Go! Please help with number 6. a) |

Please help with number 6. a)

2021.04.14 20:49 SensiblySenile1618 Please help with number 6. a)

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2021.04.14 20:49 memecollectorx Top pops please do a office tour

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2021.04.14 20:49 wecoulduseyourhelp Diet rich in animal foods, alcohol and sugar linked to 'inflammatory' gut microbiome

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2021.04.14 20:49 amodelmerol La creación del Registro de Usuarios de Telefonía Móvil viola la Constitución

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2021.04.14 20:49 entalert Restocked at the OCS (Wednesday, 3:48 p.m. EDT)

😊 Just in...
Product Price
Balance Pre-Roll 0.5g by Solei $5.65
Product Price
Bubba Kush 510 Thread Cartridge 1g by Legend $59.95
GG4 PAX Era Pod 0.5g by Namaste $49.95
Indica Pax Era Pod 0.5g by 7ACRES $59.95
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2021.04.14 20:49 SirAntonyofRome Cookie for Karma

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2021.04.14 20:49 ippiay Old Charizard Pocket Monsters Card

Got it years ago from a friend here’s the card
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2021.04.14 20:49 TrillboBaggins Have you heard about the Afghanistan withdrawal method?

It's when you pull out too late so you lose almost two decades of your life and most of your money
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2021.04.14 20:49 TrendingBot [Mildly Trending] /r/JustUnsubbed - The straw that broke the camel's back. In post form. (+202 subscribers today; 148% trend score)

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2021.04.14 20:49 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Biden faces long odds in push for more state ‘red flag’ laws | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.04.14 20:49 iamdamaster what movie do you have to watch twice to fully understand it?

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2021.04.14 20:49 catchie_fc Fresh cleanX standard contract

Coop name is ‘kippies’. One spot left, first goal prefarmed by me, 34T laying rate, 8d 23 hrs left
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2021.04.14 20:49 howlingwolfpress The Saylor Series FULL TRANSCRIPT, Episodes 1-9

This was done entirely by hand over the last few months. If you're anything like me seeing it all in print is way easier to digest the information. I also italicized words whenever they were emphasized vocally and the key points (to my eye) were put in bold.

The Saylor Series | Episode 1 | The Rise of Man through The Stone and Iron Ages
The Saylor Series | Episode 2 | The Rise of Man through the Dark and Steel Ages
The Saylor Series | Episode 3 | Technology Themes through History — Harder, Smarter, Faster, Stronger
The Saylor Series | Episode 4 | Bitcoin: The First Digital Monetary Energy Network
The Saylor Series | Episode 5 | Channeling Monetary Energy Across Time and Space
The Saylor Series | Episode 6 | Digital Gold: Harder, Smarter, Stronger, and Faster
The Saylor Series | Episode 7 | The Virtues of Strong Money
The Saylor Series | Episode 8 | Bitcoin and Immortal Sovereignty
The Saylor Series | Episode 9 | Economics, Inflation, Interest Rates, and Natural Competition
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2021.04.14 20:49 vinicius7577 CanonDustDust!Sans Moveset

Because i was caught being horny on main and i didnt notice,i decided to make this moveset to forget about it.

CanonDustDust!Sans Class:Tank
Appearence:you would have disproportional legs that would compose 70% of your body. Your arms would reach your knees,and your hands would have big claws. The upper part of your head would have a shadow,and your eyes would glow a red light,with two small horns on top of your head. You would move your torso up and down slowly,while yor right arm would move slightly to the right and your left arm would move slightly to the left slowly too.
ATK:80 DEF:280 HP:250
Passive(Save Point):when dustdust dies,a save point would appear on the place where he died. Dustdust would come back to life trough the save point,but only with 200HP.
Music:The Destroyer
LMB(Slashes of a Hollow Soul):dustdust would slash two times diagonally with each one of his claws,stab trough the enemy chest,summon a small blaster on his other hand and fire it,throwing the enemy away.
Block:dustdust would cross his arms,blocking incoming attacks.
R ability(4s cooldown):dustdust would lower his head while moving his left leg foward and backwards. He would then rush at the cursoenemy like a bull. If someone his hit by dustdust,they will be throw away and take chip damage.
Modes:Bones and Blasters,F r i e n d s.

Bones and Blasters Mode 1. Bone Molotovs(8s cooldown):dustdust would summon 6 bones who would be covered in fire. He would then launch the bones. These bones explode in contact with the enemy,making the area around burn for 3 seconds. Has a windup of 0.5 seconds and uses 3% of your mana.
2. Bone Control(15s cooldown):a ! mark would appear above the enemy. If they dont block in 2 seconds,dustdust would use his blue magic to break the opponent bones in half,making them imobile for 3 seconds. Uses 8% of your mana.
3. Bone Split(20s cooldown):dustdust would rush at the enemy and pierce trough their torso with both of his claws. He would then open his arms,tearing the enemy in half. Has a windup of 1.5 seconds and uses 12% of your mana.
4. Blaster Mirror(30s cooldown):dustdust would summon a bone zone around the enemy. He would then summon a small blaster above the enemy and fire at the bone walls. The walls would reflect the laser 10 times,each time the beam gaining speed. In the 10 time,the laser would hit the enemy,causing a explosion and breaking the bone zone around. Has a windup of 2.5 seconds and uses 15% of your mana.
5. Blaster Lunch(45s cooldown):dustdust would summon a medium sized blaster in the back of the enemy. The blaster would have its mounth open. When the enemy is close enough,the blaster would bite the enemy,making it gush blood all over the place. Has a windup of 2.8 seconds and uses 12% of your mana.

