Go! A short trip in my ‘90 bronco II over the weekend. |

A short trip in my ‘90 bronco II over the weekend.

2021.04.14 21:35 cadaver_drip A short trip in my ‘90 bronco II over the weekend.

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2021.04.14 21:35 BearlyTony The Qliphoth (specifically knowledge of the spheres)

Hey there everyone! After months of research, Shadow Work, trying to find myself and where I belong, I’ve finally come across the Qliphoth. I wish to initiate into it, but I’ve found very little when it comes to understanding each sphere, and the only book I’ve found that seems to go in depth to the Qliphothic Plane and the experiences of each Sphere is $299 dollars (I’m unfortunately somewhat tight on money). Is there anyone that has good reads or knowledge to develop a better understanding? Or at that, is anyone a Guide that could assist me?
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2021.04.14 21:35 BambusleitungTV Internet?

In aktuell in ner scheißsituation. im drei vertrag steht 80mbit/s -> ich sitz zuhause und schau zu, wie der ladebalken für ein 5gb Update mit 250kbit/s hochtuckert.
ich wohn mittens im nirgentwo, aber gibts da optionen, wie ich zumindest 5mbit/s download garantiert haben kann? starlink war kurz ne Option, aber das ist zu teuer und kommt erst 2022 für mein gebiet.
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2021.04.14 21:35 frank__ls I wanted the shovel >:(

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2021.04.14 21:35 Sharkbean_X What's a small thing your partner does that you love?

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2021.04.14 21:35 EvilAngelina The ALIENS proudly present you the brand new #ZENON card!

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2021.04.14 21:35 FeelLykewise https://www.twitch.tv/lykewise NOW LIVE! Fixed our audio issue! Come enjoy and make our day! Playing roblox with pony and star!

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2021.04.14 21:35 Sgtcat190 My take on Kingpin.

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2021.04.14 21:35 Querch World Adds Record New Renewable Energy Capacity in 2020

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2021.04.14 21:35 lukegame6 "You rammed my kid off the stairs now give hime your skateboard"

This was about 2 years ago, not exactly my story or directed at my but i was there.
EM: entitled mother, EK: piece of shit kid but also entitled, F1: freidn1, F2: fren 2
So I don't exactly live in the nicest city in Canada, and there are a lot of people who dont deserve to be parents. Now me and a few buddies went to skate at the skate park and kind of just chill, and if you skate, you know scooter kids suck.
This kid was purposely cutting us off (i cant skate well so it didnt matter to em) and one of my friends were getting pissed. SO my friend decided to not stop after a while of this irritating kid, and hit him. obviously he didnt hit him hard and that probably wasnt the right decision. The kid apoligized and left.
So later me and my friends were about to get lunch when the kid returns. He screams about his older brother and something we couldnt hear so we decided to start walking again. THen we hear a lady screaming and snapping her fingers.
EM: EXCUSE ME? DID YOU RAM MY KID OFF THE STAIRS? (theres a lot of stairs but we weren't close to any)
F1:Um.. no..?
EM:YES YOU DID, GIVE HIM YOUR SKATEBOARD BECAUSE YOU DONT DESERVE IT (my friend has a bit of an anger problem and this was starting to irritate him a bit)
F1:You know what? Fuck you! (not the right thing to do but he did it)
EM:DONT LIKE THAT IN FRONT OF MY FUCKING KID! (at this point we decided to leave, but she grabbed onto F2's arm)
F2: Um.. please dont touch me (she had the craziest look in her eyes, none of us knew why she was mad but we assumed drugs or something)
EM: YOU ARE NOT LEAVING UNTIL YOU APOLIGIZE TO EK! (i wanted to say something but F1 was crying and F2 seemed like he knew what to do so i went to help F1)
F2: Listen lady, we haven't even skated near the stairs so we dont know what your talking about, let us leave and just forget about this
EM: DO. NOT. LIE. Tell the truth (she seemed to calm down once she noticed her own kid was crying, now the kid was nice before but this is where he comes into play)
EK: you rammed me off the stairs and hit my head on the stone! I want your skateboard!
F2: if you hit the stone you'd have bruises or cuts. I dont see any.
EM definetely underestimated my friend (he was top of our class in grade 8 and idk about this year) She grabbed EK's arm and walked away. We still kind of joke about it all the time and its pretty funny. Once i got hit by a car driven by a guy who looked like EK, so we though it was him getting revenge lol
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2021.04.14 21:35 ThingyThinger19 I kinda want a pic of Barack Obama doing kickflips

I think that it would kinda blow my socks off if that man did a kickflip. It would just blow my mind, that I would obtain a lot of rad vivacity from how sick it was.
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2021.04.14 21:35 Somber-Samurai Will we see $.25 soon?

