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2021.04.14 21:07 JuanfiSlash My first big campaign! I kick a disruptive player for the first time and I hated it...

This was a 5e game played on Roll20. I wanted to share this story to add some perspective, maybe I was the villain the whole time. If that is the case, I would love for you all smart crabs to tell me I need to lear from my mistakes and be better from my players (And if the allmighty CritCrab one day gives me the honor of making a video about it, that would be cool. I can dream. Also I apologize for any misspelling, englihs is not my first languaje) all that said:
Hello, I am fairly new to D&D having started a few months ago. I love DMing more than playing, since it allows me to express my creativity and interact with every part of the world and characters in the way I want. I also love having people interacting/reacting with the worlds and scenarios I create.
(I want to be clear, i'm not trying to throw hate at this person in any way, just saying what happened since it leaved an impact on me and I think its a story worth sharing)
But enough of that, lets go straight to the story:
This all happened on a Viking based game, the players were
A - A paladin dwarf that followed the word of Odin
D - A dragonborn who looked like a regular human, and thus wanted to prove that he had the fire of a dragon in his blood through battle -
K - A druid that knows the word of the gods and is the wise man of the group -
P - A werewolf who was created by Fenrir, the giant wolf (this is the player this post is about) -
and T - A thor's cleric that entered the game at session 2
First session -
The guys started at a beach in this extrange country (not england, but a fantasy made up land) and their viking leader, a quest-giver NPC, gave them a choice. He told them to scout ahead while he established a base, and so they did. After finding some enemy explorers and torturing one they found out where the closest city was (they were vikings so they were ok on playing as bad guys, after all they all had reasons to attack this land. I am not going to enter into too much detail about it, but they were not entirely evil, that is important for later on the story)
After finding a great wall that was protecting the city they decided to surprise the leader assaulting the gate themselves even though they were only a scouting party (yup). They went into the forest and started building a battering-ram, next morning they moved the ram towards the gate (4 PCs and 2 viking NPC who are brothers) They had to push the ram while using it as cover from the enemy arrows, the town guard put up a good fight but they were unprepared and the gate eventually fell (again, not going to enter into every detail on how the fight went, but I used a system in which they could hold their action when inside the ram and then, in the ram's turn, it would attack the gate. The more players were holding an action inside the ram, the more damage it would deal to the gate) This is where the first session ended, everyone was very happy and seemed to have enjoyed it, that made me happy as I thought they were getting bored during combat, but as I always do i talked to them, asked for feedback and took any suggestion they wanted to give.
Second session -
we have a new player: T - Another Cleri that follows the path of Thor. He came in with news from the rest of the vikings, the Leader is encountering some unexpected resistance in another place and wants the party to establish a base somewhere safe so they can regroup and plan their next move. The party si a little disappointed since they wanted to raid the whole city, I explain that the city seems to have a lot of movement, and a counter attack was imminent (Let me remind you, this was 6 people vs an entire city. 5 now, since one of the NPC suffered a tragic death tanking hits from the captain of the town's guards and they were only lvl 3). They decided to keeppushing forward, P's idea was to capture the entire city and use it as a base. Guys were hesitant so the party went back a bit for a short rest, the NPC gave his brother a funeral and they all exchanged an emotional moment. It was a nice rp moment.
They went back to the gate, that was now being barricaded by some workers. They easily cut through the few guards that were there and even made a prisoner. The prisoner informs them that there is a militia forming into the city and the army has been called. They decided to keep it as a prisoner and leave the friendly NPC watching the gate right there, he would inform them if someone cape form behind (that was a good move on them, I really liked how they were trying to think ahead and not just mindlessly hacking and slashing, also they knew that the NPC was still hurting for the death of his brother and would not be as effective in battle) when they entered the city they encountered huge resistance, at the other side of a bridge there was a lot of soldiers waiting for them, and they had a minotaur chained that they were using as a warhound (these people enslave minotaurs). After a really hard battle, when they are about to win I inform them about war drums sounding on the distance, and a lot of noise deep inside the city. The militia is ready to launch a counter attack. Dozens of soldiers started marching towards them, and the remaining city guards made a move to cut their escape. They were now trapped, so they decided to escape by entering a forest that was next to the city. (A lot of stuff happened there, and they took a long rest in a safe place) they made it to where they first builded the ram. Just when they thought everything was lost they found out that the base the leader ordered to build was actually already there ¡¿How?! Turns out the NPC they leaved as a guard saw the army coming and retreated, then encountered vikings that were from another boat (there were 3 dragon boats filled with vikings, I informed them that 2 of them got lost on a storm so the possibility of some other vikings making it ashore is not too far fetched. This was my way of giving them a break) at this point P is sounding more and more annoyed "What the hell, how did a nity village turn into a huge city with so many soldiers!?" I told him that they did not knew how big the city was, they only saw the entrance before. He was still angry but didn't push any further, for now...
Now they have a strong position, but the enemy militia was now on their literal door and with siege equipment, a mangonel.
