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Sweet & Sour Dal Soup

2021.04.14 21:18 Vegancafe21 Sweet & Sour Dal Soup

Sweet & Sour Dal Soup Made this flavorful, vegan, nutritious soup that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways! I love it in a bowl over a few spoons of rice. A delicious source of protein, fiber, as well as a number of vitamins and folate!

Sweet & Sour Dal Soup
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2021.04.14 21:18 Tidus_Mino I guess the game decided I needed a break

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2021.04.14 21:18 Learner421 Ant+ to Bluetooth

Is there some hardware device that will take in ant+ and spit it out via Bluetoot?
Essentially I want my Stryd to go to Stryd and Zwift while using an iPad and not have to figure out how to rig my laptop next to a treadmill.
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2021.04.14 21:18 Kenn_4365 Yall i ran into Cinderella today 🤯🤣

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2021.04.14 21:18 bappa158 Democracy , Left voice and More : A talk with Dipsita Dhar. Narrative is in Bengali language.

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2021.04.14 21:18 Lil_Mattylicious Ed Sheeran

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2021.04.14 21:18 Gregthehero1 New War Games Event shield Regain Apex Legends is fun again??

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2021.04.14 21:18 Lack3000 I'm telling you guys & gals the Luca Bidirectional method really works. Now obviously don't use it alone but it's kinda a master key to sentence structure & figuring out what you're good at & need help with. I'd recommend it

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2021.04.14 21:18 Affectionate-Ocelot1 HELP, Is this a pass?

Is this shit even accurate?
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2021.04.14 21:18 Western-Shine-6460 alguien puede decirme cuales son los pasos despues de programar una evaluación inicial porfa?

ya descargué el lockdown browser en mi computadora e hice la prueba, pero la evaluación que programé para el siguiente lunes no me aparece en canva ni nada, como acesso el dia del examen?
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2021.04.14 21:18 NefariousnessFull447 Free Onlyfans

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2021.04.14 21:18 Wonderful_Radish8196 SteelSeries website charges additional sales tax when using a coupon

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2021.04.14 21:18 polo321 Can silk pla cause under extrusion issues?

Hi I’m new to 3d printing, everything worked great, until it didn’t.
I bought my printer 5 weeks ago-ender 3 v2, worked fine, but as of last week I started experiencing under extrusion with silk pla I left in my room for a while for about 3.5 weeks, (my room gets hot, with no ventilation) I replaced the nozzle, tube, cleaned the nozzle using the needle, levelled the bed multiple times, too close too far- tried it all. I also tightened the eccentric nuts-made sure it was level. I pushed the filament through, comes out fine but it keeps curling-can this be the issue? The filament doesn’t stick to the bed either it just curls up, I turned the bed the other way (ender 3v2 glass bed) still doesn’t stick, and under extrudes. The printer is on stock settings.
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2021.04.14 21:18 Independent-Goat-142 Just chilling~

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2021.04.14 21:18 kirby9997 Hinduism for beginners

I'm hindu since I was born but I grew up in a christian enviroment. I used to be in a private christian school for 12 years. I do what my parents ask me to do such as not eating meats on Fridays. But I know nothing about Hinduism. When I ask my parents about It they're too lazy to answer, or they don't know the answers. Sometimes I pray in our prayer room, but I have no connexion with Hinduism. Where should I start to learn about Hinduism ? I'm open for any recommendations (videos, movies, books, websites etc..)
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2021.04.14 21:18 shakeythirsty They let me go if I promised to never do it again.

My alternates relinquished control, but only after forcing me back from the ledge.
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2021.04.14 21:18 Ar_Gul Destroying Monuments is wrong

Im going to keep this short. Years ago it was completly normal and we would be like that too if we lived back then ( back then these guys weren't bad though because it was considered normal). If a person has achived something big and important for a country you should't destroy his Monument just because by todays Standards he's a bad person. So this is already getting too much Im sure you know what im trying to say. Let me know if you agree or if im a terrible person. -Hope this does not get removed don't see why I left the evil r-word out.
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2021.04.14 21:18 gsvevshxndb My Oscar review prediction was right

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2021.04.14 21:18 shrrrrrrr Should i invest $1000 dollars in bitcoin?

So I’m 16 years old and I have about $1000 that I got for my birthday this year. Instead of buying other unnecessary stuff with it, I’ve decided I want to invest it. Is it a good idea to invest $1000 dollars in bitcoin? Thanks in advance:)
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2021.04.14 21:18 rrrjjj05 Garage Band on iPad Volume

Is there any way i can see volume numbers???
Cause theres no any indication where you at
hope someone could help me... TIA!!!
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2021.04.14 21:18 johnrock001 Top 10 Anime With Cute Kawaii MC

Top 10 Anime With Cute Kawaii MC - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/top-10-anime-with-cute-kawaii-mc/
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2021.04.14 21:18 MyNameIsJimJones ZOM Stock Major Catalyst & stock price update

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2021.04.14 21:18 DisneyVillain92 Play Virtually

My wife and I are tired of beating each other. Would anyone play through messenger, whatsapp, or any virtual way?
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2021.04.14 21:18 jr1c 589 | Yankees Stink Against Toronto

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2021.04.14 21:18 Xenohype2 Interesting Easter egg I found in AA

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