic dispel to nearby enemies
  • Gravity Shards now constantly provide their passive bonuses, rather than just while generation mode is toggled on
  • Gravity Shards mana regen per shard increased from scaling 0.9/1.2/1.5 to static 1.5 per shard
  • Gravity Shard consumption now also provides 8/16/24% spell amplification (only effects Hyperius's spells, like the cooldown reduction)
  • Lore updated to reference 'Solar Goddess' from Lina/Bounty Hunter lore rather than unspecific 'Sun God'
  • Various wording changes to Description and Lore
0.7.1 – June 2018
  • Added an attack speed slow component to Gravity Well equal to the movement speed slow
  • Increase Gravity Well radius from 375/425/475 to 375/450/525
  • Removed Maximum Gravity Wells limit
0.7.0 – June 2018
  • Changed Gravity Shard generation from 60% RNG chance to the R ability now toggling between consuming and generating shards; D remains unchanged and always consumes a Shard
  • Gravity Shards give mana regen and evasion while generating shards and cooldown reduction/channeling speed increase for spells while consuming
  • Removed sub-abilities dependent on shards for W and E, moved the movement sub-ability of Q to a normal sub-ability available from level 1
0.6.0 – June 2018
  • Gravity Well now slows 30/45/60% instead of applying a 60% miss chance
  • Void Shield no longer purges
  • Void Shield slow duration reduced from 0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8s to 0.25s
  • All ability descriptions reduced and clarified
0.5.1 – May 2018
  • Adjusted starting intelligence and growth from 16 + 3.0 to 18 + 3.75 (starting mana at level 1 from 315 to 345 and total int at level 25 from 88 to 108)
  • Base damage reduced from 43-53 to 41-51 (damage at level 1 remains 59-69)
  • Reduced strength growth from 1.8 to 1.6 (total strength at 25 from 62.2 to 57.4)
  • Added notes on interactions with spell immunity and purges
0.5.0 – April 2018
  • Added Max Limit to Gravity Wells
  • Added Aghanim's Scepter
  • Rename 'Neural Storm' to 'Miasma'
  • Added mechanic for Gravity Shards to improve Miasma channeling speed
  • Added flavortext
Thanks for checking out my Artisan entry! I'll do my best to return any feedback if you have an entry of your own.
Since we have a couple weeks until the contest closes, I'm looking to iterate on the hero as much as I can during that time. I have some pre-planned nerfs ready to go if I get certain feedback... the main question I have is whether there are certain parts of the kit that are conceptually too strong, or whether number tweaks would be enough.
Also I wanted to add that I wrote the hero lore before Dawnbreaker came out, so there's a chance I might still rework Hyperius's lore a bit to distance his backstory from hers. I'm open to feedback about how to accomplish this!
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2021.04.14 21:28 Smooth-Wrangler5541 These are some off my sunrise and sunset pictures that I get almost daily on my way to school

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2021.04.14 21:28 DukieMonster123 IOS 14 Update and Cookieless Google Chrome

Hey guys,
I'm interested to hear how your company is prepping for these two major updates that we will see soon. I think for agencies that are only using FB that would be rough for them.
For my company we are only using Google and Amazon which are the two DSPs that would be projected by these two changes. Let me know your thought on this
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2021.04.14 21:28 reddit_feed_bot WND: NFL fans furious after Democrat announces vaccination will be required to attend games

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2021.04.14 21:28 knightangle hello fellow smooth brained rumble bros! I hit a deer and had a sedan front end put on! Now to do the rear…

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2021.04.14 21:28 narayanjot All chakra cleanse solfeggio frequency music meditation

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2021.04.14 21:28 zzzonal Anyone have a good idea as to how to preserve this awesome sticker? I'm thinking maybe remove, laminate leaving excess around edge, punch holes around laminate edge, sew on, and wear back-up mask behind it?? Thoughts and/or alternate ideas requested. Much thanks!

Anyone have a good idea as to how to preserve this awesome sticker? I'm thinking maybe remove, laminate leaving excess around edge, punch holes around laminate edge, sew on, and wear back-up mask behind it?? Thoughts and/or alternate ideas requested. Much thanks! submitted by zzzonal to craftivists [link] [comments]

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2021.04.14 21:28 braxtonjames [USA-FL] [H] BNIB 3090 KINGPIN, QTY 3 Thinkpad T14 (4750U/16GB/512GB) [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Hey guys!
Got some more stuff for sale.
Item 1: EVGA 3090 KINGPIN
BNIB. Not looking to ship it at this time. Basing my price off of the last 5 eBay sales' average, and subtracting 15%, which comes out to ~$3500. May consider trades for other cards + cash locally (Palm Beach County).
Link to recently sold listings

  • $4500
  • $3750
  • $3850
  • $4500
  • $3999
  • Average: $4120 * 0.85 = $3500
Item 2: 3 Lenovo Thinkpad T14 Laptops
  • CPU: Ryzen 7 4750U Pro ( (8C / 16T, 1.7 / 4.1GHz, 4MB L2 / 8MB L3)
  • GPU: Vega 7 (Actually not bad at all for indie games or more demanding games on low)
  • RAM: 16GB 3200MHz Soldered RAM, with an extra slot (Max of 48GB Total)
  • SSD: 512GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0x4 NVMe Opal2
  • Display: 14" FHD (1920x1080) IPS Anti-glare, 250-nit
  • 3-year Depot + Battery Warranty
  • Model number: 20UD000CUS
  • https://psref.lenovo.com/Detail/ThinkPad/ThinkPad_T14_Gen_1_AMD?M=20UD000CUS
  • Brand new without box, comes with brand new charger
Thanks for looking!
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2021.04.14 21:28 dariosju Why the PMT boys should end the BRC sponsorship...

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