P: "Where was that when we entered the city?"
Me: What?
P: "We didn't see it there. And there was not enough time for them to build something like that!"
Me: Well you didn't see the entire city... Maybe it was hidden?
K: "Well we DID builded a battering ram in about the same time."
P was really annoyed this time, apparently anything that was not foreshadowed with big bright letters shoved down your throat implied that the DM was b*sh*ting the players. They finished the encounter and defended the base with no further problems this session... Is what I would love to say but it would be a lie. At some point a captain of the militia showed up and I introduced a homebrew mechanic called "volley" a captain could call all the archers within range and have them attack a place on the map. Enemies there needed to make a DEX save or take some damage. The more archers fired, the more dmg (looking back that mechanic could use some fixing but that's besides the point) Since P was the tankier one and was standing right on top of the walls i sended the vollew towards his direction, attacking him and NPC and another player.
P: "*sight* Can the archers just attack me instead?"
Me: What? Why?
P: "Cuz im going to fail the save, I have poor dexterity but I have good AC, I will have a better chance if they attack me directly"
He wanted me to change the mechanic just for him so he would have advantage...
Me: No, the point of this attack is that it is an AOE, not a direct attack.
We argued back and forward for a bit, dragging that turn for too long until I decided to give him what he wanted. I rolled the attacks and EVEN WITH DISADVANTAGE most of the archers hits him, he would have taken around 20 dmg from them with those attacks. (he was lvl4)
Me: Ok you can roll the DEX save or take 20 dmg instead.
He is really pissed off now but he throws the DEX save, and fails it. He takes around 13 dmg (I consider I was very patient with him there, allowing him to go back and forward like he did and even allowing him to go back on what he wanted when it wasn't what he expected. But I digress)
The session ended with them defending the fort and the viking leader arriving to secure it. We have some feedback, everyone had a lot of fun with the world and combat, everyone except P. He did not make any big argument there since it was late and everyone was a bit tired but he threw the line: "I just wish the DM would not lie so much" and that stayed with me for some time, I felt really disrespected and I don't take that kind of shit from anyone. However I didn't wanted to make a big deal about it, maybe it was just my impression. As the DM, even if I'm a noob, I know I have a power that comes with responsibility, and I can't throw accusations just because of a bad moment with another person, after all I know I can be the asshole just as much as anyone else. So I didn't say anything, but the next day I started talking with the players and asking for feedback, complaints and any opinion they would have about the campaign. I made sure that they knew they could tell me if they felt I was being too pushy or if I was railroading them too much, they didn't seem to have any problem with my dming and even complimented me and gave me some really useful advice. At this point I was really getting excited, writing lore and creating a bunch of characters.
Session 3 -
They captured some prisoners and found out where a smaller town is located. Their leader gave them freedom to operate around the country with the important mission to cause chaos around the kingdom so the enemy could not coordinate a propper assault on the viking base. The party seemed to like the fact that they were not going to be bossed around by this NPC and instead they could operate how they saw fit. They start walking there when they find some "paladins" on the forest interrogating some bandits. The bandits had encountered the vikings earlier and the party didn't want the "paladin" to find out anything about them so they attacked and killed them all. The bandit was grateful and gave them some guard's clothes so they could disguise and explore the village. They liked the Idea and went with it, all except K who used "disguise self" since he was a 8ft tall druid who could not fit into the guard's clothes. And as for P... Since he was a werewolf he pretended to be a dog. I didn't like it very much but I decided to allow it since he rolled a successful performance check. At this point is worth mentioning that he is a furry, he didn't say it but he was a bigender wolf who refuses to wear clothes, and well... Yeah, you know. Not shaming on furries, at all, but some of the other members felt uncomfortable with that, they came to me in private since they didn't wanted to shame P on the open (something I respect)
P suggested they should burn the church with everyone inside because "that is what a Viking would do" and the rest of the party was not very fond of the idea. But he was very pushy about it. We knew he wanted to play that scene from Vikings when they attacked the town when everyone was at church. Even tho I explained before these people were not christians. But whatever, they were still planning what to do.
They ended up knowing a blacksmith who could turn regular weapons into +1 weapons if they gave him the weapon for 24 hours so he could work on it. They loved it and hired him, after that they went into the tavern so they could plan their next move. A bunch of rp later the session ended there, nothing major to mention. (The +1 weapons is important, and the fact that THE BLACKSMITH NEEDS 24 HOURS TO MAKE THEM AND IS ON A HOLD OF THEM UNTIL TIME PASSES)
(On a side note, K told me that He did not like it that he needed to expend a spell-slot in order to disguise himself and the 7ft tall werewolf could just bark and pretend to be a dog. I understood his point but it was too late now. I had to roll with it on the spot. However I told him that when they leave that town I would no longer allow that)
Session 4 -
2 more players joined, 1 is an old friend of mine.
As they wake up from dreams that gave them clues about the main story, they see someone entering the tavern. "Paladins” like the one they found in the forest, and they are being followed by an actual Paladin of their order. An imposing warrior that is clearly too strong for them to take on right now. After he leaves K and D start asking questions to the NPCs around about this order of paladins. The NPC starts explaining that this kingdom is under the protection of 3 paladin orders, the highest members hold great power. They keep talking as the NPC tells them what he knows about these orders.
