Go! This is how the defense looks right now |

This is how the defense looks right now

2021.04.14 22:09 laughdancesleep This is how the defense looks right now

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2021.04.14 22:09 UltimateMusicLeague DMX Challenge Papoose vs Mdot Porter [Ultimate Music League]

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2021.04.14 22:09 rightwingnews /u/kairusan86 on What are your thoughts on the COVID vaccines?

The vaccine protects the person who receives the vaccine. So if I don’t want to take the vaccine, it shouldn’t matter to you as long as you take it.
I don't think it's possible that you've actually never heard the epidemiological position on this. Vaccines protect both you and EVERYONE ELSE AROUND YOU, because it (often) prevents you from being an asymptomatic spreader of a disease. So yes, by not getting the vaccine you are absolutely putting others at risk even if you're not at risk due to your own individual health characteristics. While I don't think people should be held down and forced to receive a vaccination, I think it's 100% fair for society to restrict their ability to put others in danger.
from kairusan86 on What are your thoughts on the COVID vaccines?
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2021.04.14 22:09 Grande_far All chill

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2021.04.14 22:09 Himiko_Togurt What did he do?/gen

Sorry I don't read into characters from kids films
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2021.04.14 22:09 rightwingnews /u/Comedian-Embarrassed on Is social conservatism going to die in this country?

So basically yes,social conservatism will die in the country lol.
from Comedian-Embarrassed on Is social conservatism going to die in this country?
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2021.04.14 22:09 theCaptainHelmet SSAO?

I can't fire up the game yet. Did they add screen space ambient occlusion and no one has said anything yet?
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2021.04.14 22:09 20rGaming [EU/NA] 20r Gaming [Recruiting]

20r is a multi-title gaming community, with many divisions under our belt, our EFT division is run by a variety of Tarkov Veterans and has been strong and active for well over a year.
Our EFT community mixes groups of dedicated players to very casual members, we offer a wide range of support for every time of the player, from the new hatchling to the Giga CHAD's.
We guarantee you will find a group to play with and help guide you in your start with 20r and EFT
To define what makes us distinct briefly:
-We host an active discord that has members on at all hours, from NA to EU
-The ability to create private VC's for you and your friends that you may customize
-Helpful community members that will always jump to teach new players
-An accessible and easy to use LFG system to find others to play with, or just jump straight into the VC's
-And most importantly room for growth inside of 20r itself
If any of these notions appeal to you and you are interested in joining our family you can fill out an application in our recruitment channel or if you just want to hop straight into raids join the discord and
click of the EFT role in the read-me channel.
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2021.04.14 22:09 lgats CVE-2021-26031

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2021.04.14 22:09 montaukwhaler Circulating miR-21-5p and miR-126-3p: diagnostic, prognostic value, and multivariate analysis in non-small-cell lung cancer

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2021.04.14 22:09 lgats CVE-2021-26030

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2021.04.14 22:09 KittenDealinMama Fiancée Becomes Controlling Bridezilla

