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JYP just google it😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

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2021.04.14 21:51 xxrubygemxx JYP just google it😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

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2021.04.14 21:51 Rocegutz [LF] Hybrid Hyacinth and Pansy Plants [FT] Blue Rose Plants, Regular Small Star Fragments, LotV Plants

Hiii, I'm specifically looking for:
*Orange Pansies *Blue Pansies *Purple Pansies *Orange Hyacinths *Pink Hyacinths
If you're interested lmk what you want me to trade with you, thanks ÷]
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2021.04.14 21:51 db82 Ink and marker on photo paper

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2021.04.14 21:51 forzadepor13 Selling two South American Kits Size L

Hi all, First time poster here. I've sold a bit on hardwareswap if you want to see my history and need some reassurance.
I'm selling these because I'm getting older and fatter. I love both of these but it's time to move on. The Chapecoense kit has only been worn once and was a gift. Looking for $50 shipped.
Umbro Chapecoense Kit, Size L
The Peru kit is definitely more worn and has some staining around collar. Looking for $35 shipped?
Umbro Peru 2014? National Team Shirt-Sun Warriors in Quechua in collar
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2021.04.14 21:51 SpiritualStew Is my hermit crab dead?

My hermit crab hasn't moved in 4-5 months. He doesn't smell bad unless your nose is right next to him then you can barley smell him. I'm not sure if he is dead or not. There is no signs of him moving around at night, no food eaten or water drank
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2021.04.14 21:51 Johnnadawearsglasses Petty annoyances

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2021.04.14 21:51 imFEZ_ Me When Sliker Got Partner

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2021.04.14 21:51 PressureBench Black tarmac and red tarmac at chatting at a bar

Black tarmac: No one messes with me.
Red tarmac: Yeah? How come?
Black tarmac: I'm black tarmac, I'm the toughest tarmac, tougher than any other
Green tarmac walks in, and black tarmac cowers behind red tarmac as green tarmac orders a drink, drinks it and leaves.
Black tarmac: Hey red tarmac, has green tarmac left?
Red tarmac: They have, why are you afraid of them? I thought you were the toughest tarmac?
Black tarmac: I am the toughest tarmac but that guys a cycle path!
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2021.04.14 21:51 bpt1047 License plate bulbs frame replacement due to rust

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2021.04.14 21:51 happygirl42069 chance me for the absn program!! :)

cumulative gpa: 3.25 natural science gpa: 3.51 graduated two years early, 350 clinical hours, 160 hours as a paid caregiver for special needs children, 150 hours psychological brain research, contemporary culture intern for associated student program board
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2021.04.14 21:51 emiirin [FOR HIRE] $15-25 headshots! I can also do portraits :)

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2021.04.14 21:51 Punny-Aggron I’m tired of humanoid mechs

A few years ago, I was watching RoosterTeeths new series Gen:Lock, and there were a lot of things about it that I didn’t like (confusing story, uninteresting main character, bland side characters, etc.) but one thing that stood out to me about not just this series, but many series like it is this: there are way too many series with humanoid mechs.
There’s Code Geass, Knights of Sidonia, the entire Gundam franchise, and many, many more series like them with war machines with two arms, two legs, and a head just like real people, but why? Why use the same shaped mechs over and over? Now I’m sure someone out there is going to say something along the lines of “they’re just easier to animate and/or draw”, but still, why give us the same design we’ve seen countless times already? It’s just boring. In fact, thinking back to Code Geass, I remember it more for all of the non-mecha parts. I enjoyed seeing Lelouche outsmarting his opponents and beating them with clever tactics rather than shooting at his enemies in a giant mech.
Hell, it doesn’t even make sense combat wise. Unless you’re flying around in outer space, you’re going to have to worry about your opponents doing something like what the snowspeeders did to the AT-AT’s, I mean there’s a reason why IRL tanks and vehicles us treads and wheels instead of legs for movement.
I’m not really against the idea of humanoid mechs, I mean I love Code Geass, and I haven’t watched the Gundam franchise yet, but I’ve heard it’s really good. But the fact that so many series do it now is just disappointing. I mean if you’re going to put mechs in your series, why not use animals or mythical creatures as mechs instead (yes that does contradict what I just said about legs, but it would still be better than a humanoid mech), and if you still want to use humanoid mechs, why not just have the upper half and have the bottom be like tank treads, or a ball like BB-8, or just have it be jet engine? Do something to stick out from the rest. Don’t give us the same thing we’ve seen over and over again.
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2021.04.14 21:51 hestia1894 All green, except MGTI but cannot buy on Trading212 ?