P: "Wait, wait. I am completely lost."
Me: Want me to explain it again?
P: "No, this is me as a player. I'm talking out of character to tell you I am completely lost."
For a moment I don't know what to say, he interrupted me in the middle of the speech and I was super into it since I had planned it for a week.
P: "I just wanted to play as a viking and burn the church and you are here telling me about all of this order of paladins I frankly don't give a sh*t about"
That really made me angry, I spent so much time on this world wanting to make it special for them and he comes with "I dont give a sh*t" the second he did not like what I was saying. At this moment the RP went out the window and we had to argue a bit about that, but I didn't call him out on how he talked to me right there since I knew that would have created more arguments and some of the players were on a limited amount of time. So for their sake I swallowed my pride and just went with it. Even though that threw away everything I had planned for them on the town, all the discovery and information they could have used. But I knew that could happen from the get go, I always knew players are not going to follow the path the DM has for them and that is ok, they should have that freedom. My problem was his attitude and how rude he was towards me, not to mention how disruptive he was.
At this point is worth mentioning that T was not there, he was not able to make it so I created a reason for his character to have left during the night, he was ok with it and was actually excited to play what I have planned for him (not gonna talk about it on this post) it's important to remember that he was NOT on board with burning the church and was vocal about it in the previous session.
D is fairly quiet and was willing to follow any plan, but K was NOT into burning the church either. Paw, however insisted, and insisted, and insisted out of character so much that K ended up going "whatever" and reluctantly following the church plan. This killed all the RP out of the start of the session. At this point the other 2 players joined, one created a character that was another viking, one of the fighters from the other group that "was with them since they left the viking camp" and the other one took the roll of the NPC who had lost his brother before. Since that npc had a cool backstory I created a barbarian PC sheet for it and gave it to this other player. But I'm getting off topic, point being they did not have a say on the matter. Because the plant was already into motion and they were cool with just going with any plan.
The thing that annoyed me is that when someone pointed out the fact that burning the church may not be the best plan, since instead of causing chaos would unite the people against them, P just got angry.
P: "What? Are you saying now I have to gain the heart and mind of the people? I just want to follow the orders of my viking leader and bring honor to him!"
Me: Dude, I'm not forcing you to do anything, you want to burn the church? Do it. I am just telling you that whatever you do will have in-game consequences.
P: "That's what you say but you seem to try railroading us into not burning the church."
Of course I was not excited about the plan of burning a lot of women and children just for shit and gigles, even the other players would call BS on that saying that there was no actual honor in killing non fighters just for doing it. But, sadly, they went with the plan.
Me: Now, before you proceed with this plan. I need to remind you that the blacksmith still has your weapons, and they are not +1 yet (only 12 hours passed)
After some back and forward (P wanted to burn it with all the people inside right now so he would not wait) I ended up going
Me: Fine... You can go get them.
Key word being "GO GET THEM".
They get out of the tavern and Paw immediately goes to burn the church. Battle starts, they almost died to the paladin who was a behemoth of an enemy with some broken spells (resurrection, massive heals, multi attacks that could easily one shot a lvl3 player) they played it very smart actually got a few good hits on him. Most of the people got away from the blazing church. Burning the church and looting a random place was the only thing P did that whole encounter while the rest of the party was fighting for their life! Oh, that and randomly barking like a dog.
They barely managed to escape the paladin and went into the forest. At that point they start checking their loot and XP, they hit lvl 5 right there. I feel obligated to check:
Me: So, you guys are aware that since you burned the church and part of the town the blacksmith will no longer give you your weapons. You lost them.
P: "Wait what!?"
What I said made so much sense in my head that I was not expecting an argument... I was wrong.
P: "What do you mean? You said we had them!"
Me: What? At did not say that!
P: "Yeah you sad we could get them!"
Me: Yeah I meant you could go and retrieve them, but you didn't. You went straight for the church.
P: "Well I had my +1 shield the whole encounter" (not that it matters since he barely did any fighting)
Me: Well that doesn't matter, you guys don’t have the weapons because none of you went to look for them.
P: "I did! I had them and gave them to the team!"
Yeah, he insisted that he went and grabbed them without any RP, without any interaction, like he just skipped a cutscene on a video game. Oh, and apparently he went and retrieved the weapons from the blacksmith without the DM knowing WHILE PRETENDING TO BE A DOG! I was so fucking done at this point. But, since I still didn't wanted to blow up right there in front of everyone, I decided to calm down and ask the rest of the party. They said they were confused and now didn't remember, and I believe that with all the arguing at the start of the session.
Me: Ok, apparently I wasn't clear enough back then, that is my bad. Since you guys got confused because of that I will allow you all to have your +1 weapons. I will make sure to be more clear in the future.
The session ended without any RP, it was again completely killed by P.