I bought a couple thousand DogeCoin back in January, but sadly sold shortly after because I didn't see much of a point of holding. Well, I bought back in today at $.11, and am seeing it dip to $.10 again. Do we have hope of seeing it hit $.25 soon or should we just give it time until another spike hits?
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2021.04.14 21:35 tinglypeanutbutter [Trade] LF: Eevee Gen 4

[Trade] Want to have leafeon before beating the elite 4 and getting the national dex in diamond. I can trade a scrub or something in return. Have a cranidos
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2021.04.14 21:35 Winterblue230 Has anyone been to Dara Liotta in NYC for Rhinoplasty or can recommend any good doctors in NYC?

I had a previous rhinoplasty however I have a little issue with my results and I feel like my primary doctor is not giving me the honest truth so I'm looking for a second opinion.
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2021.04.14 21:35 Rh_tr4d1ng Lf: swans

One snow owl for each swan maybe? I can add a bit 4 snow owls + more adds for neon swan
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2021.04.14 21:35 hulkgercekmi Yoldaş

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2021.04.14 21:35 erik443 First laptop, completely ignorant dude that will be using it for university and gta

First off, a good day to you!
I'm not very good with computers, as I never had one. I heard a computer is a requirement for the classes I'll be attending, so I now need to get one ASAP. 10 hours of looking up specs and cross referencing them with LTT to try to understand what these specs meant and I'm not closer to know what to buy. So I turn to reddits infinite knowledge, could you suggest me one?

If I can watch netflix and shoot people in gta without squinting, I'm happy.
I can only think GTA and AC, so 60fps is almost a lot
Feel free to join our Discord server at: https://discordapp.com/invite/pes68JM for a faster response!
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2021.04.14 21:35 Spliffer_1312 I've been investing in stocks for 5 years

...and only been investing in crypto for 4 months.
In the short time with crypto, I've already made more money with crypto than with traditional stocks.
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2021.04.14 21:35 MassivePossibility87 Thanos kid lol

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2021.04.14 21:35 JackyduQc Im done, Mercedes is good then

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2021.04.14 21:35 MAJ0RLIVELY some fanart i wanted to make for u/GachaBandit1248 ! i had so much fun drawing this character!

some fanart i wanted to make for u/GachaBandit1248 ! i had so much fun drawing this character!
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2021.04.14 21:35 joesen_one NCT Dream - 7llin’ in the Dream (Teaser Posters)

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2021.04.14 21:35 11Twinflame11 Our doge is primed and ready for her next run.....

I’m calling it now Doge is hitting 15cents by midnight
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2021.04.14 21:35 NorthWoodie Feasting Wolves

Dolnik. Dull and drab like the skies above it. Light fog hung have just little above the green fields surrounding the town. The air that filled our lungs as we ran low from the wood towards the town, was fresh and cold. As we reached the outskirts, I edged along the backside of an abandoned building, rifle in my hands. Phantom came right behind me and as we rounded the corner, peering into the town ahead and a wolfish grin spread across both our faces. Two men, oblivious to our arrival, jogged alongside the road ahead, every now and then dodging into a house to see what lay inside.
What little peace had laid upon the town shattered as I fired my rifle. You could taste the panic in our prey as their heads frantically turned to find the shooter of the bullet that had just whizzed past the other man. Phantom shot to flank the poor, weak bastards as they ducked inside a one-story house.
I loped over several fences as I ran towards the house where the weaklings were hiding and took to a knee behind a low wooden fence , my rifle slung over my shoulder and shotgun in hand, aimed towards the house. The infected were swarming the street between the house the men were in and where Phantom had took position, flinging shots to keep the two fools pinned as I advanced towards the back of the house. I could hear Phantom laughing at the mindless diseaded milling outside his house.
In some absurd twist of fate, the infected turned towards the house our prey was hiding in and a dozen of them surged inside. I was in position behind the house and grinned madly as the two weaklings rushed outside from the backdoor and right into my arms. My shotgun sounded the organs of death as two slugs right after another embed themselves into the back of a man in black coat. Across the road, two rifle shots rang clear and the second man slumped like a marinet whos strings had been cut.
After clearing the infected we took what was ours from the corpses of the weaklings and made sure to put them on grotesque display to remind others who came across them that nowhere was safe. No walls are high enough, no locks are strong enough, to keep you hidden from the beasts after your blood.
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2021.04.14 21:35 SnowingFaith Gunner primaries got hit with a balance pass

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