Original Post
My (32M) Fiance (33F) is overruling me on every detail regarding our wedding day.
I posted on another subreddit earlier but was told that it wasn't appropriate for there. A few users suggested I post here. I'm new to Reddit and I hope I'm doing this right.
I'm recently engaged to my fiance after four years together. We're currently trying to plan, and I know it's the bride's day, so I've tried to give her everything she wanted, but I feel like there's no compromise on the things I want.
First off, the wedding party. She has informed me that her brother and two cousins will groomsmen in the wedding party. I only have one brother and a few close male friends, so I was happy to accommodate. Plus I genuinely like her brother and the one cousin that I've met. I informed her that I would like my best female friend of twenty years and my sister-in-law to be on her side. She laughed and said, "Sweetie, the bridesmaids are the bride's best friends!
I don't consider them my close friends. They're not going to be in the wedding!" It's true she's not terribly close with them, and when I asked that she please compromise, she shook her head, smirked and said, "It's the bride's day!"
I'm Catholic, she's Methodist. I belong to a church, attend every week, and received my sacraments. I also have a priest who has known me since I was a boy who I would love to perform the ceremony. My fiance has not been to church in fifteen years. She has vetoed my church on the basis that it's stuffy and dark. She has never stepped foot in my church and when I brought her by she refused to go in, and she's insisting we find a Methodist church by her parents' house for the ceremony.
I picked out a nice restaurant midway between our parents' homes (3 hours apart) for the rehearsal dinner and she informed me it was too far. I told her it's tradition that the dinner is the responsibility of the groom and his family. She replied, "Well, I'm not a big fan of tradition, so we don't have to follow that." I had hoped we could find a church in this area so that it's not insanely far for either family to travel, but she insists that it needs to be close to where she grew up so her family can all be there for her.
If it's something in her favor, it's tradition, it's the bride's day and that's how it's done. If it's something in my favor, we don't have to follow that, it's the bride's day, the bride gets what she wants.
I feel like it's my day too and even my slightest desires and feelings are being swallowed up. Meanwhile most of my female friends have given me a knowing smile, told me that I need to just suck it up, give her what she wants, and accept that it's the bride's day and not about me. My male friends tell me if I want to have a happy day, I just need to hold my tongue. Sometimes I feel like if she hears I want something blue it has to be green, because if I get my way it means she doesn't, so I have to lose at everything I want. It's very draining and I just want to cry sometimes. I told her this and she started sobbing saying I was trying to pressure her into giving up what she wants.
She was a very spoiled child who got everything she wanted, so she tends to pout and throw hissy fits when she doesn't get her way. She never acted like this until we got engaged, and I'm really not liking what I'm seeing.
How do I stand up for myself without being a total jerk and taking her dream day away from her?
Tl;dr Fiance turned into a bridezilla as soon as we got engaged, now has made it her mission to make sure I don't get my way on a single thing on my wedding day.
So, I think I need to come clean, and I hope I haven't upset anyone in the process.
My story is 100% true, but it happened some time ago. Despite loving my fiance deeply, I realized this was the real her, I called off the wedding, and I walked away. She got married to someone else and had a child. I have always wondered if I simply called it quits too soon rather than try to work it out.
I am planning on proposing to my current girlfriend later this year and I have been so scared that she's going to turn into what my ex-fiance did because I'm so hard to tolerate.
I learned from a mutual friend that my ex-fiance got divorced last year and that both of them were fairly miserable due to the fact that she didn't want to budge on anything.
I read/relationship_advice and see how much of a good neutral perspective you guys can give to everything. So I decided to set the clock back and see if I made the right choice. The replies telling me to think about the decision I was making, the private messages begging me to run, and the numerous kind words of support I received were exactly the assurance I needed to know that I can move forward with my girlfriend and know that what happened back then was not on me. I can say, without guilt, that I was in an abusive controlling relationship and the best decision I ever made was to run.
I apologize for not being totally honest with you, and I'm sorry if this breaks any rules. Please know that you have helped me more than you know, and I believe I have a good happy future ahead of me. Tl;dr You guys rock, assured me that I made the right decision, and I'm going to get my happily ever after.
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2021.04.14 22:09 Traditional_Day7084 WHAT U MEAN STAY CALM? I BUY MORE XD

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2021.04.14 22:09 mrppbthl1957 Waiting for ya'll on the mun!

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2021.04.14 22:09 CaptainMacmellon aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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2021.04.14 22:09 lgats CVE-2020-35660

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2021.04.14 22:09 rightwingnews /u/Dope_Reddit_Guy on Is social conservatism going to die in this country?

Being socially conservative is what keeps the GOP in the pasts. Try telling a gay person you don’t want them to get married and have right. Why be able to get drunk and not be able to smoke a joint? People have the right to transition their gender, while I disagree with them being able to play in the opposite genders sport, I support their right to do so.
We can’t be socially conservative and think this will do us good. I’m a social lib but I’m not a every guy should wear a dress to break ceilings kind of social lib. We shouldn’t care who marries who because of our religion. It’s so old school and if we keep this up we’ll never win an election again if we pander to the religious bases.
from Dope_Reddit_Guy on Is social conservatism going to die in this country?
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2021.04.14 22:09 akabara64 [Help][DS2][PS4][SL:45][+2] Heide's Ruin and Old Dragonslayer