I want you all to understand why it took me so long to do something about all of this. I didn't want to fall into the ego trap of believing that every player that calls me out when I'm wrong is attacking me. After all, maybe I was in the wrong, maybe I was the problem. So I took my time, I talked to the player in private through all these sessions (even P, trying to address the problem but not getting into any argument. Before he even apologized for being too angry with the catapult business, even though he insisted I was wrong during his apology, I accepted it and moved on) and made sure I was not just having a case of victim mentality (After all i'm new at D&D, new at dming and this is my first big campaign, it could have been the pressure playing a trick on my mind). So after letting my anger cool down for a few days I confronted P on private messages. This is no longer paraphrasing, this is the actual dialog we had. So feel free to judge me if I am the *ssh*le in this scenario.
Me: Hey man, we need to have a chat. Even tho I meant for you guys to have a full roleplay interacting with the blacksmith I understand that I wasnt very clear on what I meant during the start of the session, so that is my bad. But I find the way you go about these troubles to be very disruptive with the game and I hope we can fix it without escalating any kind of conflict. The biggest problem I see is that you seem to mistake every bit of world building I throw at you as railroading, and that keeps going we are going to have a problem.
I was expecting him to say something about the last session, or even to just defuse the conflict in some honest dialog...
P: "Because I'm still mad about the town thing, you said the town is "large" but after two houses we come to a clearing countryside and it wasn't a large town at all. I feel like you railroad us here and lied to us, we wanted to capture a large town for our viking leader and for no reason other than railroading we didn't at no fault as of our own. I feel like i need to keep you in check of being honest."
Yup, he was still going on about that.
Me: Man, you talk about "us" but I dont think the rest thinks like you. And saying you have to "keep me in check" shows that you and me are in very different pages on regards of want this game should be. You always make assumptions on what the game is going to be or should be, according to you, and then the game needs to abruptly stop because you want to have a 30 minutes argument about it. I dont want to kick you out, but If you dont want to change that attitude I think it would be better if you didn't continue on this campaign.
P: "So its ok that a “large town” turns into “a gate” You can’t just change things like that because we did something unexpected. The abruptly stop 30 minute agreement wouldn’t happen if you didn’t lie to us. "
At this point I'm starting to feel like I'm talking to a wall. He completely ignored what I said and just kept going on about something that was over weeks ago and everyone agreed on. I want to be clear with you, I don't let people walk all over me, and the game I run for my players is very important to me. At this point I decided to let him go as politely as possible, but still let the door open for him to apologize or step back on his attitude.
Me: I see I can't get to you. I insist I didn't lie, but that doesn't matter anymore. I think the best thing will be for us not to play together anymore. I just want to be clear, you are the only one who seems to have a problem with the way things are going so far. So maybe this is just not a good campaign for you, I hope you can find a better one soon.
(Don’t think I was in a rush for kicking him, I just considered that was the most mature thing to do. At the end of the day D&D is just a game, and if two people can't understand each other or don’t like each other they should not be forced to play together.)
P: "I’m not leaving, just don’t lie. Is that to hard for you. You still never explained how a large town became just a gate."
(Yes I did)
Me: If you are going to make a big deal of every little thing and refuse to see the things in any way but your own then this is not going to work. Im not asking you to leave, im saying you are out.
(Yeah, I hit my limit there. This was coming from some time ago and the fact that he was not addressing the problem but STILL talking about that town he wanted to take on the session 2 just pushed me over the edge.)
P: "So explain"
Me: let it go
P: "How did a large town become a gate? No.You are saying I’m the problem but you will not e plain this "
Me: because after the gate i had to find a map on the spot and then adjust the campaign on the fly. And, as a dm, i changed the things that needed to be changed. is as simple as that. after the gate there was a big town. thats it. (I had to think on the fly because I was not prepared for them invading the town, but I never lied to them. I said it was a big town, and behind the gate was a big town. The gate didn't "became" a town)
P: "But that’s lowing to us...and now you want to kick me out because I’m trying to keep you honest?"
Me: The problem, however, its your attitude on every little thing. It is just a game and if you are not going to chill then we can't play together
(At this point I'm thinking about the fact that we are a bunch of random people that met on the internet and are using their little spare time to have fun with each other. We don't want to expend that time with all of this drama, it is a waste of time and shows a clear lack of care and respect for the time of the other people on the game)
P: "I just like being lied to, don’t you understand you make it unenjoyible and confusing when you change things on the fly"
(That is right, DMs on the internet. You can't come out with stuff on the fly to fill the gaps of your story because that is "lying" to your players)
Me: again, i dont feel like I lied. I mean did you tough there was a gate with nothing behind? I literally dont see the problem with a big town or city behind it. After all your characters had no way of knowing what was there. But im done talking about it
P: "I’ll let it go but just don’t lie to us anymore, that’s all I ask"
Me: man, its over. I dont think we can play together after this
P: "Don’t be so emotional. Your taking it personally. I’m trying to help you be a better dm"
Me: No man, i have nothing against you, I just think we are not compatible in our way of playing and seeing the game
P: "Well just be careful what you say and be clear that’s all. like the blacksmith thing. We all make mistakes and learning. So no big deal. If it wasn’t for mistakes we would never learn or get better"
Me: the problem here is that you seem to think you did nothing wrong, and have nothing to learn from this