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2021.04.14 21:51 AccomplishedRead-20 Peace

The real ones told you life would be grim
and for once, it wasn't grim exaggeration.
It's a shame, that this
seemingly ethereal "entity"
isn't as ethereal as
Ms. Winfrey makes her ought
to be.

Life can get choosy. Very choosy.
In fact, her most prefered pastime
is playing the comical game
'picking Favorites.'
Too bad, most chaps ain't got the luck
flaunted in '80s movies.

She'll snicker
at your most melancholic moments
and laugh with you at
someone else's sadness
But when you do need the serotonin
of a good laugh,
she'll show you her middle finger
like an obnoxious bitch.

For some, she's as saccharine as a slut seeking sex
For others, she's just an atrocious asshole
Can't blame her, though.

My mom would say,
"Life is just a synonym for 'problem'".
And problems can never give you peace,
can they?

I tried, I tried and I tried.
I tried like hell
I tried hard as fuck
But the problems don't go away
unless you literally live/ are buried
under a rock.

Maybe, they shouldn't go away. Who's to say?
If I have a problem,
I'm more likely to get up the next day.
If I have a problem, I'm more likely
to hold my head high
and tell myself,
"it'll be okay."
Which is rare for a being like me,
whose pessimism just can't seem to go away.

So, dear friends and foes,
life is indeed a synonym
for the dreaded word 'problem'.
But if there were no problems,
there'd be no exasperation
And if there was no exasperation,
there'd be no peace.
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2021.04.14 21:51 Sandbuster18 Kevin Vega - Shinto (Remixes) [Future Avenue]

Released: 2021-03-29
Kevin Vega - Kevin Vega - Gilgamesh (Serge Landar Remix)
Kevin Vega - Kevin Vega - Naga (Bodenud Remix)
Kevin Vega - Kevin Vega - Shinto (Leandro Murua Remix)
DOWNLOAD - http://progonly.com/2021/04/12/kevin-vega-shinto-remixes-future-avenue/
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2021.04.14 21:51 Virtual-Summer1428 Is it it normal for life to feel very boring after a friendship ends?

It freaking sucks now that i can’t tell this friend about my running or my day it sucks. Everything now just feels dull.
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2021.04.14 21:51 Thelettucelorax Remember kids

It isn’t gay if your wearing socks
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2021.04.14 21:51 mrkyaiser Turbo Tax

Whats the non-automated number for turbo tax? I cant reach live person
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2021.04.14 21:51 CuriousPhoenicie Oromo Origins

Hey! So i just wanted to inquire as to the origins of the Oromo people. Not necessarily the location but more of the authenticity of information ive seen. I'm aware that the Oromo are indigenous to southern Ethiopia (correct me if i'm wrong), but ive seen many who claim that they are not, and that instead theyre are from Northern Kenya. Is this true, and furthermore can someone give me a full description of the oromo homeland and migrations?
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2021.04.14 21:51 X_I_R_O_ Found this clip of us beating a primeval to death with our fists

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2021.04.14 21:51 Luukk1 Earn Dogecoin 24/7, you can get 15 free Doge just for registering!

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2021.04.14 21:51 westwoodlander No charges for Capitol Police officer who shot Jan. 6 rioter, Justice Department says

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2021.04.14 21:51 djbrologue Lords of the Sith HC Versions?

Hi! I was looking for the Hardcover of LOTS, and I found to offers online but they vary extremely on the price.
The first costs 16€ and is from Turtleback Books
The second costs nearly 100€ and is from Cornerstone
Besides the publisher, what is the difference here? I don‘t get why both are Hardcover Books and they are so different in price?
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2021.04.14 21:51 CallMeAlex69 AAAAAAAA

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2021.04.14 21:51 macbookwhoa [The Athletic] Astros Alex Bergman, Jose Altuve, Yordan Alvarez among 5 placed on injured list

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