I used a bonfire ascetic to kill the dragonslayer twice and I have been cursed for my hubris by the area leading up to Old Dragonslayer being hard as hell. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me get to him, as I'm really close to deleting this save and starting over
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2021.04.14 22:09 ASICmachine Seriously, this is live. MECHAZ is going nuts. Don't miss out! (x-post from /r/cryptocurrencymemes)

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2021.04.14 22:09 Belrain_Wyrmtier Fanmade Masks requests

Hey guys, anyone have or know of fan-made write up on the Acolytes of Science? The books keep mentioning them but they, like, most Masks, don't have much as far as published content.
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2021.04.14 22:09 taylornicscott International Shipment Release MEMPHIS, TN ???

I ordered a package on April 2, 2021 and paid for express shipping so that it would get delivered before April 17, 2021 as I am going to be out of state. The website I ordered off of gave me the estimation that it would be delivered April 10-11 but FedEx originally stated it would be delivered April 12, now it says Pending. It has said “International Shipment Release MEMPHIS, TN” since April 9, and today is April 14 and still no change. Should I be worried? Have they lost my package or should I be expecting it to deliver sometime this week?
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2021.04.14 22:09 Just-an_egg EECS 2021 Section Z Final

Just finished the final and it felt like a final for a different course. It was super focused on the bus values which, unless I was completely out to lunch the whole course, was not very focused on at all, but more than half the marks were dedicated to this topic. Do y'all feel the same or did I just completely miss the point of this course?
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2021.04.14 22:09 griffinator2 What is the most popular avatar ship?

This isn't what is the best ship, or your favorite ship, but what ship do you think is the most popular
View Poll
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2021.04.14 22:09 rightwingnews /u/Purple_Fishing_3573 on Why do people think george floyd died from ingesting fentanyl?

Yea but aren't many people saying he died "because" of a fentanyl overdose just because he had a potentially deadly level already within his system? Is this not also conflating correlation with causation?
from Purple_Fishing_3573 on Why do people think george floyd died from ingesting fentanyl?
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2021.04.14 22:09 fishbowllady The perfect gesture

Dear Journal,
(because Reddit yellowrose said my letter isn't addressed to anyone and goodness they don't have an imagination)
I had a flashback to when I was driving cross country with friends, and I met this particular couple. Maybe I was by myself, and it was when we camped at Glacier National Park. It’s a beautiful park, a hidden gem, and I’d recommend it. On one of our hikes, we turned to see a sleeping black bear napping on the trail. It was the cutest thing, and I remembered we gasped, and the bear shot up and sprinted away into the bushes. We made a story that the little black beer was supposed to be doing his chores, and his mother would’ve been mad if she saw him sleeping.
Next to our campsite sat a small store. It had everything from toiletries to sandwiches to wood. We reloaded on supplies, and I remembered the girl at the cash register. She was friendly, and I don’t know how we started talking. I’m sure I asked her a question or recommendations on what to do. She looked to be around my age, and maybe I asked if she was from the area. I remembered she replied no. I’m sure she had just graduated from college, and she told me how she moved out here to be with her boyfriend. She told me how she had never been here before, and her boyfriend got a job to be a captain on one of the touring boats.
I remembered how happy she looked. At the time, I couldn’t imagine pausing my career or goals to be with someone. I never believed in moving for someone, and it felt like putting your eggs in one basket. I remembered how she told me that she was hesitant and at first declined to move with him. But after a month, she realized she made a mistake, and she said she packed her bags and flew to him. She said he was surprised because they hadn’t talked or seen each other in over a month. She thought it was over between them too, and I asked her what changed her mind. She said, love. So simple and beautiful. She said love doesn’t go away, and she couldn’t deny herself this love that she knew she wanted, she had, and she knew he loved her, so it made sense. And she didn’t want to picture a life without him, and she said relationships are tricky, but if you know, you do whatever it takes to make it work. She said jobs, places, and friends come and go, but none of it is permanent. Maybe that’s the beauty of love, that love is infinite.
Btw: To yellowrose because your an idiot and don't understand the art of unsent letters
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