P: "So what do I need to learn? What did I do wrong?"
Me: You are very disruptive and agresive toward the other players regarding what you want to do. This has a long time coming and im not the only one who think this way. Im having this argument with you in private to give you a chance***.*** again, nothing against you, but this game is not for you***.*** Hope we can play again, but both as players. I dont wanna dm for you
P: "How is that? Because i asked what the other players wanted to do every time"
Me: Its over man
(I know that at this point there is no chance of recovery, P would never let go of this. And I, as a DM am not having fun at all with this game if I have a player that thinks he can walk all over me and is going to turn every little thing into a huge deal. I came to the realization that, as a DM, my fun matters too. If I am an assh*le because of that then so be it.)
P: " you have nothing to back this up "
Me: just because they don't confront you that does not mean they agree with you. They come to me with this problem and i try to solve it in a discret way
P: "well i'm not a mine reader. if they don't use words to tell me what they want or don't want to do or have a differnt plan how am i suppost to know?"
(That is a good point, if it weren't for the fact that other plans were suggested and he completely ignored them.)
Me: Well i have been telling you, and you did not want to listen. i agree with that (with his point of lack of communication). But its better to just forget about it now. For what its worth, im sorry.
P: "i'm not leaving. I enjoy the campain"
Me: im sorry man, that is not for you to decide
P: "if others can't speak up how is that my problem? well i do have a say it in. I am a player, have equal say just like everyone else. Unless you want to go the dictator rout. Which is very ass move. otherwise, i have a equal voice. we can have a party meeting before the game to bring all this up. i want to hear it from them and figure out a way to solve this"
(They did not wanted to get confrontational, that is the point. What he is suggesting is holding them hostage to this useless drama. They literally don't care for it, they trusted me as a DM to handle it and that is what I am trying at the best of my limited capabilities)
Me: yes, you have a say. I heard you and you showed me we are not compattible on this game. we cant play together
P: "so its not anyone else but you. so your a dictator. If its true that others had a problem with me then you would let them talk."
Me: you can think that
P: "so why will you not let anyone speak for themselfs "
Me: they can, they choose let me handle it
P: “and have a decusion?”
At this point he noticed I was on a call with one of the players (K) and some other people. He decided to join and take this to a verbal exchange. And I hated that, not only because K and I were having a chat about it as well and he didn’t wanted to air his opinion the rest of the party (I respect the fact that he wanted to keep it cool and privated) but because we were preparing a one-shot K was going to dm. You all should know something about me, I preffer text debates since they encourage taking your time and thinking your answer befor saying it, it prevents saying stupid shit on the heat of the moment. And also it was a way of protecting P from the embarrassment. However he pushed, and pushed, and pushed. I decided to lift the ban from the text chat of the campaign (I did not banned from the discord precisely so he could contact the other players if he wanted, also it was a sign of good faith. I don't mind him using the Discord server and even playing with him, I just didn't want to DM for him on that campaign. I don't hold a grudge against him or anything so I considered that banning him was a bit excessive.) We kept arguing and at some point he said something like me being a "dictator" and "threatening with kicking him". There were K and other 2 non related players there at that point.
Me: First of all, I am not threatening to kick you, I already did.
There was a lot of silence after that one, and some laughs.
Me: Second, I told you the guys don't want all of this drama, they just want to play.
P: "I dont bring any drama!"
Me: You are the drama!
The non related players defused the situations and invited him to that one-shot. We stopped talking right there. After the game we had this dialog on the chat.
Me: Alright guys, i had a chat with P and I ended up deciding to kick him out for beeing too disruptive. This has ben coming since the second session, but he says, and I agree, that he should have a say on the matter
P: “I would like to have a open conversation about all this because I had no idea any of you had a problem with me. I'm not trying to cause drama or be overly aggressive with my ideas. Our mission last game was to cause trouble in the area and from watching the tv show Vikings I remembered them burning a church with people in it. I thought it was a good idea and even asked everyone if they had a better idea to complete this mission. No one really came up with anything, so that's why I was pushing to do this. I'm sorry this bothered anyone, I'm enjoying the campaign and don't want to get kicked from it. So just wanted to get everyone's thoughts and opinion.”
Me: I would like to add that i have no problem with his decisions or character, but rather his attitude regarding my authority and decision as a DM. Calling railroading every bit of world building I throw at the party and going as far as saying he does not gives a crap about what I am saying in the middle of an NPC's speech was too much for me. I have no problem putting all of this behind me, but that is up to the party, as a group, to decide. This for me is over, I already kicked him. If anyone wants to vouch for him and want me to give him another chance then you can say it now (trough this week until next session). But I expect to see some changes regarding these problems im talking about in the future if we do decide to un-kick him. Also we will respect the fact that some of you may not want to drama and confrontation. So nobody is forced to talk if you dont want to (of course).