F r i e n d s Mode 1. The Hero and Her Apprentice(25s cooldown):Two people on your friends list would appear as undyne and papyrus ghosts. Papyrus would summon a giant bone zone on the enemy,stunning them. Then,undyne would jump high in the air and start to throw dozens of spears at the enemy. After that,papyrus and undyne would use both of his powers to create a giant bone spear and throw it at the enemy,making the bone zone be destroyed. Has a windup of 1.8 seconds and uses 8% of your mana.
2. A Failed Experiment and His Creator(40s cooldown):Two people on your friends list would appear as alphys and Mettaton Neo ghosts. Alphys would send 30 yellow lighthing bolts at the enemy. After that,mettaton would catch the enemy on his arms and fly upwards,exploding in the air,creating a giant pink explosion. Has a windup of 1.5 seconds,but mettaton can be avoidable if the enemy is fast enough to block or dodge him. Uses 16% if your mana.
3. Broken Family(60s cooldown):Three people on your friends list would appear as Asgore,Toriel and Flowey. Flowey would create arms with spikes and smash the enemy into the ground. Toriel would then create a pillar of fire below the enemy,throwing them upwards. And then Asgore would finish them off by creating a massive trident above the enemy and thowing at them,creating a massive shockwave made of fire when it touches the ground. Uses 20% of your mana.
4. Underground Fury(90s cooldown):A ! mark would appear above the enemy. If they dont block in 3.5 seconds,they would be teleported to a black void,and the would see dustdust infront of them. Then, Toriel,Papyrus,Undyne,Alphys,Mettaton,Asgore and Flowey ghosts would appear around dustdust. All the ghosts would start to spin around dustdust and come closer and closer,making the enemy screen turn white slowly. When the enemy screen turn completely white,they would hear a loud terryfying scream. When their screen turns back to normal,they would see a giant Amalgamate,with hundreds of legs and arms,with the head of dustdust and his friends on the front. The enemy would be completely paralyzed. The amalgate would summon a giant broken gaster blaster,with cracks all over it and a black liquid coming out of its mouth. The blaster would start to charge,but when the blaster is about to fire,both dustdust and the enemy screen would turn blue. In the enemy screen,there would have a message saying "Dont come back.". After 2 seconds,the enemy screen would turn black,and they would be jumpscared by dustdust. Both dustdust and the enemy would be teleported to the original map after the jumpscare. Uses 30% of your mana.

Death Scene:
Dustdust body would turn to dust,and his SOUL would appear and shake for a bit,before shattering in half and breaking in tiny pieces.
Dustdust SOUL appearence:upside down,completely black with a white outline.
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2021.04.14 20:49 kaelthas12 PoE SSFHC build starter 3.14?

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2021.04.14 20:49 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Position preview: Are Bears set at TE with Cole Kmet, Jimmy Graham? | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.04.14 20:49 Scottish_Hot_Rod **** the Dodgers

OOTP 19. In 2021 with the Cubs and was just swept in the divisional series by the Dodgers. The Dodgers also beat me in 5 in the 2018 LCS, beat me in 6 in the 2019 LCS and beat me in 5 in the 2020 DS.
They went on to become World Champions in each of those years. Fuck the Dodgers!
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2021.04.14 20:49 Analytic_City Huge Opportunity at Analytic City!

Hey Everyone!
We have a huge announcement to share with you all today! We have just officially partnered with Monkey Knife Fight! I won't share too many details with you all here, but if you want to read up on the opportunities this provides to our users and readers (like you) give this a read: https://analyticcity.com/pages/monkey-knife-fight-partnership. Absolutely worth checking out if you're a DFS fan/player.
Also, today's free NBA DFS newsletter can be found here: https://analyticcity.com/blogs/dfs-analytics. Really intense slate today and we work through a ton of value to think about.
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2021.04.14 20:49 Chanchadore [XBOX] [H] 3k Credits [W] Sweeper or Tactician Purple Emeralds

Might consider other certs. Lmk what you got.
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2021.04.14 20:49 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Conservatives propose revised sex ed rules in LGBTQ pushback | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.04.14 20:49 OhYouForgotMyName H3 should talk about this "Danny Mullen Blacklisted Me - Brandon Buckingham"

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2021.04.14 20:49 Blazin_Phoenx Mod announcement/Recruitment: Blazing Phoenix's Companion Compendium

I am currently in the process of starting a mod that will be a collection of followers for the player and am in need of some help on the development side of the mod as I myself am only planning the mod and voice acting a couple of the characters. The current form of recruitment is: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/skyrim-mod-blazing-phoenix-s-companion-compendium-developer-recruitment
The currently planned first chapter is based around a sentient flame atronach named Phoenix.
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2021.04.14 20:49 newpterman Creative water tank ideas?

I’m almost done with my shower install, but still on the hunt for a freshwater tank. It will need to go in a 48x15x12” space, and the actual water tanks I’ve found cost as much as the rest of the install combined. Has anyone used anything besides the standard “rv water tank”?
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2021.04.14 20:49 smokefan4000 Tire Pros will sponsor Josh Berry for 2 additional races

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2021.04.14 20:49 rusla132 [PS4]H:75k lead up for trade W:1:1 copper/plastic

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