Go! Let me talk about my experience! 30-something J&J recipient! |

Let me talk about my experience! 30-something J&J recipient!

2021.04.14 20:04 the_air_got_to_it Let me talk about my experience! 30-something J&J recipient!

I tried to post to a popular sub, asking for suggestions on preventing formation of blood clots. (still open to suggestions...) My question was removed because it was considered medical, but now I just feel like we need to have an open discussion on our experiences with what’s going on with the halted Janssen vaccine.
Some personal stats:
-Mid-thirties female
-Received j&j vax on Mon, 4/12 (literally the day before it was halted. Imagine my displeasure, especially when I only relented to accept this brand from Walgreens after other pharmacy chains in my state had no appointment availability, or Moderna/Pfizer options to speak of)
-Not taking any medications
-Never taken birth control
-Never been pregnant
-Never had any major surgeries or health issues
-"Recreational" use of mj, but that's definitely on standby for the time being
-Pretty sedentary through the day, so my counter-efforts include:
*Walk/jog 2-3 miles about 6 days a week
*Daily yoga practice, anywhere from 20-90 minutes
I tried to research first person accounts of post vaccination experiences and found little, so in case anyone cares, my symptoms:

First 24 hours:
-Received shot about 11am
-Near-immediate fatigue
-Violent chills began around 7:30pm
-Queasiness that made hydration tricky. Felt like anything I swallowed had the risk of rushing out of either end...
-Progressively worsening headache, which became so intense near my temples, I took some Tylenol about 4am and only then was able to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.
-Temperature stayed around 99.9 until about the time my headache peaked, at which time it reached 102
-Body aches/skin sensitivity
-Soreness at injection site which reached up around my neck
-Tuesday day was much better. Fever gone after sleeping. Mostly just the headache, which wasn't bad enough to treat with anything.
-Tuesday night sleep was rough. Restless legs and bounced between being too hot and then too cold.
-Light muscle tightness and slight headache still lingering at this time, but able to ignore. Injection site also still feeling bruised.
-Strange tickle/tightness in ankle that might just be from a bit of jogging during a longer walk yesterday
I don't have health insurance, so I have no PCP to report or refer to... it was a pain in the ass just to get a basic womens' wellness "exam" recently.
I'm not really panicked--I'm just frustrated that it's so difficult to feel informed. Just here trying to connect to folks in similar boats, and to share my experience honestly.
Another fact for anyone interested is that my mid-30's male partner >6ft was vaccinated at the same time and had fairly similar symptoms, but on a few hours delay.

Lastly, spare me the comments about blood clots only occurring in 6 people out of 7 mil. Out of the ~7 million people who received J&J, how many of them were women in child-bearing years? Because 6 out of THAT number is my concern.
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2021.04.14 20:04 Time_Traveller_69 Defense expert testifies George Floyd died from heart disease, exhaust fumes

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2021.04.14 20:04 devicequestion Mouse/mousepad help

i have bunch of mice(default glides, from ali, metal glides on bloody), tried different pads(from cloth to some old plastic, hybrid)
so some pads have different X/Y speed, even when i move my hand on it i feel it mp510 and amp500 have this and it wasn't as fast as i expected
all mice doesn't glide how it suppose to
pads are new, but feel like sand, all.of.them
i thought it was a problem with me, maybe my hand is in bad condition or smth, but if i push it to see will it glide.... well it is, but still not as it should
But it's impossible to move them by inch (literally, not sensitivity, physically), it's like glued to pad(but i dont eat at the pc, even with new pads i have it )
the only time i could do what i need - is a tiny place on the table under the keyboard
how can i solve this issue, like its getting worse and worse with each pad
sometimes it get fixed by washing\hard washing but it a temporary solution
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2021.04.14 20:04 darkpropeth My friend is doing some zombie killing on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, come check out the zombie killing streak! If you like the stream press that follow button!

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2021.04.14 20:04 Paranoid_Honeybadger Do bonds ever make sense for me?

So I read and rewatch Jack's material lately and this just gets me wondering. I've been investing into VTI, VOO and VT (have to resort to ETFs for tax efficiency and availability reason due to not being American) since 15yo and am now 23yo.
I quite honestly hate the idea of buying bonds. But Jack always said that you should have some in your investment setup (although he did specify younger people can have less, he never seemed to support the idea of only stocks) I plan to never sell anything from my portfolio until my death and pass it down to my children with the philosophy to it. Therefore my investment horizon is easily 100+ years. I just fail to see why I need to diversify into bonds and lose a huge amount of compound interest since I don't care about short term swings.
Did you perhaps find any material why jack was so hellbent on having them in a portfolio? Is it just the fact that most people don't have my investment horizon?
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2021.04.14 20:04 zhatesreddit This is a genuine question - please don’t attack. How is saying “Free Palestine” anti-semitic? Would supporting Israel be islamaphobic?

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2021.04.14 20:04 MrGalfano7899 *spends 120 minutes setting up an aircraft and taxiing only to take off and have an engine flameout*

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2021.04.14 20:04 relathrow11 When will I stop wanting her?

Atleast 5 times a day I tell myself I miss her. I'm seeing someone new. It's been like 7 months now...I still want to be with her. Even after she dumped me over text and treated me so poorly. When will I stop wanting her so much?
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2021.04.14 20:04 animabot How do you measure your shower temperature?

I’ve been looking around for ways to measure my shower temperature. Waterproof thermometer seem to mostly be huge or for hot temps only. What do you folks use? Its there a little digital or analogue handheld thermometer or a wearable you can recommend? Thanks! 🥶 ❄️ 🚿
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2021.04.14 20:04 zatengidiyordum 3D Printer Suggestion

What's the best printer for around $200. I want to use it for printing figures and DIY projects. Any suggestion is well appreciated.
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2021.04.14 20:04 AuspiesCreations Season 2 of Supercute Adventures premieres today at 3:30 EST!

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2021.04.14 20:04 invertedagent Humans of Reddit, how does it feel to be?

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Is it bad that I don’t feel bad about ‘worshipping Jehovah’ being banned in Russia completely?Maybe the imprisonments are a little overkill but I genuinely hope other countries ban it too...is this bad?Should people get to freely worship even though it affects millions of people globally?
If witnessing ever got banned globally somehow what I’d probably look forward to most is seeing them wait for armageddon to come soon but it never coming like they hoped and seeing their look of utter defeat which I will admit is sadistic but it’s hard NOT to feel this way about an organization that literally ruined your life you know?
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