P: “Once again i just want to have a conversation, drama free. I do want to point out that the only reason why this happened is because our DM wasn't clear about us not ever being at the blacksmith, something he acknowledged and apologized for doing. I wasn't in the wrong on this, with another party member also correcting the DM about the mistake. Including the time our weapons was suppose to be ready, going from morning to "later that night". So there was mistakes made by our DM, and I was the only one to speak up about it and shouldn't get punished for it like I am. I also want to point out that I make it to every game, and will continue to do so if allowed to continue playing.”
Me: We already had that conversation so there is no point in answering here. This is the other players turn to ask questions and say what they think
(Nobody answered for some time, as I said, no one is interested on the drama. But then someone else said something.)
T: “I didn't feel the session I was in was railroaded. We had options. I also don't like seeing the DM criticized, which I saw too often. I like P in the game, but I would want the criticizing of decisions to stop”
P: “I promise i will back off then and not criticize the DM, I don't do it to cause drama.”
K: *shared a meme that said let's hug it out*.
P: “Sounds good to me! .hugs.”
(It was weird to me he was now acting all nice and polite when he felt he was with the rest of the party, so I said nothing and waited a few days. Nobody else was participating so they probably didn't care, I had a talk with a few of the players in private and they either didn't care for P or straight up said they did not want to play with him. But the following days P started doing the old trick of pretending nothing was happening and started sharing memes on the chat. Now I may come across as too harsh now but I hope you guys know where I'm coming from.)
Me: Man we are in the middle of a discussion about deciding if you rejoin the game or not. Dont share memes in this chat
(He then said something along the lines of me being to serious and emotional, but he deleted the chat so I don't remember the exact words. A lot of his text was deleted by him from now on so i will be paraphrasing again, his dialog at least. I will copy and peaste my dialog and the other player’s directly from the chat)
Me: dont act like nothing is happening, we had an argument and I kicked you out of the game. You are on this chat because you insisted on having a chance to talk with the members of the campaign, and now you have it. I already told you, if everyone vouches for you then I will allow you back in, but that hasn't happened yet. I dont have any guarantee that things are going to change with you and frankly i dont even want to take the risk
(Again, he called me emotional and went on another rant like the first one, He said nothing new there.)
Me: share memes on the memes channel, not on the viking raid channel
P: “Fine.”
Some time after he kept talking and was confronted by T again.
T: But P, when you went after the DM, it sounded personal, even if you haven't met Juan (me). And it's important that the DM be respected in the game. Also, when you go after the DM, you are not thinking how it might make other players uncomfortable
More P rant about the +1 equipment
T: I think I missed most of the blacksmith stuff in last session
He then writes another paragraph calling me a liar and a dictator, saying how all of this is not his fault and he only does what he does for "my sake so I can improve at DMing" and some other condescending stuff.
Me: You are still calling me a liar through that speech of yours. Showing you dont care about nothing but being right. I have no intention of letting you back in the game if that is what you really think. Im not kicking you from the discord, but I no longer want to DM for you, I gave you chances to show me that you could change this attitude of yours and you proved that is not going to happen. And I dont think anyone here wants to deal with all of this.
(I don't remember what he said next, but I think it was about something that happened in the first session. Basically another rant on how I screw him over and lie as a DM. You can guess what he said over my reaction.)
Me: Wow, just wow. You just dont get it. First both of those statements dont contradict each other.
(He then said something about me, and at this point I could not take it anymore.)
Me: yeah, and you are out of the game, bye
I banned and blocked him from anything at this point. Everything he said and did sounded like someone trying to manipulate others, and when I sensed that the party was with me and their fun was in danger I did not hesitate for a second in kicking him. And I hate myself for it...
He was an asshole to me, yeah, but he was actually enjoying my game. He was a regular player, someone who trusted me for giving him an epic adventure, and I ended up crushing his hopes and turning my back to him... I felt guilty, and sad. I went over it many times trying to think If I did the right thing. When T said he felt P was very disrespectful towards me on a private message I felt like someone actually cared about me in all of this, someone cared about the DM, and apparently they all do. At that point I stopped feeling like a mindless AI moving NPCs around and felt the comfort coming from a lot of people enjoying what I create. It moved me to my core for a moment, similar to when I finish an animation and a lot of people watch it and react to it, it fills my chest with joy. I hoped P would find a better group and be happy, since I seriously don't have anything against him, maybe he will learn from this...
2 weeks later T comes and informs me that P was in another game he was participating in, and was kicked out of that one too. Apparently he started changing the characters' names from their sheets to insults towards the DM on that game. So I guess some people don't learn. Though I think that solidified the fact that I made the right call.
What do you guys think? Should I have kicked him sooner? Give him another chance? AMTA? Thanks everyone if you made it this far and I hope you all have amazing games in the future!
Also Critcrab, if you readed this I think your avatar looks both cute and awesome, and you have a good voice for YT. Keep the good work!
TLDR: Furry werewolf forces his plans on the party and argues with the DM about everything in order to "maintain consistency" (unless for his advantage) to the point of insulting him and ends up being kicked for refusing to understand the problem in his attitude.
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2021.04.14 21:07 gaygirlcuddles Considering buying the Oculus Quest 2, however, mandatory Facebook link is deal breaker. Any workarounds?

