Go! [SERIOUS] has anyone seen any store refuse to serve anti-Maskers? |

[SERIOUS] has anyone seen any store refuse to serve anti-Maskers?

2021.04.14 22:01 adjika [SERIOUS] has anyone seen any store refuse to serve anti-Maskers?

I've seen so many anti-maskers walking around various stores and yet none of them have had the chutzpah to enforce their mask requirements. Has anyone actually stores enforce their mask policy?
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2021.04.14 22:01 SlavicMemer I got inspiried by STBlackST's battle segments and made this

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2021.04.14 22:01 wuntuuthree Skinwalker

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2021.04.14 22:01 ONE-OF-THREE Aztech Forgotten Gods - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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2021.04.14 22:01 u_matter_to_someone Rollable teapot

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2021.04.14 22:01 Raymondator [FO4] Is there any way to make it so that weapon modifications are much rarer or even don't appear at all?

Just looking for a mod (preferably configurable, but any will do) that makes weapon mods much more difficult or even impossible to find via LL injection.
First off, it really kinda makes me laugh when Mr. Raider Scum is carrying a fully automatic extended quick mag fluted barrel pipe gun with recon scope because the leveled list is desperately trying scale difficulty. Mainly though, that just ends up breaking that oh-so-precious immersion. Second of all, having 20 different receiver or barrel mods for a single gun makes it a nightmare to edit its stats, and cutting down on the number of those would be great.
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2021.04.14 22:01 straightpimp Test

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2021.04.14 22:01 Enceladus95 Is it ok for a Christian to read a book like this? “The Last of the Wine” see details below.

Is it ok for a Christian to read a book like this? Here are some of the major themes. The Last of the Wine engages the mores and culture of Classical Greece, including symposia (drinking parties), the treatment of women, the importance of athletic, military and philosophical training among young men, marriage customs, and daily life in war and peace. The Last of the Wine is Mary Renault's first novel set in ancient Greece, the setting that would become her most important arena. The novel was published in 1956 and is the second of her works to feature male homosexuality as a major theme. It was a bestseller within the gay community. The book is a portrait of Athens at the close of the Golden Age and the end of the Peloponnesian War with Sparta, and includes Socrates as a character.
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2021.04.14 22:01 ElizabelStorm I came home late (dinner is 8PM, mom) AND smelled of another animal.

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2021.04.14 22:01 montaukwhaler Genprex Collaborators Report Positive Preclinical Data for REQORSA™ Immunogene Therapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer at the 2021 AACR Annual Meeting

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2021.04.14 22:01 weebweebweebyall So I recently did a poll so I figured I’d kinda do a bracket thing

Pair one
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2021.04.14 22:01 greenMaverick09 I have a (fully paid off) iPhone 11 Pro Max. Why should I trade it in for an iPhone 12?

Hi there,
I have seen people commenting that the "iPhone 12 on us" deal is too good to be true. My iPhone 11 Pro Max is fully paid off, so I suppose I qualify for a "free" iPhone 12. For the record, I live in a tax-free state too.
Why should I trade in my 11 for a 12? What are the benefits, pros, cons, etc. I've tried reading into it myself, but I can't make too much sense into it.
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2021.04.14 22:01 Deep_Presentation Somebody logged into my account

So for almost 2 weeks i was at my parents house and played everyday w another account. I just arrived home from the "vacation" sat down and logged in. I was suprised af cuz my acc got into diamond 4 from silver 1 and also bought Rampart. RLY?? Thats weird as fuck .
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2021.04.14 22:01 LCDRtomdodge Got the laundry done boss

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2021.04.14 22:01 kwiwifooseball Anyone wanna chat rn

I’m 17F and bored as hell, tell me about yourself
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2021.04.14 22:01 foukwan Funeral inspired piece in Phoebe handwriting

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2021.04.14 22:01 HorobecS30 How do I get a free $5 credit on Concierge Render?

Someone told me they use Concierge Render with their free $5 dollar credit they get. I never received it. How do I receive it?
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2021.04.14 22:01 v8powerage Good to see him back, I was worried for a moment

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2021.04.14 22:01 TopModelsTv3 Is Nat on Twitter?

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2021.04.14 22:01 Ragnarok_MS Hate to ask this, but...

Is it worth picking this up if I have MKX from the PS Plus collection? Curious how different the gameplay is vs. 10. I’m enjoying 10, but 11 is on sale and had previously considered picking it up before getting the PS5.
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2021.04.14 22:01 l4m8d4 Intune mysteriously won't install app (on most devices)

Hello there,
I need to deploy the Citrix Workspace App - fearing that the MS Store version doesn't meet the user needs, I just opted for the win32 deployment method.
I created the package, configured the app in Intune and initially only assigned it to a test group (which has only me in it) as required. This worked as expected and the app installed fine.
I then proceeded and additionally assigned it to our group for users of the Citrix software, which are only a subset of all users - at this time, I wasn't in this group.
Now the problems started, because for three or four days, not a single machine of a user in our citrix group received the app. At first I thought it just needed some time, but it seems something is stuck.
In the endpoint manager portal, when I click on a affected machine it just shows
translates to: \"waiting for installation status\"
Clicking on that yields this:
which translates to something like
app created -> app updated -> agent installed -> app was assigned to "citrix" group -> last check-in of device
At that point, I was confused about what was going on since it worked perfectly and very fast on my test machine, so I thought maybe it had to do something with the app having multiple groups assigned, so I reduced it to the citrix group, which didn't help either, nothing got installed.
I wanted to know if there was something wrong with the group, so I wiped the app (and dependencies) from the test machine and added myself to the citrix group - and again it installed very fast, so the group seems to be fine.
I then checked the IME logs on one of the machines, comparing them with my own test machine where the app install is described in detailed fashion, where in every line the app UUID is referenced. The IME logs on that machine showed no traces of the UUID - it seems no install was ever tried, not even detection rules evaluation or similar.
I don't get it, why is it working on one machine, but not on the others? The depressing thing is the other users really need the app, and if this doesn't work I need to install it manually on every device that needs it, which would be very annoying.
That also begs the question: would installing manually conflict with Intune or would detection rules determine installed state normally?
I even checked the licenses, but everything is assigned, paid up and working in that regard, so no problems there.
At this point I am pretty lost on the matter, one thing I want to do still is to recreate the app and the group, just to be sure. Also I could still try the store version, but that could lead to other problems down the road. I will update if that helps or if something else happens. I would appreciate anyone at least pointing me in the right direction or helping in some way.
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2021.04.14 22:01 shrektheduck We've gotta drop the load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2021.04.14 22:01 reddit_feed_bot Reason: A Defense Witness Says the Cops Who Pinned George Floyd to the Pavement Were Not Using Force

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2021.04.14 22:01 fadbob all file types apear as blank paper icons in file explorer, tried all ways, no fix.

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2021.04.14 22:01 Hailfall Finished DAC's Evening Light by Jeremiah Ketner.

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