Self explanatory, are there any good workarounds for getting an Oculus Quest 2 to work without having to link (and for me, create) a facebook account? I don't necessarily care about FB collecting data on me, I have an instagram and Google also has all my data. I just do not want to risk getting randomly banned and locked out of such expensive piece of hardware for making an account which I will NEVER use for anything.
If there is no reliable workaround, what are the chances of getting randomly banned by the algorithm, and how tedious is it trying to avoid getting your account banned randomly?
It truly sucks that FB is required to use this thing, since it's a terrible concept and the execution also seems awful. For the price the Quest 2 seems like the best option, but if this proves too much of a hassle, I'll have to go for a different brand.
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2021.04.14 21:07 holllaboston Finally got to 6th cycle and just under 5M points... currently 28th with the bow. No matter how far I get I always feel like I die from a stupid mistake. On to the next run!

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2021.04.14 21:07 x420weed420x My first mcr vinyl!

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2021.04.14 21:07 Orm-Bot Landous Therian in 5 minutes. First 5 to add and be online

1030 4446 4435
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2021.04.14 21:07 therealnumberIX How to bounce back after losing so much?

Hey guys, don’t know if this is the right sub for this but I need some advice.
I am currently 21 years old, and started investing during the crash last year. I slowly grew my portfolio to around 8,000$ and had $1000 cash saved up. I had a strategy of dividend stock investing with some growth stocks in there.
Fast foward to Jan 2021 and I was addicted to the stockmarket. My friend told me to learn about options and debit spreads and all that good stuff. I started making a ton of money with options (because of state of the market before mid-febuary). I grew my portfolio to around 15,000. I had no guidance I was just learning as I went.
Well, since I did not realize the downside of options, I was heavily leveraged in options so my portfolio over the last month has basically evaporated. Im down to 4,000 dollars now, and I know I should just construct a good portfolio with risk taken into consideration, but at this point, I feel so set back that I am discouraged to just live my life with some safe stocks and continue to add money over time.
Basically, every time I think about the money I’ve lost it makes me discouraged in investing in big cap stocks that will make me 5-20% because I will still be far behind compared to where I was before. I feel sick to my stomach thinking about the money I’ve lost and wished I had someone to tell me to take some profits when I was doing so well. I did learn a lot from losing all this money, but I have so little now that I feel like it doesn’t even matter.
Also I know the amount of money is peanuts to many, but I am just a college student and wanted to use the money I made in the market to invest in real estate, and now I feel like that goal is 10x farther than it was in Feb.
Any advice would be very appreciated.
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2021.04.14 21:07 pure_0e [EUW] [GOLD4] Looking for a support duo

Hey guys my names lanixx and I'm looking for a support duo. Currently just reached gold yesterday and want to further climb the ranks. I play meta ads like kaisa jinx and tristana. Also learning new ones in draft like jhin and xayah.
Ideally support is aggressive and can be the brains ad i sometimes get distracted csing xD
Let me know if this interests you below. Gold above only please 😁
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2021.04.14 21:07 Accurate_Loss_3111 EBON FOR LIFE

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2021.04.14 21:07 Krabbyconelord42 Stash wipe :(

Had my trickster wiped 2 days ago and just had my stash witch had atleast 20 legendarys in it wiped today :( fix your game!!! Rip 100 hours
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2021.04.14 21:07 Xianb1 Notice how the players aren’t required to be Vaccinated? The Elite Members of Society don’t have to take the Poison. Just the Serfs. Unless of course Players = Staff. I highly doubt that Staff = Players.

Notice how the players aren’t required to be Vaccinated? The Elite Members of Society don’t have to take the Poison. Just the Serfs. Unless of course Players = Staff. I highly doubt that Staff = Players. submitted by Xianb1 to NoNewNormal [link] [comments]

2021.04.14 21:07 hoodfairyy What made you finally let go of the past?

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2021.04.14 21:07 OmegaLol15 Send nudes. That’s all

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2021.04.14 21:07 TortanusTheShuttle The guy in the middle.

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2021.04.14 21:07 Cambo_111 Mega gengar add me 6874 2772 0774

We have 3 so far
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2021.04.14 21:07 mental_hell Another question for those of you who restrict

I find that I can go a good month restricting heavily, but every once in a very great while I will almost binge. It's never much, a few hundred calories at the most, but it's like even though I dont feel hungry I know I am extremely hungry. Ill feel extremely guilty, the urge will change around a day or so, and then I'm back to being fine with my normal limit. Is this even a thing? This is yet another reason I dont even know if I have an eating disorder.
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2021.04.14 21:07 Iwason3000 'The scourge' havocs

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2021.04.14 21:07 roctpa Need a new alliance.

My alliance doesn't do much so I'm looking for a new one. Play every day and clear everything
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2021.04.14 21:07 Gloryholedave Dear PCF Developers, please read.

While much of what I am about to say has been said before in various mediums, I think it's important to aggregate those issues in one place, but also provide some potential solutions as we all want this game to succeed.
My biggest concern is not the inventory wipes, login issues, or matchmaking, but rather the fact that there seems to be a disconnect at PCF of how the player experience should be, based on what has been built. That is the biggest hurdle I see as it requires a large shift in thinking (and/or potentially new personnel).
Here are some examples as to why I say the above:

  1. A big selling point of Outriders was this flexibility to build your own Altered god. Players flocked to that idea hoping to come up with some truly unique specs to complete end game content. The problem is the End Game (Expeditions for now) only valued one thing….SPEED…..ultimately this means that hybrid specs that focus on things like support, healing, and off tanking become highly ineffective to try and push at end game as the game requires you to DPS and kill as fast as possible which there are only a few metas for each class that do that successfully.
Solution: Well there are plenty, and I'm sure plenty more than I haven't thought of. As a start, there should be fundamental rewards that are given based on completion. The completion of a Tier Expedition will grant you access to the next Tier (regardless of speed). Upon completing the Expedition, Bonus loot can then be based on additional things like Speed, Deaths, etc…..that way a tank who moved through the expedition slowly but never died can get the same amount of loot as the shotgun trickster who moved much quicker but died. This ensures that players can try more unique builds and use strategies specific to that build to work through their Expedition without worry that they cant progress if they use a non-speed/1 shot build. (Also please for the love of god add one self revive on solo expeditions)
  1. The latest bullet build nerfs speak to the overarching concern, in that PCF is having a hard time wrapping their head around what they have and further highlights the issues discussed in number 1. In an effort to make things more "equitable" they nerfed some of the only few viable builds in an attempt to push players to try new specs. The problem is all PCF did was make things tougher without actually making any of the other specs more viable. Not only were non-bullet builds not buffed, timing on multiple expeditions were reduced further pushing players to be even more focused on speed bullet builds, albeit now they will have a tougher time.
Solution: First part of the solution here is enacting the solution discussed in number 1. Secondly, there needs to be improvements to anomaly powered abilities. In doing, that for those who rely on anomaly melee, there needs to be reduced cooldowns or more uses before cooldown to ensure that build can work on maps where enemies are sprawled out and the player has to pick off enemies.
  1. Story Mode vs Expeditions. As a player completes the last story mission they are guided immediately to Expeditions. But wait…….what about story mode? Chances are the player didn’t hit WT 15 before beating the final boss and going to Expeditions. One of the main selling points of Story Mode WAS that users could do repeat quests for legendary gear, various bosses dropped a decent amount of loot, and also you unlock legendaries as they earn new world tiers. The ability to farm and get remotely equivalent amounts of loot in Story Mode compared to Expeditions was completely nerfed the other day. The biggest problem with this is that it even further minimizes the desire for players to do repeats of the Story Mode in order to get the WT legendary unlocks that are supposed to be pivotal in getting ahead in Expeditions. The World Tier system as a whole is completely flawed. The downscaling means that players who are well geared above the WT enemy level are still struggling to get by when they should be competing at a much higher WT. Also the way in which WTs are completed is terribly flawed as it does not really do what it was intended to do, be a gauge of whether the player can take on more difficult enemies. All it is right now is a place for the player to repeat farming the same weak mobs for hours until the next WT is released and then rinse and repeat.
Solution: For the time being, improve loot drops in story mode to drive players back. Fix the WT system to be a better barometer of ability. A great example of this is if the player can beat the last boss on a WT they most certainly are ready for the next Tier, they shouldn’t have to do the last boss 3 + times to progress to the next WT. Also, fix the downscaling as players who do some expeditions and then return to story mode are not reprimanded for progressing in an area of content that PCF naturally guided them to at the completion of the story. Lastly, WT should be account wide…period….especially if you have not fixed downscaling, WT is simply a gauge of player ability and not current gear and that metric should be viewed as account wide for the player. The rinse and repeat of grinding WT makes me and I imagine many other players stay away from making new alts.
I wanted to not focus on the technical issues that PCF is already very well aware of and focus on the broader vision and execution that will be critical in the coming weeks and months to retain and grow their player base.
I will get off my soap box now. Cheers.
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2021.04.14 21:07 TommySalami40 What makes introducing friends from different friend circles so awkward?

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2021.04.14 21:07 ryan-malta My JDM 97 Impreza

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2021.04.14 21:07 _Cocaine_Jesus Finally meeting some with some friends of mine on Friday in N.J there any party ladies willing to meet up or join us hit my DMs. Could be a great Friday night party with 1.5 Oz of Snow White.

Finally meeting some with some friends of mine on Friday in N.J there any party ladies willing to meet up or join us hit my DMs. Could be a great Friday night party with 1.5 Oz of Snow White. submitted by _Cocaine_Jesus to cocaine [link] [comments]